Chapter 80: Disintegrated Samurai Warlord

A great number of Spatial Fiery Chops suddenly formed in the narrow cave, though this number was still less than it was with the Treant King.

However, it was enough to kill the Samurai Warlord, whose defense was only half as good as it was before!

“This is-!” The Savage Samurai Warlord’s blood-red eyes seemed to regain clarity when the Spatial Fiery Chops surfaced.

“It’s over.” Blue Maple lifted his right hand before slamming it down, pointing directly at the Samurai Warlord. All the Spatial Fiery Chops seemed to follow his cue and started to shoot towards the Savage Samurai Warlord. The Samurai Warlord was under immense pressure right now.

At this moment, the Samurai Warlord appeared very fragile, exactly like the Treant King was!


“No!” The Samurai Warlord was drowned in the Spatial Fiery Chops and couldn’t resist at all. It could only cry in sorrow and scream in pain.

A scorching heat wave swept past. The ferocious heat forced Blue Snow to block her face with her arm. Blue Maple didn’t stand in front of her this time. Instead, he was alone at one side. He quietly watched as the Samurai Warlord was engulfed by his Spatial Fiery Chops. He allowed the heat wave to strike him freely. He didn’t move a single inch, even as his coat was completely ruffled by the heatwave. He remained silent as he stared ahead.

Blue Snow shielded her face with her arm. She was astonished when she saw how Blue Maple was staring at the destruction that he had unleashed.

The original fury in Blue Maple’s eyes had vanished. The soul-shaking blue lights had also disappeared.

There was only… sorrow...

Why was that?

Why is he feeling so sad? What was with that fury earlier? What kind...of person is he... Blue Snow was only left in doubt. She couldn’t understand at all. She couldn’t see through him or comprehend him.

What’s with the terrifying fire that was a manifestation of his anger? What’s with the sword qi that formed from his killing intent? What’s with his sorrow?

The frightening fire, terrifying boom, ferocious heat wave...standing silently in sorrow, watching...

“You...” Blue Snow wanted to say something, but she was stopped by Blue Maple with a gesture.

The shockwaves started to dissipate, and the Samurai Warlord slowly emerged from the flames. A tall but charred body was revealed.

After that… it collapsed to the ground!

The flames on Samurai Warlord’s body slowly vanished under Blue Maple’s control. He was also controlling the surrounding fires. They were starting to gather towards him, until darkness fell again.

This process lasted for a while. It seemed like the Heavenly Fire had spread a long distance during the fight.

The cave was pitch-black right now. Blue Snow felt she couldn’t see anything because she wasn’t accustomed to the dark. It was simply too bright earlier.

Blue Maple could clearly see everything around him. His eyes had turned completely blue, and were shining with dim blue lights. His eyes were like those of a cat in the night. He could see everything going on in the cave.

“Uh...”the Samurai Warlord spoke weakly. It was not dead yet!


[Samurai Warlord] (Rank 55 Savage Elite Boss)

(Dying State)

Attack: 0-0

Defense: 0-0

Magic Defense: 0-0


Skills: Furious Slash, Total Annihilation, Charge, Warcry, Earth-rending Chop. (Unable to use)

Summary: His spirit is about to disintegrate. He can only engage in his last conversation.


It was only left with its last drop of blood. It seemed like it only remained for the plot of the quest.

Blue Maple slowly walked in front of the Samurai Warlord and asked, “Do you have anything to say?”

“Haih…I’m really pathetic. Really. I knew I couldn’t stop you when I saw you. Although you are a lower tier compared to me, I knew I couldn’t beat you. Your killer aura was really strong, but you didn’t lose any of your life essence. You are probably not much weaker than I am. I’m sure you’ve killed many people,” the Samurai Warlord said weakly.

“Is this all you want to say?” Blue Maple asked. He had regained his cold indifference.

Although Blue Maple hadn’t killed a non-mutated elite Boss, the Boss that he ultimately fought during his Rank SSS mission in the morning was Rank 65. However, that Boss didn’t really cause Blue Maple much trouble.

“Urgh… of course not. Both of you came for a jade mirror, didn’t you?” The Samurai Warlord was on the verge of dying. Its spirit had already started to disintegrate.

If this was a normal situation, Blue Snow would have nodded her head in excitement and said ‘yes’ before making countless enquiries. However, she was uncharacteristically silent right now. She was just standing quietly beside Blue Maple.

Blue Maple didn’t say anything either. He only stared at the Samurai Warlord. He wasn’t someone fond of speaking, and was even more reluctant to speak right now.

“Both of you can really hold it in, ugh… the person with the mirror is my master. I roughly know why; it’s because of a lady. My master gave that mirror to that lady as a gift, but now...

“But now, it’s in the hands of a wealthy businessman. That lady is gone too.” As it spoke to to there, the Samurai Warlord paused for a moment. It was like it was losing energy and disintegrating faster and faster.

“Don’t overthink. That lady should have died from normal causes. I have been with my master for a hundred years, but that lady was around before me.” The Samurai Warlord was becoming more and more transparent. Its legs were already gone.

“The reason why he came back this time to take the mirror is because he almost can’t hold on anymore. This is probably his final wish...” The Samurai Warlord was starting to turn into sparkles of light as it slowly disintegrated.

“My master was hurt by magic and will soon be demonized. He planned to end his life when this matter is over, but it’s too late. He’s unable to make his own decisions anymore, and I’m unable to set him free.

“That’s why I’m pleading to both of you to kill him. He doesn’t want to be demonized. If both of you could defeat me so easily, you’ll definitely stand a chance against my master.

“I’m pleading you with my utmost status as a servant to my master... to kill him!”

The Samurai Warlord was extremely close to being completely disintegrated. The weak sparkles of light illuminated both Blue Snow and Blue Maple’s face.

Ding! Announcement: The quest has changed. Do you accept the quest to kill the Samurai Warlord’s master?”

“Yes.” Blue Maple’s tone of voice was still as indifferent as ever. However, the Samurai Warlord could sense the determination and sincerity in Blue Maple’s voice.

Ding! Announcement: You’ve accepted the quest on behalf of the team: kill the Samurai Warlord’s demonized master!

Blue Snow turned her head slightly to look at Blue Maple. She was thinking of something. However, she had the same thought as Blue Maple, which was to agree to the Samurai Warlord’s request.

“Hahaha!” The Samurai Warlord let out a burst of crazed laughter at this point. “Master! Your loyal servant is unable to continue serving you anymore. I’m useless, and can’t stop your demonization. My spirit is about to disintegrate, and I might not have a next life. However, I don’t regret serving you in this life!

“Hahaha...” The Samurai Warlord’s spirit had completely turned into sparkles of light now. Its figure was no longer clear.

Its laughter also slowly faded away...

The light slowly dissipated in front of Blue Maple and Blue Snow…


In the depths of the cave....

“Haih...” There was a long sigh filled with boundless sorrow.


The dark cave was slightly illuminated by the dissipating sparkles of light. The ground was covered in items, but neither of them were elated. On the contrary, there was a sad feeling in the air...

As the light dissipated, both of them were silent and didn’t say a single word.

A long time later, Blue Maple said, “Let’s go.”


Blue Snow obediently remained silent. She didn’t ask Blue Maple why he was so enraged earlier. She also didn’t ask why he felt so sad after he thrashed the Samurai Warlord. She was even less willing to ask why he agreed to the Samurai Warlord’s request.

She only roughly guessed that Blue Maple wasn’t purely acting out of interest anymore.

Both of them disappeared into the cave, venturing deeper and deeper.


“Strange. Why aren’t there any monsters?” Blue Snow finally regained some vibrancy after walking for some time.

“Because the Heavenly Fire spread to here.” Blue Maple knew roughly how far his Heavenly Fire spread. It was rather long. Although the spread was rather slow, it was still as fast as walking speed. Blue Maple and Blue Snow had only walked for about five minutes so far.

The Heavenly Fire spread to here not for any direct fighting purposes. It was just trying to absorb the energy of heaven and earth, and didn’t threaten the walls of the cave at all. However, it still exuded a terrifying aura. After all, it was the strongest fire, and was in such great volume. Those monsters retreated on their own when they saw it. They had their own instincts. They knew that they would be burned by such a formidable flame if they tried getting close to it.

“Does the fire spread on its own? How did it spread so far? The monsters were all scared away.” Blue Snow was a little unhappy as she pouted. It seemed like she had really been jolted to her senses.

“The longer the fight, the further it spreads,” Blue Maple explained.

In fact, Blue Maple couldn’t actually control the Heavenly Fire if there was too much of it. However, the cave was narrow. Even if it spread for a long distance, it didn’t cover a huge area.

Blue Snow was very curious. Her eyes lit up as she asked, “Woo, I would really like to know what rank your Hidden Class is, Little Gangster. This blue fire is simply too amazing.”

“I don’t know, either. The old man didn’t say.” Blue Maple was still unmoved.

“Hmph, that old man. I wouldn’t be his disciple even if he offered!” Blue Snow thought of something unhappy, something that Old Man Fang did.

“Why aren’t there any monsters yet?” She immediately appeared very bored.

“We can’t be bored even if we want to now.” Blue Maple suddenly stopped and looked in front of them.

“Wow, are there monsters? What monsters are they?” Blue Snow was immediately energized. She didn’t expect monsters to immediately appear after her complaints.

A pair of blood-red suddenly appeared in the eerie cave in front. Then, many pairs of eyes started to appear in front of Blue Maple and Blue Snow.

“Little Gangster, isn’t there a little too many of them...” Blue Snow’s voice was trembling slightly. She couldn’t count the number of monsters.

“Why? Can’t you outrun them?” Blue Maple asked her in return.


[Spirit Wolf] (Rank 55)

Attack: 576-721

Defense: 301-422

Magic Defense: 157-196


Skills: Bite, Claw, Spirit Wolf Step

Summary: This is the strongest wolf pack on the Wolf King Mountain. They occupy the best cave on the mountain, but they haven’t been happy lately. Their cave has been invaded and they are intent on killing all invaders.


It seemed like they were wild monsters with great attacking strength, great agility, low HP, and low defense. Both of them were surely unable to flee now.

They could only fight!

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