Chapter 79: So What if You Go Berserk

The Samurai Warlord was slowly advancing through the cave. He wasn’t sure whether he had killed them with his attack. Furthermore, the path in front of him was difficult to traverse because of the destruction that he had inflicted on it. He had to stay to one side and watch his feet as he advanced.

He wasn’t afraid that Blue Maple and Blue Snow would take the opportunity to escape into the cave. The inhabitants of the cave weren’t friendly. They would most certainly stop them!

The Samurai Warlord stopped after taking barely two steps. It saw a dim light flashing from inside the cave. After that, a strong wave of energy swept out from the cave.

It was an aura that invoked the deepest fears of the Warlord! It was a terrifying wave of heat energy!

Its expression immediately changed. Its voice was trembling as it muttered, “What…what kind of fire is that?…” It was the most terrified it had ever felt in his life! It had already felt pressured earlier when Blue Maple had engulfed his sword with his Heavenly Fire. However, that was nothing compared to what was happening right now!

The Heavenly Fire was the strongest fire in the game. It completely curbed souls and spirits!


“You don’t have to follow behind me. Just do what we did earlier: kill him!”

Blue Maple was completely immersed in his blue fire right now. His deep blue coat started dancing amid the scorching flames. His rage seemed to have manifested itself as the fire; he was a true Blue Fire Devil now!

Blue Snow could clearly sense it from the side. She sensed his terrifying mood and could feel his limitless rage! She also saw his blue pupils flashing with blue lights. They were completely filled with…fury!

However, she weirdly felt that the rage wasn’t directed towards the Samurai Warlord or her, but himself...

“Mm,” Blue Snow replied to Blue Maple when she was in her daze.

After she replied to him, the Heavenly Fire that had taken form beneath his feet moved towards her boots. It started to crawl up her slender legs and rise up her body. Eventually, her entire body was covered in blue Heavenly Fire.

“This is?” Although Blue Snow was completely engulfed in Heavenly Fire, she didn’t feel like she was being burned. On the contrary, she felt warm and at ease. It wasn’t the same suffocating feeling that one normally felt when surrounded by Heavenly Fire. The Heavenly Fire on her right now was very friendly, although she could still sense the terrifying heat that it emitted.

“You can freely move in the fire.” Blue Maple explained. However, the rage in his voice was still there. It was difficult to imagine someone like Blue Maple being unable to control his own emotions.

“Okay.” Blue Snow was much quieter this time. Blue Maple’s emotions seemed to have settled down a little too.

“Let’s go!” His killing intent was still very strong.

Blue Snow quietly followed by his side. The fire in front of them automatically gave way, while the fire beneath their feet made up for the imperfect rocks on the ground. It made the ground flatter and more suitable for traversing.

Although this didn’t dissipate too much of the strength of Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire, unleashing the Heavenly Fire and using it as a protective barrier around Blue Snow still used up energy. However, Blue Maple wasn’t concerned at all. Right now, he was more concerned about venting his anger. He wasn’t bothered with the dissipation of his Heavenly Fire in the least.

As Blue Maple and Blue Snow advanced, the Heavenly Fire was also slowly spreading towards where the Samurai Warlord was. It was fortunate that the Heavenly Fire didn’t require oxygen to be sustained. Otherwise, it was unimaginable how much oxygen would be used up!

The Samurai Warlord felt like something terrifying was creeping towards it. However, it couldn’t flee. It had to resist with what it had. It was its duty!

The fire was getting closer and closer, and the threat was getting more and more credible. The Samurai Warlord gripped its saber tightly. If it wasn’t a spiritual body, it would have been sweating buckets right now.

“It’s here!” The Samurai Warlord saw the fire emerge from around a corner in front of it.

“Blue fire?!” It was astonished. It wasn’t aware of any blue fire. It only knew that it was experiencing extreme fear right now.

The blue fire was slowly spreading along the walls of the cave and the cracked ground. There was an immense, stifling feeling following the spread of the fire. It gave the Samurai Warlord the urge to immediately flee the scene.

Blue Maple and Blue Snow emerged from the corner just as the Heavenly Fire was about to completely engulf where the Samurai Warlord was standing. They were now in front of the Samurai Warlord.

Both of them were covered in blue fire right now. The only difference was that the fire around Blue Snow’s body seemed to be more protective in nature, while the fire on Blue Maple’s body was overwhelming!


Just as both of them appeared, the Heavenly Fire blazed and immediately engulfed the Samurai Warlord. It was now completely trapped by the fire!

“Ah ah ah!!” It instantly felt as if he was dealt significant damage, while Blue Maple felt a little strange.

This is weird. The earlier Fire Explosion and Spatial Fiery Chop didn’t evoke such a huge reaction, Blue Maple was confused, but his killing intent was still very strong.

Right now, the Samurai Warlord really wanted to ask: Would you feel the same if your entire body was being roasted?!

-324, -315, -331...

Several 300+ damages appeared above the Samurai Warlord. As long as it was positional warfare or within a narrow space, Blue Maple’s fire was almost invincible. If the area was a little wider, the enemy would have long fled. After all, the Heavenly Fire took some time to really burn and hurt the enemy. If Blue Maple controlled its burning by himself, he would have to expend some of his strength to do so.

Blue Maple discovered that it was a good opportunity when he saw the Samurai Warlord in that pathetic state. He decisively charged forward! Blue Snow stayed tight to him. It felt like both of them were coordinating their movements.


The Samurai Warlord hurriedly lifted its saber to defend itself. Blue Maple managed to attack it with his sword, but its saber wasn’t knocked from its grip. However, Blue Snow’s attack struck it!

It was a stab!


Blue Maple didn’t leave it at that. Blue Snow followed up her attack with another stab before unleashing a Skill!

Repeated Slash!

-392, -357, -451!

She used her Repeated Slash and quickly unleashed two ordinary attacks. However, the damage was less than an ordinary attack. The final damage was because she activated the Fire Explosion.

Blue Maple wasn’t just watching everything. He was accumulating his strength for his Sweeping Sword Slash. Although it wasn’t a full accumulation, he didn’t need it to be full. He just needed his Sweeping Sword Slash to be sufficiently strong.


Unsurprisingly, it was blocked by the Samurai Warlord. However, Blue Maple still managed to achieve his goal.

-394, -268, -138, -61!

Jeng jeng jeng!

The Samurai Warlord’s attempt to protect itself was a little too rushed, and it staggered as it was attacked by Blue Maple. Blue Snow attacked once again!


She was stopped by the Samurai Warlord. After all, it had only staggered. It certainly still had the ability to defend itself.

However, Blue Maple was still there. When the Samurai Warlord blocked Blue Snow’s attack, it didn’t stand a chance against Blue Maple’s subsequent blow.


Blue Maple’s Sweeping Sword Slash struck the Samurai Warlord at its waist. It was very difficult to attack it at its neck because of its height and size.


Instant Chain Strike!

The Samurai Warlord was aware of this attack and attempted to avoid being hit on the neck. It twisted its body, but Blue Snow suddenly retracted her sword and cleaved!

Right now, the Samurai Warlord could only lament to itself, And you guys still deny being a couple? What’s with this coordinated series of attacks?

In fact, Blue Snow didn’t need to distract the Samurai Warlord with her attack. Blue Maple would have been able to precisely strike the Samurai Warlord’s neck from behind, even though the Samurai Warlord appeared to be extremely tall.

He was Blue Maple. His fighting technique was unprecedented. Even the current assassin king couldn’t compare to him! The sword in his hand seemed to have fully locked onto the Samurai Warlord’s neck. Dodge? How was that even possible?!


He accurately slashed the Samurai Warlord’s throat, but this wasn’t the end of his attacks.

Cold Light Slash!

The Samurai Warlord’s neck was hit once again!

-661, -983,-576!

Blue Snow’s attack hit at the same time. This time, the Samurai Warlord could no longer block it.

Blue Maple resisted the Samurai Warlord with his strength. Although he wasn’t as good as the Samurai Warlord strength-wise, he was able to shake the Samurai Warlord’s defense. This made the Samurai Warlord vulnerable to the Blue Snow’s attack.

After Blue Snow managed to strike the Samurai Warlord, Blue Maple would continue to attack the Samurai Warlord from all sorts of weird angles.

Blue Snow wasn’t able to handle the Samurai Warlord’s attacks on her own, and would suffer some damage as a result. However, it wasn’t a big issue. It was easily resolvable with an HP Potion.

The Samurai Warlord’s Skills were easily contained by Blue Maple and Blue Snow, apart from its Warcry. While the Earth-rending Chop was an impressive Skill, its cooldown wasn’t very quick.

As for the Warcry, Blue Maple would instantly draw some strength from his Heavenly Fire and use it to unleash three strikes of his Spatial Fiery Chop to limit the Warcry before the Samurai Warlord could even fully unleash it.

The unceasing burns from the Heavenly Fire left the Samurai Warlord in much distress, but it could only try his best to hang on. With every passing second, it sustained more than 500 damage. Its resistance to the Heavenly Fire was also getting increasingly weaker and weaker.

Blue Maple and Blue Snow were coordinating unexpectedly well. They were so in tandem that Blue Maple found it puzzling. Perhaps it was because he was adept at his fighting technique while she was adept in game management. It was the only reason he could think of.

Attack, defense, and Heavenly Fire. The Samurai Warlord was at the mercy of both of them. The pain from the burns left it distracted and sapped its energy. At the same time, the only skill it could use to counter was always interrupted, while its ultimate skill was unusable in the short-term.

Just like that, the Samurai Warlord’s HP fell significantly.

After eight minutes, the Samurai Warlord’s HP was down to its remaining 100,000. After that, its HP would only fall much more quickly. The Heavenly Fire would only burn even more strongly.

“Ah ah ah!!!” The Samurai Warlord was about to go berserk. It knew that it was only waiting for death if this continued on.


A strong burst of energy was released. It was like a wild beast had mutated. However, the Samurai Warlord had gone berserk!

Blue Maple didn’t stop it. If he wanted to, he would be able to stop the Samurai Warlord if he forcefully resorted to the strength of his Heavenly Fire.

However, Blue Maple couldn’t weaken the Samurai Warlord while disrupting the process. He could only stop the Samurai Warlord from going berserk.

Blue Maple had already tested the technique on both human and wild beast Bosses.

Blue Maple wanted the weaker defense after the Samurai Warlord went berserk!

With a boom, the Samurai Warlord’s aura grew. Its cold eyes turned blood-red and its expression was fierce and terrifying. It even seemed to have ballooned in size.

It was a tangible, spiritual body right now, and released a sinister black gas. It was a strange but terrifying sight!

The saber was completely engulfed in sinister black gas. One could clearly sense that the saber possessed terrifying attack strength right now.

However, the blue Heavenly Fire was like a parasite as it continued to burn the Samurai Warlord. Furthermore, it was getting stronger and stronger!

Ding! Announcement: The Samurai Warlord has sensed the threat of spirit disintegration and is ready to unleash his final move. He has successfully gone berserk! His attack strength has increased by 100% but his defense has fallen by 50%! At the same time, all his skills have entered Cooldown, including his ultimate skill, Earth-rending Chop!

So it’s an ultimate Skill? But he has no chance of using it anymore, Blue Maple didn’t even need to look at the status of the Samurai Warlord after the transformation.

He calmly lifted his arm, and the surrounding Heavenly Fire instantly raged!

After absorbing eight minutes of energy, countless Spatial Fiery Chops formed from the Heavenly Fire!

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