Chapter 78: Blue Maple's Fury

“Block? I’ll go first.” The first part of Blue Maple’s sentence was to himself, while the second part was for Blue Snow.

Blue Maple darted forward after he spoke, and Blue Snow followed about three arms’ length behind him.

There was nothing fancy about Blue Maple’s attack as he slashed at the Samurai Warlord, but the samurai easily parried his attack. Even though Blue Maple’s attack speed could reach one strike per second, there was no way he could attack for a second time because this Boss wouldn’t give him that opportunity.

Instant Chain Strike!

Blue Maple reappeared behind the Samurai Warlord in a flash, and struck the samurai again as Blue Snow’s attack also arrived. A pincer move!

The Samurai Warlord knew that it couldn’t evade both attacks. Furthermore, it was aware that it definitely couldn’t dodge Blue Maple’s attack because it could feel that Blue Maple was a lot stronger.

The Samurai Warlord didn’t hesitate as it lunged for Blue Snow in front of it, and didn’t even attempt to defend itself.

Total Annihilation!

This skill had a small area of effect, and the Samurai Warlord did seem to use its abilities liberally as it only targeted Blue Snow. However, it had no choice; Blue Maple and Blue Snow weren’t even standing together.


Blue Snow watched as the Samurai Warlord unleashed one of its Skills at her, and she immediately stopped in her tracks.

Damn it, I can’t dodge this… yes! A thought flashed across Blue Snow’s head as she leapt into the air.

Blue Snow jumped up once she stopped moving, and barely dodged the Samurai Warlord’s skill. Total Annihilation could only hit an arc in front of the Samurai Warlord and not above it, unless it was using its Skill in an upward direction. However, the Samurai Warlord had already unleashed its Skill, and it could no longer change its direction of attack.

Blue Maple wasn’t idling around. The Samurai Warlord was sacrificing its own protection to attack Blue Snow, which was perfect!

Blue Maple impaled the Samurai Warlord’s nape before he kicked the samurai’s joint behind one of its kneecaps, forcing the samurai to bend its knee. Even though Blue Maple couldn’t force the samurai to kneel on the ground, the hit was enough for it to lose its balance.

Blue Maple slashed ferociously across the Samurai Warlord’s back, and it lost its balance and stumbled forward.

-652, -187, -534! Attacking from behind granted bonus damage!

“Little gangster!” Blue Snow plummeted from the air in Blue Maple’s direction. Even though Blue Snow only intended to jump directly up, the inertia from her forward momentum wasn’t so easily negated. She still ended up moving slightly forward and fell into Blue Maple.

Blue Maple seemed to have a tacit understanding with her as he reached out, while Blue Snow also reached out with her small hands.

He grabbed her hand, and swung her around him in a circle using the force she had from falling down before hurling Blue Snow at the Samurai Warlord in front of them.


The battles and conversations allowed Blue Snow to complete Pierce’s short cooldown.


Blue Snow’s Pierce had added strength from Blue Maple’s toss with additional damage from backstabbing the Samurai Warlord, and she dealt a lot of damage.

Blue Snow stabbed the Samurai Warlord and immediately flipped backwards. She charged forward again and struck once more after landing on the ground.


Blue Snow’s damage paled in comparison to Blue Maple. Pierce was Agile Swordsmen’s strongest Skill for now, and it also had a fast cooldown. The Skill’s only weakness was that it was too obvious when a player was using it. A swordsman would have to bend his or her elbows sideways to stab forward; using this Skill in such a situation brought great satisfaction.

Attacks continued one after another, and the Samurai Warlord could no longer stabilize itself as it stumbled backward continuously so that it wouldn’t be knocked to the ground.

Blue Snow seemed to feel something as she suddenly dodged to one side.

Blue Maple’s strike had arrived!

Sweeping Sword Slash, fully charged!

-942, -572, -301, -134!

Blue Maple followed up with a basic attack and another kick to push the Samurai Warlord away.

-542, -198!

Blue Maple and Blue Snow had a lot of chemistry. They quickly distanced themselves from the Samurai Warlord because they had just finished using their Skills. Blue Maple’s Sweeping Sword Slash had a fast cooldown because he didn’t charge up. He had to wait for thirty seconds this time, because he had used Sweeping Sword Slash when it was fully charged.

The Samurai Warlord was smart enough to feel conned. Did they not say they weren’t a couple? How could they have such excellent coordination? Blue Maple could even throw Blue Snow through the air as she used Pierce; there was no way she wouldn’t inflict heavy damage. Their coordination made them seem like they had been partners for a long time.

The Samurai Warlord didn’t hit a single person this time, and it took around five thousand damage this time!

However, Blue Maple and Blue Snow had dealt less than ten thousand damage so far, which was hardly anything for the Samurai Warlord’s five hundred thousand hit points. The Samurai Warlord was infuriated because neither of them had taken a single point of damage so far!

Such humiliation! I’m an elite Boss. The Samurai Warlord felt humiliation that it had never felt before, and completely forgot about how afraid it was of Blue Maple in the beginning.

“Both of you shall die!” the Samurai Warlord shouted fiercely before it unleashed Charge at them!

Blue Snow and Blue Maple shared the same thought this time, and crossed their swords once more to parry!


They managed to block the Samurai Warlord’s Charge, but the samurai’s formidable momentum pushed them back for some distance as their feet left deep marks across the ground!

“Heh!” The Samurai Warlord immediately released a burst of strength as it forcibly separated the two swords that were locking his own blade and roared angrily! “Heh, ah!!!”


Blue Maple’s reaction was the fastest as he pulled Blue Snow behind him before materializing an egg-shaped blue dome around them with Heavenly Fire.


The blue dome shattered. Blue Maple had no choice, because Heavenly Fire was just like a metal plate when materialized for protection. He could materialize a thicker protective dome, but he didn’t want to do that because doing so wasn’t worth the effort; he would consume a lot of Heavenly Fire in the process.

Heavenly Fire couldn’t be automatically replenished under normal circumstances, so Blue Maple didn’t want to use Heavenly Fire’s strength for defense.

“Umph!” Blue Maple grunted: he was hurt!


The Samurai Warlord’s attack damage wasn’t as high as Blue Maple’s damage, but he had very low defense. Furthermore, the Samurai Warlord was an elite Boss with a much higher rank, and Blue Maple couldn’t possibly negate this damage unless he removed his seal.

Blue Maple had less than two thousand hit points, and he would probably meet his end if he took another hit.

I took so much damage even after using Heavenly Fire for defense. That’s quite terrifying, Blue Maple thought resentfully. Blue Snow was stunned by Blue Maple’s actions; perhaps this was a common problem after the hero stepped out to save the beautiful lady.

However, Blue Snow didn’t take a single point of damage.

Still, everything wasn’t over, as the Samurai Warlord was about to strike again.

The Samurai Warlord swung its long blade onto the ground!

Earth-rending Chop!


Blue Maple started reacting when he saw the Samurai Warlord lift its arms to use its Skill, and he immediately grabbed Blue Snow’s wrist. He couldn’t conserve his Skills anymore, and used all three stages of Airborne Somersault and immediately put a lot of distance between them and the Samurai Warlord!


The ground before the Samurai Warlord immediately split open inside the narrow cave, and shockwaves cracked the ground and blasted over the entire cave. The shockwaves rolled towards Blue Maple and Blue Snow, who were still retreating.

They couldn’t dodge this attack because these shockwaves travelled upwards from the ground. They would be immediately slammed into the cave’s ceiling if they tried jumping into the air.

They would then take damage if they fell onto the ground as all kinds of sharp stones and spikes covered the ground. They couldn’t touch the ground at all.

Blue Maple just wanted to get as far away as possible in the beginning, and he immediately regretted not saving a stage of Airborne Somersault when he noticed how this Skill worked. If he had saved a stage, he could have kept a glyph after slamming into the ceiling so they wouldn’t fall to the ground.

But all those thoughts were too late.

Damn it!

Blue Maple hurriedly pulled Blue Snow deeper into the cave and hoped that this Skill’s range wasn’t that long. He immediately used a health crystal that instantly regenerated hit points at the same time. A Super Instant Regeneration Crystal immediately regenerated one thousand hit points for the user.

Super Crystals like this one cost fifty gold coins apiece. Blue Maple had only purchased ten a while ago for emergency purposes.

I have to take this damage, thought Blue Maple resentfully. He had no choice because he couldn’t dodge the attack.

The cave was so small and narrow, so an attack like that could be considered an explosion that covered the entire map! It stretched through the tunnels in this snaking cave. If they were out in the open wilderness, Blue Maple would torture this fellow so much that he would make sure it forgot that it was already a spirit!

Blue Maple was still pulling Blue Snow along, and didn’t notice that a strange expression flashed across Blue Snow’s eyes as she remained silent.

The shockwave from Earth-rending Chop was catching up with them!

“We have no choice. Jump!” Blue Maple called for Blue Snow to jump together with him. At least they could prevent taking direct damage from these shockwaves.


They jumped into the air at the same time, just as Earth-rending Chop’s effects arrived beneath their feet along with the shockwaves.

Blue Maple conjured another dome with Heavenly Fire and prepared to negate some damage again as he shielded Blue Snow behind him in mid-air. Even though Blue Snow would slam into the ceiling and Blue Maple would also push into her, the damage she would take was much smaller compared to the damage from those shockwaves.

However, just as those shockwaves were about to arrive, Blue Snow suddenly pulled Blue Maple and flipped as she pulled him behind her. He did have time to react, but they would both take damage from the shockwaves if he tried to switch their positions again.

Blue Maple could react, but he didn’t have any time!

Bam! Boom!

The dome shattered again with a boom, and the shockwaves sent both of them crashing into the ceiling!



Two damage signs that couldn’t be compared with each other respectively appeared on them.

Blue Maple crashed into Blue Snow’s bosom, but he didn’t feel like he was enjoying himself at all. Instead, he was infuriated, for some unknown reason!

“Bastard!” Large amounts of Heavenly fire immediately appeared around Blue Maple as the flames materialized and supported them as they were falling down!

The fire started spreading and automatically absorbed strength from its surroundings.

Blue Maple was infuriated!

Blue Maple hugged Blue Snow stably as he landed on the sheet that he had conjured with Heavenly Fire, but his mood didn’t improve at all.

They stepped onto the square made from fire as Blue Snow struggled out of Blue Maple’s embrace. She seemed a little frail as she used a large health potion that gradually regenerated hit points.

Blue Snow started regenerating as she regained her strength, and she said, “I don’t want you to always pull me behind you and protect me like that.” Blue Snow’s voice sounded a little despondent as she spoke to Blue Maple, a faint smile on her face.

This mournful smile seemed to contain some mysterious meaning and an inexplicable grief. Blue Snow was trying her best to smile; her smile could almost pierce through someone’s soul to leave a deep and lasting impression!

Blue Maple’s pupils suddenly contracted when he heard her words! He suddenly lowered his head, and even his body seemed to tremble slightly.

The blue fire around him started burning fiercely as Blue Maple continued trembling. Blue Snow couldn’t see his eyes because his head was lowered, but his eyes were slowly turning blue, just like the color of Heavenly Fire.

Blue Maple was truly angry this time!

Blue Maple suddenly lifted his head, and the flames around him immediately swelled exponentially! Raging blue fire lit up the entire cave as they started burning everything in the Samurai Warlord’s direction!

Blue Maple’s eyes were glowing with light similar to his Heavenly Fire’s lustre. His eyes weren’t that bright, but that was only because the fire around him was too glaring.

Blue Maple’s eyes seemed like they could see the Samurai Warlord around the corner as they emanated murder.

This was the first time that Blue Maple had revealed such intense emotion since coming into this game, when he had had always been so cold!

His emotions were as intense as the roaring flames around him!

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