Chapter 77: Chemistry

Blue Maple stared at the tall Samurai Warlord before him. His expression was still relaxed, and even a little excited.

“That’s more interesting,” he said, a slight smile on his face.

I’ve been killing wild monsters all day, and I’ve finally met a normal Boss, Blue Maple thought to himself excitedly. Heavenly Fire gradually stretched out from his left hand and materialized into a sword.

Blue Maple could instantly summon his sword, but he didn’t like to do so because he was lazy, and wouldn’t make an exception for things like that.

“Little gangster, are we really going to fight it? It’s an elite Boss,” Blue Snow asked Blue Maple sounding a little worried.

The Samurai Warlord, which had been motionless ever since it appeared, suddenly started talking. “Fellow over there, I hope you will leave this place. I don’t want to fight you,” the Samurai Warlord said to Blue Maple, its dark face was emotionless.

“Wow, gangster. This guy seems to be afraid of you.” Blue Snow could immediately tell that something was off about the Samurai Warlord, and that it didn’t want to fight Blue Maple.

“Oh? Is that right? That’s a pity, because I want to fight you. Furthermore, I promised this idiot, I’m here to complete her quest.” The corner of Blue Maple’s mouth curved into a smile.

What a joke. Blue Maple’s fight with the Jiangshi King wasn’t interesting at all. He finally had a rare encounter with an interesting opponent; he would be doing himself a disservice if he didn’t have this fight.

“Then, I have no choice but to let you down!” The Samurai Warlord swung the blade in his hands suddenly as he charged.

The Samurai Warlord didn’t want to fight with Blue Maple. Elite-tier monsters at high levels, like the Samurai Warlord, possessed their own intelligence, and possessed unique senses. The Samurai Warlord could feel that many powerful Bosses had fallen at Blue Maple’s hands. Furthermore, it could feel that Blue Maple’s life energy was intact, which also meant that he hadn’t died, ever!

The Samurai Warlord used Charge as it rushed at Blue Maple. Blue Maple didn’t show any weakness as he also charged ahead, but he wasn’t as quick as the Samurai Warlord.

Just as Blue Maple was about to clash with the Samurai Warlord, he began to use the routine that he had always used.

Blue Maple bounced off the ground with one foot as he sidestepped to the right before using Airborne Somersault, immediately switching directions before slashing ferociously at the Samurai Warlord!

The Samurai Warlord was an elite Boss after all, and it wouldn’t just sit around to be chopped down. The samurai lifted its right hand and placed it across its flank as it prepared to parry Blue Maple’s attack.

You want to block my attack? Then… A thought flashed across Blue Maple’s mind.

Sweeping Sword Slash!

You can block a basic attack, but that doesn’t mean you can block my Skills!


-354, -245, -124, -51!

So much damage has been reduced, Blue Maple thought unhappily.

Just as the Blue Maple’s strikes were about to send the samurai flying away, a slender figure flew towards the Samurai Warlord!

Blue Snow was an Agile Swordswoman, and used one of her Skills: Pierce!

Blue Snow followed up after Blue Maple when he charged forward. She watched as Blue Maple sent the Samurai Warlord flying away as she decisively used Pierce at the samurai.

The Samurai Warlord couldn’t defend itself against her attack. “Puh!”


Blood didn’t fly everywhere like Blue Snow had imagined because the Samurai Warlord was incorporeal. However, the damage dealt was good, calculated while the Samurai Warlord was defenseless in mid-air.

Blue Maple was a little surprised by Blue Snow’s actions; he didn’t expect her to be so decisive.

The Samurai Warlord didn’t crash to the ground like he had imagined. Instead, it rolled across the floor and right to its feet.

Blue Maple glanced at Blue Snow plainly. He didn’t speak, he just covered Blue Snow’s blade with some Heavenly Fire.

Blue Snow received a notification from the game: Ding! Announcement: Your weapon has been amplified with Blue Maple’s mysterious fire and temporarily strengthened. Your attack has risen by 10%, and you now possess the effect of Fiery Explosion: You have a chance to instantly deal explosive fire damage on your target with each attack, this bonus will last until Blue Maple withdraws his fire.

“Wow! So powerful! Is this the blue fire that you used to burn the Japanese guild members?” Blue Snow immediately asked excitedly when she received the notification.

“Fifteen minutes.” Blue Maple briefly estimated the damage.

We can finish this in fifteen minutes if we combine our damage without breaking or adding Heavenly Fire, if nothing unexpected happens, Blue Maple calculated quietly.

“Alright.” Blue Snow tossed away her emotions and turned serious. Her behavior surprised Blue Maple; he didn’t know why Blue Snow had become so serious.

However, Blue Maple immediately turned his focus back to the Samurai Warlord, and attached Heavenly Fire to his own sword.

The probing is over. The real fight is about to begin!

You beat me up so badly in the morning. I’m going to get back at you! Heheh!, Blue Snow thought; a girl’s need for vengeance becoming motivation for her seriousness. What would Blue Maple’s expression be if he knew that was her reason?


Blue Maple and Blue Snow seemed like they had an agreement with the Samurai Warlord, as they all charged forward at the same time.

Blue Maple lashed out first, using Spatial Fiery Chop, and immediately disappeared into the nether before he reappeared at the Samurai Warlord’s kneecap.

Blue Maple’s intentions were simple. He didn’t want to disappear to deal damage; he only wanted to slow the samurai down.

Best if you jump, but even if you don’t, I’ll still slow you down, thought Blue Maple as he prepared to use second-stage Airborne Somersault. He would immediately use Airborne Somersault to pounce if the Samurai Warlord chose to jump into the air to evade this attack!

The samurai seemed to have discerned Blue Maple’s intentions, and took the damage as it refused to leave the surface.

Nobody had the ability to move in mid-air during battle. Every individual was afraid to be caught in mid-air, because they couldn’t attack and they couldn’t dodge!

Bam! -576!

Spatial Fiery Chop exploded across the Samurai Warlord and dealt a decent chunk of damage.

The three individuals were about to meet shortly afterwards.

Furious Slash!

Warriors all used these skills, but Furious Slash was much more formidable when the Samurai Warlord used it.

Something unimaginable happened. Blue Maple and Blue Snow actually made the same move, and at the same time! Coincidentally, Blue Maple used his left and such that their blades crossed to parry the samurai’s attack.

They held onto their swords as they lifted their blades to meet the Samurai Warlord’s blade, and they prepared to defend themselves against its Furious Slash.

Blue Maple’s reflexes were quick enough to withdraw his blade and retaliate, but he didn’t do that, maintaining this position to defend against the Samurai Warlord, and a thought quickly flashed through his mind.

Can two people parrying at the same time block its Skill? Blue Maple was curious, so he didn’t pull his blade back.


They blocked it! The Samurai Warlord’s long blade was parried where their two swords intersected, and they locked its blade in;neither of them took any damage!

Blue Maple and Blue Snow seemed to have a telepathic connection with each other at this moment; they withdrew their blades and kicked the Samurai Warlord at the same time!

Bam! -423!

Damage was calculated together because both hits happened at the same time, and there was only a single kicking sound.

They weren’t finished. Blue Snow and Blue Maple watched the Samurai Warlord stumble from their kick; a fantastic opportunity, because its defense was lowered. They charged towards the Samurai Warlord at once!

Cleave! Cold Light Slash!

Two Skills were unleashed against the Samurai Warlord’s neck. Cold Light Slash was a lot quicker, and Blue Maple’s sword resembled a dash of chilly light!

The Samurai Warlord felt that Blue Maple’s attack was a lot more threatening, but his attack was so quick that it couldn’t defend itself. It had no choice but to lift its long blade and point it down to parry Blue Snow’s attack.

However, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Blue Snow’s mouth, like everything was within her expectations.

Blink Slash!

Blue Snow moved like she was teleporting, and zipped past the samurai’s flank as she swung her sword at its waist!

Blue Snow could easily stop using Cleave if she was just starting to swing her sword, and quickly switched to an Agile Swordsman’s quickest attack, Blink Slash, to avoid the Samurai Warlord’s attempt to parry as she went for its waist.

-975! -516!

Blue Maple’s attack landed first. Blue Snow’s attack was sudden and quick, but it didn’t possess much power.

Blue Maple and Blue Snow seemed to synchronize their movements again as they hacked at the Samurai Warlord before kicking it away, subsequently backing away at the same time!

Their movements were identical because adding a kick to put some distance between themselves and the monster after attacking with a basic attack was an excellent mini combination. Blue Maple figured it out through his ample fighting experience, while Blue Snow knew that because it was one of the game’s normal combinations.

Blue Maple felt that his Strength value was undoubtedly greater than Blue Snow’s; she was just an Agile Swordswoman, so he would take less damage if he was the one who parried the Samurai Warlord’s attack from before.

Blue Snow thought that Blue Maple didn’t have a single piece of armor on his body, so his Defense value had to be low. Therefore, she deemed it better if she parried the attack and Blue Maple took the offensive. Coincidentally, Blue Maple’s attack damage was also exceptionally high.

The result was unexpected when they parried the samurai’s attack at the same time. They managed to reduce every single point of damage from the Samurai Warlord’s Skill, and they also kicked the samurai at the same time, like they were partners who had a lot of chemistry with each other.

They appeared even more like partners after their subsequent attacks, like they had planned all this beforehand. They dealt more than 2,000 damage to the Samurai Warlord, not to mention neither of them took any damage!

The Samurai Warlord was pushed away, and it suddenly stopped in a very strange fashion. It didn’t prepare to attack, which confused Blue Snow and Blue Maple.

“May I ask, are the two of you a couple?” the Samurai Warlord suddenly asked for no particular reason.

“Eh?” Blue Snow was momentarily stunned, and Blue Maple shared a similar response, like he didn’t know how to react.

“I’m… I’m not his partner! I’ve only invited him over to help!” Blue Snow face flushed red with the Samurai’s sudden question. Her beautiful features became incredibly charming and delicate, but the cave was too dark and Blue Maple couldn’t see her clearly.

Blue Maple frowned. He was confused about why the Samurai Warlord, who was an elite Boss with exceptional intelligence, came to this conclusion.

“No? That’s fine. If you two are a couple, I advise you to leave so that no feelings are hurt.” The Samurai Warlord sounded like it knew something, but its words were still extremely confusing.

It was not a surprise that the Samurai Warlord, who was an elite Boss that possessed high intelligence, would ask that question. Blue Maple and Blue Snow’s performance had too much chemistry, even though everything happened unintentionally and coincidentally.

They were also a young man and woman. The girl couldn’t defeat the Samurai in the morning, so she brought the man in the afternoon. It would be strange if the Samurai Warlord didn’t think that way with its high intelligence. Furthermore, they seemed very coordinated when they were testing its capabilities in the beginning.

“Hey! What are you talking about, that the two of us are… uh, and you keep saying strange things? Are all elite Bosses this weird?” Blue Snow’s face was still flushed, but the color was a lot less prominent.

Blue Maple said nothing as he stared silently at the Samurai Warlord.

“Whatever. The two of you intend to enter the cave after all, and I will try to stop you until my last breath!” The Samurai Warlord’s aura suddenly changed, and this time, its dominance as an elite Boss was completely revealed.

“Is that so? Then, I’m going in to have a look.” Blue Maple became even more fascinated when he heard the Samurai Warlord’s strange words. He wasn’t romantically involved with Blue Snow anyway, so the Samurai Warlord’s words about hurt feelings wouldn’t concern him.

Furthermore, Blue Maple didn’t feel that there was much else that could hurt his feelings.

How could a lonely man like him have any feelings that could be hurt?

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