Chapter 75: Order, It's My Treat

“Don’t tell me you’ve not returned because you don’t know the name of our city?” Blue Snow was a little doubtful as she looked at Blue Maple.

“I had no intention of returning,” Blue Maple answered in a very composed manner.

Blue Maple shot him a doubtful look, as if she didn’t trust his words.

“Do you not want me to return anymore?” Blue Maple couldn’t take the doubtful look on her face. After all, he truly hadn’t noticed which city they were in, and came to Europe because he didn’t know where to go.

“You have to return. I really believe that you had no intention of returning!” Blue Maple appeared as if she completely believed him. At the same time, she was also afraid that he wasn’t going to return.

“Name.” There was a hint of annoyance in Blue Maple’s voice when he saw Blue Snow like that.

“Oh, our city is called ‘Azeriya’. Oh yes, when will you return?” Blue Snow seemed to be in a daze. Blue Maple felt like he was really facing an idiot.

“Afternoon.” Blue Maple glanced at her before conveniently telling her an early time after seeing her eager face.

Blue Maple was doing a Rank SSS quest. It was already noon, but he had only just begun his quest.

“Wa, that’s great!” Blue Snow burst out in excitement after finding out that Blue Maple could return so soon.

“Okay, I’ll treat you to lunch as a form of gratitude.” Blue Snow was still in a daze earlier, but she was as sharp as a wily fox right now. She had managed to engage someone to help her complete her quest with just a free lunch.

She only lacked foxy ears and a little tail right now. She couldn’t wait for Blue Maple to agree to her request.

Seriously, this girl, Blue Maple was extremely annoyed. He couldn’t tell which was the real her. However, he still acted as if he didn’t care at all.

“Whatever.” However, Blue Maple was really indeed unbothered. He wasn’t looking for any rewards. He was just hoping that the quest wasn’t boring.

“Wa, that’s great. Let’s go to…uh, little hooligan, are you fine if we eat anything?” Blue Snow carefully looked at Blue Maple. Clearly, she was broke once again.

Blue Maple didn’t say anything this time, but stared straight at her. It was like he was wondering how she ended up so broke that she couldn’t treat him to a proper meal without having to scrimp and save.

Blue Snow was also a little embarrassed as Blue Maple stared at her. Things weren’t the same as before. 20 gold coins wasn’t a lot. One could get dozens of silver coins just by killing a monster. Even if it was only an ordinary player, they could still get dozens of gold coins a day, even if he had to spend on consumables. But Blue Snow was so broke that she couldn’t treat him to a decent lunch that would probably only cost a gold coin!

“Alright, I’m really broke. I bought a house yesterday, as well as a lot of furniture. That’s how I ended up broke. It’s why I accepted such a difficult quest. I just spent the money that I earned from killing monsters on consumables.” She was completely embarrassed right now. There was probably no one who was as broke as her right now.

“You spent all your money. What an idiot.” Blue Maple was on the verge of laughing at her stupidity right now. She was so stupid that she seemed cute.

“I, I’m not an idiot! I accidentally spent all my money. I couldn’t control myself after seeing such good furniture!” Blue Maple tried her best to defend herself after she was insulted by Blue Maple.

“Forget it, let’s talk when I return.” Blue Maple waved. He didn’t want to mock her any further, seeing how she was behaving right now.

“Oh, alright then. Send me a message when you are about to return. I’ll find a place to eat.” Blue Snow was stunned for a moment. After that, she seemed to get smarter.

In fact, she was actually pretty smart, it was just that Blue Maple always outsmarted her. He wasn’t very vocal, but he was very sharp with his words, so she was always stumped and seemed like an idiot.

“Mmm.” Blue Maple didn’t bother talking anymore and immediately disconnected.


After he disconnected, he raised his head and looked at the gloomy skies and the falling snow. Suddenly, he laughed at himself sarcastically.

“I seriously have nothing better to do. I actually agreed to do a quest with that idiot. What’s the difference compared to remaining in Japan?” Blue Maple mumbled to himself as he looked at the skies.

“Perhaps there are. However, before noon… seriously, I’m just looking for trouble. This quest is pretty difficult,” Blue Maple muttered sarcastically.

Blue Maple turned away from the skies before looking at the sword in his hand. He flicked it a couple of times, as if he was trying to exercise his hands.

“I shall be more serious and end it quickly.” Blue Maple regained his indifference. However, there was a serious look in his eyes right now.

The wild monsters were doomed now...

Blue Maple was serious right now, even if it was just a little more serious.


It was right at the stroke of noon, but Aika City was still gloomy. However, the snow had stopped falling.

Blue Maple had completed the quest before noon, and submitted it to the Mercenary Union. Along with the fact that he had reached Level 39 yesterday, he was already close to accumulating half the XP at Level 39.

The main thing was that he didn’t slack off yesterday. He had accepted two Rank S quests. Although he did slack off at night, it didn’t affect his leveling.

“Time to go back to Azeriya...” Blue Maple was a little uncertain as he repeated the name of the city.

Blue Maple entered the teleportation formation to return to the city. Before he embarked on his journey, he saw the city-returning teleportation formation beside him light up. A bunch of people had returned.

A beautiful figure emerged. It was clearly Dazed Kitty and her bunch of people. They also saw Blue Maple.

“Idiot, don’t go!” Dazed Kitty immediately shouted angrily when he saw Blue Maple about to be teleported away.

Blue Maple only gave her an indifferent glance before he vanished.

“Idiot!” Dazed Kitty’s immediately teared up.

“Forget it. We were the ones at fault first.” Ocean Waves tried to comfort Dazed Kitty.

“I was only curious and asked some private stuff! After that, I was just a little excited with my words. Then, he killed everyone. All of you dropped a level because of me!” Dazed Kitty was on the verge of crying.

Europeans believed that it was a taboo to ask someone about their private matters, so Ocean Waves thought that they were in the wrong. However, Blue Maple had indeed gone a little overboard, but no one knew exactly why he had.

“Oh, don’t be too bothered. After all, this is just a game. We don’t have to be too bothered,” another player tried to comfort her.

“I’m sorry, guys...” Dazed Kitty apologized to everyone. Her tone was very apologetic because she knew she was the one who had provoked Blue Maple.

“Didn’t we say that we don’t blame you?” Ocean Waves was a little helpless. Dazed Kitty had been apologizing many times; they didn’t know why she kept doing that.

“Hmm, I know that.” Dazed Kitty was still a little gloomy. She was also very distracted when she responded.

Dazed Kitty was still thinking of what Blue Maple had said.

“Spoiled, bratty… It’ll only hurt you sometimes. It’ll also hurt the people around you.”

These words were like a curse. They kept ringing in Dazed Kitty’s ears. They were not going away.

“Let’s go submit the quest,” Dazed Kitty said to everyone. She was still as unhappy as before, as if something was bothering her.

“Hmm, let’s go.”


Azeriya City...

The long-distance teleportation formation in Azeriya City lit up. However, the guilds who were preparing to recruit this newly-arrived player realized that there wasn’t anyone there. It was just like what happened in Aika City.

What’s going on?, was going on in all the players’ minds.

Blue Maple didn’t want to be surrounded. Furthermore, he was familiar with this city. He could choose where he wanted to land.


Ten minutes later...

Beep, beep, beep...

“Wa, Little Hooligan is back. We can eat now. I’m starving.” Blue Snow had been browsing through the forum for two hours in the house she had just bought. She finally received Blue Maple’s message.

“I’ve ordered. Come over yourself. Azeriya Hotel.”

“Uh...” Blue Snow went rigid for a moment when she saw Blue Maple’s message.

Azeriya Hotel was named after the city. Even if it wasn’t the best hotel, it was one of the best. The prices in the hotel weren’t ordinarily expensive. Blue Maple knew about this hotel, but he didn’t know that it was named after the city.


Blue snow rushed over in less than three minutes.

Ta ta ta… Without even guessing, he knew it was Blue Snow rushing up the staircase.

Blue Maple’s reservation was on the second floor. The prices in this hotel were high, and there were very few patrons. The prices on the second level were even higher. There was basically no one there, which was why Blue Maple chose to eat here.

The crowd would be stifling at such times in an ordinary hotel. Blue Maple detested crowds when he was eating.

Very soon, Blue Snow appeared at the staircase and immediately noticed Blue Maple. He was the only one on the entire second floor.

“Hmph!” Blue Snow was mad. She immediately sat down opposite Blue Maple. He had reserved a two-person table.

Blue Snow looked infuriated, but she still appeared rather cute.

“Isn’t it nice to eat in a place like this?” Blue Maple asked calmly. He spoke as if he was narrating. At the same time, he pushed a drink that a waiter had prepared in front of Blue Snow.

“Hmph! Little hooligan, you are a jerk! You know that I’m broke, but you still brought me here. You even ordered already.” Blue Snow picked up the drink and took a huge sip of it. She was unhappy as she complained.

“Why are you here, even though you’re broke?” Blue Maple also took a sip of his drink. After this, he picked up the menu.

“I promised to treat you. At most…at most I can give up a piece of gear.” Blue Snow was a little heart-ached as she said. She wasn’t like Blue Maple. She loved the game.

“Are you an idiot?” Blue Maple continued flipping through the menu. As he spoke, he circled two dishes he wanted.

“You are the idiot. I told you I was broke, but you...” Blue Snow hadn’t finished speaking, but was interrupted by Blue Maple, who threw the menu over to her.

“Just order. I’m treating.” He watched as Blue Snow took the menu. She was still very lost and in a daze.

“Didn’t you say that you’ve already ordered? Also, am I not the one treating?” Blue Snow asked, still dazed. Clearly, she hadn’t realized things yet.

“I was just casually saying. I didn’t insist on it being your treat. If I didn’t say that I was ordering, would you have come over?” Blue Maple spoke slowly in a lazy tone of voice. After that, he started sipping on his own drink.

She was completely broke, but was still ready to give Blue Maple a treat, even though she knew he had reserved such an expensive hotel. She was even ready to give up one of her own items to do so.

If I said that it was going to be my treat, this idiot wouldn’t agree for sure… Blue Maple had thought of all this earlier.

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