Chapter 74: Let's Do the Quest Together

Blue Maple was fighting a Rank 55 monster over somewhere.

Rather than a fight, it was more of a one-sided killing. After all, the monster was only Rank 55.

At the very end, this pathetic monster was finally exterminated, and it turned into XP and money.

“I’m so bored…” Blue Maple was starting to get vexed. He was just killing monsters and wild beasts. After all, there were very few quests that didn’t involve wild beasts. There were even fewer quests with high-ranked beasts.

He casually found a piece of rock and sat down. He didn’t brush off the snow that had accumulated on it. After this, he took out a beverage that he had never tasted before and started sipping on it.

No one knew where he got that from…

“10,000 gold coins… maybe I should just explore around and not get a house yet. However, it doesn’t seem like sleeping and reading are the solutions to anything. Urgh…”

Blue Maple could do whatever he wanted now. He didn’t receive any good quests today, and decided to go for a more difficult one since that wasn’t the case. He wanted to see if it was really challenging.

However, there was some level of difficulty, but it wasn’t challenging to Blue Maple at all. It only made him feel more and more frustrated.

He had no interest in the game. He hated the boring and uninteresting process of killing monsters. If not for the fact that he killed Dazed Kitty’s bunch of people and his red-name restriction, leaving him to be unable to return to the city, he might have long returned.

He was sucking on a straw now, pondering if there was anything interesting. He leaned back on the rock and used one of his hands to support his head. He appeared extremely bored.

He was thinking of a place or thing that could help him pass his time.

“Library, teahouse, casino, helping others, throwing money, robbery, arson…”

His head was in a complete mess…

“Forget it, let’s just finish the quest and return to sleep.” Blue Maple couldn’t think of where to go or what to do. He didn’t know what was fun in this game. After all, he had not played the game before. Although he had been in it for some time now, he hadn’t explored the game yet.

Di, di, di… He heard beeps coming from somewhere.

“Hmm? What’s that sound?” Blue Maple wondered, confused. He had been in the game for some time, but he had never heard such beeps before.

His first thought was whether he had received any sort of notifications or messages. He opened his status. If there were messages, there were some panels beside his attributes panel that would possibly appear with them.

Blue Maple looked at his attributes panel and actually saw a message from his friends’ list.

“Friend? That idiot?” Blue Maple was stunned for a moment. He thought of Blue Snow. She was the only one on his friends’ list.

The beeps that Blue Maple heard were notifications that a friend wanted to communicate with him. They were different from the other notification sounds.

Since I’m bored anyway, I might as well talk to her, Blue Maple thought before he connected to Blue Snow.

A small screen appeared in front of Blue Maple. After that, an image appeared. There was a beautiful young lady on the screen. She appeared very excited.

It was indeed Blue Snow, someone he had not seen in a long time.

“Wow, this is great. I thought that you were going to ignore me.” Blue Snow was jumping up and down in excitement. There was also a very agitated look on her face. She finally felt that her quest could actually be completed now.

“What’s up?” Blue Maple’s tone of voice was as indifferent as ever.

“I have a very impressive quest here. The rewards are also pretty impressive. Let’s do it together!” Blue Maple looked at Blue Maple hopefully. Her bright, round blue eyes were filled with hope that Blue Maple would agree to her request.

After that, Blue Maple… immediately disconnected…


He disconnected…

“Ugh...” Blue Snow was stunned as she watched the screen disappear. Her expression stiffened. She stood rooted to the ground and couldn’t react in time.

Blue Maple was doing a quest right now and was bored of killing monsters. But Blue Snow asked him to do another quest. He might as well go to sleep...

“Little Gangster, idiot! Hmph, it’s fine if you don’t help. But you had to end the call before even saying hello! Little Gangster, idiot!” Blue Snow was infuriated and grit her teeth when she reacted. She stomped the ground in anger before kicking a stone that was in front of her.



Blue Maple burned his empty glass into ash after he finished his drink. After that, he got up and was ready to complete his quest.


“What should I do? If the Little Gangster isn’t going to help me, who else can I fight?” Blue Snow indignantly squatted down and started to pluck the grass on the ground.

“Subtle Nobleman? No no no. I’m not doing any quest with that disgusting guy.” Blue Snow instantly rejected that idea. She even suspected she was having foolish thoughts because she was desperate.

“Hmph, I shall ask the Little Gangster again. He already did a quest with that female Priest. Can’t he do one with me?

“Oh, don’t tell me the Little Gangster likes that kind of girl? He’s really a gangster, hmph!

“He must have done that intentionally the previous time! Oh… what previous time, there’s no previous time!”

Blue Snow was getting a little wild with her thoughts. She eventually got to the embarrassing stuff and her face turned slightly red. She immediately dismissed everything in her head. She was actually a little dazed and appeared very cute.

“Let me find the Little Gangster once more.” Blue Snow finally recovered her composure after a brief moment or two. After this, she tried calling Blue Maple once again.


Beep, beep, beep...

Blue Maple heard the same notification again. He furrowed his brow, but picked up the call.

“I’m not doing the quest. Stupid.” Blue Maple was very direct after he picked up the call. His indifference left Blue Snow stunned once again.

However, Blue Snow was soon delighted.

“So it seems like you are afraid of boring quests. Seems like there’s still some hope.” Blue Snow heaved a sigh of relief as she thought to herself, It’s fine as long as he’s not purely against doing this quest.

“It’s not an ordinary quest. It’s definitely very interesting.” Blue Snow could tell that Blue Maple wasn’t very interested in doing ordinary quests.

“What quest is it?” Blue Maple’s interest was piqued when he heard the word ‘interesting’. He started to become curious about it. He was super bored right now.

“Hmm, it’s a treasure-hunting quest.” Blue Snow was a little delighted as she said when she saw that Blue Maple was getting interested. She revealed a grin on her face.

“I’m not going.” Blue Maple had instantly lost interest.

“Ah? Why?” Blue Snow was stunned once again. She had clearly seen hope just a few moments ago.

“I did one before. It’s not interesting.” There weren’t any elements of a plot when Blue Maple did the treasure-hunting quest with Red Tea and the rest. He felt that it was an ordinary monster-extermination quest. He had the impression that treasure hunts were boring, too.

“Have you done one before? Why are they not interesting?” Blue Snow was perplexed. She thought the opposite: treasure hunts were supposed to be one of the more interesting categories of quests!

“Oh, I know. You must have done those monster-extermination treasure hunts.” Blue Snow suddenly thought of those low-level treasure-hunt quests, and realized they were all monster-extermination treasure hunts.

“Is there a difference?” Blue Maple was truly curious right now.

“Mmm-hmm, you are indeed a novice. Let me explain to you.” Blue Snow was delighted instantly. She stuck out her chest and lifted her beautiful face.

“You aren’t that much more experienced than me.” Blue Maple threw shade at her and instantly killed her vibe.

“Ugh, annoying Little Gangster!” Blue Snow was unhappy. Clearly, she had a chance to flaunt her game experience, but Blue Maple had to pour cold water on her.

“Go on.” Blue Maple was still as indifferent as ever.

“Mm, low-level treasure hunts refer to those where you have to kill a few pre-determined monsters to get a complete map to seek treasures. However, the higher-level ones aren’t that simple.” As she spoke, Blue Snow sounded more and more formal.

“True treasure hunts follow a plot. Perhaps you must find someone or something before you can get clues to the treasure. The critical Boss is also much stronger. For example, I met such a Boss, and it’s only the first one.” Blue Snow was very serious. However, it did feel a little weird that she was being so serious.

“So you are asking for my help because you can’t beat it.” Blue Maple was very direct and exposed Blue Snow’s intentions.

“Hmm, I’m so strong. How could I possibly not beat it? I just feel that you’ll make the quest much more relaxed for me. Yes, it’s just like that.” Blue Snow disputed his words. She didn’t want to admit that she was asking for his help because she couldn’t do the quest all by herself.

“Oh, you can do it yourself. I’m busy. Go and do your quest yourself.” After he finished speaking, Blue Maple was about to disconnect.

“No no no, I was wrong. I’m asking for your help because I can’t do it by myself. Don’t disconnect.” Blue Snow panicked when she saw that Blue Maple was about to hang up the call, considering that he had done that earlier. She was actually about to cry.

“You’re indeed an idiot.” Blue Maple was a little annoyed as he replied. He rarely spoke with such emotions, such that Blue Snow started to become a little mad.

“I’m not an idiot. You only know how to bully people. Are you going to help me or not?!” Blue Snow was becoming more and more anxious. She didn’t expect him to be capable of pranking her. She was cross as she glared at Blue Maple.

“Oh~? Why should I help?” Blue Maple grinned as he looked at Blue Snow. Blue Maple was actually revealing some emotions right now!

Blue Maple thought that pulling Blue Snow’s leg was fun. He found it rather interesting.

“Because…because...” Blue Snow was stuttering. She couldn’t give any reason, especially when Blue Maple was staring at her.

He clearly did a quest with that female Priest, but he could do such an interesting quest with me…, Blue Snow slightly lowered her head and muttered softly. Blue Maple couldn’t really hear her, but he still managed to make it out.

“She followed me.” Blue Maple wasn’t embarrassed at all, and took the initiative to explain.

“Hmph, you are indeed a gangster. You must have let her follow you because you found her pretty!” Blue Snow retorted without any hesitation, exploiting the opportunity to do so.

She then shut up and lowered her head once again. This left Blue Maple rather confused.

“Big deal… just take it as your quest. I’ll do it with you.” Blue Snow suddenly lifted her head as she glared at Blue Maple. There was a heated look in her eyes.

Blue Maple couldn’t take it anymore and avoided her glare.

Neither of them knew whether Blue Snow was being jealous.

Blue Snow knew that she wasn’t inferior to White Cherry in terms of physical appearance. However, Blue Maple did a quest with White Cherry, but refused to do one with her. It was even an interesting treasure-hunt quest!

Of course, Blue Maple didn’t know what Blue Snow was thinking. But...

Blue Maple was a little annoyed as he replied, “Troublesome. Let me finish my quest first.”

“Really?” Blue Snow suddenly revealed a sunny smile on her face. She was clearly delighted.


“Great. I can complete the quest now!” Blue Snow cheered.

“Oh yes.” Blue Maple suddenly thought of something.

“What else is there?” Blue Snow was doubtful as she asked. Did he really have anything to ask?

“What city were we in?” Blue Maple didn’t know the name of the city, which was why he had ended up in Europe.

Blue Snow was completely astonished as she looked at Blue Maple. It was like she was looking at an idiot...

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