Chapter 72: Just Treat Me Like the Villain

“What? You killed my companions because of that?” Ocean Waves was momentarily stunned before retorting angrily.

Dazed Kitty also retreated behind Ocean Waves. He had quickly pulled Dazed Kitty to his side when he was hollering for everyone to back away.

“No,” answered Blue Maple plainly. He didn’t mind Ocean Waves’ anger at all.

“No? Then why?” Ocean Waves was still furious, but his expression revealed some doubt.

“I’m not just killing your companions.” Blue Maple didn’t answer Ocean Waves’ question as he lifted his left hand, sword in hand, and prepared to attack again.

“Bastard!” Ocean Waves could see that Blue Maple was aggravating the situation and about to attack him. He gripped his blade tightly with both hands as he prepared to give his full effort.

Blue Maple no longer wasted any words as he charged at Ocean Waves with his sword in hand, and attacked without giving Ocean Waves a chance to retaliate.

So quick! Only then did Ocean Waves notice how fast Blue Maple was. What a joke, Blue Maple’s armor fusion gave him a 35% movement speed boost!


Ocean Waves managed to parry Blue Maple’s strike, but couldn’t take the brunt of the attack, as Blue Maple’s Strength value was exceptionally high. Warriors had high innate Strength, but they couldn’t compare to Blue Maple’s attributes. Blue Maple’s innate Strength was naturally higher than a Warrior’s, and he had the advantage of his Hidden Class.

“Leave, Kitty, now! I’ll hold him back!” Ocean Waves could feel the pressure on his blade and knew that he couldn’t defend himself against Blue Maple. Blue Maple’s power, which had slaughtered his companions in a matter of seconds, frightened Ocean Waves even more, except he was good at masking his emotions.

“I’m not leaving!” Dazed Kitty quickly retreated after answering Ocean Waves. She had retreated a distance away when Blue Maple first attacked, and notched an arrow before firing at Blue Maple.

Blue Maple was completely unafraid, and immediately released the pressure he was applying to Ocean Waves’ blade, and kicked him away with a roundhouse kick.

Blue Maple nimbly evaded the arrow, and pushed Ocean Waves away as he charged at Dazed Kitty!

Dazed Kitty didn’t panic this time, and swiftly notched another arrow and fired at Blue Maple. The arrow glowed with light; she was about to use a Skill.

Ocean Waves immediately recovered, and tried to intercept Blue Maple as he used Charge in Blue Maple’s direction!

Warriors could use Charge to rush quickly at a target, much faster than Blue Maple could run. Even though Blue Maple had high movement speed, he couldn’t move faster than Charge’s monodirectional speed.

Blue Maple was still charging at Dazed Kitty when he suddenly stopped, and a blue glyph appeared before him.

Second-stage Airborne Somersault!

Blue Maple halted and switched directions as he rushed at Ocean Waves. Blue Maple’s target was still Ocean Waves!

Shit! Ocean Waves was still using Charge, and his Skill would have some negative feedback if forcibly stopped. If he was lucky, he wouldn’t be able to use this Skill for a short period of time, and if he was unlucky, he would suffer a certain amount of feedback damage.

Stopping Charge was meaningless for Ocean Waves, and he had no choice but to meet Blue Maple head-on!

Blue Maple was about to clash with Ocean Waves when he suddenly bounced off the ground and leapt sideways; another blue glyph appeared in mid-air.

Third-stage Airborne Somersault!

No! How is that possible?! Ocean Waves’ pupils contracted hard, but he didn’t have any more time to react. He could only watch Blue Maple strike him from his flank.

Bam! Blue Maple struck Ocean Waves ferociously before leveraging Charge’s momentum and rolling a distance away.

-825, -78!

This was very similar to how he fought the wolf Boss with Red Tea and the others, except he didn’t use Hidden Attack because Ocean Waves was moving too fast with Charge. Ocean Waves didn’t have time to dodge, so Blue Maple didn’t need to use Hidden Attack.

Ocean Waves was considered to be in mid-air when he was using Charge, and his Defense was lowered while he would take some damage from hitting the ground.

Dazed Kitty’s arrow was imminent, but…


Blue Maple suddenly went prone and dodged the Skill-shot arrow and he bounced back to his feet before he bolted straight for Ocean Waves, who was still on the ground.

How can that be… Dazed Kitty stared at Blue Maple in shock. Her arrow was just about to hit him, but he managed to evade it just like that!

“Be careful, Ocean Waves!” Dazed Kitty came back to her senses when she saw Blue Maple rush for Ocean Waves as she notched another arrow.

However, this was just a normal arrow she fired to intercept the path that Blue Maple had to take to reach Ocean Waves.

Blue Maple was still charging towards Ocean Waves and was about to run into the arrow when he suddenly bent his knees. He stopped in his tracks in a very strange fashion, almost like he was freezing himself and didn’t have any inertia at all.

“That’s not possible!” Dazed Kitty was mortified. How could he have no inertia? He was making an emergency stop, and had to slide forward for some distance. However, that didn’t happen...

Everyone had to slide after making an emergency stop, because the universal law of inertia couldn’t be violated, but…

Blue Maple relied on Heavenly Fire’s ability to materialize itself and formed a small cone slanting towards him. The cone locked his feet securely, and he didn’t move forward even a single inch!

The arrow flashed by before Blue Maple’s eyes, and he charged at Ocean Waves once more while Dazed Kitty stared at him with frightened eyes. There was no way she could stop him now!

Blue Maple rushed to Ocean Waves’ side, just as he got to his feet. A very short period of time passed between Blue Maple chopping him to the ground and when he had charged, while Dazed Kitty’s arrow only temporarily stopped Blue Maple’s momentum. She didn’t even have time to fire another arrow.

Ocean Waves had just gotten to his feet and hurriedly used his blade to parry. He only had time to block while holding his blade with one hand.


Blue Maple struck the hilt of Ocean Waves’ blade this time. Ocean Waves had no time to dodge this attack with his hasty parry. He was only holding onto his blade with one hand, and he had no choice but to let go; his blade was sent flying through the air.

Swoosh! Another normal arrow flew in Blue Maple’s direction again, but he didn’t plan to dodge this time.

Blue Maple lifted his left hand and swung his blade towards the arrow quickly.


The arrow was flying toward him rapidly but he struck it away. Blue Maple’s reflexes allowed him to do that!

“How… how is this possible?” Dazed Kitty was shaking as she covered her tiny mouth when she saw what happened, and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Tch. Ocean Wave’s weapon pierced through the snowy ground after it was struck away.

Blue Maple didn’t stop after that, stabbing down and impaling Ocean Wave through the chest.


Ocean Waves still wanted to use his health crystal, which would allow him to instantly regenerate some hit points to retaliate. However, Blue Maple wouldn’t give him the opportunity to do so.

Cold Light Slash! -1131!

One fatal strike to end it all!

Blue Maple’s Cold Light Slash came too quickly; he used it immediately after pulling out his sword. Ocean Waves didn’t have time to crush the health crystal that he had Summoned into his hands.

Blue Maple had already used Cold Light Slash before this, but it had a low cooldown that only lasted for fifteen seconds. Blue Maple’s short conversation and his brief battle allowed it to complete its cooldown.

Ocean Waves crashed to the ground unwillingly. It appeared that his Hidden Class didn’t give him much hit points or Defense points. He didn’t even have the opportunity to use his skills, except for Charge, which all Warriors used. Blue Maple had even considered that in his calculations.

Now, there was only one person left.

Dazed Kitty.

She was frozen to the spot as her pretty face was overcome with disorientation.

She just couldn’t understand the reason why.

Why those people who had been following her…

Why her companions who had just been laughing and chatting with her…

…had disappeared within a short span of thirty seconds.

They were all murdered by this cruel, terrifying, and strange man!

Wilted and dead leaves danced in the cold winds as they wove through this barren and spacious forest. This dry and desolate forest was covered with snow, and suddenly became so devastating to Dazed Kitty’s eyes.

“Why…” Dazed Kitty bit down on her lower lip; her big beautiful eyes couldn’t contain her tears, which came pouring out of her sockets.

“Why?” Blue Maple whispered gently, and even his eyes appeared a little blank and vacant. “Just treat me like the villain.” Blue Maple still seemed a little lost when he answered.

“A villain?” Dazed Kitty still had tears swirling in her eyes as she was momentarily stunned by Blue Maple’s response.

Then, Blue Maple’s eyes grew sharp once more as he charged in her direction and attacked!

Dazed Kitty was still preoccupied by Blue Maple’s answer when she saw him charge at her once more, and hurriedly nocked an arrow to retaliate.

However, just as Blue Maple was about to reach Dazed Kitty and her arrow was just about to be released, he suddenly vanished into thin air!

Hidden Attack!

Blue Maple leapt through the air, and didn’t reveal any footprints in the snow as he arrived right in front of Dazed Kitty!

Dazed Kitty watched Blue Maple suddenly disappear, and reappear right in front of her. She was preparing to release her arrow, but this surprise shocked her so much that she fired without even aiming.

Blue Maple was already soaring through the air when he reappeared, and the sword in his hands plunged right through her chest.

Blue Maple’s fringe was blown away by the winds and revealed the left eye beneath.

He no longer had that sinister look on his face when he was attacking. Instead, he appeared extremely calm.

He appeared so calm that he almost seemed like he wasn’t killing anyone… like he didn’t care about life at all!

It seemed like there was nothing holding him back at all.

Dazed Kitty could only watch as Blue Maple’s sword pierced through her chest…

-876! Instant Chain Strike!

Blue Maple swiftly pulled out his sword from her chest. He was so cruel that he didn’t hesitate at all, and immediately used Instant Chain Strike afterwards.

Fresh blood tainted Dazed Kitty’s chest red, and blood poured like a fountain. Blue Maple’s sword crossed Dazed Kitty’s neck once more!

Dazed Kitty could already feel Blue Maple’s icy blade. The faint blue fire had dissipated as his sword pressed tightly against her neck. Blue Maple’s emotions also appeared unnaturally cold.

Dazed Kitty couldn’t accept this reality. She and her companions had just asked some questions out of curiosity, and said some offensive words that didn’t sound pleasant, and then her companions ended up dying before her very eyes.

She was also about to meet her demise under this cold and icy blade…

“Sometimes, being unruly and capricious… will be your death, and it will also be… the death of the people around you!” Blue Maple narrated plainly, before pulling his blade down and sending the pretty girl to her demise…

Perhaps it was an illusion, but tears seemed to roll down the corners of Blue Maple’s eyes as he stared at Dazed Kitty, who had fallen to the ground…

Blue Maple remained where he was and shut his eyes, allowing the cold winds to cut across his skin.

Blue Maple gradually opened his eyes after a few moments and continued towards his quest’s destination.

The world always needs villains…, Blue Maple thought to himself. His thoughts were inexplicable, his emotions were obscure, and his actions were unfathomable.

Snowflakes suddenly drifted through the sky once more, normal snowy weather. However, Dazed Kitty and her companions on the ground seemed so dreary within the desolate forest.

Snowflakes gradually fell over their corpses and covered them, until their bodies disappeared inside the dried and barren little forest…

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