Chapter 69: A Mad Woman Isn't Simple

Leah stopped beating about the bush, and immediately pulled the cloth off the tray. Two pieces of gleaming Gold-tier equipment appeared in front of everyone.

They were dazzling, emanating a golden light. In fact, they were mainly green, just like the Silver-tier set equipment. However, the patterns on these Gold-tier set pieces were more elegant, and the colors were brighter. The jade-green and dazzling golden glow made them look like pieces of art.

“They don’t seem to be very beautiful, but they will be much more beautiful soon!” Leah shouted as she revealed the status of these two set pieces.


[Treant Helmet] (Rank 45 Gold-tier set piece)

Defense: 221-286

Strength: +15

Endurance: +40

Toughness: +27

Health: +200

Set Equipment Attributes: With every additional component, your Health increases by 200. At the same time, it heals by 8 points every second. You can restore up to 250% of your basic Health.


[Treant Battle Skirt] (Rank 45 Gold-tier set piece)

Defense: 187-236

Strength: +15

Endurance: +35

Toughness: +21

Health: +200

Set Equipment Attributes: With every additional component, your Health increases by 200. At the same time, it heals by 8 points every second. You can restore up to 250% of your basic Health.


“Hhh...” Shocked voices were heard. The restorative effect of these two pieces was already half as good as the Force of Nature of the Gold-tier ring. Fortunately, no one person could possibly own both the ring and the set. Otherwise, he would be almost invincible. Of course, Blue Maple wasn’t considered yet…

After this, everyone beneath the stage was agitated!

“God, if those from the third room get these set pieces, wouldn’t they be invincible?!”

“Don’t be stupid. They don’t have the money. They basically gave up on the set pieces after going for the ring.”

“It would be great if I had a piece of a Gold-tier set!”

“You? Maybe after a year.”

“What, are you asking for a fight?!”

“Who’s scared of you…”

Why were they going off-topic again?…

“Cut the crap. Although there are only two pieces now, I believe everyone knows that you can make a set once you have all the components. Getting them basically means getting a Gold-tier set!”

“Oh oh oh!”

Everyone was still very passionate.


“In that case, the starting bid for these two components is 8000 gold coins. Every increment must be at least 100 gold coins. The auction begins!” Leah shouted with all her strength.

“10,000 gold coins!” White Lion revealed himself. He bid as much as he had on hand. After all, there was nothing else left for him after that. What if they stop bidding? Alright, that’s impossible.

“Let’s join in the fun too,” Capricious Mr White said to Shining Cross. He also bid, “10,500 gold coins!”

“11,000 gold coins!” It was someone from the ordinary seats again. This person hadn’t bid at all until now. It seemed like he was waiting for these pieces.

“This fellow can really hold it in. Hehe, it’ll be interesting if he wins the Gold-tier set equipment components.” Dusk smiled sinisterly. They were out of money. They had only remained to watch the drama.


“Have you raised the money?” Paris Red Wine asked his subordinates.

“I only managed to get only 2000 more gold coins. In total, we have around 23, 000 gold coins,” his subordinate answered a little helplessly.

“It might not be enough. We bid for too many Silver-tier items earlier.” Paris Red Wine was a little vexed right now.

“13,000 gold coins!” The bids were still rising. They came from those who had barely made any bids earlier.

“We can only do this. Make a trip to White Lion’s room.” Paris Red Wine seemed to have made a huge decision. He had no choice. He was going to exchange a huge favor for a loan.

“Uhm…okay. I’ll go now.” Paris Red Wine’s subordinate didn’t dare to say anything else after seeing that his own chairman had made such a difficult decision.


White Lion’s room...

“Why is he not here yet? Red Wine should be out of money. Did I guess wrong?” White Lion was leisurely munching on some fruits. He guessed that Paris Red Wine was lacking money. After all, he was stalling for time when they were bidding for the ring earlier. He could only have been trying to use that time to raise money.

Bang bang bang! There were knocks on the door at this moment.

“He’s here!” White Lion’s eyes brightened. He put down the fruit in his hand.

A Warrior walked into White Lion’s room.

“Isn’t this Eiffel Tower? Why are you so free to come over? Aren’t you joining your chairman for the auction?” White Lion asked, appearing astonished.

“White Lion, you don’t have to mock me. You know that our chairman is afraid that he doesn’t have enough money. He’s asked me to borrow some from you.” This Warrior was known as Eiffel Tower. He was a team leader in the Red Wine Guild. He had a bitter smile on his face right now.

“Ah, borrow money. I do have money. But you should know that the mad woman will kill me if she finds out that I lent money to you guys and cost her the pieces. I’m just a weak Tactician. How can I afford to offend her?” White Lion pretended he was scared and in a dilemma.

“White Lion, stop faking. State your terms. I can agree to them as long as they are not too overboard.” Eiffel Tower didn’t want to waste more time, considering that the bids were rising and rising.

In fact, White Lion had raised the bid to 10,000 to inform Paris Red Wine that he still had 1,0000 gold coins; it was an open invitation to get a loan from him. However, he had his own terms and conditions. Paris Red Wine knew that, too!

“Alright, I’ll lend some to you guys. However, you must never admit that I was the one who lent you the money. You should know that mad woman. She’ll come for my life.” White Lion had a cheeky expression on his face.

“Of course we know that. Don’t worry. You should have thought over your terms and conditions, right? Tell me.” Eiffel Tower didn’t believe that White Lion didn’t know he was coming. If he had, then he should have thought over his terms beforehand.

“About this, I did think it over. It’s that…”

Half a minute later, Eiffel Tower walked out of White Lion’s room with a bitter look on his face.

“Hmm~I’m going back to sleep. Today’s been good. We’ve earned big.” White Lion stretched out before gesturing to his subordinates that they were leaving.


“Did you manage to get the money?” Paris Red Wine could roughly guess that he had managed to borrow the money. However, he also knew that White Lion must have taken the opportunity to extort them.

“I managed to borrow the 10,000 gold coins.” Eiffel Tower also took in a deep breath and tried to compose himself.

“Okay, it’s time that we raise our bid too!” Paris Red Wine was confident this time. He didn’t care about the terms that White Lion set.

“17,000 gold coins!” Paris sent in a bid. Most of the people bidding now were those from the ordinary seats. Berserk Overlord hadn’t joined in the bid yet.


“Red Wine is getting itchy. Let’s join in now.” Berserk Overlord was ready to join in the bid now.

“17,500 gold coins!”

“Chairman, are we really not going to borrow money? Red Wine must have borrowed money already. He was very confident when he put in his bid earlier.” A Thief who was talking to the Berserk Overlord. His name was Helpless Overlord, a team leader. He was indeed helpless, too…

“Borrow? Why should I? Also, how much money does Dusk have left?” Berserk Overlord asked.

“But we’ll be unable to get these Gold-tier set equipment pieces if we don’t.” Helpless Overlord was still a little confused.

“Hmph, I didn’t say that we must get it. Although their attributes are pretty good, we don’t have many people in this city. It’s not very convenient for us to get an entire set out of them.”

“But we’ve already raised so much money. Are we just going to let it go like that? We didn’t really get any of the earlier items either, right?”

“Of course we raised all the funds to bid for items. It’s good if we can get them. But it’s not the end of the world if we don’t get them.”

“Then why did we not try for the ring? It was top-quality!”

“Hmph, look at you. The reason why I didn’t get it or the Silver-tier set equipment was because I was intent on getting the Gold-tier set pieces. In that way, Red Wine will seek White Lion for a loan. White Lion is sure to have his terms, and they aren’t going to be good, either. Even if Red Wine managed to get the set pieces, it wouldn’t be as beneficial as he imagines it to be. Also, so what if Dusk has gotten the ring? Can he really do anything with it considering how nonsensical he is?”

“Does this mean we’ve raised all the funds for nothing?”

“For nothing? Hmph, you are still unaware! This afternoon, one of our subordinates managed to get a Silver-tier set equipment component in one dungeon. It’s highly likely that the Boss in that dungeon has a Gold-tier set equipment component. Although it’s for Wizards, I think that the Wizard King should be able to use it. Should we be afraid of a Warrior with a piece of Gold-tier set equipment if we have a Wizard with a piece of Gold-tier set equipment? If we don’t use these funds for this auction, we can use them to assemble a piece of Gold-tier set equipment.” Given a Wizard and Warrior with the same standards, a Wizard was superior to a slow Warrior with low magic defense.

“I didn’t know about this. This is great!” Helpless Overlord was suddenly enlightened. So they were actually here to pull a fast one on Paris Red Wine.

It was great if they could win the bid, but they could still pile the pressure on even if they didn’t. Not only did Berserk Overlord force Paris Red Wine to owe White Lion a huge favor, but she was also going to make him spend a lot of money. Everyone knew that she was going to bid for a piece of Gold-tier set equipment, and it wasn’t going to be very convenient for her to wreak havoc openly. However, it was very normal for her to cause some chaos secretly.

If Paris Red Wine managed to win the bid, the Red Wine Guild would benefit from a very stable Gold-tier set piece, but it would pay some price for it.

Although the Lion Guild only had a piece of Silver-tier set equipment, it had managed to accrue a favor from the Red Wine Guild.

The Fire God Guild had a piece of Silver-tier equipment and a top-quality Gold-tier ring.

The Overlord Alliance had raised funds and had started to construct its own set.

No guild was really disadvantaged or benefited greatly. Perhaps the Overlord Alliance fared a little better than the rest, but it only tipped the scales slightly in their favor. This auction was probably also a game between the few guilds. However, the final winner was probably Blue Maple.

“24,000 gold coins! Red Wine, I shall see how many gold coins you have.” Berserk Overlord started to ruffle Paris Red Wine’s feathers.

“25,000 gold coins! I don’t think you have enough gold coins.” Paris Red Wine was still very confident. He had 33,000 gold coins with him.

“Hmph, I’m not going to take it slow with you. 29,000 gold coins! If you raise any further, I’ll quit!” Berserk Overlord appeared as if she was putting out her last bid.

“Oh, is that so? I shall bid 29,100 gold coins then!” Paris Red Wine raised the price by the minimum shamelessly. He had no choice. After all, he was using borrowed money. He should be using as little of it as possible.

“Motherfucker! Go and eat shit!” Berserk Overlord furiously roared. She was indeed very fierce.

“In that case, 29,100 gold coins once, 29,100 gold coins twice… 29,100 gold coins thrice! Sold!” Leah hammered with excitement. As for the other auction participants, there were hardly any of them left after the 20,000 mark.

“Let’s congratulate our guest from the first room on winning these Gold-tier set pieces! I would also like to thank everyone for attending today’s auction. I would like to announce that this is officially the end of today’s auction!” Leah bowed after she finished speaking to express her gratitude for everyone’s participation.


Half an hour later...

Ding! Announcement: The items that you left at the Maria Chamber of Commerce for auctioning have been successfully auctioned. Your income comes up at 94,525 gold coins.

“So much…” Blue Maple mumbled to himself after he heard the announcement. He was astonished by the figure.

They were all above Rank 40, and were top-quality Silver or Gold-tier equipment. After the second Class Advancement, the gold coins came quicker and quicker. Naturally, the price of equipment rose significantly. The critical thing was that Blue Maple was simply getting too much equipment. He only kept those that were good, and left most that weren’t good alone. He also threw some of them away...

What was Blue Maple doing now? He was enjoying the breeze on a tall mountain outside of Aika City. The night was dark and the winds were strong...

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