Chapter 67 - The Value of Gold Jewelry

“3600 gold coins!” someone from the sixth room shouted.

“4000 gold coins!” This time, it was someone from the ordinary seats who lost the bid for the Dagger of Decay earlier. This person appeared to be a rather rich and powerful figure.

Those who were rich were naturally powerful, as money in the game had to be earned. Those who were rich in reality couldn’t use their wealth in the game. They could only rely on their lackeys to earn money for them.

If one’s lackeys were able to obtain a lot of money, then one should be a pretty powerful figure in real life.

“Hehe, seems like someone’s rich. This set should be worth 4500 gold coins. Let’s not waste time and just raise it to that amount. We’ll screw it if anyone else raises it further.” White Lion’s curiosity was piqued as he looked at the person from the ordinary seats. “4500!”

That shocked everyone. No one dared to raise the bid any further. Fuck, we agreed to raise not less than 50 gold coins every time. But we shouldn’t be raising it by hundreds. It’s a 500 gold coin increment now!

Suddenly, the entire auction place went silent. Those who were knowledgeable enough knew that this bid was already the maximum cap. This made it a very difficult decision for the other bidders; should they raise or not?

“4500 gold coins once, 4500 gold coins twice…”

At that moment, someone in the fifth room raised the bid and interrupted Leah, “4600 gold coins!”

No one put in another bid after that. The first Silver-tier set was snatched up by someone from the fifth room!

“Alright, our first Silver-tier set has been successfully auctioned. We’ll now move on to a silver-tier item before we auction the next set …” Leah continued to host. The remaining Silver-tier set was soon auctioned off and sold.

The second set was taken by White Lion after a bid of 4500 gold coins, which was rather surprising and irrational. No one could react in time after his bid and didn’t feel comfortable raising it. Eventually, Leah hammered to signal the successful bid by White Lion. It was only then that the rest reacted.

The third set was snatched up by Dusk, who made a bid of 4750 gold coins after White Lion’s intentional bid raise.

The fourth set wasn’t in demand. There wasn’t any intense bidding by the person in the sixth room. He put up a bid of 4500 gold coins, which was his final bid. Eventually, someone from the ordinary seats won the item with a 4600 bid. That player was the one who put up bids right from the start.

In the meantime, many players from the ordinary seats did put up bids. However, they weren’t wealthy enough to win…

The person in the sixth room fought Paris Red Wine for Silver-tier set components and eventually won with a bid of 4300 gold coins for a set of eleven components. If he was lucky enough, he might be able to build two sets from those components.

Everyone realized at this moment that the person in the sixth room had planned everything out. He knew that Paris Red Wine didn’t dare to spend much money, because he wanted the Gold-tier set components that were coming next, and that mad woman would not fight him for it. As for the rest, they already had their own items, so they were not too concerned about getting another one. After all, the components had to be assembled too, which was rather luck-based.

While Blue Maple managed to obtain four items on his first try, it was because the drop rate was high, as he killed many monsters beyond his level. Furthermore, the dungeon was unexplored. Blue Maple was the first to venture there, which was why he managed to get more items. In addition, his luck was 1!

Everyone could roughly guess that all these items came from one player, based on the intelligence that they received. This meant that the player had to be some expert at killing monsters. In addition, an unexplored dungeon also signified a higher drop rate. If they sent their own people over there right now, they might not be able to make even a single set. However, they might be able to get some items if they remained there long enough, although such items could go out of trend. That meant that it wasn’t worth it for them to expend effort and time on those drops.

All in all, White Lion and the person in the sixth room profited. However, it remained to be seen whether the person in the sixth room was lucky enough to form a full set.

Next, it was time to sell Blue Maple’s item. There were still a few Gold-tier items to go.

“Alright, we still have two more items to sell. Are all of you excited? Apart from the last Gold-tier set components, I believe all of you are eager to know what the penultimate item is, right?!”

Leah was still very passionate after hosting the auction for two hours, leading everyone’s emotions. However, it was clear that she was already perspiring profusely. Her blonde hair was already wet from her perspiration, and some of her perspiration also stuck to the snow-white skin on her neck.

“Yes!” Everyone was still as excited as ever, even though they were already at it for two hours.

“Alright, here comes the penultimate item. Get excited!” Leah immediately removed the cloth over a tray that a beautiful NPC brought over. A flashing golden ring appeared in front of everyone. This time, Leah didn’t beat around the bush. She was very direct.

“Fuck. It’s a Gold-tier jewelry!”

“Oh my God. My ring is still Bronze-tier!”

“Fuck, my ring is still made of iron. This is gold!”

Blue Maple didn’t know the value of the Gold-tier jewelry. Jewelry had the lowest drop rate among all other items of the same rank. Of course, rare items weren’t included. Some special items also had extremely low drop rates.

“What kind of guy is that? He even managed to get a Gold-tier ring!. Hmm, that’s right. After all, he’s someone who managed to form a Gold-tier set.”

“Hehe, perhaps he’s a Thief? The auction industry in this game is really too much. To instill excitement, they don’t even give the players illustrations of the auctioned items.” Dusk was complaining a little. In reality, auction participants would be given illustrations of auctioned items. However, the game didn’t reveal such details. The game only revealed what type of items were being auctioned.

“Ring? I wonder if it’s a gimmick.” Berserk Overlord’s way of thinking was indeed different. Her subordinates were also thinking to themselves. Shouldn’t a lady be dazzled by the beauty of this ring? This ring is so beautiful. It’s covered in golden lights and has a dim green glow. Why, why is our chairman concerned about how gimmicky it is?! Alright, she’s just like that. We just need to get used to it.

“Excited, aren’t you? This is a Gold-tier ring! All of you will be even more excited after this!” Leah revealed the stats of the ring after she finished speaking. Its stats were soon presented in front of everyone.


[Ring of Nature] (Rank 45 Gold)

Strength: +55

Agility: +42

Endurance: +60

Intelligence: +20

Additional Skill: Force of Nature: Restore 1000 HP within 10 seconds (60 seconds cooldown)


Paris Red Wine and Berserk Overlord immediately stood up from their seats. This ring was the ultimate temptation for Warriors. The accessory skill was a divine skill for Warriors to kill monsters!

An uproar burst out. This Gold-tier ring was too strong!

Only someone like Blue Maple would be unmoved and sell it. It was pertinent to note that Blue Maple’s HP weren’t even 2000. If he could use such a Skill, a Level 45 Blue Maple would be able to restore half his HP!

Blue Maple’s train of thought was, What’s the point of such an item if I don’t even use my health Potions normally? As for the basic attributes of the ring, why would I need so much endurance? It can at most reduce the increase in fatigue, but it’s useful for nothing else.

“Damn it, forget about the set. I want this ring! This ring is too good! I’m liking it more and more. Hahaha!” Berserk Overlord was laughing maniacally. She was truly a ferocious female warrior! Her subordinates were all lamenting. Fuck, she was still complaining that it was too gimmicky earlier?! Alright, this has nothing to do with its appearance anymore.

“Get this ring first. We haven’t been bidding for many things. How many gold coins do we still have? Are they enough?” Paris Red Wine couldn’t calm down either.

“We still have 20,000 gold coins. However, I don’t know about the upcoming Gold-tier components.” Her subordinate furrowed his brow.

“Quickly find someone to come up with the funds. Be quick. I’ll stall things over here.” Paris Red Wine felt that he had come up with the most money, but he still felt that it wasn’t enough right now. A Gold-tier set was only made up of two items, but was definitely more expensive than a Silver-tier set!

The game setup was as such. If there was only one of the highest-ranked set in a dungeon, it could definitely be obtained! This meant that other guilds weren’t really in a position to fight and cause trouble if one obtained the two required pieces and ventured into the dungeon. It also indicated that a Gold-tier set was obtainable!

As for rarity, it was difficult for one to obtain a Gold-tier set. However, it was almost impossible to get such a top-quality ring!

Although its overall value was certainly lower than a Gold-tier set, it was definitely a top-quality item that couldn’t be given up.

“We must not let those two fellows get this ring!” White Lion’s eyes were also glistening as he spoke.

White Lion knew that this ring could be used until the third Class Advancement. This was a top-quality Gold-tier ring that had an extra Skill! The drop rate for Gold-tier jewelry was very low. There was no way he could obtain something as good as this. After the third Class Advancement, there would be many more new game systems, including guilds! Those guilds would be true guilds, instead of just a bunch of people now.

This ring could potentially save someone’s lives in a fight then!

“Fuck, I can’t beat you guys in fighting for sets, but I don’t believe that I can’t beat you guys in getting this ring!” Dusk also turned combative. It was likely that he was going to use his remaining gold coins on the ring.

Blue Maple’s original plan was to earn 5000 gold coins to buy a house or something. However, he had already earned more than 20,000 gold coins just from his Silver-tier sets. Blue Maple didn’t know the value of his items. No matter how strong he was, he was still a novice in the game.

It would be good for Blue Maple to take a look at the prices of items at roadside stalls, but he was simply too lazy. He wasn’t interested in anything that was money-related. If not for the fact that he wanted to buy a house, he might actually leave these items alone for a long time. Perhaps, he might even throw them away. That was something not to be doubted…

Normally, he wouldn’t do so. However, if he obtained something better, then…

“I guess everyone is aware of the value of this ring. I shall not say more. The starting price is 3000 gold coins! Every increment is no lower than 50 gold coins. The bidding starts now!” Leah was also very excited as she announced the starting bid price, as if she was auctioning off her own item.

“4000 gold coins!”

“4200 gold coins!”

“4500 gold coins!”


“Fuck, you just bought a Gold-tier shoulder guard. Do you still have money?!”

“I have money. None of your business!”


“These people are crazy. How many gold coins do we still have?” White Lion massaged his temple. He felt a little headache. He didn’t expect there to be such an impressive Gold-tier ring.

White Lion’s subordinate was a little helpless as he responded, “Slightly more than 10,000.” After all, they didn’t plan to get Gold-tier components. They didn’t expect such a top-quality Gold-tier jewelry to suddenly appear!

“We’ll see how it goes. I just hope those fellows don’t go crazy.” White Lion could only hope that the other players didn’t go nuts for the item…


“How much do we have?” Berserk Overlord wasn’t as crazy as she seemed. After all, she was a chairman. She wasn’t so simple in her thoughts.

“Close to 30,000 gold coins. We have no other way of getting money anymore.” Berserk Overlord’s subordinates also felt that they didn’t have enough money, but they couldn’t come up with more.



“How much money do we have?” Dusk also asked.

“Around 15,000. However, we won’t have enough for the Gold-tier components later if we bid for this.”

“Forget it, then. We must have this ring!” Dusk was also screaming right now.

Blue Maple really didn’t know the value of the ring. However, it wasn’t really a concern for him. After all, he had no use for it. Either he was going to sell it or throw it away…

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