Chapter 66: Intense Bidding

As everyone watched, a beautiful NPC carried a tray with an elegant purple cloth covering it to the stage. It had to be the first auction item. However, no one knew what it was.

“I know what you guys came for. However, we must not miss out on other good stuff. Let’s take a look at something else to start the auction.” Leah walked in front of the NPC before unveiling the cloth.

A pitch-black dagger appeared in front of everyone. It wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but it emanated a dim golden glow. It was a Gold-tier item.

“Don’t you find it strange that we are starting our auction with such an ugly dagger? You’ll know why when you see its attributes.”


[Dagger of Decay] (Rank 48 Gold)

Attack: 607-777

Strength: +46

Agility: +61

Special Effects: After a target is hit, it’ll suffer from decay. Any damage inflicted on the decaying target will be boosted by 10%.


“Hmm, it’s a team weapon.”

“It’ll be much easier to fight a Boss with this dagger.”

All types of commotions were heard. Even those from the four guilds were moved.

“Bid for this dagger. If we use it in conjunction with the Gold-tier set equipment, it’ll be much easier to deal with Bosses.” Paris Red Wine couldn’t resist the temptation. The rest were the same.

“Hmm, this trip wouldn’t be wasted if we can get this dagger. Our target isn’t the Gold-tier set equipment. They won’t be able to fight for it as well as I can,” someone in the second room mentioned.

“Fuck, though I really want to get the Gold-tier set equipment for Team Leader, let’s get this dagger first since he’s not around.” The person in the third room was a Thief. He was one of the most brilliant Thieves in his guild.

“Do we have a good Thief in our guild? If not, there’s no point in getting it,” the fierce woman in the fourth room asked her subordinates.

“We do have a rather decent Thief in our guild. This dagger is really quite effective. If possible, we should get it,” one of her subordinates chimed in.

“Hmm, okay. Let’s see how.”

This subordinate lamented to himself. He knew that she wasn’t going to do so. Why was she known as a crazy woman? Would an ordinary woman have such a figure like hers? How many would choose to be a Warrior? The key thing was in her name.

[Berserk Overlord] (Level 37 Warrior)

Was this a name fitting for a lady?!

However, she was indeed very capable. Otherwise, no one would have joined her guild!

“Everyone can tell the value of this dagger, right? Once its decaying attributes are inflicted on a target, your teammates will be able to inflict greater damage. It’s a team weapon. Let’s not talk any further. The starting bid price is 500 gold coins! Every increment must be at least 50 gold coins! Let’s start the bidding!”

“700 gold coins!”

This was a fierce bid, showing ambition from someone in the third room. His increment left some of the people from the ordinary crowd agitated and infuriated.

“800 gold coins!” Paris Red Wine wasn’t going to let it go. He had a home ground territory. With more people in the city, he could raise more funds.

“900 gold coins!” Berserk Overlord raised the price further. No one knew if she was doing this to spite Paris Red Wine. It didn’t seem like she was very interested in the dagger.

“950 gold coins!” someone from the ordinary seats shouted. However, he was close to the stage. He should be from a pretty decent team.

“Seems like they all want it. Not a surprise. Let’s bid for it too,” someone from the second room spoke up. “1100 gold coins.” He didn’t shout with much authority, but his bid indicated his desire to get the dagger.

“Hmm, all the other guilds are all here. It’s pretty crowded. Seems like they’re all here for the Gold-tier set equipment.” The person in the second room who was speaking had evidently heard the voice of the person from the third room and recognized who he was. Everyone in the four rooms now knew who was present, especially those who were rivals for a long time.

However, there weren’t just four rooms of people. The players in the game weren’t just gamers; it was the entire human race.

“1150 gold coins!” someone in the fifth room screamed. It was someone who was playing the game for the first time, but was navigating it well. However, no one knew if he was truly capable in real life.

“1200 gold coins!” came from the sixth room. It seemed like there were new people there, apart from the traditional guilds. After all, there were bound to be geniuses or people from powerful families who had ventured into the game.

“Hey, seems like we have rivals. I didn’t expect these newbies to be so good.” The person in the second room expressed what everyone from the guilds thought. Renting a room cost 500 gold coins. Unless one was an idiot, he wouldn’t do something as ridiculous as renting a room for fun. After all, it was the price of a Gold-tier weapon!

“1250 gold coins!” It was someone different from the ordinary seats. He was evidently a representative from another team.

“1500 gold coins!”

Silence ensued. The bid was shouted by a Thief in the third room.

“Paris Red Wine and that crazy woman won’t waste so many gold coins on this dagger. After all, there are still many Silver-tier and Gold-tier items. As for that guy, I don’t believe he won’t consider the Gold-tier set equipment for his Team Leader. I can’t really tell who is in the last two rooms. Let’s increase the bid once more. If someone increases again, I’ll forgo the dagger,” the person in the second room calculated before making his bid. “1700 gold coins!”

There was complete silence after that.

“White Lion, good on you!” The person in the third room grit his teeth and shouted. He really didn’t dare raise his bid further. He had to get at least one of the Silver-tier items later, and still wasn’t sure if there were better items available.

The decision-maker in the second room was the Team Leader of the Lion Guild, White Lion!

[White Lion] (Level 36 Tactician)

Senior members who chose to be Tacticians had a very specific responsibility: generals!

The decision-maker in the third room was the Vice Team-Leader of the Fire God Guild, Dusk!

[Dusk] (Level 37 Thief)

Berserk Overlord’s Guild was known as the Overlord Guild…forget it, she wasn’t a normal woman.

“Is there anyone else who wants to raise their bid? 1700 gold coins going once, 1700 gold coins going twice, 1700 gold coins going thrice! Sold!” Leah was very familiar with what to say. The people in the fifth and sixth room didn’t raise their bids any further. It seemed like their intent was just to announce their presence, rather than any concrete interest in the dagger.

Those in the ordinary seats didn’t have the desire to raise their bids any further, either.

“Alright then. This dagger belongs to those from the second room. Let’s bid for the next item. It’s an impressive Silver-tier weapon…” Leah started to present the Silver-tier items one by one. Of course, there were some that didn’t belong to Blue Maple. However, they were the minority.

Those in the ordinary seats were basically the ones challenging for the remaining Silver-tier equipment. The auction hall was very noisy, and people even started cursing one another. Blue Maple was very wise not to join in this event. No matter how soundproof the rooms were, the entire place was simply too noisy.

Occasionally, there would be some decent Silver-tier items. Those from the four guilds and the other two players in the remaining rooms would bid for those items. For example, some Silver-tier jewelry that was rarer was quite popular.

As the items were presented, the auctions began. Bids were presented, raised, people started cursing at one another… and the Silver-tier items were sold quickly.


The best items were coming soon.

“I’m sure all of you are sick of the Silver-tier equipment. Let’s get into the Gold-tier equipment, shall we?” Leah was in high spirits as she joked. Her charm left all the guys drooling. The ladies were also all jealous of her.

“Beauty, you might as well put yourself up for auction. Okay, I’m kidding. Bring the Gold-tier set items out. We are all hungry for it already. Otherwise, we can only eat you!” a guy shouted cheekily. The audience reacted by cheering. However, Leah didn’t show any displeasure. Instead, she responded with a cheeky laugh.

“Okay, but I’m not interested in your toothpick.” Leah was a standard open-minded European lady.

“Hey, did you hear that, Brother Toothpick! Hahaha!”

“Good evening, Brother Toothpick!”


Everyone started to mock that guy. Even though the auction had been going on for two hours, everyone was still very active. Of course, it was also partly due to Leah’s attempts to excite the crowd.

“Alright, let’s begin auctioning the set items!” As Leah spoke, some workers started to lift the set items onto the stage. After all, there were seven of these heavy armor set items.

“Ooo!” The guys were excited as they screamed. Europeans were very passionate.

“I shall not introduce them. Take a look yourselves!” Leah was still leading the crowd.

[Treant Set Item]: With every set item, you will regain 5 HP every second. In a non-fighting situation, the restoration effect is 300%. After an entire set has been completed, your basic HP will heal at twice the original speed.

When everyone saw the glowing silver heavy armor Set Items adorned with green, flowery patterns and its attributes, they started to become more excited!

Leah reported the starting bid only after the guys screamed and howled for some time.

“Treant set items: the starting bid is 2000 gold coins! Every increment must be by at least 50 gold coins. The auction begins!”

“3000 gold coins!” It was someone from the fifth room. It seemed like he came for the Silver-tier set items.

“3100 gold coins!” came from the sixth room.

Those from the four guilds remained very lowkey at this point. They knew that there were only four Silver-tier sets. The rest were Silver-tier components. At least two rooms would win the bid. It was also possible to get the components and try to gather the rest on another occasion. However, the drop rate was bound to be significantly lower after so many set pieces were taken. It was going to be a difficult task trying to get more of them!

Paris Red Wine had an advantage in this aspect. They had more people in Aika City!

The auction house only revealed that there would be Silver-tier Warrior set items, but didn’t disclose any names. It was difficult to guess which dungeon they came from. After all, Blue Maple could have gone to any Rank S dungeon. Ordinary people wouldn’t dare to do the same, especially after someone once tried to kill a Treant and was frightened by that five seconds of entanglement and control. After that, no one attempted to do the same.

“Red Wine should be aiming for the components. That crazy woman only wants a few Silver-tier components at the very most. She’ll go all out for the Gold-tier components. In that case, let’s forgo this set and let them fight for it. We’ll just raise the bid for fun. We can’t let them have it easily.” White Lion analyzed the situation and felt that he had to get at least one set. After all, he wasn’t here for the Gold-tier set equipment. There were more Wizards in his guild.

“3300 gold coins.” White Lion bid, raising it by 200 instantly. It would be great if he could get it, but it didn’t bother him if he failed.

“White Lion is a sneaky fellow. Let’s give it a go, too. We’ll be fine as long as we aren’t the last.” Dusk also made a bid. It would be disastrous if no one else made a bid after him. “3400 gold coins!”

“Sir, are we really not going to bid for it?” someone beside Paris Red Wine asked.

“Hmm, ask someone to check out the Treant dungeon. We’ll bid for those components and try to find the rest of the components.” Paris Red Wine had an idea in mind, which was the most logical plan.

Berserk Overlord’s subordinate wanted to say something, but shut his mouth eventually as he read the situation. He knew that he shouldn’t be suggesting they spend money and delay her plans of getting the Gold-tier set components.

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