Chapter 60 - The Capricious Mr White

Aika City flashed with bright lights. Someone was about to be teleported over!

The recruitment agent standing guard at the teleportation formation was confused at first, but he soon perked up. He was ready to offer an olive branch towards the new player on behalf of his guild!

A few blondes stepped up to the formation and tidied their outfits. They were ready to welcome the newly-teleported player too. It was good for them to leave a good first impression. It was just how it was like in Japan.

Lights flashed, but no one appeared for a long time.

After a short while, the lights dissipated, but no person or group appeared. It was completely empty above the teleportation formation...

A cold breeze blew and ruffled a few tree leaves in front of everyone.


All the European players were all confused right now. “Is the teleportation formation broken?”

“Uhh, fuck. What are we standing here for?”

“Evil system. God will punish you.”


Blue Maple? He had chosen a different destination a long time ago. He did something like this in the past, but he couldn’t precisely choose his destination this time.

One could only choose a region to land in. After that, he could only sense any major obstacles present at the destination. He chose to land on a rooftop to avoid being caught up in a crowd after he landed.

A ball of blue fire suddenly started burning above a rooftop. For a brief moment, Blue Maple appeared within the fire. The fire soon dissipated, leaving behind Blue Maple in his blue trench coat.

“There’s indeed not much difference.” As he scanned his surroundings, Blue Maple realized that the buildings weren’t much different from those in Japan or China.

The reason why Blue Maple did all that was very simple. He just wanted to avoid those recruiting agents.

The cold winds were a little strong on the rooftop. Blue Maple’s trench coat was making all sorts of noises as it was blown about by the winds. His fringe was also blown up. However, Blue Maple remained composed as he looked at all the surrounding buildings.

“Found it.”

Blue Maple finally found a restaurant among all the buildings. He had not eaten lunch! It was almost dinner time now, so he immediately found a restaurant.

“It doesn’t seem very far away. My jumping is pretty strong now. The distances between the buildings aren’t very far apart, either. It’s just that their circular rooftops will be a little troublesome.” Blue Maple wanted to save time by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He wasn’t even bothered if he would be spotted by others anymore.

Videos of him had been uploaded several times. Furthermore, he was just hopping from roof to roof. No one would take notice of that.

Some of the roofs are a little far away from each other. It should be fine if I use my Airborne Somersault, Blue Maple analyzed in his head before he started to make his move.

Blue Maple charged to the edge of the rooftop he was on. He twisted his legs before flying into the air. He performed a beautiful arc, and his coat also gracefully swirled in the air.

Ta! He landed perfectly on another rooftop. The two rooftops were about ten meters apart, but he still managed to land safely. Clearly, his physical attributes had been strengthened considerably in the game.

After he landed, Blue Maple didn’t pause to reflect about how far he had jumped. Instead, he continued running forward. There was a street in front of him that spanned at least twenty meters. Blue Maple wouldn’t be able to leap across in one shot.

However, he still charged his way to the edge of the rooftop and leaped.

When his figure appeared in mid-air, whoever was on the streets could sense him above. They all looked up with astonished looks on their faces. Just as they thought that he was about to land, he performed an elegant move of his Airborne Somersault and disappeared from the sight of the bunch of Europeans under him.

“Oh, what did I just see? Did someone just leap such a huge distance?”

“God, I thought I was hallucinating.”...

There were astonished voices and commotion everywhere. However, Blue Maple was only focused on the restaurant, though he wasn’t famished. Once he was focused on his target, he wouldn’t be concerned about anything else. Even if he had no target, he wouldn’t be bothered about all those people, anyway.

He jumped from rooftop to rooftop before eventually landing gracefully in front of the restaurant.

His sudden appearance scared some of the Europeans. They were only here for a meal, but someone had to fall from the sky to startle them!

He ignored everyone and just walked into the restaurant. After that, he chose an isolated spot and sat down quietly, as if nothing had happened. He waited for the waiter to take his order.

“He must be Asian. His attire is so strange.”

“It should be. He doesn’t seem European. However, he’s still a little different from Asians.”...

Blue Maple quietly listened in on their comments, although he appeared not to have heard anything.

“Wait a minute, a little different from Asians?” Blue Maple was a little confused as he recalled some of the comments the other patrons made. It was important to know that Blue Maple’s hair and eyes were grey, while his skin was slightly yellowish, although it appeared more pale than yellow.

He didn’t know much about his background, but he had spent most of his life in Asia. Furthermore, he spent most of his time in China.

He appeared mostly Asian, and China had the largest population of Asians.

“Hmm, his pupils seem to be blue. His hair… seems to be slightly blue too. Perhaps I’m seeing wrong because he’s completely dressed in blue?”

“Oh, that seems right. Gosh, is there really anyone with blue hair?”

The system recorded everyone’s true appearance. Even if one dyed their hair, it would revert in the game. However, there might be hair-dying tools in the game, or perhaps a hair salon.

“Blue...” Blue Maple wasn’t anxious enough to summon a small mirror (a convenience for women) to see if the others were right. Rather, he pondered for a brief moment and immediately guessed the reason.

“Heavenly Fire. It must be that old man.” Blue Maple was a little upset as he thought about it. He knew that it had to be a side effect of using the Heavenly Fire. The old man didn’t mention it at all.

In fact, the old man couldn’t be blamed. After all, the old man felt that Blue Maple was only tempted to switch classes because of the Heavenly Fire. This must have meant that Blue Maple liked blue, and so wouldn’t mind blue hair and pupils.

The waiter came over with the menu. “Sir, this is the menu. Please take a look at what you wish to order.”

Blue Maple took a quick glance and ordered a huge portion of steak.

Seems like Western dining will be a little troublesome. They use forks and knives, Blue Maple realized. Although he was used to eating Western food long ago, he ate Asian food most of the time.

Forget it. Since I’m already here, I shouldn’t pick on their way of eating. After all, am I going to change cities because of this?, Blue Maple convinced himself.

As for Blue Maple’s adventures on the rooftops, the Europeans were able to accept it. After all, they did similar things too...

Everyone minded their own business as they ate their dinner. Although it wasn’t dinnertime yet, it was going to be crowded later, so some of the patrons chose to come earlier.

Blue Maple’s steak was served quickly.

Eh, am I supposed to use the knife on my left and fork on my right, or is it the other way around? Blue Maple was a little confused as he thought to himself. It had been a long time since he had Western food. He had forgotten...

Forget it, both are fine. I’ll just do it the way I want to. He dismissed his doubts. Even if he held his utensils the wrong way, they would just think he was a left-hander.

Just as he was enjoying his dinner alone, a bunch of people suddenly appeared outside the restaurant. They were all dressed very nicely. Clearly, they formed an impressive team. The person walking in front seemed to be an archer.

When the leader came in, he scanned his surroundings. He discovered that the table that Blue Maple was seated at had the most empty seats. The archer’s eyes brightened. He quickly walked over in front of Blue Maple’s table. The rest followed him.

“Excuse me, can we sit here? As you can see, there aren’t many empty seats around,” the archer asked politely.

“As you wish.” Although Blue Maple wasn’t very fond of social interactions, he did still possess basic manners. He couldn’t possibly hog the table to himself.

“Come, let’s take a seat. This Asian friend is very nice to speak to.” The archer quickly gestured at the rest of his team to take a seat.

“Hello, my name is ‘Capricious Mr White’. Do you reckon it has a very Chinese feel to it? I love Asia, especially China and Japan!” The archer introduced himself in a very excited manner. He could tell that Blue Maple was Asian, so he was a little excited when he approached Blue Maple earlier.

“Oh.” Blue Maple ate quietly and wasn’t very passionate with his response.

“Oh, apologies. I was a little too excited. I didn’t expect to see Asians in Europe. You must know that the immigrants from Asia have almost all chosen to join their own country in the game, apart from those who have been here for a long time.” Capricious Mr White realized that Blue Maple’s response was a little awkward. However, Europeans were usually more outgoing. It was very common for them to act this way.

“Hmm.” Blue Maple was still as unresponsive as ever. This left Capricious Mr White feeling rather awkward.

“Uh, quickly call the waiter over. Are you guys waiting for the crowd to come?” Capricious Mr White resorted to speaking to his compatriots to relieve the awkwardness.

Capricious Mr White felt a little strange as he sized Blue Maple up. He’s similar to other Asians, just that his pupils seem a little blue. His hair is a little blue, and his fashion sense is a little strange too. He’s only wearing a long, deep blue trench coat and has no other equipment or weapons with him. This is strange.

In contrast, Capricious Mr White wore an exquisite suit of leather armor, and had an elegant bow hanging from his shoulder, as well as a quiver behind his back. He had the standard European blonde hair, which was medium-length. His delicate facial features were accentuated by his fair skin. There was a very elegant aura about him. Although he somewhat lost his bearings earlier because he was too excited, he soon recovered his composure.

“I’m done eating. I’ll leave first.” At that moment, Blue Maple politely bade them goodbye. He faced the bottom of his fork and knife up and placed them parallel to each other on his plate. Fortunately, he still remembered Western dining etiquette. Doing so meant that he was done eating and the waiter could clear his plate.

“Friend, can you tell me your name?” Capricious Mr White probed. It seemed like he really liked Asians, such that he had to make friends with every one he met.

“We’ll meet again if there’s an opportunity. It’s not convenient for me to reveal my name.” Blue Maple gestured goodbye and left Capricious Mr White and his team at the table.


“Team leader, your old habit is popping up again. Are Asians really that good?” Capricious Mr White’s teammates couldn’t help but ask after Blue Maple left. They couldn’t help it. Capricious Mr White always acted like that in front of Asians.

“I can’t help it. I just think that Asia is great. I love China, or rather, ancient China. I also like Japan, which is pretty similar to China in many areas,” Capricious Mr White answered.

He was one of many Europeans who were like that.

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