Chapter 58: Sinner

Oh? The snow has stopped. Blue Maple walked out of the Mercenary Union, and discovered that it was no longer snowing in Gong Liang City. It probably only stopped here...

He proceeded directly towards the teleportation formation. After all, he had only just returned from the cemetery. It shouldn’t be the case that it stopped snowing. It was probably just a small region in Gong Liang City.

However, Blue Maple didn’t know that this had something to do with him. The Heavenly Fire’s existence wasn’t simple...


As Blue Maple strolled along the streets of Gong Liang City, he observed his surroundings.

The streets were crowded and there were all types of NPC hawkers selling their items along the streets. The crowd was also diverse. Occasionally, squabbles could be heard between the hawkers, or heated conflicts between people along the streets. This was very common. It was not much different from the cities in China.

However… If Blue Maple could choose, he was more willing to remain in China. However, the reason was a little complicated to explain.

Was it because the Japanese had invaded?

It was a decision by the higher-ups, and had nothing to do with these civilians. Perhaps these civilians were the ones who provided the resources for war, but how many of them did so willingly?

To be right, no one fancied war, apart from those who were crazy.

Even if it was a decision by the higher-ups, it was only for survival. After all, their land basically didn’t exist anymore. No other country would offer land to another country, especially when their own territory was shrinking. Therefore, the only solution was war!

Blue Maple hated war!

Blue Maple chose to quickly leave when he saw how peaceful the streets were. Before he left, he overheard something:

“How good is it being in a gaming world? We don’t have to live on tenterhooks everyday.”

“You’re right. We used to be so afraid. We lived in fear of being bombed.”

“Yes, this world is fantastic. If I had a choice, I’ll definitely not return, even if everything now is unreal!”

“Haha, Master Withered Tail, I think the same too...”

Are you really unwilling to return to the real world, even if it’s unreal...

Blue Maple quickened his pace again. He wasn’t willing to stay for another second.

What does all this have to do with me? Stupid! Blue Maple was a little furious as he thought to himself. He was almost on the verge of running.

Very soon, Blue Maple removed himself from the bustling streets. The remaining alleyway to the teleportation formation was very quiet. After all, not many people would be using the formation.

Blue Maple slowed down and regained his composure. He was only halfway to the formation. He calmed down as he strolled through the quiet streets.

Indeed, he wasn’t fond of crowded places...

“Hmm?” Blue Maple slowed down when he discovered that the Heavenly Fire he left on White Cherry was inching closer and closer to him. This also meant that White Cherry was walking towards him.

“She shouldn’t know about my position. It should just be a coincidence.” Blue Maple thought to himself. At the same time, he proceeded towards a dark alley.

Blue Maple could sense where the ball of Heavenly Fire was, but White Cherry couldn’t possibly use it to sense where he was. Furthermore, White Cherry should also be aware that Blue Maple would know if she got closer to him. She shouldn’t take the initiative to find him.

Regardless, Blue Maple still walked into the dark alley. After that, he placed his hands in his pocket as he got closer to the walls. His figure slowly vanished.

Since the laws of light allowed his sword to be concealed, they also allowed his body to be concealed. Blue Maple had attempted something like this before. However, the only caveat was that he couldn’t move. If he did, he would be exposed.

Blue Maple quietly leaned towards the walls and waited for White Cherry to reach him and leave.

Very soon, frantic-sounding footsteps were heard. Blue Maple also sensed that White Cherry was getting closer and closer. It should be her footsteps. However, he didn’t know why she was so anxious.

White Cherry was also close to where Blue Maple had stopped.

Maple, don’t hide from me. I haven’t given you your accessories! White Cherry thought to herself anxiously. She also quickened her footsteps, but she didn’t dare move too quickly, as she was afraid of missing Blue Maple.

White Cherry even had the intention of proposing that they become friends. However, her intuitions said he wouldn’t agree to it.

Blue Maple would indeed not agree to it. He didn’t want to interact too much with others. It was best if he was alone.

However, he had strangely agreed to return to see cherry blossoms. Perhaps it was just because he had not seen them before.

Just like what Blue Maple mentioned: Blooming cherry blossoms should be pretty nice to look at...

When White Cherry walked to where Blue Maple stopped, she suddenly stopped moving.

“Hmm?” Blue Maple was a little astonished.

“Has she discovered me?” Blue Maple was suspicious as he thought to himself.

“No way, she should be walking over if she did. She wouldn’t be standing where she is.” Blue Maple was trying to convince himself.

“Why does it feel like Maple is here...” White Cherry didn’t know why she stopped. However, she felt as if Blue Maple was right there.

“I shouldn’t be wrong. If Maple was faster, he should be here. He must be hiding from me.” White Cherry was a little excited as she thought to herself.

A woman’s instincts were indeed very accurate!

“Maple! Are you here? Can you come out? I only want to return the items that I picked up to you.” White Cherry shouted, as if Blue Maple was really here.

However, Blue Maple was indeed really here.

“Maple, you must be nearby, right? I only want to return your items. I have no other intentions. Can you come out?” White Cherry was talking to the empty streets.

It was just that she still didn’t receive any response...

Are women all idiots? I already told her I don’t want them. Annoying, Blue Maple thought to himself in annoyance. Perhaps he was just frustrated that White Cherry was being so clingy.

“Are you really unwilling to come out? I’m only returning your items...” White Cherry started to sound like she was complaining. But Blue Maple was still hiding and unwilling to move a step.

“Why are you so unwilling to come out? Do you really not want to see me that much? Do you really only want to see the blooming cherry blossoms?” White Cherry now sounded like she was talking to herself. She sounded rather desolate.

Blue Maple was suddenly moved by her words. He wanted to remove his hands from his pockets and say something.

However, he didn’t, resisting the urge. He didn’t approach White Cherry. Perhaps he just didn’t dare to.

White Cherry quietly stood in the streets and didn’t utter a sound for a long time...

“Perhaps I was really wrong. I was really an idiot. I’ve been talking to the empty streets for half the day.” White Cherry revealed a sarcastic smile on her face. She seemed to be tearing up too.

“Forget it. Since he’s not around, I’ll just keep them. I can return them to him on another occasion. Hmm, I shall go back and rest.” White Cherry was trying her best to maintain her smile. After that, she walked away.

You are an idiot like that idiot!, Blue Maple couldn’t help but think to himself. Those items are from March 27. What use are they of now? They’ve become rubbish.

White Cherry was almost out of Blue Maple’s line of sight. Blue Maple could sense her disappointment from her forced smile.

Suddenly, he removed his hands from his pockets and wanted to stop White Cherry. Just as he did so, he was on the brink of revealing himself. It was also at that moment that White Cherry suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Maple!” White Cherry was a little delighted as she turned around. She felt that Blue Maple was behind her.

However, she discovered that the streets and alley were still as empty as ever when she turned around.

“Was it a wrong feeling...” White Cherry was dejected as she muttered to herself again. After that, she turned around and left in disappointment...

Blue Maple immediately ceased all movements when White Cherry turned around. When she turned away, he entered into his concealed state once again.

Blue Maple’s hands were stuck in mid-air. As White Cherry slowly disappeared and her footsteps faded away, Blue Maple also slowly put his hands down.

Blue Maple walked out from the alley after a long while. He could sense that White Cherry was getting further and further away from him.

After that Blue Maple cut the connection between his Heavenly Fire and the Heavenly Fire inside White Cherry. The Heavenly Fire in her body dissipated.

White Cherry seemed to feel something when she returned to the bustling streets. She suddenly turned back, as if she was trying to penetrate the crowd with her eyes and see Blue Maple on the other side.

However, she was destined not to find him. Blue Maple had already turned around and left. He used the spatial teleportation ability of his Heavenly Fire and was about to reach the teleportation formation.

Just as the blue Heavenly Fire engulfed him, Blue Maple sighed as he peered into the sky. He looked silently at the gloomy skies, even though the snow had stopped.

“Sinners should remain alone...

“Maybe they can have temporary warmth, but...

“Sinners perhaps should just leave in solitude and darkness...

“Silently remain in an unknown place...” Blue Maple thought to himself dejectedly as he was surrounded by his Heavenly Fire. However, the scorching fire was nothing to him.

Perhaps Blue Maple wanted to change cities and wasn’t just seeking fun because he was bored.

However, there is no one familiar who will annoy me in a new city. It might be a little tiring for me to explore interesting stuff in a new city, but it might be good. Blue Maple was brought away from where he was by his Heavenly Fire.

Teleportation formation. It was a one-way, long-distance journey.

The destination was a new, unfamiliar city!

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