Chapter 52 - Blue, Terrifying

“This kid is too arrogant. He actually wants to exit the city on his own. Is he looking to surrender and beg for mercy? Haha!” a small-fry player exclaimed.

“Hoho, do you want to challenge all of us? I’m so scared!” another player jibed.

“He must know the reputation of our Common Guild and is afraid.”...

There were all types of sarcasm.

There were over sixty of them. To any ordinary player, this was a big group. Given the size of this group, no player would be able to handle it if every player in the group came up with one move each. However, that was only if any of them could actually hit Blue Maple!

Blue Maple was still strolling towards the exit. Right now, he was completely covered in blue flames. They were burning uncontrollably on his body and wavering with the wind. At the same time, his lower body was practically just fire. It was slowly spreading towards the exit of the city as Blue Maple walked that way.

With every step that Blue Maple took, the blue fire behind him grew stronger and stronger. As he was about to reach the exit, the entire city gate was completely covered in blue flames. The soldiers guarding the gate had disappeared. Perhaps they had already left when the bunch from the Common Guild gathered there.

Blue Maple had a very strong aura growing around him with every step he took. Combined with the blue fire, everyone from the Common Guild felt a very strong sense of repression. Their sarcasm ceased, and some even took a few steps back at the overwhelming aura coming from Blue Maple.

As Blue Maple walked forward slowly, he had also started to play out the fight that was about to happen.

He was about to fight seventy-two people. Forty-one of them were Warriors, Swordsmen, and Thieves. There were twelve Wizards, of whom five practiced pyromancy and three practiced cryomancy. There were thirteen Archers and six Summoners. As for support classes… there wasn’t anyone, probably because there was only one goal. It seemed like they were being overly arrogant and didn’t bring along any Priests or Tacticians.

Even though there was a big group of them crowding around together, Blue Maple could still make out their exact numbers. He had even devised his plan of attack and completed it!

“Archers and Wizards, get ready to kill him!” Blue Maple’s actions had piled the pressure on them. The blue fire coming from him left them very unsettled. Furthermore, the fire was getting stronger and stronger, even though there wasn’t any combustible material around!

Blue Maple remained very composed, even in the face of the countless arrows and magic aimed at him.

“Bunch of idiots.” Blue Maple mocked in an indifferent voice. The long-range classes were actually attacking at the same time. This meant that there was going to be a short transition period in which there would be no attack. Blue Maple just needed to avoid that wave of attacks and exploit the short transition period to charge towards the bunch of them.

The attacks were already reaching Blue Maple. Just as he was about to get struck, he made his move!

He jumped up and used his Airborne Somersault to propel himself forward.

He dodged the attacks easily. None of them were able to hit him. As everyone watched in shock, Blue Maple landed, charged forward, and began killing his way into the crowd!

“Kill him!” a player with faster reflexes shouted. Blue Maple had already reached them and made his first move!


He was blocked, but this didn’t bother him. He quickly attacked a target to the side. The player at the side didn’t expect Blue Maple to turn so quickly and attack him. He wasn’t able to ward off the attack, and was instantly killed after Blue Maple slashed his throat, kicked him, and used his Heavenly Fire on him. From the looks of it, that player didn’t possess any high-ranked equipment that could sufficiently protect him. Blue Maple exploited the momentum of his kick to perform a swift turn, and was on to another target.

-843, -352, -435!

He chopped the shoulder of another player, knocked him aside, and followed it up with another chop, then unleashed his Cold Light Slash. The Warrior was quickly killed. Blue Maple hardly wasted any effort with this weaker attack.

-558, -288, -554, -1201!

“Scoundrel, don’t be too arrogant!” Another Warrior at the side slashed furiously at Blue Maple.

Blue Maple responded with a cold look. Seeing this player turn stiff for a moment, Blue Maple performed a strange twist as he avoided the player’s attack. While it was a strange turn, any person with a normal body would be able to perform such a turn as long as he distorted his body slightly. After this, Blue Maple slashed the stomach of the player, moving with lightning-quick speed!

Lightning Chain Strike!

He didn’t just inflict damage in a very swift manner; he also managed to deftly avoid the Skill attack of a player to the side. In addition, the Wizards and Archers were unable to lock on him; he was simply too fast!

Every target that Blue Maple picked out using his Lightning Chain Strike were slashed across their throats. Following that, Blue Maple unleashed his Heavenly Fire and instantly killed another four players.

-1524, -1501…

Suddenly, a small gap appeared around Blue Maple. No one dared to attack him from close range again, but that also meant that they could launch long-range attacks against Blue Maple.

However, Blue Maple was still unfazed. He charged towards three streaks of pyro magic! Before the second class transformation, players from ordinary classes only learned low-ranked Skills. This also meant that Blue Maple was completely immune to their attacks!

Blue Maple charged ahead. This delighted many of the players from the Common Guild. They thought that this was their opportunity to cause significant damage to him. However, Blue Maple disappointed them. When he hit the fire-type Skills, he immediately absorbed them. After that, he went straight for the two players in front of him with his ‘strengthened’ Heavenly Fire and sword.

-1678, -1689! He killed them instantly!

Blue Maple rushed forward once again. He saw two arrows aimed at him from the sides.

Double Airborne Somersault! He inched forward and deftly avoided the two arrows. He also wielded his sword and slashed it towards the Wind Wizard beside the three Fire Wizards. Those three Wizards were practically there to strengthen Blue Maple. How could Blue Maple bear to kill them?

How could a weak Wizard possibly defend against a Swordsman at close range? Moreover, this Swordsman was Blue Maple! Instant kill!

“Fire! Don’t get close to that blue fire!” a player behind Blue Maple shouted frantically.

Did he just realize that?

Blue Maple’s legs never stopped burning with the Heavenly Fire. The blue Heavenly Fire left behind a trail of fire that kept on burning. Furthermore, it was slowly spreading into his surroundings and there wasn’t any way to extinguish it. The fire even melted the residual ice on the ground. The Heavenly Fire that Blue Maple left behind at the city gates had already merged with the fire behind his back. This made the fire even stronger!

When that player finally realized it, they already saw that they had been surrounded by a huge wall of blue fire. Whereas Blue Maple had already broken through to their flank. The Heavenly Fire was still burning, and they would soon be completely trapped!

A player sustained 100+ damage every second they were in the Heavenly Fire, varying depending on the resistance of each player. Even after getting away from the Heavenly Fire, one would still suffer the burning effects of the flame for about five seconds. Similarly, how long the fire lasted also depended on the resistance of each player. However, only those who practiced pyromancy were able to resist to some extent. As for the others, their resistance was about the same. Those who practiced cryomancy didn’t have any resistance.

One of the special effects of the Heavenly Fire was that it could absorb any surrounding flames and fire from low-ranked Skills. A player could unleash an attack upon absorbing other sources of fire through his Heavenly Fire; the damage varied with the strength of the fires that were absorbed. The Heavenly Fire could also be expelled from the body temporarily and used to absorb energy from heaven and earth. The player could then absorb this energy and use it to unleash an attack.

This also meant that the Heavenly Fire could absorb energy on its own. Of course, Blue Maple could direct the energy into burning the enemies. If that happened, his Heavenly Fire wouldn’t be able to sustain a stronger attack, there was a tradeoff. This was especially important given the situation he was in, since he needed to burn so many enemies.

However, Blue Maple didn’t need to unleash any powerful attacks after absorbing energy. He just needed to sustain the burning flames. Even if he could not kill his enemies, it was still good enough if he could create chaos.

He didn’t dare to use his Skills recklessly earlier, because he needed some of them to avoid attacks. However, there was no need for him to conserve anymore, considering that the situation was very chaotic right now.

He instantly used his medium-ranked Blue Crystal, a special item from the Rank 3 Main City.

Blue Maple retrieved a piece of Blue Crystal from his bag and crushed it! After that, he vanished in front of everyone!

A massacre had begun!

Hidden Attack!

Ptt! -1023!

A Thief was exposed and had lost a huge amount of his HP after being burned by the Heavenly Fire; he was dragged to one side by Blue Maple and instantly killed. These concealed Thieves didn’t even have an opportunity to make a move, Blue Maple was simply too quick. The Thieves couldn’t keep up with him even when he was busy killing others.

After that, Blue Maple quickly attacked a Warrior beside him. He slashed before vanishing right in front of the Warrior.

-567! Instant Chain Strike!

“Be careful of your back!” another player warned.

It was too late!

The Warrior’s neck had been cut, before he lost more HP to a kick. Blue Maple confidently switched targets, as this Warrior was now trapped in the Heavenly Fire. Even if he managed to escape, he would still be burned to death. If they had Priests here to cleanse the fire, they could still work their way out of this cumbersome situation, or perhaps replenish their HP. Of course, they could still turn to Health Potions, or use an instant-recovery crystal.

However, Blue Maple wasn’t very concerned about the little bit of recovery they could manage with vials or crystals. He was about to use the Heavenly Fire that he had left behind.

Blue Maple had tried something like this when he was doing a quest alone. He realized that there was a Skill without a cooldown when he was standing within the Heavenly Fire. He just needed sufficient Heavenly Fire around him. It was his Spatial Fiery Chop!

Although the surrounding Heavenly Fire continued to burn those from the Common Guild, it had already merged with the Heavenly Fire at the city gates. However, he had not used the strength of the Heavenly Fire at the city gates yet. In his mind, he could clearly see the numbers that the game had generated. He could use his Spatial Fiery Chop twenty-one times without any cooldown!

He used his Airborne Somersault three times! He charged into the bunch of players and unleashed the Heavenly Fire in his body towards them, forcing them back. He then exploited the short amount of time he had before the Archers and remaining Wizards could lock on him to unleash his Spatial Fiery Chop. It was a complete eruption of the Skill without any cooldown!

One, two, three, four, five……

Blue Maple felt as cold as he looked in their eyes. However, Blue Maple seemed to have gone berserk. He quickly unleashed streak after streak of blue fire. They were unceasing!



“I’m going to kill you!”..

Those who were subjected to the Spatial Fiery Chop cried out in different ways. Some were screaming, some were cursing, and some were begging for help…

The blue fire was scorching everyone. It couldn’t be extinguished or dodged…

Blue Maple’s fire was causing terrifying damage, and was never-ending too. The relentless attacks were leaving everyone feeling stifled…

Blue Maple wasn’t even touched throughout all this. His dodging technique was immaculate, his Skills were agile, and his attacks were flawless.

Even though there were still many people remaining, they had already lost their will to fight. They felt they were facing a demon!

This demon was burning with blue flames and his attacks were sharp and relentless. He was also cold and merciless.

Blue, everything was blue. Everything was terrifying blue!

Those with ranged Classes were already shaking and couldn’t attack anymore. Those who weren’t enraged were only left with cowardice. Those who were cursing were also so afraid that they were paralyzed in place.


White Cherry was watching Blue Maple amid the burning, blue flames from a safe distance.

It was like she was watching an invincible sovereign!

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