Chapter 47: Explosion

He could negate all fire-type damage, and he could absorb it while firing it back! What kind of monster was this!?

“Fuck, now I know why the quest’s difficulty is unknown. It all depends on whether Blue Maple, the God, is willing to step forward!” Scarlet Heart had a huge revelation.

“I wonder when you can catch up with him. That will be nice!” Little Wen glanced at Scarlet Heart faintly as she spoke.

“Uh… ahem, let’s continue killing the Boss. That is going to be such headline news!” Scarlet Heart awkwardly changed the subject.

Lian Na covered her mouth and giggled along with the rest.

Red Tea was thinking about how she would fare against this fellow if they had to fight each other in the future. She was a Fire Wizard after all, and he could even throw her own Skills back at her. That wasn’t fun at all.

“Let’s go in to kill it. Blue Maple can deal with the magic damage, and I will tank the physical damage. This boss should be easier than the other one, because it has been completely suppressed,” Glorious Warsong spoke like a veteran.

Everyone followed each other and walked in single file. Glorious Warsong naturally took the lead.

The Red Wolf King was in bad shape. Its ferocious attack had been thrown back at it, and were returned with bonus damage from Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire. The blast took more than 1,000 HP off the Red Wolf King, and its pretty red fur was seared brown. It seemed like it had burned its own fur in the end.

The cave was four to five meters wide, so it wasn’t that narrow.

Blue Maple had gone in a lot earlier than everyone else. Would someone who dared to fight the Icy Snow Wolf King be afraid to fight the Red Wolf King, who was already suppressed? Blue Maple gave the wolf a scare as soon as he walked in!

Everyone stepped in, one after another and witnessed Blue Maple, who was burning with blue flames, having an exciting fight with the Red Wolf King. More accurately, Blue Maple was having an exciting time maltreating the wolf. Blue Maple either dodged its physical attacks or made them seem like jokes with his Skills. The wolf didn’t dare to use any of its fire-type abilities, because Blue Maple would just throw them back at it or absorb its flames. He would hit back with an even stronger attack, so the Red Wolf King didn’t dare spark a single flame at all.

“Why don’t we just keep watching? Seems like we’ll be fifth wheels if we go over there…” Scarlet Heart suggested carefully.

They did seem a little extraneous. Things would have been different if the Red Wolf King was a pure fire-type monster, but it wasn’t after all, and even its skills were low-tier. Blue Maple seemed like he was whipping a dog, as the Red Wolf King didn’t dare use its fire-type skills, and its physical attacks all missed.

“Are you not embarrassed saying that?” Little Wen gave him no chance as she retorted disdainfully.

“Then let’s murder this huge red dog. Let’s go!” Scarlet Heart didn’t bother making himself invisible as he charged forward.

“Let’s go. We can make this battle quicker, so we’ll be able to go back and rest a little earlier. We have hustled for the entire day after all.” Red Tea told everyone.

“Come, Blue Maple. Let us help you defeat this Red Wolf King a little more quickly so that we can go back to sleep!” Glorious Warsong laughed heartily as he charged forward.

Kill it more quickly?


Four streams of fire immediately separated from Blue Maple and attached separately to Lian Na and his other teammates’ weapons.

Ding! Game Announcement: Your weapon has been enhanced by Blue Maple’s mysterious fire and temporarily boosted. Your attack damage has been boosted by 10%, and now possesses explosive effects: you have a chance to deal damage from a fiery explosion with each attack on your target. This bonus lasts until Blue Maple withdraws the fire.

Glorious Warsong and the other two players with physical-type attacks received this notification, while the notification was a little different for Red Tea.

Ding! Game Announcement: Your weapon has been enhanced by Blue Maple’s mysterious fire and temporarily boosted. Your fire-type abilities’ damage have been boosted by 25%, and now possess explosive effects: you have a chance to deal damage from a fiery explosion with each attack on your target. This bonus lasts until Blue Maple withdraws the fire.

Fuuuuck…, everyone thought.

Blue Maple had also boosted himself with the same effects, except his own attack bonus had been Sealed, so he couldn’t deal damage at more than 100%.

“The bonus can last ten minutes, at maximum,” Blue Maple told everyone; Heavenly Fire would be useless once it was fully expended. He could still completely cover his teammates’ bodies with small amounts of Heavenly Fire, which could add resistance to some damage from low-tier fire-type Skills. Heavenly Fire was very versatile and flexible.

“Let’s go! Make it drop items!” Glorious Warsong was extremely hyped for battle.

“Yes, make it drop items!” Everyone echoed along.

Furious Slash!

Backstab, Eviscerate!


Armor-piercing Arrow!

Everyone hurled a series of Skills and damage at the Red Wolf King! The Wolf King was battered and could only cry out in agony, unable to retaliate at all. The Red Wolf King was a Rank 45 half magic-type Boss, and didn’t even dare use its magic-type abilities. Its physical attacks were comparatively weaker, and it had no chance at all.

The Wolf King couldn’t help itself, and roared as it blasted a stream of fire from its jaws.

Blue Maple absorbed everything with his Heavenly Fire, but that wasn’t all. He attached the absorbed flames to his blade, and used Hidden Attack on the Red Wolf King’s flank as he slashed the wolf’s body ferociously!


Blue Maple’s attack slammed the wolf into the wall, and there were no words to describe how the wolf cried out in pain. The Red Wolf King didn’t dare ignite a single spark after that, and was beaten so hard that it was afraid to do so.

Everyone overwhelmed the Red Wolf King and continued beating down on it. The Red Wolf King didn’t seem like a Boss at all, and was eventually destroyed by Red Tea’s continuous stream of fire, dropping items and equipment all over the place.

The Red Wolf King was so aggrieved and furious, but it still couldn’t mutate because Heavenly Fire was too overwhelming against these types of monsters who appeared in the wild. The advantage would probably not be as prominent for higher-level monsters...

“Wow, we killed it so easily! We are definitely going to have a lot of drops today!” Little Wen exclaimed happily, very excited.

“The Red Wolf King was completely incapable. It’s such a disappointment!” Scarlet Heart chimed in with a post-mortem.

“Oh? Why don’t we come back after a few days to kill this Boss again, and you can try taking it on by yourself?” Lian Na was also elated, and started teasing Scarlet Heart.

“Uh, I should be able to do that after a few weeks!” Scarlet Heart immediately deflected.

“Hahaha!…” Everyone couldn’t help but laugh along with their conversation.

“Alright, stop laughing. Let’s take a look at the items, and at the treasure deeper inside the cave. We still have to check it, even though we can’t touch it.” Red Tea spoke to everyone like a true leader should.

“Quick, let’s see if there’s my Gold-tier bow?” Little Wen was still thinking about her Gold-tier bow.

“That drop must be my Gold-tier dagger!” The two of them were going at it again.

Glorious Warsong interjected and suggested, “Stop bickering. This time, why don’t we let Blue Maple take a look?”

Everyone turned tow Blue Maple, who was the greatest contributor to their endeavor, as they heard Glorious Warsong’s words.

“Me?” Blue Maple was confused. He didn’t want all those things, why did he have to look?

“Yes. We can say that you were the one who killed the Boss, and we were just here to help. But it also feels like that was the case for every fight we’ve had along the way. But you have some characteristics that we don’t, which are very suitable for opening the Boss’ dropped items. That is, you have some luck.” Red Tea explained the rationale for their choice before giving Blue Maple a look that told him there was nobody else but him.

“Oh.” Blue Maple didn’t push the responsibility around anymore. He kicked the Red Wolf King’s corpse away, revealing the items covered underneath.


[Wolf Fang Dagger] (Rank 40 Gold)

Attack: 512-677

Strength: +36

Agility: +56

Special Effect: Grants the user additional 12% armor-piercing, grants the user a damage bonus of 15% to the user’s Skills.


[Red Wolf Magic Robe] (Rank 40 Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: 223-279

Magic Defense: 326-449

Intelligence: +70

Endurance: +23

Special Effect: Reduces the user’s fire-type Skills’ cooldown by 10%.


[Wolf Spirit Leather Boots] (Rank 38 Silver, Leather Armor)

Defense: 156-189

Magic Defense: 96-123

Agility: +49

Toughness: +10

Special Effect: Increases the user’s movement speed by 8%.


[Bloodthorn Ring] (Rank 40 Gold)

Strength: +68

Agility: +47

Endurance: +20

Special Effect: Grants the user a chance to release blood-colored thorns with each attack to deal extra damage.


“I’ll be damned! Is a single point in luck that useful? Three Gold-tier items, and there’s also a rare jewelery-type item amongst them!” Scarlet Heart was utterly shocked.

“I thought I was getting a Gold-tier bow. Why am I only getting a pair of Silver-tier boots…” Little Wen seemed very aggrieved.

“Seems like we’ve hit quite a jackpot.” Lian Na continued after everyone else, not minding at all that there wasn’t a single item she could use.

“Take the ring, Blue Maple. You’re not allowed to reject this because I don’t believe you have a better one. Even if you do, you can equip more than a single ring.” Red Tea sounded very assertive, like she was a queen, as she handed the ring to Blue Maple. She made Blue Maple swallow his words, because he was about to turn her down.

“Oh.” Blue Maple understood as he accepted the ring.

“That’s right. We’ll feel really embarrassed if you don’t accept it. It doesn’t matter to you because there are many items that you don’t need, but this matters to us. We will start feeling like we are shameless people!” Lian Na chuckled to Blue Maple after he received the gift.

“Everything else is easy. Just take any item suitable for your Class, and those who don’t will split the dropped coins. Let’s go take a look at the treasure inside the cave afterward!” Red Tea split their spoils of war easily.

“Hmph! Someone’s got their Gold-tier dagger. He must be happy.” Little Wen was still being petty with Scarlet Heart, and her expression looked like a child who had been done wrong.

“Ugh. Why don’t you give the boots to me, and you can use the dagger as your secondary weapon?” Scarlet Heart no longer felt happy or excited to obtain the dagger. He was still treading carefully, because he was afraid Little Wen wouldn’t be happy.

“Nobody wants your dagger as a secondary weapon. You’re such an idiot!” Little Wen fumed as she stomped into the cave.

Scarlet Heart touched his nose as he followed behind her bitterly, and felt so unfairly treated.

“Hehe!…” Lian Na giggled to herself behind them.


Before long, everyone arrived in front of a huge stack of jewelery and trinkets. Most of them were stored inside boxes and trunks, and there were quite a few of them.

“So, we’ve been looking for these things. I thought the treasure would be some items.” Scarlet Heart sounded a little disappointed as he spoke.

Lian Na interrupted him as she said, “Yo, were you looking for an item to give someone?”

“Uh… ahem!” Scarlet Heart didn’t know what to say.

“Alright, let’s go back. We can claim our reward now.” Red Tea glanced around and decided that there was nothing out of the ordinary, and wanted to return home.

“Yes, let’s go.” Glorious Warsong looked over everything again. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

Everyone opened their City Teleportation Scrolls, and started returning to the city with a few flashes of white light.

“Ah, we’re finally going back to the city. Time to report our quest and sleep!” Little Wen stretched lazily as she exclaimed.

“Where are you going tonight, Blue Maple?” Glorious Warsong had the idea of keeping Blue Maple in their party.


“Eh? Blue Maple?”

There were only five people in the Teleportation Portal back to the city, because Blue Maple wasn’t there. Nobody knew where he had gone.


A sphere of bluish flame emerged from thin air in a small inn somewhere in the city, swelling as it continued burning.

Blue Maple appeared within the flames not long after.

“I can’t stay on that team,” Blue Maple muttered under his breath, strolling to the window and gazing up at the night sky.

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