Chapter 34: Freezing Light Ray

Blue Maple lost a large health potion in that wave, but he managed to shave 5,000 HP from the Icy Snow Wolf King. If this continued, he should be able to end this fight with another seventy health potions. Furthermore, he had inflicted such damage in about ten seconds. This meant that he could inflict around 20,000 HP damage if he sustained this for a minute or so.

However, all that was only possible under the assumption that nothing went wrong. If Blue Maple was forced into a corner and had to use his Lightning Chain Strike to avoid being attacked, then he might not have enough mana potions. Also, the Icy Snow Wolf King possessed the Ice Crystal Armor, a defensive skill.

However, Blue Maple had used less than 100 mana. If he didn’t use his skills recklessly, he would have enough mana to survive the fight.

The Icy Snow Wolf King shook his head after he crashed into the cliffs. He turned around and glared at Blue Maple. There was a terrifying aura coming from his pupils, as if his glare could kill Blue Maple.

The Icy Snow Wolf King also letting out a scary humming sound. He suddenly roared and slightly lifted his head.

“Something’s not right!” Blue Maple quickly sensed something amiss and swiftly dodged to one side. However, he was still a little late.

A flash of white light was unleashed from the Snow Wolf King’s mouth without any warning. It was like a shotgun blast as it shot towards Blue Maple. As Blue Maple had performed a dodging movement, he wasn’t directly hit. However, one of his legs was struck.


Ding! Game announcement: Your left leg has been hit by a Freezing Light Ray and is frozen for one second. After thawing, your left leg will still be affected. Your speed will be slowed down by 10% for three seconds.


The Snow Wolf King immediately charged over. Blue Maple decisively swept up big patches of snow from the ground using his sword. This was his attempt at blocking the Snow Wolf King’s vision. After that, he rushed as fast to one side to avoid the attacks that followed.

Fortunately, it was only his leg that was frozen instead of being frozen to the spot. He could still drag his frozen leg as he moved. Although he could move very freely after avoiding the attack, his speed was still impeded for some time, which was rather frustrating to him.

However, the Snow Wolf King was completely merciless. He attacked again before Blue Maple regained his normal speed.

Since I can’t hide, I just have to take this attack.

Blue Maple held onto his sword with his right hand and blocked one claw of the Snow Wolf King, while using his left hand to stab his other sword at the Snow Wolf King. After that, he retracted his right-hand sword and shifted laterally to the side of the Snow Wolf King. Although the Snow Wolf King also turned around quickly, Blue Maple didn’t shift to the side to attack him. Rather, he relied on his momentum to propel himself backward as a means of widening the gap between him and the Snow Wolf King.

The Snow Wolf King didn’t move at all because he was completely rooted to the ground. This bit of time allowed Blue Maple to move some distance away from the Snow Wolf King.

Blue Maple retreated and downed a few Mana Potions. The earlier Freezing Light Ray didn’t do him much harm, while the following claw strike was only an ordinary attack. He didn’t sustain much damage after blocking it. Some HP were also restored by the earlier Health Potion that he used, which meant that his HP were basically full right now.

The Freezing Light Ray was an instant, pure control-type skill. It didn’t cause any damage, but it wasn’t an easy skill to deal with. Even with Blue Maple’s reflexes, he couldn’t avoid it. Blue Maple also avoided the full repercussions of the Freezing Light Ray because he sensed something was amiss and dodged quickly. Otherwise, he would have been in a stickier situation.

This U-shaped entrance doesn’t even have any obstacles. Seems like I can only draw the Snow Wolf King outside. Otherwise, this spacious patch isn’t really very optimal for fighting. The Freezing Light Ray could really be used to make Blue Maple a helpless target for attacking and controlling.

When Blue Maple thought of that, he immediately skipped to one side to dodge the Snow Wolf King’s attack. At the same time, he slowly shifted the fight closer and closer to the U-shaped entrance. In fact, he had thought of this point when the fight first started, it was just that he didn’t know the Freezing Light Ray was instant. Also, he wanted to play around for a while. After all, death in the game didn’t equate to death in real life. However, he almost played it too big. If he couldn’t complete the quest, he might not be able to complete his second class advancement. The old man would also certainly mock him.

When he thought of the old man’s mocking laughter, Blue Maple felt that he should take things more seriously. He had to at least win the fight. Even if he didn’t complete a glorious killing, completing the quest was critical if he wanted to avoid being mocked.

Glorious killing? It had nothing to do with Blue Maple. It was only glorious if there were others here to watch. However, Blue Maple wouldn’t do anything for that purpose, even if there were bystanders watching. Now that he was alone, trying to be flowery and pursue such frivolity was considered dangerous and foolish by Blue Maple. He was not going to do something like that. From his perspective, anything that involved danger was pure stupidity.

Blue Maple never took things seriously unless his life was in true danger, or unless he met an interesting opponent.

He was actually in a very playful mood as he approached this fight, even though it appeared to be extremely dangerous. The only motivation he had was to avoid being mocked by the old man for not successfully completing the quest.

Therefore, Blue Maple kept on trying to avoid the Snow Wolf King’s attacks and attempted to bring the fight closer and closer to the entrance. He stayed very serious as he avoided the control-type skills. The only thing that he felt was strange was that the Snow Wolf King didn’t use his Bite. The ordinary snow wolves earlier also hadn’t used their Bite.

However, he guessed that it was only supposed to be used after the wolves had actually bitten the enemy, serving as a means of intensifying the damage caused to the enemy. If that was the case, Blue Maple would almost certainly be drained out if he suffered such a dual attack. It seemed like he had to pay more attention to avoid being bitten...

However, what he had to be the most wary about was the Snow Wolf King’s Freezing Light Ray.

Within the five minutes that he used to draw out the Snow Wolf King, Blue Maple and the Snow Wolf King were stuck in a stalemate. However, Blue Maple kept on downing his health potions. He had no choice. He was already doing his best to avoid the control-type Skills and not clash head-on with the Snow Wolf King.

However, the Snow Wolf King was simply too quick. Furthermore, his attack strength was too high. Even with Blue Maple’s extraordinary reflexes, he couldn’t avoid the attacks. It was still the same idea: his quick reflexes had to be matched by speed. Otherwise, it was futile!

Techniques? To Blue Maple, there was no practical benefit or risk from using techniques. He was just too lazy to waste his time and effort on using techniques. He used them against the Barbaric Bull King because of interest. Apart from that, he was just a lazy person. He would rather read and sleep rather than pursue risky but thrilling game experiences.

A bolt of Arctic Icicle turned the patch of snow behind Blue Maple into pure ice. There were already many patches of ice on the ground now. Blue Maple was already considering switching places, because he didn’t know if he would slip on the ice patches and fall.

However, they were technically flat patches of ice. After all, some snow was turned into cone-shaped ice. He probably wouldn’t slip and fall if he stepped on those cone-shaped ice patches. Perhaps he would sink in a little because there was still soft snow beneath the patches of ice.

Blue Maple moved the fight even further away. He was definitely affected as more and more ice patches were formed. Some of the ice patches were actually formed because of the Snow Wolf King’s Freezing Light Ray. He had to concede that the Snow Wolf King was very powerful when it came to forming ice.

However, Blue Maple put in a lot of effort trying to avoid all those attacks. At the start, he basically studied every single movement that the Snow Wolf King made. The moment the Snow Wolf King moved a little, he immediately dodged. Perhaps this was the judgment that he developed from all the live fighting experience he had been through. He wouldn’t have made it if he only started to dodge when the Snow Wolf King was about to attack. Blue Maple possessed a wealth of live fighting experience. After the past few days of familiarization with the game, he could already predict the Skills that wild monsters possessed from their actions.

This made it easier for him to dodge their attacks. As the Snow Wolf King’s Freezing Light Ray had a minute of cooldown, he would be much more relaxed if he managed to time it and judge it well. However, it was still very dangerous. After all, it was instant, and Blue Maple was still just a newbie in the game.


After five minutes had passed, the Snow Wolf King had already drained more than half his HP. Blue Maple’s Mana and Health Potions were already half-consumed. His blue Potions were drained so quickly because he had to use his Lightning Chain Strike on so many occasions to avoid the Snow Wolf King, a skill that used up a lot of mana.

Now that Blue Maple’s skills had finished their cooldown, it was time for him to unleash a ferocious counter-attack!

He charged forward and hacked twice before unleashing his Instant Chain Strike. He followed it with another two hacks before unleashing his Cold Light Slash. After that, he hacked twice again, used his Cold Light Slash and resorted to hacking once more. Finally, he used his Sweeping Sword Slash coupled with a strong kick to widen the gap between him and the Snow Wolf King.

However, the damage done this time wasn’t as ideal as he wanted it to be. The Snow Wolf King had unleashed his Ice Crystal Armor!

A series of 300ish damages were revealed above the Snow Wolf King. None of the attacks made him bleed. Given such a circumstance, Blue Maple didn’t dare to continue keeping close to the Snow Wolf King and continue hurting him. Furthermore, his attacks weren’t taking much effect, either.

This time, he used an extra Sweeping Sword Slash because he was getting more and more comfortable in the fight, which also made him much faster. As for why he didn’t accumulate his strength to unleash his Sweeping Sword Slash first, considering that it was extremely terrifying, it was because that would have made him much slower than he already was. Another reason was that it consumed too much mana.

After he widened his gap to the Snow Wolf King, the Snow Wolf King used his Arctic Icicle once again. Blue Maple reacted very quickly, but he forgot one thing. The Snow Wolf King’s Freezing Light Ray was about to complete its cooldown, and the Snow Wolf King appeared as about to use his Freezing Light Ray!

Now that Blue Maple had avoided the Arctic Icicle, he had no way of shifting his position anymore. When he widened the gap earlier, he couldn’t even use his Lightning Chain Strike. Not only could he not attack, he couldn’t even use his Lightning Chain Strike.

“Shit, I was careless!”

Since he had no choice now, all he could do was to block the Freezing Light Ray with his swords. He could only pray that the light ray would only freeze his swords. Seeing the effect the ray had on the snow, he knew that his swords were not going to be enough.

At this critical moment, he suddenly thought of a strategy.

“Oh yes!” Blue Maple forwent his blocking strategy and flung his left-hand sword towards the Snow Wolf King before the Freezing Light Ray was unleashed.

Indeed, a ray of white light was released from the Snow Wolf King’s mouth just as he flung his sword. It hit his sword.

The remaining fragments of the white light were subsequently blocked by Blue Maple’s right-hand sword. However, his entire right hand was frozen. Blue Maple also received a notification by the game that his right hand was frozen and that his attack speed would be stalled for some time.

At this moment, the Snow Wolf King took a step forward and crushed the frozen sword in front of him.


The frozen sword was crushed into smithereens. It was a silver sword. It was such a pity that it was crushed just like that. However, it was only an ordinary silver weapon.

Apart from its anger, the Snow Wolf King also appeared a little complacent now. It was like he was thinking, Let’s see what you can do with one less sword.

“This is going to be difficult.”

Blue Maple stared at the Snow Wolf King. As they were silently watching each other, a bronze sword suddenly surfaced in Blue Maple’s left hand!

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