Chapter 19: Newbie Sword

“Even though it’s a dagger, surely you should be able to use it, right?” Blue Maple asked Blue Snow as he was walking away, turning around as he spoke.

He left behind Blue Snow and a bunch of onlookers, who were all stunned…

Ding! Announcement: You’ve chosen to give up on the hidden Class quest. Your hidden Class quest is a failure.

“Failure…” Blue Maple mumbled as he walked. He was only loud enough for himself to hear.


“Hey Little Gangster, wait a minute. What’s going on?” Blue Snow had just recovered from her momentary shock, but she couldn’t understand what Blue Maple was up to.

“Haih, little doll, it seems like my dumb disciple has an interest in you.” The old man commented. At the same time, a burst of blue fire suddenly appeared behind Blue Snow, expanding in size. Very soon, the old man’s figure appeared. When the old man appeared, he was still smiling cheekily as he looked at Blue Snow. Due to his weird, sudden appearance and the originally dumbfounded Blue Snow, she was left stunned once again.

After she was stunned for a moment, Blue Snow reacted in agitation, “Who, who’s interested in who? Old baddie, you have nothing good to say!” Blue Snow turned red instantly.

“Oh? Perhaps the old man’s words were true. See, that guy just killed so many people without blinking an eye. He didn’t even bat an eye at killing women. He didn’t even show any mercy and just slashed everyone.”

“If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have noticed it. Looking at how ruthless that guy was, I won't even dare to fight him. However, he didn’t lay a hand on that little beauty, and even resorted to giving up the quest.”

“She’s a beauty, after all. They also seem rather compatible together. Furthermore, who said he gave up on the quest? Didn’t you hear the old man claiming that guy to be his disciple? Surely he’s succeeded.”

“You’re right. That guy also seems to be more handsome. It’s so much better than that gigolo look. Compatible.”...

A strong commotion broke out. It felt more and more likely that their words were right. Blue Snow also became more frantic when she heard what everyone else was discussing.

The old man retracted his cheeky laughter after he finished speaking. He thought deeply, Is it because of the washroom incident and the fact that this little doll protected this rascal? Although he is only willing to become my disciple because he is slightly interested, his interest is a little too worthless, isn’t it? He gave up just like that? Even if he becomes my disciple, he might not be interested in doing what I tell him to do. This is truly a big headache.

I also randomly said that he likes this little doll. I’m doubtful that this rascal even has friends. He should have been a loner his entire life. How can we talk about him being fond of someone? Love at first sight? How can it be… ugh, maybe it’s possible. Hehehe!… The old man broke out in cheeky laughter as he thought until there.

Blue Snow seemed to take notice of his cheeky laughter. She thought that he was laughing at her. In addition, the old man was the mastermind of this entire incident. She broke out in a fit instantly.

“You! Old! Baddie!” Blue Snow slashed her sword at him in anger.

Smooth Slash!

Blue Snow was indeed using a skill. All the echoes and noises around fell away. Everyone was astonished……

“Oh? Not bad.”

The old man simply used a finger to block the sword. He even froze her sword in position, such that she couldn’t pull it back.

“Stupid old man! Old baddie! Let go now! I’m not done with you!” As she said, she was trying to kick him. However, every kick of hers only formed ripples around the old man. She couldn’t touchhim at all.

“Ah, your sword is too rubbish. I can’t watch anymore.” The old man ignored Blue Snow as he muttered to himself. The sword of a newbie wasn’t even at the level of trash.

After the old man finished speaking, Blue Snow’s sword immediately fell from her hand. The ‘vegetable knife’ on the ground was also sucked up by him.

A ball of blue fire instantly combusted from thin air. The terrifying temperature of the flame forced Blue Snow to retreat immediately. The sword and dagger were instantly fused within the flame. No sound was made during this process, while their surroundings were completely silent from astonishment at the earlier scenes and the old man’s current actions.

The world seemed to quiet down. It felt like only that ball of terrifying blue fire was left.

After a brief moment, the ball of flame dissipated with the wind. It left behind a sword drifting in mid-air. It glowed, revealing the attributes of the sword. Just as the sword appeared, the old man vanished.

No one attempted to snatch the sword after it appeared in mid-air, because the attributes of the sword were clearly presented in front of everyone.

[Newbie Sword] (Rank 0 Bronze)

Attack: 50-56

Strength: +11

Increases user’s armor penetration effect by 5%.

Special effects: Can only be used by player Blue Snow and her boyfriend. Anyone who tries to snatch it will die.

“Fuck. What kind of attributes are these? My total attack strength is not even as good as a sword. It’s even a Newbie Sword!”

“I’ve lived for so goddamn long, but it’s really my first time seeing such ridiculous attributes.”

“Hey, little beauty. Lend me the sword. Let’s see if I can use it.”

“If you touch the sword, you’ll most likely be seen as trying to snatch it. You’ll die.”

“That’s right. Even if this little beauty has a boyfriend, I don’t think he can use it. I’m pretty sure only that fellow can use it.”...

Blue Snow was the one caught on the tightest spot. She didn’t know if she should take control of the sword. Obviously, the final attribute was the work of the old man. He was indeed strong. He forcefully joined the Newbie Sword and the dagger, forming a sword that was much stronger than the Cold Light Sword. Blue Snow didn’t know what to do as she watched this new sword. It was really……

“I won’t have a boyfriend! Hmph!” Blue Snow eventually took the sword and ran away furiously, heading in the direction Blue Maple left in.

After Blue Snow left, everyone around also dispersed. After all, they all had to train. They had been delayed for close to twenty minutes. They had to rush now, especially those who were revived!


Blue Snow couldn’t find Blue Maple as she headed in the direction he had left in. It was like he vanished too!

“Strange, why is he not here? He clearly walked, and he only left for a short while.” Blue Snow was vexed as she stood in the Rank 4 Wild Rabbit Region.

“This is pissing me off. I must settle scores with the Little Gangster and old baddie the next time I see them. Hmph!” After she finished speaking, she struck a wild rabbit that had attacked her. Instant kill!

As Blue Snow’s sword still looked like a newbie sword, and it wasn’t fully equipped, the players who saw this scene were frightened. This was especially true since Blue Snow was venting her anger.

“What are you looking at? Have you not seen someone insta-kill a rabbit before? Don’t disturb me!” Blue Snow was extremely furious right now, and ventured further into the Wild Monsters Region.

At this moment, all the players had the same thought: We’ve seen someone instant-kill a rabbit before, but we’ve not seen someone use a newbie sword to do so…


In a separate, strange dimension, the two people that Blue Snow were most intent on finding were talking.

“Ah, I’ll consider that you’ve passed the quest. I shall not kill you. I didn’t expect you to be fond of that little doll. I’ve modified that little doll’s sword such that it’s better than yours. Now, that’s not bad, right?” the old man asked awkwardly. Blue Maple was staring at him, which made him uncomfortable.

“I just didn’t feel like it. Please let me out,” Blue Maple said to the old man.

You’ve brushed my special Class aside just because of a simple ‘don’t feel like it’. You are really so casual about everything. Of course, the old man was thinking to himself and didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Ugh, about that, we can talk things through. There are many benefits to following my Class. For example, there are many special skills.”

“Er, how do I get out?”

Stupid. Other classes have special skills too. If they aren’t special, this kid probably wouldn’t be bothered at all, the old man cursed to himself. The old man knew that unless it was something really interesting, Blue Maple couldn’t be tempted at all. His Class was an example. Blue Maple turned him down because he just didn’t want it!

“Uh, about that, you can attain unparalleled speed with my class. When it comes to physical attacks, no other class can claim to be better than mine! I’m for real. When it comes to single-entity attacks, my class is definitely the best. Now, are you interested?”

“Okay.” Although Blue Maple stopped insisting, it was still obvious that he was searching for an exit route.

The old man was a little anxious as he asked, “Oh yes, look at this flame. Do you like blue? This flame is very powerful.”

This time, Blue Maple didn’t utter a word. He glanced at the fire for a moment before venturing off to explore this dimension. Evidently, he was more interested in finding an exit than learning more about the dimension itself.

The old man suspected that Blue Maple only looked at the flame because it was blue, rather than because it was powerful. Indeed, that was the truth. In Blue Maple’s opinion, whether it was powerful had nothing to do with him. He wasn’t here to play the game. It was why nothing tempted him. His favorite color was even more important to him!

Even though he could realistically become the strongest player in the game, Blue Maple at most responded with an ‘oh’ before he was done speaking. That was how he was.

Just as Blue Maple was searching for an exit and ignoring him, the old man became more and more anxious. He couldn’t wait to say something that Blue Maple was interested in. However, he was clearly unaware about what Blue Maple was interested in.

“Oh yes, I have an ability that can stop an enemy from seeing your weapon, which is your sword.”

“What?” Blue Maple finally turned his head to look at the old man.

The old man heaved a sigh of relief. He’s finally responding to me… “Yeah, you should know my nickname. You should now understand why they give me that nickname.”

“Oh.” This time, Blue Maple was actually looking at the old man and waiting for his explanation, even though he still sounded as nonchalant as ever.

“Yeah, I can use my sword freely because my enemies can’t see my sword. They can’t even sense the undulations. I can kill my enemies without them even knowing! Are you interested now?”

“Demonstrate it.” Blue Maple still sounded as aloof as ever.

“I shall demonstrate it on you then. Don’t worry. I’ll just hide my sword. I won’t hurt you.”

As the old man spoke, he drew a blue-flamed sword out. After that, he slashed it towards Blue Maple.

Just as the sword was about to slash Blue Maple, Blue Maple suddenly lifted his sword and blocked it!

With a clang, the two swords collided.

“Hey, old man, can you be more serious with your demonstration?”


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