Chapter 173: Life of a Mercenary

As the mercenaries made their move, Blue Maple charged straight forward. He wasn’t too worried about White Cherry. If Feather couldn’t even deal with these few mercenaries, he would ask Old Man Fang to return Feather to the Spirit Birds.

Sweeping Sword Slash!

Blue Maple swiftly avoided the leader’s attack before using his Sweeping Sword Slash.


His glasses weren’t off, so the damage was still pretty low.

Let’s have some fun. I feel bored anyway. Blue Maple thought to himself.

He wasn’t being serious right from the beginning. A Rank 80 ordinary Boss and a Rank 75 Elite might seem daunting to other players. However, they were no big issue for Blue Maple.

Perhaps it would be different if they were both Demon Bosses or at least Spirit Elementals.


An arrow was stealthily shot towards Blue Maple. Blue Maple just adjusted his body angle a little before he managed to avoid the arrow. The Archer who saw this thought that he was seeing things.


Feather was also fighting. However, the few ordinary mercenaries that clashed with him were ruthlessly swept aside. It was just as Blue Maple expected. If Feather couldn’t even defeat them, there was no point for him to keep Feather around.

At this moment, Blue Maple noticed that the Rank 75 Elite Boss was slowly inching closely towards White Cherry. He concealed himself. This was probably what every Thief would instinctively do.

Cut the head off first.

However, Blue Maple didn’t care about that Thief as Feather was still protecting White Cherry. He would still be able to hold off the Thief for some time.

As for whether Feather would discover the Thief, that wasn’t even in question. Concealment in the face of Feather was a joke. Feather could even detect Blue Maple with his Vanishing Shadow active effect. How could an Elite Boss avoid detection?

Instant Chain Strike!


The mercenaries’ attacks were dodged once again. At the same time, they incurred damage.

“Fuck! Wizards, are you guys this shit? Please do something to him!” The leader’s wrath had been incurred.

He couldn’t even touch Blue Maple and was being toyed around. At this point, he was already ridden with injuries. The Archers were in an even worse state. They felt that they were just shooting the air. One of the arrows was even redirected by Blue Maple towards the leader.

The Wizards weren’t having it much better either.

These Wizards were all selected to curb the Goblins’ wood-type attributes. They used fire-type magic so that it would be easy to set fire against the Goblins.

They tested earlier by unleashing a wave of low-level magic. They realized that it was completely ineffective against Blue Maple. The leader was kicked to the ground by Blue Maple at that moment too. They hadn’t seen anything like this before.

They were also unconvinced. However, they couldn’t explain it. Did Blue Maple make them lose their powers?

The leader didn’t believe anything. He was more convinced that his subordinates were slacking.


The leader roared, which seemed to be some kind of sonic skill. However, Blue Maple’s reflexes were immensely quick. He flashed right behind the leader before retaliating with an attack.

It was an ordinary strike followed by his Cold Light Slash. Then, he used another ordinary attack, performed a kick, and finally slashed his sword.


His movement was smooth. There was no pause. After he finished, he immediately jumped right back into the middle of everybody.

The mercenaries were delighted when they saw this scene. They were all aware of how sly his movements were, which made it difficult for them to deal with him. Now that he was right in the middle where he was completely encircled, it was much better for them to deal with him.

However, their hopes were shattered before they could even act upon them. They immediately descended into desperation and hopelessness.

Sword Lotus!


“Ah ah ah!!!”

Instantly, several 6000+ damages started to be inflicted. Some of those who were previously attacked by Blue Maple were instantly killed.

Those who survived weren’t doing great. These Rank 70 mercenaries had at most 12,000 HP. Some of them even had lower HP. Blue Maple just needed another attack to send them to their doom.

Blue Maple didn’t care about attributes or rank.

He also wondered why the Eye of Heavenly Fire didn’t give him the power of looking at his targets’ attributes. In fact, the reason was simple. Blue Maple couldn’t control the Eye of Heavenly Fire as of now. After one month of adaptation, other abilities would start to surface.

Is there some kind of catch in this quest, or is it supposed to be like this? It shouldn’t be…Blue Maple started to become skeptical when he saw the casualties in front of him.

Isn’t this too difficult for an ordinary player who has just completed his third class advancement? The rewards are too simple. Even if I arrive beforehand, the system should have made the necessary adjustments.

As he fought the mercenaries, Blue Maple started to have doubts about this quest.

Indeed, the rewards of this quest were very simple. The quest wasn’t complicated either. If it was a Rank 60 ordinary player who had completed his third class advancement doing this quest, it wouldn’t have been possible for him to complete it.

Those Rank 70 mercenaries couldn’t be easily dealt with by an ordinary player. Moreover, there were still the two stronger mercenaries.


Blue Maple blocked the attack of the leader. A crisp, metal-clanging sound echo across the entire forest.

Blue Maple quickly moved to the side of the leader and slashed him so hard that the leader staggered a few steps.



Blue Maple softly said. He was just harmlessly complaining. After all, his speed was boosted after his gear was cultivated by Heavenly Fire. He was just as mobile as a Rank 80 Boss. However, his words were interpreted differently by the mercenary leader.

“You arrogant prick! You shall pay the price!”


Savage! It was his ultimate skill.

Suddenly, his aura became much more overwhelming and his muscles started to swell up. They were about to burst out of his armor. His eyes turned blood-red, but he still maintained his rationality.

Ding! Announcement: This mercenary leader has unleashed his Skill, Savage. For a short period of time, his attack strength has been boosted by 50%, his agility has been boosted by 30% and his defense has been weakened by 50%. These will last for 60 seconds.

Blue Maple didn’t find out the leader’s name, so the announcement didn’t mention it either.

How did this guy become their leader with his IQ? Blue Maple was speechless.

Anyone could tell how leisurely Blue Maple was at this moment. It was as if he was just fooling around. He probably conserved most of his strength. Now that the leader unleashed such a skill and weakened his own defensive strength, didn’t it mean that he would die more quickly?

But…it didn’t really matter. Perhaps it was just looking for a glimmer of hope.

Blue Maple also glanced at Feather. He realized that Feather found it a little tough to deal with the Rank 75 Elite Boss. However, it wasn’t too much of a problem. After all, White Cherry was a Priest.

Frenzied Charge!

The mercenary leader charged towards Blue Maple with his sword in hand. He was horrifyingly quick. However, his target was Blue Maple. Blue Maple was extremely composed. Then…

He stuck out his feet…


“Tch tch tch…”

He easily tripped over the mercenary leader. Then, the leader knocked into an extremely thick tree stem. After he knocked into the tree, some leaves fell. The impact was pretty strong too…

The leader was dizzy after the collision. It seemed like he would be in this state for some time. It was already quite a miracle that he didn’t faint after such an impactful collision.

Blue Maple didn’t continue attacking either. He used his Airborne Somersault to quickly leap towards White Cherry.

He didn’t do this to help Feather but…


Blue Maple’s eyes started glowing. He temporarily removed his glasses. Clearly, he was a little angry.

He charged straight towards the perverted, concealed Thief that was getting close to White Cherry. He was attacked by Blue Maple’s Spatial Fiery Chop earlier. Feather wanted to deal with him using the Boss’ attack. However, Blue Maple was here now, so he let Blue Maple take care of the Thief instead.

Ordinary attack, Cold Light Slash, ordinary attack, Disturbing Pierce, ordinary attack, Sweeping Sword Slash!


Instant Kill!

The attacks happened in one go. The Elite Thief was obliterated instantly. The Elite Boss to one side was astonished when he saw this. Eventually, he fumbled and allowed Feather to finish him off.

Blue Maple was furious that the Thief tried to get close to White Cherry twice.

White Cherry sweetly and gently smile when she realized this.

“I just can’t stand someone sneak-attacking behind my back.” Blue Maple explained himself. He turned around and walked towards the mercenary leader who had just recovered from his earlier vertigo.

White Cherry knew exactly what Blue Maple was thinking. She just smiled and didn’t say anything.

When Blue Maple returned in front of the mercenary leader, the leader was already much more focused and had recovered from the collision earlier. He was also taken aback when he realized that Blue Maple had killed off his elite assassins.

“My friend, don’t be so ruthless. We are just trying to survive.” The leader waved the white flag.

He had no choice. Not only did they lack in fire-type magic, but the close-combat mercenaries were also dead too. there were less than ten of them left. The leader could only surrender. After all, their lives were more important than victory.

“Survive?” Blue Maple asked.

The leader didn’t think that there was anything strange with Blue Maple’s response. He only thought that Blue Maple’s compassion was moved.

“Yes! We had no choice. If we don’t accept such a quest, we’ll probably die from starvation on the streets.” The leader tried to get Blue Maple to sympathize with them.

“Indeed.” Blue Maple still appeared as calm as ever.

Only White Cherry was well-aware that Blue Maple was angry.

“Yes, please let us go. You are so powerful. You are different from us. We are just trying to survive, which left us with no choice. It was a little weird for such a crude-looking individual to say something like this.

Blue Maple maintained his calm expression. However, the mercenaries felt a little weird. They seemed to sense that disaster was about to be unleashed upon them, but yet they couldn’t explain why.

“When you talk about surviving, I suppose it’s to drink, fool around and have fun. Even in the military, someone who has completed his third class advancement should have a decent deployment. How dare you talk about starvation?” Blue Maple remained calm, but…

“Ridiculous yet deep-rooted degenerate habits.” His killing intent could be sensed from his tone of voice.

Destroying others’ future and indulging in their decadent habits. This was their lives. How could Blue Maple not be infuriated by this?!


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