Chapter 172: Fight Begins

Instinctively, the leader felt that Blue Maple was a dangerous figure even though he seemed refined!

In that case, he shouldn’t hit on Blue Maple’s female partner.

“My friend, are you an old acquaintance of the Goblins?” The leader asked Blue Maple.

“Nope.” Blue Maple responded. He paused for a moment when he spoke, allowing the rabbit to snatch the berry from his hands. The rabbit quickly munched on the belly and ignored the mercenaries that approached.

“That’s great. Let’s go!” The leader heaved a sigh of relief before he signaled to his subordinates.

He was so loud that White Cherry was almost jolted awake.

In fact, Blue Maple didn’t want to wake White Cherry up. It was best for them to leave, but he had no choice but to retain them here as they seemed to be key to his quest.

“Breach the Goblins’ tribe and let the leader restrain them. Then, get that guy behind to steal whatever you want. Finally, leave behind some combustible material and light the entire forest up.” Blue Maple softly said, but the sensitive mercenaries managed to hear him clearly.

All the mercenaries were taken back when they heard his words.

There were several of them who specialized in fire-type magic. However, it was quite a miracle that Blue Maple managed to realize this. His judgment was indeed terrifying.

“Rascal! You…” A Thief was furious as he shouted. However, he was stopped by his leader.

The Thief was one of those who looked at White Cherry with a lustful expression earlier. He was on the shorter side. In terms of looks, he was clearly disadvantaged.

“My friend, what do you mean?” The leader was still very calm. He knew that it was best not to create any trouble.

“If the forest is set on fire, the Goblins can’t ignore it because they love nature too much. That’ll give you the freedom to escape.” Blue Maple explained. He didn’t even look at the mercenaries and was still caressing the rabbit’s fur.

The rabbit also enjoyed being caressed by Blue Maple while eating its berry.

It was just as Blue Maple guessed. These mercenaries planned to do so. However, the quest wasn’t supposed to go as planned.

The original result was that the mercenaries would succeed in their exploits, but they would be chased down by the Goblins and killed.

The plot was supposed to be as followed – Blue Maple was only supposed to arrive the next day and chance upon the mercenaries as they were being hunted down. Then, his role was to aid the Goblins in capturing the mercenaries and retrieving the stolen items. Once he earned the Goblins’ trust, he could obtain the Water of Life.

It was such a cliché plot. However, Blue Maple arrived early and altered the plot.

He was also pretty accurate with his guess. Given his wisdom, it wasn’t too much of an issue.

Now, what he had to do was to keep these mercenaries here. However, he wasn’t fond of killing. But he would retaliate if they tried anything funny.

The looks some of them gave to White Cherry did leave him feeling extremely disgusted and displeased. He was preparing an excuse to kill them.

He always recognized himself as a bad person, but he did possess his own principles. If they acted first, things would be simple for him.

“It’s a pity because I think you’ll be chased by the Goblins. You won’t have much chance of survival, even for that fellow behind.” Blue Maple’s cold voice did carry a tinge of regret.

He was referring to a guy in a black hat and veil standing right at the back of the group. Although he couldn’t see that guy’s attributes, he still knew that he was the most dangerous out of the bunch.

The leader was a little annoyed when he mentioned that guy.

“It seems like you don’t have any manners.”

As he spoke, the other mercenaries started to get into formation. That perverted Thief also concealed himself.

Blue Maple roughly guessed that there were two Bosses among this group of mercenaries. The leader was about Rank 80, while the Thief Boss just behind was about Rank 75. However, they should be Elite Bosses.

As for the Thief, he was a Rank 75 Elite. To Blue Maple, he was just pure trash.

“I’ve no choice. Although I haven’t seen a Goblin yet, I have a request to ask from them. Letting you go wouldn’t make a difference, but it’s not what I want.” Blue Maple coldly said.

Suddenly, a streak of blue fiery sword qi was shot in White Cherry’s direction!




A short figure was hacked. It was that Thief who was lustfully looking at White Cherry earlier!

He didn’t conceal to attack. He concealed himself to creep to White Cherry’s side! However, Blue Maple discovered it and immediately attacked him.

He didn’t use any weapon or removed his glasses. It was no wonder the damage was low.

The little animals around White Cherry were startled when they saw this. However, they were infuriated as they glared at the Thief. If they were able to attack, they would have pounced on the Thief.

This bunch of mercenaries was also astonished as they stared at Blue Maple. Blue Maple casually discovered the Thief and even attacked him so easily.


White Cherry was also woken up because of the commotion. However, no one was in the mood to admire her at this point. A tense atmosphere was in the air.

One could feel how heavy the atmosphere was now. A fight was brewing.

Feather fluttered his wings and landed beside White Cherry. He was ordered by Blue Maple to protect White Cherry.

“This is?”

White Cherry was a little puzzled as she looked at Feather. However, she didn’t speak too much when she realized that he had flown from Blue Maple’s side. She roughly guessed that Blue Maple tasked him to protect her.

Blue Maple also slowly formed a sword with fire that he conjured from his left hand.

It was a Gold-tier sword. However, it wasn’t too different from the spoilt Abyss Sword as it was a Rank 60 weapon. It was Blue Maple’s back-up sword.

Although Blue Maple didn’t adopt a dual-sword setup, he maintained a good habit of keeping back-up swords. It was especially after the Snow Wolf King incident. Now, he kept back-up swords in his backpack and they were never less than three.

The mercenaries could no longer hold it in when Blue Maple summoned his sword.


As the leader shouted, the close-combat mercenaries immediately charged towards Blue Maple. Some of them even charged towards White Cherry.

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