Chapter 169: Leaving

“Alright, I think you’re alright. The reasons behind this should be extremely complicated.” Blue Maple had a cold look on his face as he spoke.

Blue Maple was evidently angry.

“Yes. Even though I don’t my memories of the past, I think they aren’t important. I don’t know why I feel like that.”

White Cherry could see Blue Maple’s anger. Even though she didn’t know why felt that way, she spoke her mind because she didn’t want Blue Maple to be bothered.

“Yes.” Blue Maple’s response was casual, like he didn’t take her seriously.

Blue Maple was thinking about other things.

Even though this probably should have nothing to do with you, Silent, I’m sure you must know something. Blue Maple thought to himself coldly. He was already unhappy that Silent Observer had been messing with his actions in the game.

Blue Maple would not believe that if Silent Observer didn’t know anything about this.

Blue Maple was still deliberating in his mind about when he would visit Silent Observer again. But now…

“Hey, Maple. You should shut this down. People gay grow suspicious otherwise.” White Cherry glanced at the void around her as countless numbers and code were still floating around her, and she voiced her concerns.

“Whatever.” Blue Maple seemed very indifferent.

Void Abyss Program has re-entered its disguised form and returned to simulation engine sequence.

Their surroundings gradually returned to normal under Blue Maple’s command.

Disguise obtained, program returned.

The system’s voice ended while everything around them returned to normal.

Blue Maple quickly started doing something else. He shifted fire from the outside world and gathered all the flames into the same area.

The Deities Guild’s players, who were cleaning up the battlefield, all turned to stare. They were riveted.

Everyone was already confused when Blue Maple and White Cherry were enveloped in fire. The flames around them started dancing, and there was no wonder they found that even stranger.

What exactly are they doing? Wolf God tried to rise above the crowd to have a better look.

Are they going for even more exciting stuff after completing their sneaky and shameless business? Wolf God thought to himself indecently.

Wolf God was known as a shameless pervert, and the dirtiness of his thoughts were quite unmatched by the average person. However, it was difficult for people not to think indecently about what Blue Maple and White Cherry were doing when they were inexplicably covered by a wall of fire for two to three minutes.

Heavenly Fire teleportation, activate!

The fire around them rapidly contracted and collapsed into Blue Maple and White Cherry’s position. A large sphere of blue fire appeared above the stone bridge as it spun continuously.

The enormous fireball suddenly dissipated with a boom in the next moment, and several sparks of fire eventually disappeared with the wind.

What’s happening? Where are they?

Everyone from the Deities Guild were baffled, and nobody knew what was going on.

“Did he just do a long distance teleportation? Furthermore, he’s carrying somebody else…” One player uttered uncertainly.

“Sss ~”

Everybody drew cold breaths when they heard his words. Skills with such immense flexibility was terrifying in group battles for guilds.

Furthermore, Blue Maple could take somebody else with him. One could imagine that a skill like that could teleport friendlies directly into their enemies’ backlines during group battles, and that was such a terrifying possibility.

The battle began leaning entirely towards one side once Blue Maple dealt with the players attacking at long range, and one could see how terrifying it was when someone could cut off the back lines in a group battle.

“Stop fussing. The channelling time to carry one person is so long. This only means that the channelling time to teleport himself is very long, or his teleportation distance is very far.” Wolf God appeared around the players who were discussing with each other.

Wolf God naturally appeared after he watched the two of them leave.

Everyone thought about it closely and realized that he was right when they listened to his explanation.

“What do we do now, Wolf God. Do we go back?” A player asked Wolf God.

“What else are we going to do? Admire the cherry blossoms? Prepare to kill the Cherry Blossom Treant at night.” Wolf God glanced at that player coldly like he was looking at a mentally retarded individual.

Blue Maple had already burned all the cherry trees down. What cherry blossoms were there to see? What else would they do other than go back? Were they going to stare at charred tree trunks?

“Uh… sorry. That’s my bad.” The player also felt a little embarrassed.

“Alright. Everyone, clean up the battlefield, then go back and prepare. Afternoon will be free and easy, and we shall slay the Cherry Blossom Treant at night!” Wolf God hollered at everyone, but he decided to walk towards the group of cherry trees that hadn’t been burned down across the creek.

“Uh, Ogi-kun, inventory of our spoils from this battle will be your responsibility. I’m going to head off first.” Wolf God waved and didn’t allow any room for negotiation as he stomped off without even turning back.


Today is considered a rest day after all. A whole throng of people squeezing over there isn’t going to work, so I’m going to head over there myself to admire the cherry blossoms. The other guys can go in the afternoon. Am I abusing my authority by only letting them see the flowers in the afternoon…

Wolf God arrived by the creek as he thought.

However, he had taken but a few steps when he was suddenly stunned by what he saw when he looked up.

The reason was because there was a beautiful young girl in the distance. She was wearing a flowing pale blue dress, and her hair was exquisitely combed and prepared, while her black hair appeared extremely beautiful. Her figure looked very mature from a distance, and with all her curves, a faint gust of wind blew into an enchanting view as she stood underneath a cherry tree.

This young girl was Blue Snow, who was here to see the cherry blossoms.

Blue Snow wasn’t wearing any gear because she just wanted to admire the flowers freely. She was wearing ordinary accessories, but she still looked very elegant and pretty.

She hurried over when she saw Blue Maple’s flames. However, her Agility was clearly insufficient since she wasn’t wearing any gear, so she was a little slow.

Blue Snow coincidentally witnessed White Cherry lift up Blue Maple’s fringe when she arrived. However, Blue Maple’s back was facing her, so their actions appeared very intimate from Blue Snow’s perspective. Blue Maple and White Cherry were subsequently enveloped in flames, and Blue Snow’s thoughts ran wild.

The reason was because she knew that Blue Maple didn’t need that long to channel his teleportation.

Blue Snow watched Blue Maple and White Cherry disappear from the bridge, and she became entranced as she stared.

“So that girl is the little gangster’s girlfriend.” Blue Snow sounded a little dejected as she mumbled to herself.

She turned to leave and she still hadn’t noticed that Wolf God was watching her…

Wow. What a beautiful girl! Should I go up to talk to her? But… she looks like she’s looking at the bridge. Can she… be lady White Cherry’s rival in love? And she witnessed what happened by coincidence. Wolf God speculated to himself.

Wolf God decided not to step forward to make conversation. If she was related to Blue Maple in some way, Wolf God was already feeling afraid even thinking about Blue Maple’s frightening power.

Wolf God didn’t want the Blue Fire Devil to set his sights on him. The feeling of being burned alive or a sword piercing through his chest was undoubtedly not fun.

Forget it. I’ll just admire the cherry blossoms like an honest man. But… it feels good being able to stare at the beauty in secret, heheheh…

Wolf God’s nature as a sexual pervert was still like it had always been…



The charred cherry trees became quieter as everyone started leaving, and several people passed by occasionally as they heaved lamenting sighs.

Videos regarding this event started appearing in Japanese forums and in all kinds of discussion.

The videos with the highest number of hits were titled: “The Return of the Blue Devil King”, or “The Deities Guild’s Beautiful Lady’s Powerful Boyfriend”, or other nonsensical combination of those words.

The videos were essentially the same ones, except they were shot from different angles. They were all related to Blue Maple’s ferocious channelling of fire and his handsome and elegant slaughtering of his enemies.

The other discussions other than what the two guilds had gained or lost were mostly about the destroyed cherry trees.


Just as Blue Maple had expected, almost everyone was placing the responsibility of the cherry trees’ destruction on White Cherry and Blue Maple. The reason was because the Common Guild would probably only destroy a tiny portion of the patch of trees if it hadn’t been for White Cherry and Blue Maple, and they could continue admiring the cherry blossoms after the battle was over.

Every human would think like that, or something of the sort.

Much like a passenger plane that was full of people that was shot down halfway before it was about to crash into a city, and thus many more deaths were avoided in the process, but the city’s residents would blame the person who had shot the plane down. They would blame that person for being so heartless and cruel.

Perhaps the plane could have landed in the city in one piece and not hit the city’s residents at the same time. Perhaps, the plane just wouldn’t hit those people who were thinking like that?

In the end, everything was just a matter of what-ifs.

Luck, shirking responsibility, or taking the moral high ground… everything had been like this since the beginning of time…

Just as the Japanese forums were exploding with those topics, the Chinese region’s Kunyue Main City was extremely quiet, while Silent Observer was staying in the library as she had always been.

She was sipping on her coffee quietly and reading quietly…

“Snow should be returning soon. I wonder if she enjoyed her view of cherry blossoms? Did she see the beautiful cherry blossoms? I’m so eager for her news. I am… looking forward.”

Silent Observer sipped on her coffee as she spoke to herself profoundly as she placed down the book in her hands.

“Pink cherry blossoms are classic and great for appreciating and admiring, but white cherry flowers are also excellent. Won’t an entire patch of white cherry flowers be very interesting?”

Silent Observer was still muttering to herself as her intelligent eyes flickered with strange lights.


Silent Observer stretched lazily, and she felt a little fatigued after reading for so long.

“I didn’t expect you to return to Gong Liang City. But something unexpected seems to have happened along the way… forget it. I didn’t expect to control everything after all. Coin flips cannot be guessed correctly all the time after all.”

“I just hope the coin doesn’t become vertical after dropping down… I didn’t expect her to come…”

Silent Observer opened the message that she had just received as she muttered to herself.

That message contained some basic information about Mystery, and she felt a little surprised when she went through the message.

“It’s a pity that I can only find out some basic information and I can’t interfere with the game too much. This can’t compare to that fellow’s hacking techniques. Otherwise, other more interesting things can be done.”

Silent Observer also lamented a little, but she didn’t have much choice. There were many things after all that couldn’t be done with just intelligence and without physical prowess.

“I don’t know where that fellow has run off to now. How irritating…”

“Speaking of which, why hasn’t Snow come back to find me? She should be back, right about now…”

Silent Observer was fatigued from reading, and she started grouching as she lay down on the table.

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