Chapter 167: After It's Over

It was just like how he killed Bandit and the others.

Countless swords were unleashed, mercilessly striking and tearing bodies apart!

Finally, Blue Maple formed a thin layer of Heavenly Fire shield to block the splattering fresh blood.

However, he didn’t expose the broken limbs this time. He naturally covered them with his Heavenly Fire. Although setting the corpses on fire drained more of his strength, he still did it.

After he finished, he calmly removed the shield.

The Common Union players’ eyes were filled with horror when they saw the figure that was still standing when the shield had vanished.


“Freak! How is there such a freak?!”

“How is he so strong?! He’s a Boss! He’s an anomaly!”

“Quick…let’s escape!”


Blue Maple looked at the burnt corpses on the ground and the fleeing players. There was a strong burning smell too.

He thought of…some things that happened in the past…

It was the same fear, escape, and helplessness…

Burnt corpses filling a battlefield…

It was also the work…of one person…


Blue Maple thought. Fragmented memories flashed in his head. They were memories that he wanted to forget. Everything that was in front of him now was so familiar…

Perhaps I’m really a…

He slowly lifted his left hand and wielded his sword. Streaks of fire started to gather towards the blade of his sword and were absorbed into his Abyss Sword.

The flames that were close to him started to gather towards his sword. They came from burning tree barks, razed grass, and everywhere else.

A terrifying aura started to fill the entire battlefield!

“This! This! This…is he trying to unleash everything at once?!” Wolf God was hiding and said in horror.

Every player who heard him were equally horrified!

However, White Cherry was just as calm as Blue Maple.

Maple, have you been suffering on your own? From that incident two years ago? Or even earlier…

White Cherry couldn’t help as she turned in Blue Maple’s direction. She slowly walked over as she wanted to get closer to him. The fire beneath her feet seemed to have sensed her will. It also shifted along with her.

Right now.

The players from the Common Guild who were escaping were hoping they had two more legs now. They were running as fast as they could. Occasionally, they would turn back to look at the horrifying scene of fire being gathered by Blue Maple.

Blue Maple was standing at the heart of his fire, basking in it. He was like the sovereign of fires now!

Such a scene was like a hammer that harshly pounded on their souls. The terrifying suppression that they felt completely engulfed them. Some of them even forgot that this was only a game. The terror that had been invoked upon them was too real!

The battlefield wasn’t just filled with blue Heavenly Fire. Even the normal, red fire was also burning. Although Blue Maple couldn’t control ordinary fire, he could absorb it.

However, it was getting a little out of his limit…


His Abyss Sword was starting to crack!

The crisp, cracking sound echoed in Blue Maple’s ears. However, he ignored it and continued to condense fire together.

“Run! We’ll be fine once we get out of this place!”

Someone from the Common Guild shouted. At the same time, someone else seemed to have seen a glimmer of hope.

“Yes! Once we escape from this place and the Kunishi Bridge, we’ll be saved!”

“Yes! Run! He’s a freak!”



The Abyss Sword was also on the verge of completely cracking. The cracks were getting deeper and deeper!

Although it was a darkgolden sword, its rank wasn’t very high yet. There was still a limit to its quality. It couldn’t absorb too much fiery strength.

Can’t hold on? Forget it. It’s about time. Then…

Blue Maple slowly wielded his sword.

I shall show you…the power of a devil!

Heavenly Fiery Chop!!!

He slashed his Abyss Sword!


A huge and terrifying sword qi that was more than a hundred meters in length was swept towards the escaping Common Guild players.

It resembled a blue tsunami as it performed a beautiful arc in the air. This terrifying sword qi destroyed everything in its way – countless cherry blossom trees were exterminated.

“Ah ah ah!!!”



No one could resist such a powerful attack. The sword qi took all of the players’ lives. No one survived…

“That’s…shit! Let’s retreat!”

Ocean Waves and the others had just rushed over. They immediately saw the sword qi coming towards them.

However, the strength of the sword qi had dissipated by much at this point. Even so, it still caused great damage to them.



Ocean Waves and Contract Guardian protected Ice Rose and the others. However, they were still flung into the air. More cherry blossom trees also snapped as the sword qi hit.

“Bom bom bom…”


Trees collapsed and weapons all fell to the ground.

“Cough cough…it’s…that fellow?!” Ice Rose choked on some dust. She was both horrified and puzzled.

“Cough…it seems like it. He’s also seen us too.” Ocean Waves calmly said, although he didn’t wish to admit it.

That was the truth indeed. There were countless corpses in front of them. Even though they were only hit by the shockwaves of Blue Maple’s attack, they also appeared to be in a rather pathetic state now.


Grey Leaf and the others discovered Blue Maple looking at them as they followed Ocean Waves’ gaze. Blue Maple was standing quietly where he was, without any sliver of emotion on his face.


He turned around and didn’t look at them anymore.

“Kacha, kacha, kacha…”


Blue Maple’s Abyss Sword completely cracked. But this didn’t frighten Blue Maple. He knew it was coming when he unleashed that terrifying attack!

He dumped his broken sword and walked towards White Cherry. Ocean Waves and the others were completely ignored.



Ocean Waves smacked the ground in fury.

Blue Maple had completely ignored them! He recalled how Blue Maple told him that he was too weak. This left him extremely furious!

“Ocean Waves, don’t be agitated. You don’t have to bother about that guy.” Ice Rose tried to pacify him.

“How can I not?! He killed us twice and even drove Kitty to take up a hidden quest!” Ocean Waves agitatedly screamed. He even smacked away Ice Rose’s hand as she extended it over.

“Ocean Waves, calm down! There’s no point being angry now. Let’s return to a Rank 2 Main City.” Contract Guardian came over and stopped Ocean Waves.

“Yes! We can only seek revenge by getting stronger!” Distance, who had been quiet this whole time, finally spoke.

“You guys…”

“I get it!”

Ocean Waves’ behavior immediately changed. As a military man, he still knew how to control his emotions. He was supposed to be the calmest out of all of them, but was just slightly triggered when he thought about Blue Maple’s insolence.

The phrase ‘too weak’ continued to echo his head, just like what Dazed Kitty experienced then.

“Ice Rose, I’m sorry.”

He was referring to the earlier incident where he smacked her hand away.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s go.”



As for Blue Maple, he was finally back at White Cherry’s side. The Divine Guild players watched him in admiration and awe.

White Cherry was waiting for him on a bridge above a small creek. It was the Kunishi Bridge.

The old stone bridge wasn’t affected by Blue Maple’s fire. There were still some flickers of blue fire burning around White Cherry.

More accurately speaking, there were many of them. Apart from the creek, there was fire everywhere. Blue Maple didn’t absorb them back earlier as they were too far away from him.

These flames were ordinary fire. Crackling sounds could be heard as they burned the surrounding cherry blossom trees.

“Welcome back.” White Cherry smiled as she said.

“Mm.” Blue Maple was as indifferent as ever.

However, his words seemed to be stuck at his throat as he looked at White Cherry.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine.” White Cherry knew what Blue Maple wanted to say.

She also knew that Blue Maple was worried about whether she could take this. After she returned, everyone would blame her behind her back because they didn’t dare to confront her, considering how strong Blue Maple was.

To everyone, Blue Maple wouldn’t have burned down the entire place if not for White Cherry. They were all meant to be here to enjoy the joyous festival.

“No…I just want to know how you recognized that it was me. I don’t believe you could have guessed my real identity.” Blue Maple said. His expression didn’t change.


White Cherry chuckled. Blue Maple slightly furrowed his brow.

“Indeed, you still speak one way and think another.”

He wanted to show his concern for White Cherry, but didn’t do so ultimately. When White Cherry mentioned that hse was fine, he denied his concern for her and changed the topic.

“You still haven’t answered me.” Blue Maple looked a bit discomforted.

He was a little unconvinced that his thoughts and personality were exposed.

“Seriously…if you continue being like this, you won’t be able to find a girlfriend in the future.” White Cherry sniggered as she said. “In Japan, we call such behavior proud. You’ll find it hard to find a girl or a girlfriend.”

“I don’t need one.” Blue Maple answered.

His reply left White Cherry a little dismayed.

“As for how I recognized you, it’s because of that penultimate quest.” White Cherry said.

Blue Maple slightly shuddered because of her words.

“It’s the only quest that you wrongly took up. So…”

As she said, White Cherry walked up and lifted Blue Maple’s fringe that was covering his eyes.

She also saw his clear, blue eyes. There wasn’t a hint of evil. It was only purity inside…

“It’s a little long.”

His fringe was indeed a little long…

“I understand now…”

Blue Maple knew how White Cherry recognized him.

Underneath that fringe, there was a secret that ordinary people didn’t know. Mystery was the first to find out, while White Cherry…she was the second.

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