Chapter 166: Massacre

Very soon, Blue Maple appeared beside White Cherry. The surrounding fire also became even stronger as Blue Maple appeared.

The members of the Divine Guild were delighted to see this, while those from the Common Guild became very anxious.

“Are you fine?” Although Blue Maple knew that White Cherry was fine, he still acted as if he didn’t know and asked her.

“I’m fine.” White Cherry slightly shook her head. She also knew that Blue Maple was seizing the situation to ask.

The rest couldn’t hear what they were talking about. However, they knew that Blue Maple was expressing concern from the way he acted. White Cherry’s reply also decided whether he would unleash his wrath on the Common Guild!

Clearly, the answer was yes!

For a brief moment after both Blue Maple and White Cherry concluded their conversation, that beautiful sea of blue fire started raging. It was like a pair of ferocious claws that were clawing towards the members of the Common Guild.

The fire was getting increasingly stronger, close to the limit of Blue Maple’s control. If he continued absorbing without releasing, he might lose control of his Heavenly Fire.

Those from the Common Guild recognized this danger and started to retreat. They wanted to get further away from Blue Maple and the sea of fire.

“Quick, retreat!”

“It’s too late to run!”

However, they were pestered by the Divine Guild which stalled their escape. The Divine Guild knew that a relentless and unstoppable attack would be unleashed upon the Common Guild once Blue Maple was done with his preparations.

Most of them had watched the video. They knew that he could unleash countless fiery sword qi when he accumulated enough fire.

However, they had forgotten about it after a long time. Now that Blue Maple was in front of them once again, their memories were jolted. They were in awe of this person that they knew as the Blue Fire Devil.

Just as the Common Guild players were horrified and the Divine Guild players were excited, terrifying bolts of fiery sword qi started to from above the sea of fire.

There were several hundreds of them! It was almost close to a thousand!

Blue Maple’s current strength was still inferior to that of Old Man Fang’s fire pearl, but he had countless bolts of sword qi. Every Spatial Fiery Chop that he formed condensed much less fiery strength than the fire pearl.

However, they were enough to pose a terrifying threat!

“Run! This guy is a freak!”

“Devil! He’s the Devil!”

“I want to complain to the system!”


There was a distinct lack of leadership for the Common Guild now. Every player was frantic. Under the immense pressure imposed by Blue Maple, they were showing signs of cracking.

“Divine Guild, show your emblems to avoid being attacked!” Wolf God shouted. Suddenly, all the emblems were displayed.

As all the players displayed your emblems, Blue Maple raised his sword up high toward the sky!

After that, he ferociously slashed it down. He pointed at the Common Guild players. Although the effect of his Spatial Fiery Chop weakened as the distance increases, those players were too weak compared to Blue Maple.

Suddenly, all the sword qi pierced through the air as if they were being commanded to do so. They were shot towards the players in the distance.

The Common Guild players could only watch in horror as the countless sword qi mercilessly. Blue Maple didn’t need precise control at this point. He just needed to point in a general direction.


“Ah ah ah!!!”

“Bastard, how can such a long-range attack be sustained?!”

“IT’s even that…terrifying…”

Basically, whoever was touched by one of those sword qi was instantly killed. There weren’t many who survived. The Priests couldn’t even help them, considering that they were in danger too.

Blue Maple divided out about a hundred Spatial Fiery Chops that were specially targeted towards the Priests.

In just a short ten seconds, the Common Guild had already suffered irreparable damages. Their Priests had been wiped out, while their Warriors were on the verge of total annihilation without the Priests to heal them.

The result of this fight was clear as day.

Blue Maple wiped out hundreds of players in an instant. This was already a major problem for them. And Blue Maple didn’t even think this was enough yet!

“This garden isn’t burning as much as I want. In that case…”

Blue Maple scanned the battlefield. He had only burned two hundred square meters of the entire garden. This entire garden could contain more than a hundred thousand people.

Two hundred square meters was only but a small number. It was still not enough to dampen the mood of those who wanted to see the cherry blossoms.

“I can only do this.”

Blue Maple softly said to himself. White Cherry naturally heard him. She was obediently waiting for Blue Maple’s arrangement.

“Wait here. You don’t have to participate in whatever there’s to come.” Blue Maple instructed.

After this, he gathered the Heavenly Fire that he hadn’t used around White Cherry. It was to protect her.

“Mmhmm, I’ll wait for you to return.” White Cherry smiled as she said.

This caused Blue Maple to paused for a moment.


He was a little annoyed. He turned around and left. He even had the intention of just leaving her here.

However, he couldn’t do so because White Cherry had already told him what she was going to do. Even if he left, he needed to return. At least White Cherry was sort of his girlfriend now.


He charged forward using his Airborne Somersault as an aid. He gathered the remnants of his Heavenly Fire as he charged forward, unleashing them mid-way. They were targeted towards the cherry blossom trees.


A Warrior from the Common Guild wielded his sword without any hesitation when he saw Blue Maple charging over. However, Blue Maple managed to easily dodge him and even slit his throat. Without the same rank of gear as Ocean Waves or Smooth Light, anyone who was in Blue Maple’s path was instantly killed and their corpses were left behind.

“Five more minutes…that’s great.” Blue Maple realized that he still had five minutes left of enhanced attack strength after it was suppressed by his Goblin Glasses.

He took out a yellowish bamboo tube from his backpack.

It was a small gift that Krugalo gave to him after he parted with the Dwarves. He received a total of five of such tubes, and each tube was filled with a special alcoholic fluid. Each tube of fluid, when consumed, led to different effects.

The effect of this tube of fluid was: It takes 10 seconds to take effect. After consumption, any Skills that take less than an hour to cooldown will now have a cooldown period that is shorter by 20%. This effect will last for only five minutes.

Without any hesitation, Blue Maple gulped down the fluid.

Everyone only saw Blue Maple retrieving a yellowish bamboo tube and drinking its contents. After this, his face gradually turned red. However, every single one of them had the same thought in their minds. They knew that the unknown fluid would certainly grant Blue Maple some terrifying powers.

Then, they watched as Blue Maple burned the bamboo tube before he comfortably struck away three arrows that were aimed at him.

His deep-blue eyes also started glowing – it was terrifying!

A massacre…was about to begin!

Hidden Attack!

Instantly, Blue Maple disappeared from everyone’s sight. He left behind a ring of gas that dispersed.



A Warrior collapsed. Blue Maple quickly closed in on his next target.

Instant Chain Strike!

Lightning Chain Strike!

Second Airborne Somersault…

Sweeping Sword Slash…

Third Airborne Somersault…




As he slashed his sword, players after players were skilled. Fresh blood splattered. No one was spared. What was left behind was only remnants of the Heavenly Fire.

None of the close-combat players could challenge Blue Maple. Any weapons they used to protect themselves were useless, even if they used shields.

Blue Maple’s speed was unbelievable. His speed hadn’t been restricted. The 35% boost to it from cultivating the Heavenly Fire was still fully present.

Along with his agility, the long-distance class players were unable to lock down their aim on Blue Maple!

His mysterious figure zoomed past the crowd. He kept on killing…

Not only did he not take any damage, none of the blood that splattered even got to his body! The thought of this was shocking!

“Gu lu…”

“So scary…”

“Fortunately Miss White Cherry is the Blue Fire Devil’s girlfriend. If she was his enemy…” The player who said this shuddered as he spoke.

“What do you mean fortunately? So many of us have set our sights on Miss White Cherry because of her beauty and gentleness. If she complains…”

The player’s words caused everyone to be given a huge scare.

Wolf God was the most affected. He was already thinking of explanations to prove his innocence and even contemplated escaping. He was one of those who were very interested in White Cherry. If not for Moon Spirit, he would have already chased her.

I should flee later. Wolf God thought to himself.

Although Miss Cherry is very gentle normally, what if she complains…He refused to imagine any further. He killed another player and quickly retreated into the background…

As for Blue Maple, he was way deep among the bunch of Common Guild players.

“Don’t look down on us!”

“Kill him!”

A bunch of players rushed towards Blue Maple. Warriors were leaping, Knights were charging and Swordsmen were slashing. All of them greeted Blue Maple with animosity as they tried to encircle him.


They were also given a shock when they realized how powerful Blue Maple was. However, they had yet to see him suffer a single point of damage. He didn’t even don any protective gear, which gave an indication that his weakness might be his defense. They reckoned that he couldn’t possibly handle all the attacks that were dealt towards him altogether!

However, this had always been part of Blue Maple’s plan. He allowed them to encircle him, which allowed them to potentially trap him.

At this moment, Blue Maple calmly consumed a mana potion.

Everyone tensed up when they saw this!

“It’s a trap!”

“Back off!”

Everyone stalled their charge and they were very quick at doing so too.

Pretty quick reflexes. Blue Maple thought.

However, it was all too late.

Sword Blade Lotus!


“Boom boom boom!!!”

Suddenly, Blue Maple’s sword ran riot once again! However, he changed his bunch of targets this time. His intentions also changed…

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