Chapter 165: Smooth Light's Death

Shit! Smooth Light felt a tightness in his heart when he saw that.

Smooth Light was thinking like everyone else. They believed that White Cherry had complained to Blue Maple, and what was coming was probably Blue Maple’s vengeance.

“Warriors, Knights! Charge. Don’t let him accumulate enough fire. Blast him, Wizards and Archers!” Smooth Light shouted furiously.

I didn’t want to provoke you, bastard. I thought killing Ghost Spike was enough to vent your anger if you’re just here to save the girl. But it looks like you’re an idiot, and you’ve listened to that bitch. You can’t fucking blame me now!”

Smooth Light thought to himself viciously. He naturally wouldn’t want to provoke Blue Maple, but both sides were starting to balance out with Blue Maple’s appearance, so he didn’t want any more variables.

But some people didn’t feel that way.

“Hahaha! That Blue Fire Devil guy is someone they’ve sent to bully your girlfriend. There’s nothing we can do to protect her. As for these fellows, kill them all! It’s unnegotiable!” Wolf God laughed out loud as he sounded like he was afraid he couldn’t stir things up enough.

“Shut up, you dumb dog!” Smooth Light yelled as he lunged at Wolf God.

Some things were better off unsaid. The last thing he wanted to see was Blue Maple becoming angry.

Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire started burning more intensely and quickly covered a large area, and the cherry trees inside began burning.


A cherry tree couldn’t withstand the burn from Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire and collapsed.

White Cherry felt a pain in her heart as she watched it happen.

“There’s no route back since we’ve made this choice. We will be the ones to absorb all the contempt,” said Blue Maple plainly like this was just some normal event.

That was the truth. Blue Maple had always been someone to play the role of the villain, just like what he had said to Dazed Kitty when she fell for the first time: This world always needed villains…

“Yes.” White Cherry responded with a whisper.

She reached out with her slender fingers and pointed in the Common Guild’s direction.

Everybody would undoubtedly perceive her gesture as a sign which meant: “They are the ones who were bullying me. Help me… take revenge.”

The Knights who were charging at Blue Maple and White Cherry felt their hearts skip a beat when they saw that, while the other players with long-range classes also tightened their grips on their weapons.

“Then… let’s begin.”

“Blue Maple whispered as he unleashed 80% of his Heavenly Fire!


Flames surged into the sky!

These flames were 80% of Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire after he absorbed again. The power of his Heavenly Fire in conjunction with the fire in the outer world engulfed everything around them. The pillars of fire were burning to more than ten meters and immediately cocooned Blue Maple and White Cherry within!

This scene frightened both the close-combat players who were still charging over and the long-range players who were already in position.

This was terrifying momentum but unleashing his Heavenly Fire like that was equivalent to using a big and frightening skill for him.

The reason was because unleashing so much fire at once meant those raging flames couldn’t be reabsorbed, and they weren’t gradually accumulating. They were mixed into relatively gentler flames, and even those flames that were relatively gentler could no longer be absorbed.

That also meant that Blue Maple wouldn’t be able to use Heavenly Fire for a short period of time after this instance.

This was equivalent to Blue Maple using a formidable skill with a very long cooldown!

Somewhere else along Kunishi Bridge and far away from the battlefield, another group of people noticed what was happening here.

The roaring flames were truly terrifying that instilled fear in onlookers, even for those who were far away.

Those flames are… Ocean Waves stared closely at the flames in the distance as he thought about a figure frightenedly.

“It’s him! But aren’t two Japanese guilds fighting over there right now?” Ice Rose was a little confused as she spoke.

“Let’s take a look!”



Then, they noticed that there was another young girl who was also here to watch…



The roaring flames were starting to spread in the Common Guild’s direction. The cherry trees along the way were like feathers as they were swallowed into the ocean of fire.

Blue Maple had become a lot more adept with his control over fire after his third class advancement, and the system’s precise numbers were displayed in his head.

Blue Maple’s effective control over Heavenly Fire could reach fifty thousand cubic meters!

Any flames beyond that volume would become destructive, explosive, and uncontrollable!

That volume was equivalent to an effective volume of control of one hundred meters in diameter and one meter high!

The fire was starting to flatten out as the sinister dancing flames stretched gradually in the Common Guild’s direction, while Blue Maple and White Cherry appeared.

White Cherry was no longer leaning against Blue Maple’s side, and she placed her hands over each other in front of her body as she followed behind Blue Maple. She was just watching him quietly from behind.

The reason was that Blue Maple was covered entirely in blue flames, while the surrounding flames were bowing down to him like they were subordinates and he was the king.

The flames beneath Blue Maple’s feet followed behind him gradually. Blue Maple had gained this ability after levelling up, and the fire that he unleashed could move slowly along with him. The close-combat players who were initially charging at Blue Maple were now retreating fearfully.

“How… how can that be!”

“Does he not need time to accumulate his flames? How can this be?!”

“That’s impossible. This must be a bug in the game, or a plug-in! How can players at this stage have control over such terrifying power!”



Everyone was shocked by Blue Maple’s display and his power. However, this wasn’t their fault at humans reacted in the same way to all things unknown. They quivered in fear, and they would only fight vehemently for their survival when their lives were truly threatened.

This was why they didn’t know that Blue Maple’s fire had a fatal weakness. His flames moved very slowly, and his defence was very weak!

They only had to throw everything they had at White Cherry or Blue Maple within the patch of fire for a little while before all the fire would be completely expended.

10% of Blue Maple’s volume of Heavenly Fire could only sustain Dazed Kitty’s attacks for a short while. There were thousands of players here, and a wave of long-range bombardment would probably consume most of what he had.

However, they were so afraid that they didn’t even think about retaliating, especially when…

They watched Blue Maple… vanish!

Vanishing Shadow was used.

“Disappear… he’s disappeared…”

One player trembled as he spoke. He was already witnessing such a terrifying sight, and when the person responsible for it all vanished into thin air even though he was just a Swordsman, this player started feeling tremendous pressure in his heart.

“Don’t panic! He has a skill that allows him to go invisible temporarily. Don’t let him scare you! If you can’t target him, then target the girl! Close-combat players, eat your potions and charge into the fire!” Smooth Light repelled Wolf God as he shouted at the other players from the Common Guild.

Smooth Light was a decent leader even though he was a terrible personality. Unfortunately…

He was wrong about two things.

First, White Cherry wasn’t that easy to deal with amid the endless energy provided by the burning cherry trees.

Secondly, Blue Maple’s Vanishing Shadow didn’t just give him a short period of invisibility. Vanishing Shadow was a true invisibility skill! Furthermore, this was an invisibility skill that belonged to a SSS-rank hidden class!

“Players from the Deities Guild. Long-range suppression! Don’t let those fellows succeed, and protect lady White Cherry!” Wolf God was pushed away as he tried to command his guild members.

“Tch. You’re an idiot. If you kill White Cherry, then all of you are going to end up in even worse situations. The frightening flames will probably transform into sword qi, tsk tsk… If they explode through your team, that sight must be even more beautiful than cherry blossoms.”

Wolf God turned towards Smooth Light and then at the patch of terrifying blue flames before his mouth curved into a smile while he started teasing him.

“Bastard! Why don’t you focus on yourself first?” Smooth Light shouted furiously as he prepared to use one of his stronger skills.

Cold Burst Spike!

That skill was Smooth Light’s signature move. It enabled him to attack very quickly and fiercely after a one-second channelling time. His opponents typically couldn’t react quickly enough to dodge his attack, while it also dealt high amounts of damage. Wolf God had always been fearful about that.

Wolf God was about to defend himself against Smooth Light’s attack with a solemn look on his face when something extraordinary happened!


A long sword suddenly pierced right through Smooth Light’s heart from behind!



Smooth Light’s pupil contracted as his eyes were overcome with fear and incredulity!

The blade was dripping with fresh blood from Smooth Light’s heart as they splattered down gradually.

“Smooth Light, sir!”


The Common Guild’s members hollered frightfully at the same time, but none of them could hurry over as they were held down by the Deities Guild’s players.

“Yes, you should focus on yourself.” Blue Maple’s cold words could be heard from behind Smooth Light’s back.

This was the reason why Blue Maple used Vanishing Shadow as he couldn’t be more familiar with the logic of cutting off the head of the snake before anything else. Everyone believed that Blue Maple was hiding somewhere in the ocean of flames and was preparing to attack while protecting White Cherry at the same time, when he took the initiative to come out and ambush Smooth Light instead.

Smooth Light also believed that Blue Maple was hiding within the sea of fire, and that was the reason why he asked everyone to attack White Cherry. He wanted to force Blue Maple out of the fire, out from his temporary invisibility, with that move so that the other close-combat players could charge in.



Smooth Light fell to the ground reluctantly, and he couldn’t even finish his sentence.

Smooth Light wasn’t left with much hit points as he had been locked in battle with Wolf God for a long time. He was impatient and wanted to deal with Wolf God as quickly as possible, so he didn’t have time to replenish his hit points. In the end, Blue Maple managed to ambush him.

Smooth Light also miscalculated two fatal mistakes, and he would have been wary of Blue Maple’s ambush otherwise.

Smooth Light’s fight with Wolf God was still some distance away, so it wasn’t very easy for Blue Maple to ambush him even if he wanted to as he would have to weave through throngs of people.

Blue Maple said nothing more after killing Smooth Light as he disappeared in front of everyone once more, and even Wolf God felt his heart skip a beat.

Wolf God found it frightening even just thinking about Blue Maple’s frightening attack and his ability to go invisible.

Those players who were going after White Cherry were also brutally repelled at the same time. The close-combat players couldn’t break through the sea of fire to reach White Cherry due to the Deities Guild’s long-range suppression. Instead, they suffered heavy losses. Blue Maple’s flames had burning effects that were comparable to long-range bombardment after his third class advancement.

There was less to be said about the players who were attacking at long range. The Archers were still alright, as they could whittle down some of the flames as the fire blocked their arrows. However, Wizards’ attacks, especially fire-type attacks, were almost considered fuel for his Heavenly Fire to absorb.

“Hahaha! Charge with me, members of the Deities Guild! Their vice-captain is dead, and their captain isn’t here. Kill them all!” Wolf God immediately reacted as he commandeered the Deities Guild’s player and prepared for retaliation.

Smooth Light and Ghost Spike’s death dealt a huge blow to the Common Guild’s members. Even though they still had more numbers and were still stronger than the Deities Guild’s players, it wasn’t hard to see that the Common Guild was in disarray.

However, the Deities Guild would have to pay a huge price even if they won this battle eventually.

Blue Maple still hadn’t achieved his goal. He wanted to act like he was furious, to the point where he would channel his Heavenly Fire to burn down the entire patch of cherry trees, so that public contempt towards the Common Guild’s players would all be switched to him.

Smooth Light had just called for his subordinates to attack White Cherry, and that was a great excuse.

Then… this was probably the time to attack the Common Guild’s normal players, and time to burn down most of the cherry trees.

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