Chapter 162: Your Hair is a Little Long

Why did they choose such a timing to attack us? Don’t they know that there are many players here to admire cherry blossoms? White Cherry was puzzled as she wondered to herself.

If this cherry blossoms garden is destroyed, many people won’t be able to see the cherry blossoms. If they miss this opportunity, they’ll have to wait for next year. Clearly…it hasn’t been easy for everyone to finally have a chance to admire cherry blossoms.

White Cherry knew that she wasn’t the only one who was waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom. There were many other Japanese waiting for this moment. Perhaps the Chinese didn’t have the same belief, but the Japanese treasured this moment very dearly.

Even so, the Common Guild ambushed them for their own profits. Even at the expense of incurring everyone’s wrath, they were still intent on wreaking havoc on this glorious day.

Why do they have to do this? For a Cherry Blossom Treant? Don’t they know that such a moment is invaluable? Isn’t it more valuable than a Cherry Blossom Treant?

White Cherry was clueless. She knew the reason, but she couldn’t comprehend the logic. She couldn’t understand why another Japanese guild would ruin such a day although there were conflicts between the Japanese guilds.

Such a perfect garden and such a beautiful blooming season were rare in real life.


A cherry blossoms tree was struck by a bolt of fire. It broke into half and started burning.

Cherry blossoms scattered into the air, dancing as they were guided by the heatwaves. The perpetrator continued to wield his magic staff and unleash his next Skill.

White Cherry was stunned as she looked at the fallen tree. She was helpless as the tree was buried by the fiery flames.

What she didn’t know was that a threat was getting closer and closer just as she was regretful about the fallen tree…

If only Blue Maple was here. He could have control the fire…White Cherry hopefully thought to herself. She knew that Blue Maple was immune to such ordinary flames and knew that he could control them.

Suddenly, she shook her head.

No, if Maple was here, he would have burned down all these trees. Because…She was imagining things now.

“Be careful!”

White Cherry was pushed aside!


She was also given a shock by this sudden situation.

She knew the person who pushed her. It was another Priest who was standing close to her. When she turned to look at him, he was already down.

She knew the assassin!

That’s…that’s the person who ambushed Maple?! She suddenly thought. She even asked Moon Spirit about this person. She knew he was called Ghost Spike!

“Enemy ambush!”

At this moment, the Archers from the Divine Guild realized that something was amiss. They immediately fired a warning, but it was too late.

Just as Ghost Spike was about to attack White Cherry, the other Thieves had already made their moves. Under Ghost Spike’s command, they deftly avoided the detection of the Archers.

Although a few of them were discovered beforehand, they were just regarded as normal Thieves that were just being a nuisance. Not much attention was paid to them.

Ghost Spike concealed himself again after his failed assassination attempt. He disappeared.

At this moment, the closer Warriors also came to provide help. They joined in resisting the Thieves. This time, Ghost Spike had brought over too many elite players. The Archers were simply overwhelmed.

“Bastard! Why is Ghost Spike in Gong Liang City? Isn’t he with his stupid chairman at Tsunemoto City?” Wolf God was both outraged and astonished.

He couldn’t rush back in time even after he discovered this, because…

“Hey hey, you dog! Don’t look around when you are fighting me…”


Smooth Light tried to slash Wolf God with his pike. Wolf God could only block with his sword. At the same time, he was being dominated.

“Fuck! You guys are selfish!” Wolf God roared as he blocked Smooth Light’s pike.

Smooth Light staggered two steps back. He widened the gap between Wolf God and himself.

“Aiya, you are very right about this. However, we’ll have died on Earth if we aren’t like this. How could we have come to this beautiful world if we aren’t like this?”

“Precisely because of that, we have to do what we want in this world. After all, you won’t really die in this world. What’s there to be afraid of?”

Smooth Light mocked. The look on his face was utterly disgusting and irksome.

He wasn’t guilty about destroying the cherry blossoms that everyone loved. They did whatever pleased them. This attitude also drove them to wreak havoc in this gaming world.

In this broken world, a game was the only place where they could vent their frustrations.

However, this game wasn’t like the previous game. The people in this game didn’t treat venting their frustrations and finding an escape as their main goal.

Most of them were here to enjoy. They were here to enjoy peace…

“Your guild will soon be wiped off from this game! You are all parasites!” Wolf God was furious as he wielded his sword. He started slashing towards Smooth Light.

Since I can’t escape, I might as well slay this bastard!

“Hahaha, just in time!” Smooth Light also laughed like a maniac as he tried to spear with his pike.


Just as both of them were about to clash, Ghost Spike decided not to back away after his failed attempt earlier.

He was a proud fellow. He had targeted White Cherry earlier. He noticed how good she was at healing and felt that she had to be the backbone of the bunch of Priests. That was why he targeted her.

However, his plan was foiled by a guy who was secretly peeking at White Cherry. He pushed her away and sacrificed his life for her.

However, his pride didn’t allow him to fail. He wanted to attack once more. He was determined to succeed this time, as White Cherry no longer had anyone protecting her.

There was only a clumsy Knight.

I must kill that woman this time. I’ll see how you escape without an idiot helping you!

Ghost Spike deviously thought to himself at a blind spot. At the same time, he was excited as he clenched onto his dagger.

There is no room for failure this time!

He carefully inched towards White Cherry.

White Cherry had only recovered her senses after her teammate’s death at this point. She also knew that it wasn’t time to be emotional. Moon Spirit provided her with powerful items and gear. She had to live up to them.

She quietly thanked the guy who sacrificed his life for her before continuing to devote her attention to provide healing treatment.

She also knew that such an ambush could only constitute one wave of attack. If it was successful, the Divine Guild would lose half of its Priests. The Warriors at the frontline wouldn’t be healed and would die very quickly.

White Cherry had no choice but to focus her attention on healing the Warriors.

Her guard was also let down because of this. She didn’t know that there was another targeted attack towards her. It wasn’t over.

Even if the Archers increased their degree of surveillance and she even had a Knight to protect her, such safeguards were almost useless against Ghost Spike.

I just need to get closer…Ghost Spike was already excited as he thought to himself. He was inching closer and closer to White Cherry.

Just a little bit more…He was getting a little too excited now.

He loved the euphoria of successfully killing his target. It was also his motivation for hanging on in this broken world.

White Cherry and the others had not noticed Ghost Spike’s presence yet.

At this moment, Ghost Spike had already excitedly placed his dagger in front of his chest. If he got slightly closer, he would be able to charge over. He could kill White Cherry just as the Knight reacted to his sudden appearance!

Everyone was tense because of the fight. No one knew that enemies had infiltrated their base ad one of them was already quickly closing in on White Cherry.

Ghost Spike was also already where he had planned to be!


Ghost Spike was about to attack!

“Be careful!”

Wolf God had been noticing the movements around White Cherry. He had secretly sent over the Knight too. He was afraid of Ghost Spike’s second attempt. However, he was still too late. Ghost Spike had already raised his dagger.

That Knight tried to intervene, but Ghost Spike slipped right past him!

White Cherry was too late to react!

Just as Ghost Spike thought that he was about to get what he wanted, he suddenly shuddered! His pupils shrank and goosebumps raised!

He felt as if a terrifying demon had its eyes on him!

He also felt as if he had descended into boundless darkness. He felt abnormally cold!

It was at this moment!

Great Rainbow!!!


A terrifying bolt of blue light quaked all the players around. It shot straight in White Cherry’s direction like a bolt of lightning. More accurately speaking, it was aimed straight at White Cherry’s back.

The players who witnessed this bolt of blue light were taken aback!

Wherever it passed, it left players petrified. They were all afraid that it was targeted at them.

It was unstoppable and contained a terrifying killing intent. It was targeting Ghost Spike!

He rigidly turned his attack. When he saw the bolt of light, he felt as if a ray of blue light had flashed and a figure had quickly come in front of him.

The next thing he felt was a strong chill in his chest!

A sword had stabbed right through his heart!

Excruciating pain immediately engulfed him. He finally saw the face of the figure. It was a familiar face that once left him completely terrified.

“It’s you…”

Blue Maple didn’t respond. He just glared at him as he murdered him.



Ghost Spike was flung away as everyone else watched in astonishment!

A huge hole had been stabbed in his chest! The injury was lethal!

No one would have survived that 16000+ damage!

Everyone temporarily forgot about the fight. They were all terrified by what had just happened.

The elegant entrance, unstoppable attack, and terrifying damage left an indelible impression in everyone’s mind.

Blue Maple was still holding onto his sword that was dripping with fresh blood. He stood in front of White Cherry but didn’t say a single word.

It felt as if no one else existed…

White Cherry didn’t panic. She knew Blue Maple was the one when she saw the blue light!

She was gently smiling now.

“Your hair is a little long.”

Her gentle voice, heartwarming smile and this unexpected reunion could leave one almost intoxicated. It was probably better than seeing full-bloomed cherry blossoms.

Blue Maple was as per normal, replying nonchalantly…

“I know.”

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