Chapter 161: Imminent Crisis

We are under attack at Kunishi Bridge. It’ll be disastrous if we lose a level now…Shit, I need to rush there now! Moon Spirit suddenly thought of something.

They were gathering guild creation tokens at this stage. If her team was killed, they’ll lose a level. It wasn’t the end either.

Once her main team was dead and if they spawned fast enough, Smooth Light could order his subordinates to stall other players from the Divine Union and stop them from returning to the city. Then, he could kill them once again.

Even if her main team resurrected and banded together to resist Smooth Light and his crew, it would be too late.

Losing a level wasn’t a huge thing. But there was a design in the game.


Every player’s Survivability was 50 points. Once it was drained, he would enter deep sleep and couldn’t participate in the game anymore.

However, there was another use of Survivability. It controlled the overall attributes of a player. Every time one’s Survivability fell by 1 point, his attributes fell by 1%!

This wasn’t even the main point yet. After all, what were 1 point of Survivability worth and 1% of one’s attributes worth?

The main point was – when one’s Survivability fell, he would enter a short period of enfeeblement after respawning. His overall attributes would fall by 50%. While they would gradually restore, one would only restore up until 90% of their original attributes in the enfeebled state. This enfeeblement would only completely disappear after twenty-four hours.

This meant that the overall attributes of Moon Spirit’s team would fall by at least 10% in the next 24 hours if they died!

“If I let that bastard Smooth Light get what he wants, we can’t fight for the Cherry Blossom Treant.” Moon Spirit was anxious as she said.

At this moment, Moon Spirit recalled the message that they received the day before. It stated that a Rank 90 Spirit Boss would appear on the night before the full bloom of the cherry blossoms, close to Kunishi Bridge.

Rank 90 Spirit Boss – Cherry Blossom Treant!

After the pet system was revised, the ranks of monsters were also further classified. They weren’t just ordinary, Elite, and Demon anymore.

They still existed, but only applied for ordinary Bosses. Other Bosses would be categorized according to pet ranks.

Spirit Monsters were the equivalent of Elite Bosses while Spirit Elementals were the equivalent of Demon Bosses. As for Spirit Ancestors, Spirit Sovereigns, and the rest, they were equivalent to even stronger Bosses.

There were such classifications for specific reasons. Apart from obtaining guild creation tokens from killing such Bosses, there was also a huge probability of getting a pet with a corresponding rank!

By killing a Cherry Blossom Treant now, Moon Spirit could obtain a permanent, Spirit Elemental seedling, as the treant would be much higher-ranking than her.

Although plant-type pets were immobile, they were very useful in positional warfare. If Blue Maple wasn’t strong enough and didn’t have the Heavenly Fire, he wouldn’t have defeated the treants so easily.

Just as Moon Spirit was anxious, Blue Maple turned cold. Because…White Cherry could be at Kunishi Bridge.

“Hey, where exactly is Kunishi Bridge?” Blue Maple’s cold voice echoed as he demanded a response.

“What’s your point of asking? I’m going there now. Just follow me!” Moon Spirit was also very anxious. She became even more annoyed when Blue Maple impolitely asked her.

She didn’t realize the fury in his tone of voice.

At this moment, a ray of light shone from her body. She was quickly being equipped as the light shone.

“That would be too late. Where’s Kunishi Bridge? I must rush over immediately.” Blue Maple was anxious for an immediate response.

“I told you – just follow me. Even if you go now, you have no cherry blossoms to see. You can only watch a fight!” Moon Spirit was frustrated or even a little furious now. She felt that Blue Maple’s questions were getting on her nerves.

“Wait a minute. Cherry blossoms…shit, Cherry-san is still there!” Moon Spirit suddenly thought of White Cherry and started to panic.

“Then tell me where Kunishi Bridge is!” Blue Maple retorted.

“Why are you still so intent on seeing the cherry blossoms…wait a minute! Don’t tell me…you know that Cherry-san is at Kunishi Bridge?”

Moon Spirit was about to burst out in anger, but she recalled that Blue Maple seemed to have…something to do with White Cherry. If that was the case…

Don’t tell me White Cherry went over so early in the morning to…wait for him? Moon Spirit was astonished as she thought to herself.

“Now, location!” Blue Maple was starting to get really angry.

He had been asking for such a long time but had yet to elicit a proper answer.

Moon Spirit couldn’t be blamed. As a team leader in the Divine Guild, she had to think about her responsibilities. Blue Maple had disappeared for two months. How could she have remembered his relation to White Cherry?

“If you exit from this gate and proceeded about nine kilometers in the two o’clock direction, that’s where the bridge is.” Moon Spirit quickly answered. She was well-aware of where the different places were since she was a team leader.

“Nine kilometers…” Blue Maple softly said. He started to estimate in his head.

At the same time, he took off his glasses. He was no longer suppressed…initiate!

A strong aura came from Blue Maple’s body. Moon Spirit and Little Mi could only sense the surge in strength that came from him. It even made them a little breathless.

They also felt like this because Blue Maple had unleashed his killing intent.

White Cherry was only at Kunishi Bridge because she was waiting for him. Although he didn’t know what fear of death was, he wasn’t going to forgive anyone if she was to die!


A streak of blue fire shot out from his body. This caused Moon Spirit and Little Mi to unwittingly stagger back.

“This is…” Moon Spirit was also stunned when she saw the blue fire.

The lights from the fire were reflected off her pupils. They were extremely bright.

She recalled that Blue Maple had one started such a fire at the city gate because of White Cherry. She also thought of the nickname that Japanese players gave to Blue Maple…

“Blue…Blue…Bluefire Devil!” Little Mi was stuttering as she screamed.

She also watched that famous video and was terrified by Blue Maple’s abilities. However, a long time had passed. That was why she couldn’t recognize him. She was instantly reminded when she saw his blue fire now!

The swish of a sword was heard as it appeared in Blue Maple’s left hand. He’d summoned his Abyss Sword!

After this, the Abyss Sword disappeared along with Blue Maple as he teleported away using his Heavenly Fire.

The blue fire also dissipated…

Only Moon Spirit and Little Mi were left behind. They had yet to recover from their shock.

“Long…long-distance teleportation?!” Moon Spirit knew some things about Blue Maple, and so was less shocked. However, she was immediately stunned by Blue Maple’s teleportation technique.

It was not a surprise either. To Blue Maple, it was probably what he resorted to when he was in a rush. However, to Moon Spirit, it was a divine skill that was employed in guerilla warfare!

“Little Mi, that should be a long-distance teleportation. You have the most expertise on skills…” Moon Spirit stopped just as she was asking halfway. Because…

“Blue…Bluefire Devil…he’s so handsome…”

Cute Little Mi was in a trance. She was even salivating…She was even more captivated than Little Wen…


Moon Spirit face-palmed.

“Forget it, I shall just contact that pervert.” Moon Spirit didn’t bother about the obsessed Little Mi.

As she said, she called the number that had phoned her earlier for help. She was soon connected.

“Hey, are you still alive?” Moon Spirit calmly asked.

Even if one was dead, he could still pick up such a call.

“Team leader Moon Spirit, how long will you take to arrive? Without your leadership, we won’t be able to hold on for long!” An anxious voice was heard from the other side. There wasn’t even time to connect a video call. It was just a voice call.

“Uh, I’m not coming anymore. Hang on.” Moon Spirit said. She sounded like she didn’t care at all.

“What? No! Team leader Moon Spirit, I won’t upskirt you anymore. Come over now. I can’t hang on any further! Fuck, that bastard just hacked me?!”

Moon Spirit clenched her fists. She was furious.

“This pervert…” She shuddered as she said.

She was an Archer and wore a leather skirt. She didn’t expect to be upskirted by the pervert.

“Go and die! Pervert! Lecher! If you don’t show your guild emblem and get burned to death, it’s not my fault! Hmph!”

“Ding!” She hung up.

“Hey? Hey? Er…” Wolf God asked twice, but no one responded.

He was the vice-team leader of Moon Spirit’s team – Wolf God. He was normally a pervert, which was why Moon Spirit called him that.

He was a Knight.

Wolf God realized that things had gone utterly wrong. The backbone of his team wasn’t going to come over to assist him.

“Shit, Moon Spirit-san seems to be really angry…” Wolf God awkwardly said.

“If I’d known, I wouldn’t have talked about upskirting her. She wore safety shorts anyway. I didn’t get anything…stupid safety shorts. It’s the worst invention ever!”

Even if he had this in mind, he still had to hang on now that his team leader was going to come.

“Archers, stand by the Priests. Don’t be attacked by the Thieves!” He shouted at the Archers behind.

At the same time, he also looked at White Cherry, who was helping to replenish the HP of the Warriors in front. She was kind, gentle and beautiful When she was invited to join the guild by Moon Spirit, she had already caught everyone’s attention.

She became even more attention-catching in such a messy situation.

It’ll be great if I can have such a girlfriend. It’s a pity Moon Spirit treats me like a thief. Haih~ Wolf God sighed to himself.

If Moon Spirit isn’t coming, why did she ask me to show my guild emblem? Is she afraid that someone I don’t know will burn me? Cheh. Wolf God appeared scornful.

Everyone in the team knew who he was. Only an ordinary member would show his guild emblem to avoid being wrongfully attacked.

Forget it, I’ll just do what she says. Listening to a beauty is the right thing to do. Okay, I shall continue killing.

After he finished speaking, he revealed his emblem and rushed forward.

He didn’t realize that Ghost Spike had led a team of elite assassins over. They were inching closer and closer to the Priests.

White Cherry was at where the bunch of Priests was at.

Under Ghost Spike’s command, the Archers didn’t realize it at all…

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