Chapter 160: Kunishi Bridge Attack

27th March – Full bloom of cherry blossoms in Japan.

On this day, many Japanese put their quests to one side and proceeded to where the cherry blossoms bloomed. Many players from other neighboring cities also traveled to watch the full bloom of cherry blossoms.

Aika City was one of those cities.

It was early in the morning, but the sun was already shining brightly. The sky was clear and the weather was great.

“Is this Gong Liang City? This is indeed Japan. There are so many beauties in kimono.” Grey Leaf was in awe as he looked at the people around him.

Contract Guardian, Distance and the rest were equally awed. Ocean Waves couldn’t help but sigh when he witnessed their behavior.

“Can you guys be more decent? This is a city in another country. We’re also going to look at the cherry blossoms in the countryside.” Ocean Waves nagged at them.

“Come, take a look. There’s an Asian beauty there. She looks pretty good.”



Ocean Waves was ignored.

Ocean Waves and his team knew that cherry blossoms had bloomed near Gong Liang City. They decided to travel over to take a look and enjoy themselves.

This time, Dazed Kitty wasn’t around. She had temporarily detached herself from the team. She proceeded to find the Felines and undertake a hidden quest for her advancement.

“Rose, stop frowning. Are you still thinking of that incident?” Ocean Waves asked Ice Rose.

He had already given up on those few hormonal fellows and turned his attention to Ice Rose. He realized that she was frowning as she was thinking about something.

“Hmm, I still can’t figure out why he didn’t kill me.” Ice Rose furrowed her brow.

“Stop mulling over it. Such people can be very strange.” Ocean Waves said.

“But he also asked me why I liked roses. Also…there seemed to be something on his mind when I looked at him. It feels like…he didn’t kill me because of that.” Ice Rose was uncertain as she guessed.

“What else can it be? Perhaps it’s because your reply was similar to what he thought of, or that your reply was similar to that of his partner, so he didn’t kill you.” Ocean Waves explained.

As someone who once served in the military, Ocean Waves was well-aware of characters like Blue Maple. It was very rare for such characters to be alone. Usually, there were two of them or some kind of organization.

After all, one didn’t have health insurance if he performed quests on his own. What he could do would be greatly limited.

“But…I still feel that it has something to do with me. The way he looked at me…it seems like…there’s a hint of sorrow…” Ice Rose was uncertain and her voice was getting softer and softer.

“Sorrow? How is that possible? Forget it, stop thinking about it. Let’s go and admire some cherry blossoms. We shall take some photos and videos for Dazed Kitty.”

As he spoke, Ocean Waves didn’t even bother if Ice Rose agreed with him. He grabbed her wrist and chased after the few guys in front.

“Ah! Ocean Waves, slow down…” Ice Rose screamed.

She was given a shock as she was dragged. However, this also made her stop thinking about Blue Maple.


At the same time, a light flashed because of a unidirectional, long-distance teleportation formation in Azeriya. An elegant figure had been teleported over. A corresponding unidirectional teleportation formation also shone in Gong Liang City…


In a hotel booked by the Divine Guild.

“Sister Moon Spirit, are you done?” A cute-looking girl was rushing Moon Spirit from outside Moon Spirit’s room.

“Alright, seriously, why do we have to rush? Our people have already gone to reserve some seats. Are you really afraid that we won’t have a good viewing spot?” Moon Spirit’s slightly annoyed voice sounded from her room.

“Yes, Sister Moon Spirit! You are too slow! Why must you wear a kimono to admire the cherry blossoms? You haven’t eaten breakfast too. We still have to eat later too.” Little Mi pouted her lips as she complained.

At this moment, the door to the room opened. A smooth hand reached out before a finger flicked against Little Mi’s forehead.

“Ah! Painful…”

Little Mi rubbed her forehead pitifully.

“Hehe, what do you know? Cherry blossoms and kimono are a match made in heaven. Those who are in traditional European attire are disrespecting our beautiful cherry blossoms.”

At this moment, Moon Spirit slightly raised her jaw and confidently said.

“Why did you have to flick my forehead…wow! Sister Moon Spirit, you are gorgeous!” Little Mi was still complaining, but her attention was soon diverted.

Moon Spirit was dressed in a pink kimono that had patterns of cherry blossoms. Her curves were nicely accentuated by the kimono. Her retro-styled hair complemented her fashion and she put on some light makeup on her face.

Her beauty was fully on display.

“Right? I told you to buy one set of kimono too, but you refused. Now you can only regret your decision.”

“Oo…I am. However, I’m just afraid that the Common Guild will stir trouble.” Little Mi indignantly explained herself.

“Fool, there are guys to help us. I’ll still have to change my attire too.” The expression on Moon Spirit’s face seemed as if she was reproaching Little Mi for being foolish.

“Sister Moon Spirit, stop talking. I’m feeling really regretful now…” Little Mi’s expression turned bitter.

Moon Spirit was amused when she saw Little Mi like this. However, she soon furrowed her brow.

“Seriously, White Chery? She ran off so early. Is she that fond of cherry blossoms?” Moon Spirit muttered to herself.

“Are you fit to talk about Sister White Cherry…” Little Mi mumbled.

“What did you say?” Moon Spirit’s expression contorted.

“Ya! Nothing, I’m just saying that both you and Sister White Cherry are beautiful. Haha…” Little Mi perked up and rushed to placate Moon Spirit.

“Hmph, go and get breakfast!”


Little Mi shook her head helplessly.


Gong Liang City Gourmet Street.

A leisurely figure was strolling down the street. This person was dressed in a black shirt and long pants. He also wore boots. His deep-blue coat swayed as he walked. His attention-catching deep-blue hair was outrageously long. His glasses also refracted light, making it impossible to see his eyes.

He was Blue Maple. He came out onto the street early in the morning to search for food, although he did slightly oversleep.


He let out a long yawn.

He’d slept early the night before, which probably made him too relaxed. That caused him to oversleep. He wasn’t completely awake even after he washed up.

Doesn’t seem to be anything nice. I’ll just grab something to go…

Blue Maple thought to himself. Then, he walked into the nearest shop and bought something that he didn’t know to fill his stomach.

Soon, he finished his food. After that, he started drinking a beverage that he randomly bought. Unlike most other players, he didn’t have the habit of drinking milk in the morning.

He walked out of the shop and back into the street.

It’s about time. I wonder if there are many people admiring cherry blossoms…

As he drank his beverage, his train of thought was interrupted…

No one was on the street anymore. Only a few cherry blossoms were being blown by the wind, swirling in the air…


Everyone was gone.

“Is…everyone off to see the cherry blossoms?” Blue Maple flicked his fringe and was a little annoyed as he said.

There were originally some players on the street. However, they’d all vanished after he exited the shop. They were off to see cherry blossoms.

It wasn’t a surprise that all the players were fond of seeing the cherry blossoms. As global warming became more serious, sea levels rose and a large part of Japan sunk. Cherry blossoms became rarer and rarer. Along with worsening environmental conditions on Earth, cherry blossoms became even more of a rarity.

It was a pity that they were a rare sight even though cherry blossoms were supposed to be the national flower of Japan. If the Japanese wanted to see these cherry blossoms, they could probably only admire them in the game.

The worsening environmental conditions were the work of humans. They couldn’t admire cherry blossoms because the war caused too much wreckage.

As a person who didn’t take sides, Blue Maple knew all of these at the back of his mind. He’d already regretted making this decision to see cherry blossoms. However…

I shall go in the afternoon. It should be fine as long as I make a trip there today.

He pondered for a moment before turning back towards his hotel. He wanted to make up for the ‘lack of sleep’ that he was suffering.

He quickened his pace as he thought of how blissful and happy everyone would be when they saw the cherry blossoms. He didn’t want to see such a scene for himself, which further discouraged him.

As he traversed back on his original route, the street got even more cold and empty. The NPC hawkers were no longer selling any food or drinks. The entire street was completely engulfed by silence.

Blue Maple continued to walk, but he was gradually slowing down. He slightly lowered his head as he strolled along the street.

He couldn’t help but think of cherry blossoms and the people admiring them. Finally…

He thought of how he would possibly wait from morning to noon and a beautiful white figure…


The cup in his hand cracked suddenly.

He couldn’t control himself and grabbed onto it a little too tight. That caused the cup to crack.

At the same time, he stopped where he was and stopped walking back.

For a brief moment…

Why do I want to see cherry blossoms? Am I an idiot?

He mumbled to himself. Then, he slowly lifted his head. He looked at the clear sky and burned the cup into ashes at the same time. The ashes dispersed as a breeze blew.

Eventually, he turned around. He proceeded towards the best viewing point – Kunishi Bridge. He didn’t know its exact location, but he figured out that he could just ask for directions. However, he wasn’t too keen on doing that.

I can just ask an NPC or another player. I’ll just go back if no one knows. Blue Maple thought to himself.

In fact, he knew that it was impossible that no one knew where Kunishi Bridge was. How probable was that? He was just giving himself an excuse…

“Little Mi, is everyone gone? Why isn’t there anyone at Gourmet Street?”

Blue Maple heard a female voice at this moment.

“Sister Moon Spirit, you were too slow…”

Moon Spirit? Blue Maple didn’t recall anything, as he didn’t take notice of others’ names back then.

“What did you say?”

“What?! Nothing, let’s eat breakfast.”


“Eh?” Little Mi was stunned when she saw Blue Maple.

At this moment, Blue Maple met Moon Spirit and Little Mi at a corner of the street.

“You are?” Moon Spirit was a little dazed, but she soon recalled.

Blue Maple’s memory was also jolted when he saw Moon Spirit. He met her in the Mercenary Union when he came across White Cherry. She was the one who warned him, but Blue Maple had no intention of catching up.

“Do you know where Kunishi Bridge is?” Blue Maple immediately asked. He was polite, although he still sounded cold.


Moon Spirit was a little caught off guard by the question and didn’t react in time.

“Di di di!!! Di di…”

A beeping notification sounded at this moment.

“Uhm, please…wait a minute.” Moon Spirit was a little confused. Everything happened too quickly.

As she picked up the call she received, an anxious male voice echoed.

“Team leader Moon Spirit! That bastard Smooth Light snuck attacked us at Kunishi Bridge. We’ve suffered heavy losses! Quick, come over and help us!”

“What?!” Moon Spirit and Little Mi exclaimed.

Not only this…

“What’s going on?” Blue Maple asked in an interrogatory manner.

His killing intent erupted suddenly!

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