Chapter 156: Liquor

“How many Dwarves can I deploy with this? What about their ranks?” Blue Maple asked.

He wasn’t interested in any military stuff. He was only concerned about whether he could deploy some Dwarves for the fun of it. After all, it should be quite fun and interesting to bring along a bunch of NPCs while trying to level up.

“This is the lowest-ranked one. You can only deploy 10 Dwarves. As for their ranks, it should be below Rank 7o.” Krugalo was a little awkward as he said.

“That’s a little…” Blue Maple mumbled as he said.

He didn’t know how difficult it was to obtain such a seal from another race, especially even more so since he’s met them for only the first time.

Blue Maple was a player who had just completed his third class advancement. His quest was to protect Kruje and his sister from a Rank 90 Demon Boss, but he completed it without even breaking a sweat.

It had to be at least a Rank SSS quest for ordinary players. Even if Blue Maple wanted to kill Garillo, he had to use some effort. After all, Garillo was partly hurt because of Old Man Fang’s fire pearl.

If any other players knew that Blue Maple was being fussy even after what he had gotten, they would certainly go crazy!

However, Blue Maple’s situation was also special. He didn’t lack anything…

“Err, about that…you aren’t one of us after all. If you lend us more help, we can still upgrade your seal.” Krugalo explained.

“Oh, can I deploy Dwarves from any tribe?”

Blue Maple didn’t wish that this seal could only be used in one tribe. If that was the case, he would rather get something else. Although he wasn’t very interested in tangible goods, he wasn’t interested in working for nothing either.

“Don’t worry. We are very united. Once you reveal this ax, you can deploy Dwarves from any tribe. The Goblins might even give you some advantages, such as discounts when getting their merchandise.” Krugalo assured Blue Maple.

“How can I upgrade this?”

Indeed, Blue Maple wasn’t very concerned about all these. However, he felt that it was better to ask since he’d already gotten the seal and given his cautious character. But then, it was also more likely for him to lose this seal rather than use it…

“That’s simple. You just need to continue helping Dwarves, then you’ll naturally upgrade the seal. It’s fine even if you can’t be bothered about deploying Dwarves. With this ax, we can give you discounts if you want to forge weapons in the future.”

“We can even sell you some fine liquor that won’t ever appear in your human market.” Krugalo revealed a mysterious smile on his face.

It seemed like the liquors the Dwarves sold weren’t ordinary at all.

“Fine liquor?” Blue Maple was stunned for a moment. He suddenly recalled the few jars of liquor in his backpack. He knew it was made by the Dwarves, but he didn’t know their ages.

“Yes, they are invaluable.” Krugalo was proud.

The other elders also appeared to very proud. They were very proud of their liquor.

“What’s the oldest liquor that you can sell to me?” Blue Maple curiously asked. However, he sounded as indifferent as ever.

“About that, I think the highest we can go is fifty years. That’s the limit. Even if it’s a fifty-year old liquor, we can only sell you one jar of it.” As he spoke, Krugalo sounded a little heart-ached.

“Fifty years…”

Blue Maple muttered to himself. He thought about how pricey a fifty-year-old fine liquor was in reality!

“That seems like a good idea. In the future, I should come here to purchase liquor…”

Blue Maple softly spoke to himself. Everyone was proud when they heard his words. His response was a recognition of the quality of their liquor. If Blue Maple only wanted to purchase from them, they would naturally be extremely pleased.

Of course, they didn’t welcome any biased or discriminatory humans.

“Yes! Come to us if you need to purchase liquor in the future. We’ll offer you the best you can find! Oh yes, I agreed to give you a few bottles of ten-year old liquor earlier. Clan leader, do you have any objections to that?” Klubdi was also grinning. Learning that their liquor was recognized by Blue Maple made him feel good.

“I have no objections. We don’t have many ten-year-old liquor, but you can take as many freshly brewed ones that we have!” Krugalo was very generous.

“Thank you then.” Blue Maple was still very polite.

He wasn’t too concerned about items or money, but he was still slightly interested in drinks, especially liquor. It wasn’t easy to find top-quality liquor.

Although he wasn’t really a drinker…

“Haha, what’re all these compared to what you’ve done for us? You’ve saved them and escorted the ring back to us. Once we remove the demonic energy, we can certainly boost the powers of one of us!” Krugalo laughed heartily.

Although Blue Maple was a little indifferent, he wasn’t rude or arrogant. Most importantly, he didn’t discriminate against the Dwarves. That was what mattered the most to them. The height difference often served as a divide between humans and Dwarves.

Although powerful Dwarves were respected by humans, most of the Dwarves were discriminated. After all, it was in their genes. They couldn’t modify it.

However, Blue Maple wasn’t a fan of such controversial topics.

“Oh yes!”

Blue Maple suddenly thought about something, which diverted the subject.

“Talking about fine liquor, what do you think about these?”

As he spoke, Blue Maple took out the jars of liquor from his backpack. When he received them, he was only informed that they were fine liquor that belonged to Dwarves. He wasn’t aware of any details.

“Oh? You have liquor too? Let me help…”

As he was speaking halfway, Krugalo was completely astonished as he saw the flowery patterns on the seal that was imprinted on one of the jars! The others were also shocked by what they saw. It was as if they had seen something unbelievable!

Blue Maple was confused. How valuable is this liquor? I found it in a small cave.

“This…this is a three-hundred-year-old fine liquor?” Krugalo couldn’t hide his disbelief.

The flowery patterns differed for different ages of liquor. Such jars were specially made.

The rest were equally shocked. The bodyguards were even salivating.

“Three hundred years?” Blue Maple was confused.

“Don’t you know?!” Klubdi asked in astonishment.

“I unintentionally discovered it when I entered a cave in the Elven Forest to sleep.” Blue Maple sounded very casual.

It was as if he was saying that he found the jar of liquor unintentionally, so there wasn’t a need to be so astonished.

“Sleep!” Krugalo was even more astonished.

Not only was there disbelief written all over his face, there was also jealousy. He was jealous that nothing as fortunate had ever happened to him.

On the contrary, Blue Maple appeared so calm and composed.

“Do you know how valuable this liquor is? You can exchange it for the highest-quality weapon!” Krugalo wasn’t pleased with Blue Maple’s casualness.

Blue Maple carefully thought for a moment when he saw Krugalo’s expression. It seemed like…

A three-hundred-year-old fine liquor…it’s indeed valuable. At least there isn’t anything else like it. But…

How did Blue Maple discover the jars of liquor that he had? He entered a cave and cleared it of the low-ranked monsters inside. Then, he found them in a corner.

There was no difference from picking them up!

Hmm, yes, they were picked up…

“Do you have such a liquor here?” Blue Maple asked.

“Er…no.” Krugalo awkwardly responded.

Earlier, the Dwarves claimed to have the best liquor. However, Blue Maple took out something even better. Although it was still brewed by them, wasn’t Blue Maple the one who ‘owned’ it?

“Oh, then I shall give this jar of liquor to you.” Blue Maple said.

“Give it to me?” Krugalo didn’t know what else to say.

He was clearly bamboozled by Blue Maple’s thinking. He explained the value of the liquor, but Blue Maple decided to give them away without hesitation.

“Didn’t I tell you that it’s like a powerful weapon?” Krugalo was being nice as he tried to persuade Blue Maple.

“Yes, you don’t have to do this even if you want a better seal.” Klubdi also tried to persuade Blue Maple.

Klubdi had misunderstood. He thought that Blue Maple wanted to use this to upgrade his seal.

“Take it as a gift for revealing the value of this jar of liquor. Even if I have it, I don’t drink much.” Blue Maple was honest. He was indeed not a drinker.


The Dwarves were lost.

What was going on? Blue Maple was going to give the liquor away just because they revealed its value?

“It’s invaluable to all of you. But it’s just something to drink for me.” Blue Maple explained.


They were in disbelief with his reply. However, Blue Maple was just like that. He didn’t really care about such things.

“Even if you don’t drink, you can trade it. This is absolutely invaluable.” Krugalo tried to persuade Blue Maple.

“Doesn’t matter.” Blue Maple reply.

He was still as calm as ever. He didn’t care about the value of these liquors or whether he could trade them. It was as if they had nothing to do with him.


The Dwarves looked at each other, not knowing how to react. Kruje and Kruse were also in total confusion. Kruse, who hadn’t even learned how to drink, looked at her father and granduncle as she tried to grasp an understanding of the situation.

Blue Maple didn’t even care what they think. He just passed the liquor to Krugalo.

He couldn’t finish it and wasn’t bothered to exchange it for something else either. As for an auction, he didn’t consider it as he had no plans to make a trip to the auction house. He might even forget about it when he had the time to do so.

“I can’t finish it and I don’t lack anything too.”

Blue Maple’s words left the Dwarves in total shock. They didn’t know what to say.

Blue Maple had given out countless items. By giving away a jar of liquor that he didn’t really drink could potentially earn him the respect of the Dwarves. That might be useful in the future.

This seems like the right way to deal with it. Blue Maple thought to himself…

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