Chapter 155: Small Ax

Along the way, Klubdi kept on introducing the tribe to Blue Maple. They leisurely walked towards the true entrance of the tribe.

From the introduction, Blue Maple learned that Dwarves lived in caves. They were adept at forging weapons. Basically, any legendary weapon that had ever appeared in history was forged by a Dwarf. Dwarf also possessed innate divine powers. The weapons they used were also heavy battle axes.

Unless it was necessary, they generally didn’t equip themselves with shields and swords. Even the strongest Dwarves only used two axes instead. Their commanding presence in a group often left enemies feeling fearful.

There was something that they were very proud about too – brewing alcohol.

“Oh yes, Blue Maple. Let me tell you something. The alcohol that we brew is the best! Even the Elves’ Flower Brew, the humans’…er…I forgot the name. Forget it. Nothing can compare to ours!”

Blue Maple silently listened to Klubdi. He was still listening intently. As for why, Blue Maple was a natural lover of beverages.

While Blue Maple wasn’t a drinker or a smoker, he would still enjoy a good glass of wine or pint of beer if he had the chance too. Moreover, he still had one of the Dwarves’ liquor in his backpack. He just didn’t know the age of the liquor.

Fortunately, any item placed in his backpack only took up space and didn’t release any scent or smell. Otherwise, Klubdi might be able to sniff the liquor in his backpack.

However, he wouldn’t have expected that the fine liquor in his backpack was extremely valuable. If Old Man Fang and Old Man Wen knew about it, they would have tried to convince him to let them taste it.

Old Man Fang might even try to snatch the liquor himself. Whatever it was, he would have been hell-bent on tasting the liquor.

“Do you have any liquor for me to try?” Blue Maple asked.

He was interested in leaving with some. Although there was a better jar of liquor in his backpack, it was still better to have a stash of them. It wasn’t as if they expired. What would he need to be afraid of?

“You want? No problem. I can give you a few jars of fine liquor, but only if they aren’t above 10 years of age!” Klubdi was very steady with his reply.

Even if the liquor wasn’t aged, it could fetch an astronomical price in the outside world. Dwarves and humans didn’t share the best relationship. Normally, they would sell their liquor to humans. This meant that their liquor was very rare.

“Hmm, let’s go that.” Blue Maple said.

He was also very direct. He wanted to quickly receive his rewards and the jars of liquor.

Although this was slightly impolite, Klubdi brushed it off knowing Blue Maple’s character. Anyway, Blue Maple had just done him a huge favor. Extending gratitude was only natural. If Blue Maple wasn’t around, he might not have made it back alive.

Very soon, Blue Maple entered the Dwarves’ cave as he was led by Klubdi. Their cave was so luxurious that it was slightly disorienting.

It was wide and the path was lit up by glowing minerals in the cave. The entire cave was very spacious and it was separated into different compartments. In each compartment, there were several rooms. What was even more impressive was a huge foyer. It was the main hall, which stretched several meters wide!

This left Blue Maple slightly puzzled. The Dwarves are so short, so why would they need such a great amount of space? However, he only thought to himself and didn’t verbalize it.

He also learned from Klubdi that there was another foyer, but it was where they forged their weapons. He inferred that there had to be another separate place where they brew their liquor. The thought of this left him slightly impressed.

These Dwarves can really dig. The space that he was witnessing was simply astonishing. He even suspected that the entire mountain had been cleared out by these Dwarves.

He came to the center of the main hall, where a few older Dwarves were already quietly waiting for him. They were accompanied by countless, well-equipped bodyguards.

Kruse cheered when she saw the older Dwarves and immediately rushed towards them.


Kruse immediately jumped onto the body of the Dwarf in the middle. This Dwarf appeared very commanding even though he didn’t look serious. He seemed righteous and honorable. Undoubtedly, he had to be the leader.

However, his dominant aura disappeared when he saw Kruse. It was replaced by doting love.

“Come, my baby girl. Let me take a look at you. I heard that this journey has been dangerous. Are you hurt?” He hugged Kruse at the same time as he expressed his concern.

“I’m fine. Bro and Granduncle are also fine. It’s all because of this human. Daddy, you have to thank him well.” Kruse spoke in a teasing manner as she wiggled her finger and pointed at Blue Maple.

She even shot a cheeky smile at Blue Maple. Although Blue Maple was rather silent along the way, she still knew that he was the one who safely brought them back.

“Yes, father. You must thank Brother Blue Maple well.” Kruje also chimed in.

“Oh? Is that so? I also heard that you received the help of a fine, young human. Now that all of you are safe here, I guess it has to be the work of this special, young man.”

Kruse focused his attention on Blue Maple. It was no wonder why he said what he said. Blue Maple did seem very special.

He wasn’t equipped and only wore a coat. He even wore a pair of Goblin Glasses that restricted his powers. He appeared very cold, but yet it was contrasted by his almost child-like appearance. At this moment, Blue Maple was looking around and curiously examining the hall. It was also common knowledge that humans typically had blonde or black hair, although their elders did sport grey or white hair. However, Blue Maple’s deep-blue hair made him an exception.

Blue Maple could sense someone noticing him. He immediately retracted his curiosity and looked at Kruse’s father.

After a brief exchange of glimpses, Kruse’s father was the first to speak.

“Young man, I’m really grateful to you. The consequences would have been dire without your help. I’m thankful that you’ve brought my children and second uncle back to us safely.”

After he finished speaking, he slightly bowed. The other elders and bodyguards did the same to express their gratitude.

Blue Maple was stunned by their actions.

“I was just lending a hand. After all, humans and Dwarves are allies. It’s only right that I help.” Blue Maple’s tone of voice was slightly less cold.

The Dwarves’ response impressed him. Although their hierarchical system wasn’t to Blue Maple’s liking, their sincere gratitude still caught on him. Hence, he responded with a rather long reply.

“It’s rare to meet a young human like you. There are many arrogant young humans nowadays. They have some kind of bias against us.” Kruse’s father was a little regretful.

Blue Maple knew that it was height discrimination. However, he wasn’t such a person. He didn’t have any conception of other life forms or races. He was just a free guy without any nationality. Why would he be bothered about such things? Rather than appearance, he was more concerned about personality.

“You’ll meet more in the future.” Blue Maple replied.

His reply left Kruse’s father stunned. He immediately laughed heartily.

“Hahaha, great! I hope to meet more of such young humans like you in the future!”

“I’m Krugalo, the father of these two kids. I’m also the current leader of this tribe.”

Krugalo was very friendly. He gently let Kruse down to one side before extending his small yet strong right hand.

“I’m Blue Maple.”

Blue Maple also bowed as a formality.

The Dwarves’ nodded in approval when they saw his bow.

Blue Maple’s height was intimidating to these Dwarves. However, he still remained very modest and bowed to them. This demonstrated his respect for them.

“Blue Maple, I’m grateful. We were only able to hastily prepare a gift for you to express our gratitude. I hope you don’t mind. If you find them too little, we can repay you with other things too. If you want, we can forge a sharp sword for you.”

After he finished speaking, Krugalo gestured to one of his bodyguards to bring the gift over.

When he focused his vision on the gift, Blue Maple realized it was a small but exquisite ax. It was the size of a palm, but he didn’t know what its purpose was.

“This is?” Blue Maple was puzzled.

“This is considered a commander’s seal to both Dwarves and humans. However, this only activates Dwarves.” Krugalo smiled as he answered.

“It seems like you are a friendly human. You even saved my kids and my second uncle. After we learned about you, we didn’t know what to give to you. Your weapons are already so powerful. I even heard that you have a Crystal-tier sword.”

“We can’t give you a better weapon. As for protective gear…” As he spoke, he looked at Blue Maple’s coat…

Blue Maple didn’t wear any protective gear, so what was the point of them giving him one?

“As for other enhancement tools, we aren’t really in a position to give them to you…” He was a little awkward as he looked at Blue Maple’s Goblin Glasses.

Blue Maple was already restricted. Why would they need to give him anything to enhance his powers?!

Blue Maple also thought about it…

He’s right.

Weapons? I don’t lack them.

Protective gear? I might not use it.

Enhancement tools? I’m already restricted.

As for money, I can get it from killing Bosses. I don’t lack it.

As for special items, I don’t think they have them temporarily. As a result, Blue Maple eventually accepted the ax.

Although he had already been in the game for three months, Blue Maple was still inexperienced. He didn’t know the significance of a commander’s seal in the game.

If he wanted to, he could unleash the influence of NPC!

However, the seal was now in Blue Maple’s hands…it would be a miracle if he didn’t forget about it…

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