Chapter 154: Dwarves' Tribe

Very soon, Blue Maple let Garillo off. He also searched Garillo before letting him off.

It was strange for him to do so. However, he did ask if the blade would be unusable if it was stained with demonic aura before he let Garillo off.

Garillo explained that he had snipped the link between himself and the blade. This meant the blade could be sued now. However, he was stupid enough to tell Blue Maple to take the blade if he wanted to as he’d rather use his sword.

Then…he had to give up a Crystal-tier sword to Blue Maple. It was Rank 85.

Blue Maple naturally embraced this good fortune that was offered to him. He wasn’t very interested in protective gear, but he was still slightly interested in weapons that had some use to him, although it didn’t really matter to him if he had it…

At this moment, he suddenly thought that Garillo might have some valuable items on him. As a result, he asked Garillo. Perhaps he could get another sword that Feather could use or a magic robe or staff for a Priest…

Garillo eventually handed over quite a few items. Blue Maple accepted them without hesitation too. His reasoning was simple – they were the price Garillo had to pay to save his own life.

After all, there were many drops upon killing a monster. It was quite a novelty to see a Boss giving up items in this manner. It was indeed an interesting scene.

They rush to the Dwarves’ tribe. Although Garillo had left and there shouldn’t be anyone chasing after them, it was still best to return to the tribe. Since Blue Maple had accepted the quest, he should be taking it seriously.

Although Garillo’s teleportation formation could only be used once, weren’t there still demonized wild beasts? If he could kill some demonized Bosses, it might also make the trip less boring.

“Granduncle, are we letting that evil demon off?” Kruje wasn’t convinced as he asked.

“What else can we do? We can’t win him. But I suspect that this Blue Maple does have immense hidden powers and he did hurt that Rank 90 Demon General badly in their last encounter. Is he really that strong?” Klubdi found it unbelievable.

“About this…should we ask him? Let’s just ask him how he defeated the Demon General. If it involves some kind of secret, we’ll just back off. I’m curious anyway.”

“Alright, ask your sister to ask him then. It should be better.”

Klubdi was also curious about Blue Maple’s abilities.

As a result, Kruje encouraged Kruse to approach Blue Maple. She was a little awkward as she went to Blue Maple’s side and started engaging in small talk.

“Uhm, Brother Blue Maple. Did you seriously injure that evil demon before?”


“Wow, you are impressive. Was he the only one then?”

Kruse continued to ask in awe. Klubdi and Kruje were both eavesdropping.


“How many of them were there?”

Blue Maple glanced at Kruse before turning to the other two who were eavesdropping. He honestly answered her question.

“Two Demon Generals, ninety Demon Troopers.”



Both Klubdi and Kruje gasped in shock. Kruse was also stunned by the answer. Undoubtedly, Blue Maple’s answer was unexpected!

Two Demon Generals and close to a hundred Demon Troopers. Blue Maple managed to seriously wound one of the Demon Generals and let him off. The rest of the Demon Troopers probably didn’t fare any better. Perhaps the other Demon General was also seriously wounded.

They were right. Sarkos was also seriously hurt, although it wasn’t as serious as Garillo.

A Boss in the game would be able to restore his HP quickly, but any sustained injuries wouldn’t recover quickly. His abilities would be weakened for some time. The greater the loss in HP, the greater the injuries sustained. This also meant that it made recovery much more difficult too.

How powerful is this Blue Maple?! Isn’t he a human that has just descended into this world? How did he become so strong so quickly?

Klubdi was astonished. The siblings were also as astonished as he was.

“Brother Blue Maple, were you by yourself?” Kruse carefully asked.


“You let that Demon General off?”

Clearly, Kruse believed that Garillo was only able to survive by sweet-talking his way out and begging for mercy.

“I didn’t bother with the other one.” Blue Maple glanced and immediately knew what Kruse was thinking. However, he was too lazy to explain. But Kruse mistook his expression as one of displeasure. She thought that Blue Maple wanted her to stop probing.

“Oo, Brother Blue Maple, you are impressive. I shan’t disturb you any further.” Kruse backed off as she was afraid that Blue Maple was unhappy. She also knew that he was someone who didn’t fancy talking too much.


Kruse retreated after Blue Maple’s nonchalant response. In fact, she could have asked further. She would have found out that both Garillo and Sarkos were only seriously hurt because of Old Man Fang’s fire pearl.

Although Blue Maple could have caused such mayhem if he was intent, Old Man Fang’s fire pearl saved him a lot of trouble. Blue Maple skived whenever he had the chance to.

However, Klubdi and the others didn’t know about it. They were left in shock by Blue Maple’s abilities.

After this brief conversation, they safely continued their journey. Some demonized wild beasts were easily killed along the way. They had to be the remaining wild beasts that were sent over to deal with the Dwarves. After all, sending a Demon General had to be the limit of the Demons. They wouldn’t have possibly sent more demons after what happened to Garillo.

Finally, Blue Maple, Klubdi, and the rest arrived at the Dwarves’ tribe.

“This is your tribe?” Blue Maple furrowed his brow.

He only saw a simple-looking village that was built on a mountain. Although there were many little dwarves playing and adult dwarves wielding weapons to protect their village, it was still very small. There weren’t many houses, while the perimeter of the village was just covered with a wooden fence. It was not what he’d expected.

More importantly, he didn’t sense any alarm system. Surely they had a simple system like that?

“Hmm, since you can’t even tell, it means that our design is successful.” Klubdi smiled.

“Is there something special?” Blue Maple was confused.

He couldn’t tell anything special around. He just saw a village not even on the scale of the Newbie Village. Perhaps it was because it was for Dwarves…

“Do you see that mountain?” Klubdi pointed at a mountain behind. It had a steep slope, but there was thick vegetation at the top. There was no risk of a mudslide when there was torrential rain.


“Most parts of our tribe are situated in this mountain.” Klubdi was delighted as he said.

Blue Maple only realized at this moment – the village he was in was actually the alarm system. They dug caves in this village, which probably had several exit and entrance routes. They weren’t afraid of this village being invaded.

Klubdi continued explaining after seeing Blue Maple’s expression.

“By doing this, we can avoid many invasions by wild beasts. We only have to be wary of those that can dig through the ground. However, if you are familiar with us, you’ll know that we live in caves. I don’t think you know because you’ve only just been here.”

Blue Maple slightly nodded his head.

He was indeed unaware of the habits of Dwarves. He only had a brief understanding of the game and wasn’t actually too concerned about it too. The only thing he was interested in wasn’t the war history of the game, but how different life forms appeared and evolved.

“Alright, I shan’t talk crap with you either. I’ll bring you to our leader and the elders.” Klubdi said and led everyone to the entrance of the village.

The two guards at the entrance were surprised when they saw Klubdi and the others. Immediately, they extended their warm welcome.

“Sir Klubdi, you are finally back. We’ve been waiting anxiously for you.” Although he was passionate with his welcome, he was still suspicious as he looked at Blue Maple. After all, Blue Maple’s height made him rather intimidating in front of a Dwarf.

“Ah, he’s our benefactor. Without him, we wouldn’t have returned safely.” Klubdi was serious as he introduced.

It was necessary to be serious. Although Dwarves and humans were considered allies, they didn’t exactly share the most cordial of relationships. They were just allies in name. Humans also slightly discriminated against Dwarves. It was only natural that a Dwarf was unhappy to see a human.

Such an introduction could help to break barriers. Otherwise, people would point fingers at Blue Maple in the tribe.

If Blue Maple didn’t help them earlier, they might even have allowed Blue Maple to accompany them, although he wouldn’t be bothered by that.

“What? Benefactor, Sir Klubdi, you guys met into some kind of danger along the way?” The guard turned nervous. At the same time, he also realized that a few Dwarves were missing. Many of them even had injuries on their bodies.

“We met a few Demons along the way. Fortunately, we were unscathed and returned safely. However, I can’t say the same for the rest of our comrades.” As he said until here, Klubdi sounded a little emotional.

Blue Maple was unmoved. He didn’t care if it was an act or not. To him, there was no difference. He just wanted to receive his quest rewards and leave.

“It’s their honor to have protected you. There’s nothing to be regretful about.” As he spoke, the guard appeared very proud.

“Hmm, we’ll compensate their families well. Report that I’m back. Also, tell the elders to come too. Not only did we manage to complete the forging, but we also managed to obtain a powerful item along the way.”


The guard turned and ran into the ‘village’. Klubdi also led Blue Maple into the ‘village’.

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