Chapter 150: Thieves Are the Best At Stealing the Limelight


The huge bear was instantly flung into the air by the immense force. The Dwarves in front of it didn’t stop it but allowed it to fly across the Dwarves that were defending behind. The bear shot straight into the forest.

“Thick-skinned.” Blue Maple muttered under his breath. He hadn’t even taken off his glasses yet.

The bear was a Rank 70 Demon Boss. To an ordinary Level 60 player, this had to be a Rank S or higher quest. The bear’s skin was also very thick and it was extremely bulky in size, but Blue Maple managed to fling him away so easily.

Before the Dwarves could even react, Blue Maple turned and charged towards another Boss. It was a red panda. When Blue Maple appeared, it seemed to be a little anxious.

Such fire-type wild beasts were very sensitive when it came to the Heavenly Fire.

Although fox-type Bosses were more agile, this red panda shouldn’t be able to escape from Blue Maple’s grasp. Its fate was sealed.

As for the bear?

Its rhythm was disrupted by Blue Maple and it was subsequently encircled by a bunch of Dwarves. More Dwarves even came to trap this bear after Blue Maple and the others killed the red panda.

While the Dwarves were very impressed and awed by Blue Maple, he ignored them. They couldn’t speak in a language that he could understand and he also believed that killing these Bosses was his main goal. Perhaps he could try interacting with them after he had achieved his goal.

He turned his attention to another Boss, a terrifying-looking monkey. Its hands were actually long, sharp claws. When it clawed the shields that the Dwarves held, sparks flew and deep marks were left on the shields.

However, this monkey was still killed just like the red panda. Blue Maple sealed its fate with a slash.

Blue Maple reckoned that he could level up to Level 63 if he was the one who ended the bear’s life.

As a result, he glared at the bear with a slight killing intent. If he was just killing for fun earlier, he was determined and had a target now. This made him a little more serious as he looked at the bear’s attributes…

[Demonized Earthen Brown Bear] (Rank 70 Demon Boss)

Attack: 2155-3341


Magic Defense:794-1012


Skills: Fury Slap, Feral Roar, Earthen Armor, Indestructible Defense, Petrified Skin

Summary: It was ignored by Blue Maple…

He was speechless when he saw the brown bear’s attributes. It was the classic strong defense, high HP type of monster. Its attack was rather impressive too. No wonder Blue Maple’s Great Rainbow and stealth attack only caused 6000+ damage.

In terms of its Skills…it seemed like it had three defensive Skills. Blue Maple had never seen anything like this before. He also realized that his attack strength was pretty high too. However, it had no armor penetration effect. If he fought such a Boss in the future, it would probably be very troublesome.

His Hidden Damage, the only Skill that ignored one’s defense, had a long cooldown period. However, it was inevitable. After all, it was a divine skill to use in a duel. If it had a short cooldown period, it would be too overpowering.

Forget it, they have quite a number of Wizards anyway. It should be easier, especially since its HP has fallen quite a bit. Blue Maple thought to himself. His thought of leading the charge was dismissed after he saw the three defensive skills.

I’ll just use a Looming Shadow’s Skill for the last attack.

Out of the third class advancement Skills of a Looming Shadow, one had a penetrative effect.

[Merciless Pierce]: It condenses spatial power into a dagger that pierces the target. 50% of the enemy’s armor will be penetrated and it causes 150% damage.

Out of the remaining two Skills, one was designed to increase short-distance agility and disrupt an enemy’s use of Skills. The other was a concealment-type Skill and strengthened the passive effect of a Looming Shadow. One could enter a temporary period of invisibility that prevents any attack to be used on him, but he couldn’t unleash an attack on his own either.

In short, a Looming Shadow’s Skills always stole the limelight.

Although the XP gained from killing a Boss depended on one’s contribution, the person who dealt the final blow could obtain 10% of the overall XP.


A giant lightning ball was unleashed towards the bear, causing great damage. Blue Maple turned his attention over and discovered that the Dwarf that unleashed the lightning ball was smiling at him.

It was a middle-aged Dwarf. He appeared very cordial, completely in contrast to the violence and brutality of his lightning-type magic.


The bear roared as the lightning triggered it. It was determined to break out from the trap. Blue Maple immediately leaped up and slash it, forcing it back into the trap. Then, he continued attacking.

An ordinary wild beast would have been scared off by the lightning-type magic. The demonized red panda was also only fearful because of Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire.

From behind, more than ten arrows were shot towards the bear. However, they didn’t take much effect. The bear’s skin was too thick. When the arrows hit it, they only made soft, poking noises before they fell off. The damage was minimal.

The magic that came after fared much better. Although it was ice-type magic that didn’t cause much damage either, it still did more damage than the arrows. The bear’s strengths were very obvious. Not only was it resilient against physical attacks, but its HP was also very high.

But its weaknesses were also evident. It was slow and its magic defense was weak.

The close-combat Dwarves also wielded their giant axes. They axed the bear. Although every attack was only worth a few hundred points of damage, their advantage was in the numbers they had.

Very soon, the bear’s HP fell significantly. Earlier, the brown bear had already turned savage. The same thing wouldn’t happen again.

Blue Maple didn’t give it an opportunity to retaliate. Blue Maple was close to the back of the bear by now.

He turned his Abyss Sword into a darkgolden dagger. He had intentionally retained this dagger because of its high attack strength. The only regret was that it had no armor penetration effect. Otherwise, he would have changed to this dagger.

As the bear’s HP fell further and further, Blue Maple started to estimate how much HP it had left after he unleashed his attack on the bear’s back.

He wanted to instantly unleash a 10,000 point damage on the bear after leaving it confused. Now that he had switched to half a Looming Shadow, doing this was very simple.

For a Thief, getting close to and controlling the target was key to inflicting terrifying damage!

The bear’s HP was still about 20,000. Blue Maple began to focus his attention!

The attacks were still incessant and relentless. Very soon, the bear’s HP was at 15,000!

At this moment!

The middle-aged Dwarf suddenly unleashed a giant lightning ball. It was directed at the bear’s chest!

A 6000+ damage immediately appeared!

Blue Maple’s eyes flashed and immediately reacted with lightning-quick speed with the dagger still in his hand!

Basic attack + Void Backstab!

A swift basic attack overlapped with a dagger-version Cold Light Slash!

Another basic attack! Finally…

Merciless Pierce!


Blue Maple linked up his attacks very swiftly! All the damages were counted together!

The bear was instantly killed!

After this, he quickly used his Instant Chain Strike to move three meters away. It was to avoid the arrows and magic that the Dwarves unleashed.

Due to the realness of the game, it was decided that friendly fire was allowed in the game!

The middle-aged Dwarf’s lightning ball was a single-target skill. However, it was easy for him to hurt other Dwarves purely because there were simply too many Dwarves around.

Unless his control was immaculate, he couldn’t be sure that he would avoid other Dwarves with his attack. With his current ability, he wasn’t able to do so. He might be able to avoid hitting one or two Dwarves. But there was a bunch of them around. Controlling his attack wouldn’t be easy.

Just as Blue Maple expected, he successfully promoted to Level 63 after he killed the bear.

A white light shone to indicate a rise in his level. He added 4 points of Strength and 1 point of Agility with his leveling up. He started to estimate his agility now. After all, he wasn’t very concerned about his attack strength.

If there was one thing he could certainly trump the rest of the players, it was his attack strength!

But his HP was…

A few Dwarves were cleaning up the battlefield. They were collecting materials left behind by the Demon Bosses. Players could do that do, but they had to know how to do so. But Blue Maple didn’t for obvious reasons – he was too…lazy.

He didn’t pick up any dropped items. He left them for the Dwarves. After all, he had no use for them.

NPC could pick up drops. No drops would occur if they were the ones who did the killing. In the game, NPCs treated any drops as gifts from a higher power.

As for whether NPCs worshipped players…Blue Maple hadn’t experienced any situation like that before. It should have been controlled by the system.

Just as Blue Maple was checking on his own attributes, a few higher-ranked Dwarves, including the middle-aged Dwarf from earlier, came in front of Blue Maple.

Blue Maple also sized them up as they approached him.

He knew about the middle-aged Dwarf from earlier. The rest seemed to be some kind of high-ranked bodyguards. The two in the middle drew his attention the most.

They seemed to be siblings. One of them was a female who appeared petite and cute. Her appearance was different from humans, but the difference wasn’t very stark when it came to her specific features.

The other was a male, who did appear very short and pithy…

Hmm…this was the only way he could describe him. After all, he wasn’t in a really good position to judge their appearances. It was very subjective, especially since they weren’t even humans.

“Thank you, human.” The guy extended his hand out to express his gratitude.

Blue Maple returned the formality by extending his hand and bowing.

“You’re welcome. I was just passing by.”

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