Chapter 148: It's Starting to Get Crowded

The rain still hadn’t stopped. It became lighter and eventually became just a drizzle that lasted until the evening

Ding! Announcement: A player has successfully completed his third class advancement. As he’s the third player to do so, he’ll be awarded a pair of darkgolden shoes. As for the other players, please continue to do your best!

Another player had completed his advancement. This third class advancement was a little different from the previous, second class advancement. There were already three announcements made by the system this time, but there was only one announcement made the previous time.

There was no other intention by the system apart from publicizing the fact that the game was getting more and more crowded.

Indeed, the game was getting more and more crowded…

“Fuck, there’s one every day. I’m only Level 55. Can those guys slow down a little?”

“You are a noob. I’m already Level 57. Who asked you not to join a guild? The game is only interesting if you join a guild. Although guilds aren’t official now, the tokens will soon be available. It’ll be great to kill monsters in a big group.”

“Forget about your guild. Brother, why don’t you join us? We are definitely reliable!”

“Talking about guilds, who’s that…uhm yes…Night Dream. He’s also part of a guild. He’s number two on the leaderboard. His guild must be very impressive too!”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I realized only Night Dream’s name was reported in the three announcements. The other two players remain anonymous.”

“That seems to be right…”


Just as players were discussing the announcement, at a quiet mountain valley somewhere…

The mountain valley was entirely silent. There weren’t any living beings around either. The only thing that embellished this mountain were pitch-black volcanic rocks. Cold winds howled as they blew. This mountain valley was just like an abandoned, forbidden ground.

There were seven sculptures within a cave in this mountain valley. They all seemed so real, but they were all shaped in various forms. It was mystical.

In the dark cave, their heads were shining a little and these little glows engulfed them.

At this moment!

The sculpture in the middle suddenly shone brightly. The other sculptures also started to shine brightly after this, but in different colors!

“Ka ka ka…”

They started to crack, and different colored glows could be seen coming from the cracks. As they cracked, stones fell off and revealed skin and clothes…as well as weapons.


The sculpture in the middle exploded. A handsome but nonchalant young man that was seated appeared. His eyes were shut.

“Bom! Bom! Bom…”

Subsequently, the other sculptures also started to explode.

Suddenly, the man right in the middle opened his eyes. His eyes were shining, which was petrifying!

The others also started to open their eyes. Their pupils and hair were differently colored. Their varied images each projected a different feel to whoever looked at them.

The man in the middle was tightly clenching onto a dagger. He was a Thief named Shadow.

There were two other ladies and four other guys.

Two of the guys had a similar build to Shadow. However, one of them appeared evil yet charming at the same time. Along with his blood-red hair and eyes, one could sense an evil aura coming from him.

He was a Swordsman named Death.

The other appeared rather ordinary. He had a long bow and quiver on his back. His hair was white but his eyes were green.

He was an Archer named Wings.

There were two other guys. One was huge and tall. When he stood up, he was just like a brick wall. His gigantic figure instilled fear. He held a terrifying shield in his hand, which appeared to be extremely heavy. His hair was yellow and his eyes seemed like they couldn’t even be opened.

He was a Shield Warrior named Tomb.

The last guy was extremely short. He didn’t even appear to reach one meter and forty centimeters tall, but his gaze was so sharp that it was frightening. He held onto two blades that didn’t seem to fit his stature. Along with his grey hair and dark-red eyes, he did look very horrifying!

He was a Warrior named Silence.

There were two ladies. One of them looked like a quiet, next-door-girl. She wore a pair of glasses and her hair that flowed down her shoulders was light-blue. She wore a dim-blue magic robe.

She was an ice-type Wizard named Aqua.

The final lady…

She was in fact just a young little girl who had purple hair tied into pigtails. She was petite and wore a cheeky yet cute smile on her face. However, she wielded an extremely terrifying hammer that was even taller than her! She even carried it with one hand and rested the hammer on her tiny shoulder!

She was called Fluorescent…


Fluorescent gently blew out of gust of air. She stretched her waist while she was still holding onto her hammer.

“Haih, we are finally out. I almost suffocated to death.” Fluorescent said.

Shadow glanced at her but didn’t bother responding.

“Mystery is already Level 60, let’s go.”

He said a sentence before disappearing in front of everyone. He had left.

“He’s too eager.” Death smiled charmingly.

“Let’s go too.” Wings spoke.

“Hmm.” Silence nodded his head in acknowledgment.

Then, he jumped onto Tomb’s shoulders like an agile monkey. However, he was still holding onto his giant blades. Clearly, this ‘monkey’ wasn’t a friendly one.

Tomb didn’t say anything. He carried Silence as he followed Death and Wings.

“Sister Aqua, take a look. This bunch of stinky guys is so eager to see Sister Mystery. They left two weak little girls behind in this pitch-dark cave.”

Fluorescent pouted her lips and complained seeing that Shadow ignored her and everyone also left with Shadow.

“Weak isn’t a word I’ll use.” Aqua pushed her glasses up and smiled as she said to Fluorescent.

Fluorescent was carrying such a terrifying hammer. How could she be weak? However, she did seem like a harmless little girl…

“Hmph! Sister Aqua, you are the most annoying!”

As she said, Fluorescent stuck out her tongue at Aqua and puffed her cheeks in disgruntlement. Eventually, she followed the rest. As she walked, her pigtails would sway. The ease at which she walked with made one doubt that the hammer was actually heavy…

Aqua helplessly shook her head and followed…


At the same time. Japan. Rank 2 Main City, Tsunemoto…

“Mr White, both of you can stay here tonight. This is the hotel that our guild booked. However, the room is a little inhospitable as we don’t have a sufficient number of rooms. Please forgive us for that.” Fire Spirit was apologetic as she said.

She arranged a room for Capricious Mr White and Shining Cross. She was also aware of how strong they were, which was why she sounded so friendly. However, she didn’t know if they were going to remain at the guild for long or whether they were spies. Hence, she wasn’t too passionate.

“No worries, we are fine with it. We are happy to have a place to sleep in. We’ll try to join if there are any activities. I just hope you don’t find us to be burdens.” Capricious Mr White spoke very formally and politely.

As someone who is very fond of eastern culture, he knew it was best to remain humble at a time like this.

“Haha, you must be joking. If both of you are burdens, we won’t have many members in the guild who aren’t.” Fire Spirit smiled as she replied.

“I still have something else to attend to. I have to pass the items that we won in the auction to our chairman, so that they can be allocated. If there’s anything, you can contact the girl that I introduced to both of you earlier.” Fire Spirit was prepared to leave.

“Hmm, okay. We can settle our stuff. Go and get busy. Don’t worry about us.” Capricious Mr White answered very modestly. At the same time, he maintained his gentlemanly attitude.

“Alright, goodbye.” After finished speaking, Fire Spirit bowed slightly and turned around before leaving. Capricious Mr White returned the formality.

Formalities in Japan were always so complicated.

Shining Cross dragged Capricious Mr White into the room and started asking him just as Fire Spirit left.

“Kacha.” The room door shut.

“Hey, why don’t you just ask her about the person you are finding? Why do you have to find that person by yourself?” Shining Cross was puzzled.

“This isn’t Europe. We can’t be so direct. Eastern girls are very humble. We should secretly find her and gradually get closer to her.” Capricious Mr White sounded very experienced. In fact, he was just an armchair general…

“Cheh, so troublesome. European girls are better. We can be more direct.” Shining Cross was disdainful.

“You, you are finding that girl that hangs around the Blue Fire Devil? What’s her name?” Shining Cross decided to put some effort into the search since he agreed to help.

“Her name is White Cherry.”


Night time. China. Rank 3 Main City Azeriya. In a bar.

“Hey, I say we go to Kunyue. The monsters around here have almost all been killed. They are too weak.” The person speaking was Subtle Nobleman, who had completed his All-Conquering War Reverend class advancement.

He was very arrogant now. His class was so powerful. Coupled with the fact that his powers weren’t sealed, he wasn’t just ordinarily strong. Basically, he could take up Rank S quests in Azeriya. All the quests were practically taken up by him and Fuck I’m Handsome.

“Don’t rush. After all, your Level 59 XP isn’t full yet. What’s there to panic about? I’m not even panicking although my XP has been full for two days. Help me chase my goddess first.”

Fuck I’m Handsome’s words caused Subtle Nobleman to choke on his beer!

“Cough cough cough! What did you just say?! Your goddess?! Narcissist, have you had too much to drink?”

He was astonished as he wiped beer foam off his lips. He waved his hand in front of Fuck I’m Handsome just to check if he was drunk.

“Nobody’s joking here! She’s a gorgeous lady that I saw at the clothing shop this afternoon. Her name is Half Cup Red Tea. I knew she was my goddess when I first laid eyes on her!” Fuck I’m Handsome was very serious as he said.

Subtle Nobleman gulped down his beer when he saw how serious and determined-looking Fuck I’m Handsome was. He was trying to calm himself down.

“Gu lu!”



He cursed just as she slammed his pint of beer on the bar top.


Late into the night. China. Rank 2 Main City Kunyue…

There was a luxurious mansion that appeared very elegant but not overly grandiose. Although it was very splendid, it didn’t seem too prominent. It was built along a quiet street. The lights that shone from one of the windows indicated that the owner of the mansion had yet to sleep…

“Little Snow is still waiting at that small city?” An extremely handsome guy was helpless as he asked. It seemed as if he was very vexed over his little sister.

He was Night Dream.

“Yes, Miss said that she wanted to continue playing over there. She’s not rushing to return.” An old servant that seemed to be the butler respectfully answered Night Dream.

“Is she alone?” Night Dream was a little skeptical.

“Yes, she is. I’m not sure what she’s doing over there too.” He was still very respectful.

Night Dream pondered after listening to the reply.

“Forget it. Little Snow will return once she gets sick of playing. You should rest too.” Night Dream smiled. That made him even more charming.

“Alright, I shall retreat then. Sir, you should rest early too.” He bowed once more before retreating.

“Mm, you can leave.”

Night Dream massaged his temple after the servant retreated. He appeared very helpless.

However, he was in better spirits after looking at the moon outside.

“Little Snow, I can’t be the vice-chairman once we establish a guild if you don’t return.”

He was half-serious as he said. There wasn’t any hint of worry on his face at all.

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