Chapter 147: I Want to Kill Him!


The rain became lighter, but even heavy rain couldn’t mask the smell of blood.

Blue Maple glanced plainly at the Archer who had fallen before him as he swung his sword fiercely towards the side to shake off the blood on his sword, which was mixed with rainwater.

They’re so weak. They’re probably just fellows who are looking for some thrill in the game. Blue Maple surveyed his surroundings with an emotionless look on his face.

Blue Maple didn’t feel uncomfortable with the blood and gore around him at all, like he was very used to this, and there was nothing much to be concerned about. That was the truth.

Blue Maple strolled calmly through the broken arms and torn limbs. He glanced over the gear and items strewn across the floor, but discovered that everything had been tainted with dirty blood. Blue Maple immediately lost interest in trying to pick those up as they were lying among the dirt and blood.

Blue Maple didn’t want to pick them up as they were too dirty, even though there were decent Gold-tier items and gear.

“Do you think they deserved to die?”

Blue Maple suddenly posed a question, which was evidently directed at Feather.

“They deserved to die! They’re all villains who rob and steal!” Feather answered Blue Maple’s question calmly, but he didn’t exit from his pet space.


Blue Maple muttered under his breath when he heard Feather’s response.

“Is there something wrong?” Feather didn’t understand.

“No, nothing. But…”

Blue Maple paused as Heavenly Fire emerged all over his body. He encased himself with Heavenly Fire with a cold look on his face.

“It was the same situation, but I felt that they deserved more to die… Kitty and the others.”

Blue Maple’s voice was cold as he disappeared amid his Heavenly Fire..

Blue Maple immediately teleported himself far away from this place.

In Aika City’s respawn point.

Ice Rose and the others waited worriedly in the rain for Dazed Kitty to respawn. Everyone else had already respawned, and they were listening to Ocean Waves’ warning speech.

“When Kitty respawns, nobody is to mention anything about us losing a level. Did you hear me! You’re all aware about Kitty’s personality. She cannot feel like we are blaming her.” Ocean Waves warned everyone solemnly once more.

Dazed Kitty was unruly, rude, and mischievous, but she also had an innocent, romantic, cute, and kind side. She was eccentric in a positive way, and everyone else had already forgotten why they were with her in the first place.

They weren’t just there with her for her physical appearance anymore…

“I know, I know. I will absolutely not reveal any displeasure, and I will not let Kitty blame herself!” Grey Leaf patted his chest as he spoke.

“Yes, we will behave like we don’t mind that this happened at all. We won’t let her think anything.” Witty Doctor agreed and chimed in.

Everyone else acknowledged and nodded their heads.

“But…” Ice Rose wanted to say something.

However, strong light glowed through the respawn point as Dazed Kitty was respawning, so Ice Rose had to stop talking.

The light dissipated as Dazed Kitty could be seen standing there with a dark expression on her face and with her head lowered. Her tender arms were limp by her side as her fists were tightly clenched. Kitty’s hair was dry after respawning, but her hair quickly became wet in the rain.

Dazed Kitty’s petite frame just looked so helpless in the gloomy light rain. She just looked so pitiful, and her despondent expression could shatter hearts.

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat when they saw Dazed Kitty like that, and they were very worried.


Ice Rose was concerned as she called Dazed Kitty’s name. She really didn’t want to see Kitty like that.

Those who were too compassionate and empathetic were in the most pain in moments like these…

Even though, to outsiders, this was just a typical case of a small team that was annihilated and subsequently losing a level…

However, after Blue Maple’s final catalytic words, this episode wasn’t a small thing to her anymore in her heart…



“Are you cold, Kitty? Do you want to get something hot to drink at the Sunshine Café?” Ocean Waves spoke with a faint smile on his face, and nobody could tell if he was thinking about something else.

“Yes, the rain is quite cold. It’ll be great to have something hot to drink.” Magic Sword Envoy agreed.

“Yes. You did say that the dessert and pastry there were delicious. Why don’t we get some again? We can’t grow fat in this game.” Witty Doctor used the same humorous voice as he spoke.

“Speaking of which, the NPC waitress is a beauty, and she has a fantastic body.” He winked at the other men in their team as he spoke.

“Pervert.” Contract Guardian spoke impolitely.

“Hey, hey. Last time, you were the one who couldn’t stop staring at her. You couldn’t take your eyes off her butt. Am I right, guys?” Grey Leaf chimed in as he exposed Contract Guardian, and he didn’t forget to bring everyone else into the conversation.

“That wasn’t me!” Contract Guardian tried to defend himself as his face flushed red.

“Tch, you’re still not admitting.”

“Yea, I saw that too!”



The men were in a mess as they bickered with each other, and they hoped to divert Dazed Kitty’s attention. They typically did that from day to day, but all that didn’t seem to work today…

Dazed Kitty’s head was even lower than before…

“Say something Kitty. Why don’t we go shopping? Let’s not care about these dirty men, what do you say?” Ice Rose was worried as she asked Dazed Kitty.

Dazed Kitty still didn’t respond as her head was still lowered. Nobody could see her cure and beautiful face anymore.

Everyone stopped bickering and bantering as they turned towards Dazed Kitty.

They were all worried, and they didn’t know what to say…


Suddenly, Dazed Kitty whispered something with a trembling voice, and she almost sounded like she was sobbing…

Her shoulders couldn’t stop quivering. Nobody could see her face as she bit down on her red lips tightly and closed her eyes tightly while tears streamed out from the corner of her eyes.

“What?” Ice Rose was taken aback.

“Why… why aren’t you blaming me!”

Her head was still lowered, and she was still sniffling as she spoke in a loud voice while her shoulders trembled.

“It’s just one level. It’s not a big deal.” Ocean Waves tried to interject with a smile on his face.

“One level…” Dazed Kitty mumbled to herself.

Ocean Waves was just about to continue consoling her when Dazed Kitty, when…


Dazed Kitty suddenly lifted her head and stared at everyone with tears in her eyes.

“Why is it only one level!”

Dazed Kitty suddenly shouted excitedly as tears continued rolling down her cheeks.

“We will delay our class advancement by many days because of this level!”

“Even if the pain sensation is set at 10%, do you guys not know that the fear of death is so, very real?!”

Dazed Kitty continued talking as tears streamed down her face.

“You’re a soldier retired from the military, Ocean Waves. Your pain sensation is set at 100%. Did you not feel the pain when the blade slit across your throat?!”

Dazed Kitty asked everyone loudly, and she was shouting and sobbing at the same time. Ocean Waves didn’t know what to say…

“Everything was fine until my rashness caused everyone’s deaths. Why can’t you guys just blame me?!”

“Clearly… clearly, it’s my fault. Why! Why don’t you just blame me?!”

Dazed Kitty continued screaming through her tears in the light rain.

“No. Everything is because of that evil man, not you!” Ice Rose attempted to convince Dazed Kitty that Blue Maple was the one at fault.

“Yes! It is his fault, but he didn’t want to provoke us in the beginning. He was just passing by, and he didn’t want to get involved with anyone at all! However, I was the one who provoked him. Don’t you know that?!”

Nobody tried to dispute her as she cried and shouted…

Everyone fell silent…

“If… we were in reality, we could have lost our lives because of this! Twice…”

“Even though this is a game, both times were my fault. I made the same mistake, and I provoked the same person.”

Kitty sobbed as tears continued pouring down…

“Why aren’t you blaming me? Why are you pretending like nothing’s happened and trying to console me?”

“Why! Why are you worried that I will be sad and I will blame myself, even though this is my fault, and you’re trying to console me instead?”

“I… I am capricious, I am unruly, and all I know is to give you guys trouble…”

Dazed Kitty sobbed and cried as she continued incoherently.

“Sometimes… I will bully you guys. I will create trouble for everyone during Boss fights because of my wilfulness. Even then…”

“But you guys have never blamed me…”

Everyone felt incredibly sad when they heard Dazed Kitty’s words.

Dazed Kitty rubbed her eyes with her little hands to wipe off her tears, and she tried hard to stop her crying.

Ocean Waves wanted to say something, but Ice Rose stopped him.

“I don’t want to continue like this, now or in the future.”

Dazed Kitty’s tone suddenly became determined. Her large eyes were moist and bloodshot, while nobody knew if the drops of water around the corners of her eyes were tears or raindrops. There was stubbornness in her eyes and there was also… determination!

Dazed Kitty was still sobbing and sniffling, and the sudden determination in her eyes gave everyone a shock as she still looked so pitiful in the rain.

Dazed Kitty was usually kind and generous, sometimes a little mischievous and unruly. Sometimes, her behavior was bizarre and eccentric. Her expression was one that she never revealed. She tried to act cute in front of everyone even if she was in trouble, or she tried to act like a spoiled child in front of Ice Rose.

However, Dazed Kitty’s next move surprised everyone.

“I am extending my sincere apologies for causing everyone’s losses!”

Dazed Kitty immediately bowed in everyone’s direction and apologized sincerely.

Grey Leaf and the others wanted to stop her, but Ocean Waves reached out and stopped them as he shook his head lightly.

Nobody should be stopping Dazed Kitty from doing what she was doing in this moment…

Grey Leaf and the others glanced at Ocean Waves, who was shaking his head, and then at Ice Rose, who had stopped Ocean Waves earlier. They understood…

Dazed Kitty completed her apology and looked up in the end. She no longer had her helplessness and her grief in her eyes, and she was no longer afraid and no longer blamed herself.

There was only…

Determination, strength, fury, and vengeance…

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat when they saw her expression!

“Ocean Waves, give me that inheritance.” Dazed Kitty looked over at Ocean Waves, and she still had tears in the corner of her eyes.

“But… that inheritance is advised to be activated after your third class advancement. Isn’t it a little too early right now? You should know the difference between players who have gone through their third class advancement and those who haven’t!”

“I do. Give it to me, now.” Dazed Kitty’s tone was filled with determination, and she left no room for negotiation.

“No, it’s too early. Your chance of failure is too high!”

“I know. But this is our Cat race’s screened inheritance. Is it not evaluated according to my final score? We managed to obtain it back then, and I also thought that I should go only after my third class advancement. However, my score won’t be high even if I complete it after my third class advancement.”

Dazed Kitty spoke with resolution, and her words didn’t fit her usual eccentricity at all.

Everyone was stunned.

That… seemed like the truth…

“So, give it to me. I want to become stronger! I don’t want to revert to my original self. I don’t just want an unruly personality. I also want to be strong!”

“Furthermore, my personality counts for nothing now.”

Ocean Waves fell silent and started thinking.

“Alright, I’ll give it to you. That belongs to you in the first place, and I’m just temporarily taking care of it for you. But are you going to look for that fellow after becoming more powerful, for revenge?” Ocean Waves could clearly tell that there was vengeance in Kitty’s teary and bloodshot eyes.


Kitty opened her red eyes to express her fury and vengeance as clearly as she could!

Her final word were spoken very slowly, and with determination:

“Yes. I want to kill him!”

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