Chapter 146: Annihilate Them All!

The other group roared as they charged at Blue Maple when they saw that he was coming at them quickly, like he wasn’t afraid to die at all.

However, Blue Maple could immediately see the trick. There was a Thief beside them!

They only became so brave when the Thief was invisible and assisting them. However, how could this Thief’s low-tier invisibility trick Blue Maple?

No wonder I can’t see him. He’s invisible behind them.

Blue Maple swiftly locked onto the Thief behind them, who was behind them, as he charged towards the group. Their bodies were blocking his vision, and that was the reason why Blue Maple’s Eyes of Heavenly Fire didn’t immediately discover Bandit’s presence.

Since he was discovered, Blue Maple decided to kill the annoying Thief before anyone else!

Blue Maple used some of his own class skills, but there was still one of Looming Shadow’s skills that he hadn’t used.

Void Backstab!

He disappeared in front of them once more!

“How is that possible? He can still disappear?!” The three men and the Thief behind them were shocked and frightened!

Blue Maple had too many skills that teleported him and allowed him to go invisible. There were just too many! They could be almost considered endless!

“Behind you!” Bandit hollered to remind everyone else. However, he could only remind the three Warriors in front, because…

The reason was because the Thief was already dead before they could even turn around!

But they weren’t terrified because of the fact as they still had some experience and quality in battle. They spun around furiously and swung their blades at Blue Maple, but they couldn’t see how Blue Maple was trying to defend himself. Instead, he just calmly pinched an instant mana potion in his right hand.

Afterwards… Blue Maple vanished before them once more!

More accurately put, Blue Maple swiftly pierced through one of them!

Disturbing Pierce!



Blue Maple could use Looming Shadow’s skills when he was using a sword, except he wouldn’t cause any dizziness when he was doing backstabs or whatnot. Blue Maple would have to use a dagger for that to happen. He had already tried that when he had nothing better to do in the previous day.

Blue Maple then casually used Sweeping Sword Slash to deal with this fellow before he swung his sword again at the other two Warriors. He hadn’t forgotten to use a mana potion which allowed continuous mana regeneration.

It tastes just like water and doesn’t taste nice at all…

Blue Maple thought to himself as he drank his potion. That was the reason why he didn’t typically like drinking these things. However, Blue Maple did have a lot of spare time to think about these things casually during a fight.

Yes… health regeneration potions were a little sweet, but he didn’t like drinking them either…

Blue Maple casually killed the remaining two Warriors before he used Airborne Somersault and pounced at another group. He dispatched another along the way: the Thief, who thought that he was safe as he was invisible.

Blue Maple had already seen him with his Eyes of Heavenly Fire.

As for the Archers’ arrows… eh? Did they even fire their arrows? It felt like their arrows flew by next to Blue Maple’s shoulders without touching him.

“Idiots! Stop being separated in twos and threes. Group together! Do you want to be picked apart one by one?”

Bandit lived up to his reputation as their leader after all. He quickly realized what Blue Maple’s plan was. Blue Maple had an easy time picking these small groups apart one by one, and he didn’t feel any pressure at all.

The Thief was immediately incapacitated with Blue Maple’s Eyes of Heavenly Fire, while the Archers didn’t seem to do anything at all. Dazed Kitty could still hit Blue Maple with an arrow or two so that he was forced to use his sword to smack the arrows away. However, these fellows seemed like they were firing arrows with their eyes closed before Blue Maple!

However, what Bandit didn’t realize was that they were even more easily killed when they were together!

But nobody could blame him as he was just making judgments using his common sense. He guessed that Blue Maple was probably a Thief or a Swordsman, but he was most likely to be a Thief as he had too many skills that could render him invisible.

Thieves were formidable in single combat, and their class was the king of field operations in which they could run even if they couldn’t win a fight. However, they had a fatal weakness when it came to group battles, and that was…

They didn’t have any attacks with an area of effect!

“He shouldn’t have any abilities that can target groups. Take up your blades and slash him to death!” Bandit roared furiously.

Bandit’s subordinates felt galvanized, like he had just woken them from a terrible dream!

At least, that was what Bandit believed. After all, Thieves’ skills were very focused on assassination, and they were all single-target skills. Blue Maple did look too much like a Thief, even though he was using a sword.

Blue Maple didn’t actually have any large-scale group attacks. Great Rainbow could be counted in some sense because he could still deal damage to others in his path to his target.

However, Blue Maple’s reward as the first player who had obtained his third class advancement was a group attack skill tome, which he had exchanged for with a pet egg.

Are they clumping together…

Blue Maple thought to himself plainly. He suddenly felt like these fellows were cute as they knew how to save time for him.

Blue Maple watched these fellows who were rapidly closing in around him. Less than thirty seconds had passed since the start of the battle, while the skills that he had used before weren’t cooled down yet. Still, Blue Maple didn’t panic.

Blue Maple continued acting and fooling around three other fellows as he waited for them to come near. In the end, Sword Blade Lotus only had a radius of ten metres, and it was useless further away.

As for those who were just firing cold arrows in the distance, they were all decoration anyway…

“Go and die, you blue-haired rascal!”

Bandit shouted angrily as directly used a Warrior’s Jump Slash as he hacked at Blue Maple.

As long as you’re coming into the circle.

Blue Maple thought to himself calmly. He was afraid that this fellow, who only knew how to command his subordinates to send themselves to their own deaths, wouldn’t participate. Everything was easier when he was in range.

Blue Maple didn’t seem like he was going to bother with Bandit as he used Jumped Slash. Instead, he pushed back the Warrior beside him and pushed the three of them back with another strike of his sword and a kick.

“Something’s not right! He still has another trick up his sleeve!”

Bandit watched Blue Maple’s actions, and he immediately felt wary when he saw that Blue Maple seemed like he wasn’t trying to defend himself at all. However, he still gripped his blade and swung it at Blue Maple!

Bandit felt a little ripple in his heart when he was about to strike Blue Maple. However, his vigilance was still there, and he didn’t underestimate his opponent.


A barrier of glyphs appeared above Blue Maple’s head and blocked his head!


A crisp metal clang could be heard that echoed across this small battlefield.

“So slow.”

Blue Maple raised his head plainly as he spoke to Bandit.

He seemed to be saying that he had been waiting for a long time!

Blue Maple’s blue eyes glowed as he used his Heavenly Fire Eye Beam and released his Goblin Glasses’ 30% lower Attack.

Now, he unleashed his skills at full power without any suppression at all!

Shit! He has a group attack skill!

Bandit’s pupils contracted vigorously as he swore in his mind.

“Back off!”

Bandit shouted furiously at his comrades.

But… that was too late!

Sword Bade Lotus!



The sharp flows were like hurricanes which were suddenly unleashed that swept up countless swords that started wreaking havoc through the groups of people. Those swords tore at their bodies mercilessly!

Those swords were like a hurricane of metal that cut and tore through everyone ruthlessly. Some impaled through their bodies and sent blood flying everywhere, forcing Blue Maple to raise a small and thin barrier of Heavenly Fire to prevent blood from splattering onto his body.

In this moment, the hurricane of metal transformed into a beautiful lotus flower made of blades that was sent chills down everyone’s hearts!

“Ah! Ah! Ah! ……”


-8978! -92457! -9301! -9187! -9221…

Their agonizing cries didn’t stop. Even though their pain sensations were set at 10%, the pain of a sword impaling through one’s body was horrifying!

Terrifying damage values appeared above everyone’s heads. They were not Warriors or Knights who focused their additional points on Defence or other defensive attributes, and they didn’t have enough Defence or hit points to survive this attack.

Instant kill!

The blades quickly dissipated…

Bandit was the only one who was left with only a little bit of hit points left. His body was riddled with hideous wounds as fresh blood flowed down. He stared at Blue Maple with vacant eyes as Warrior gear of all kinds dropped to the ground around him.

This attack… was just too terrifying!

More than forty Warriors and whatnot around him were immediately sent to meet their maker!

Most of them dropped gear when they were killed as they were infamous for robbery. Robber had dropped some gear before this, but Bandit quickly picked them up. The other players who had been killed and dropped items were picked up by the people around them.

They were very used to picking items up, and they weren’t short of any experience doing that.

However… there was nobody left to pick things up…

There was a cold blade pressed against Bandit’s neck while the cold and icy rain washed the blood on his body. Bandit’s blurry and vacant eyes gradually regained their clarity.

“Swash, swash, swash…”

In that moment, the world around went quiet and was only left with the sound of rain. There were three Archers in the distance, but they were shivering with fear and didn’t dare to move at all.



Blue Maple gently pulled his Abyss Sword as Bandit, whose eyes had just regained some clarity, fell onto the ground.




An Archer in the distance finally couldn’t take it anymore as he vomited.

They had murdered many players before, and they had also witnessed many scenes of flowing blood. But they had never seen anything like this!

Corpses were piled up on top of each other within a ten metre radius. Those weren’t corpses with normal wounds. Instead…

Countless torn limbs and broken arms mixed with their comrades’ organs were bathed in rain and blood. The smell of blood permeated their surroundings that instilled fear in their hearts!

A million blades which had separated limb from body didn’t cut in regular patterns. There were small and large pieces of flesh, while they could still tell their comrades’ incomplete and sinister faces before their deaths if they focused hard enough.

Terror, fear, disgust…

Even a blood-soaked battlefield wouldn’t have such a scene like this. A normal battlefield still had burnt bodies around, but the wounds caused in this place were purely sword wounds, and everything just looked so bloody and frightening.

So, he vomited, and that wasn’t all…

“Devil… run… oh, God! I want to leave this place!”

An Archer stood at a position by himself as his pupils couldn’t be any smaller. His body quivered as he stared at Blue Maple with fear in his eyes!


He ran away!

But he hadn’t gone two steps before he felt a wave of hot and intense pain from behind his back!

Finally, he turned around with fear in his eyes as he fell into the mud…

Spatial Fiery Chop.

Of the other two, one was still vomiting, and the other was trying to help his comrade up. However, Blue Maple turned around and gave him a look that scared him so much that he just plopped down onto the ground!

He stared at Blue Maple was intense fear in his eyes, and he grabbed around frantically behind his back. He had dropped his bow when he sat down fearfully, and he couldn’t reach anything at all…

He could only watch with open eyes as Blue Maple stepped slowly towards them. However, he was helpless and frantic as his knees were brought up close, and quivering, to his chest. There was nothing he could do but continuously and frantically shuffle backwards while seated on the ground.

“Tap, tap, tap…”



Blue Maple closed in, and his steps were like those of the God of Death as he felt immense fear in his heart!

“This is just a game… this is just a game… don’t be afraid… there is no real death… don’t be afraid…”

He tried reminding himself continuously, but those bloody corpses caused him to quiver uncontrollably! His legs suddenly stopped moving as he shuffled backwards because he was trembling too vigorously.

He could only try to shuffle backwards even though he no longer had any strength left, and her remained on the spot as he stared at Blue Maple frightfully. He couldn’t say anything.

His fear… just became stronger…

The guy who was vomiting stopped as he lifted his head and stared at Blue Maple with blank eyes while Blue Maple continued walking towards him.


He just allowed Blue Maple’s sword to cut across his throat.

His eyes had regained some clarity in that moment before his death, but everything was too late…

The other didn’t even know when he died.

All he knew was that was when he had regained his consciousness, he was already at the respawn point in spiritual form and waiting to respawn…

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