Chapter 145: The Massacre Begins

“If you want to live in this world, then you need to have some reputation. Even though I hate those things, I have to say that this can take away a lot of our troubles. At least…”


Blue Maple’s blade in his left hand immediately flared with Heavenly Fire.

“I will not allow just any random person to attack me!”

Blue Maple’s blue eyes sparkled underneath his glasses and glowed like the blade in his hands.

Spatial Fiery Chop!


A beam of blue fiery sword qi that was very close to the ground cut through the ground into a thin groove as it blasted towards Bandit and the others.

“Be careful! Step aside, everyone!”

Robber could see the fiery sword qi surging towards them as he hollered frantically.

Everyone dodged to both sides quickly and opened an empty path for the sword qi.

But… dodge? How was that possible?!



Blue Maple’s Spatial Fiery Chop passed through the crowd as it changed its direction and murdered an Archer who was comparatively weaker. Blue Maple targeted him deliberately as he was only Level 55, and he was very soft.

Blue Maple’s first strike was an instant kill, and that result was absolutely shocking!


Everyone watched as the sinister beam of sword qi instantly murdered the Archer. Their shock was inexplicable as Blue Maple’s attack was terrifying!


They were just about to continue charging forward to make Blue Maple pay when they realized to their surprise that Blue Maple, who had just been standing there before them and wasn’t far away…

…had disappeared!


Robber hadn’t even completed his warning before his pupils contracted!

A silver blade flashed with cold light was just about slash through his throat!

There was nothing unexpected as the sword slashed through his throat and blood splattered everywhere.



Blue Maple’s basic attack after using Hidden Attack already had a 70% damage bonus, and his damage was only as such even with an attack on a weak spot. Robber’s gear was quite excellent after all, while the reason why the damage dealt was lower than that dealt to Magic Sword Envoy before this was because he had used Instant Chain Strike to interrupt the bonus damage through Hidden Attack.

Furthermore, 70% bonus to Attack was different from a 70% bonus to damage in terms of damage dealt, which depended on armor penetration.

Even though Blue Maple didn’t kill Robber with one hit, the next one was absolutely sufficient.

Lightning Chain Strike was used on four more targets, which were quickly connected together after Hidden Attack!

Blue Maple locked onto Robber and the other three players next to him, and he attacked again when they were still shaken by Blue Maple’s Hidden Attack.

Robber was a veteran in battle after all. His reaction could be considered quick as he used his on blade to block his neck. Blue Maple was indeed going after his throat, but…

Since when were Blue Maple’s attacks easily parried? Especially when he found things interesting?

In that moment of rapid speed under his Lightning Chain Strike, Blue Maple reversed his grip on his blade like he was holding a dagger, and his blade immediately switched directions and went for a different target.

The side of Robber’s neck!


Blood splattered everywhere once more!

“Swish, swash, swish!”

Three other sounds of throats being cut could be heard. Even though Blue Maple didn’t kill any other player instantly, every instance took away more than 50% of their hit points, and they were now in a lightly wounded state.

Lightly wounded state: All attributes were lowered by 10%, and could be dispelled by a Priest’s healing spell.

-4387, -4678, -4758, -4679!

Robber was dead!

Everyone stopped running in this moment.

Robber had a lot of health and had high Defence, while he was a Knight, which was secondary in those attributes only to a Shield Warrior. However, Robber still chose to add more of his points into Strength because he wanted to kill more people and train harder. Robber’s Defence and his hit points weren’t as high as one would have imagined.

This fact also displayed his confidence. No! This showed everyone’s self-confidence. After all, training with a team without a Priest couldn’t be done without some self-confidence.

Their not having a Priest had something to do with how they did battle and how they didn’t really kill Bosses. After all, people usually didn’t die as long as they didn’t fight Bosses.

Then, what about their drops since they didn’t kill any Bosses? Wasn’t that simple? What did they do?

They robbed!

Even though those people they robbed may not give their best gear in exchange for keeping one level of experience, anybody who could sell would have money, and money would let them buy gear. They also sent some people to participate in this auction, except they hadn’t sent those gear over yet.


Bandit was furious and shocked when he saw that Robber was killed! However, he felt his heart skip a beat when he tried looking for Blue Maple again!

Blue Maple had disappeared, again!

This was the residual effect of Hidden Attack.

Bandit was a veteran after all, and he quickly recovered as he thought about his counterstrategy.


“Be careful!”

Bandit turned towards their strongest Archer and was just about to ask him to seek Blue Maple out when he realized something, to his utter shock!

Blue Maple was just behind the Archer’s back!

He had already locked onto her a long time ago!

However, Bandit’s warning was too late. The Archer had already detected Blue Maple, who was only in a normal invisible state, but he was still too quick to the point that she couldn’t dodge his attack at all!

Blue Maple already had a movement speed bonus from his infused gear, and he received an additional bonus after his third class advancement, while Feather’s physique gave him even more. Blue Maple’s normal movement speed was already more than one and a half times that of normal players!

What kind of fact was that? Blue Maple could leave everybody else more than thirty meters behind him in a one hundred metre race with his movement speed. Furthermore, he still had a movement speed bonus from Hidden Attack!

-4149, -2134!

Blue Maple slashed her throat and followed up with a kick and killed her instantly!

Blue Maple hadn’t removed his glasses yet, and he only had a little more than 3500 Attack. He didn’t use his skills and dealing such damage just with the bonus from attacking weak spots was already impressive.

Of course, Blue Maple’s dominance with his third class advancement and his hidden class couldn’t be overlooked. These were hidden attributes, but they were still a bonus in the end.

This Archer’s gear was decent as Blue Maple’s slash across her throat at close range didn’t kill her. Her gear was better than the previous one.

“Bastard! Let’s go, together! Let’s kill this blue-haired fellow! He can’t possibly go invisible again…”

Bandit’s eyes were as wide as they could be while he shouted. Blue Maple killed their people and charged into the group, but they hadn’t even touched the corner of his shirt. That was absolutely humiliating! Blue Maple was killing Archers, and he had already used both his abilities to go invisible. He knew that Blue Maple couldn’t go invisible again, and so he called for his friends to attack.

However, Blue Maple’s subsequent action was like a brutal slap to his face.

Blue Maple had disappeared again!

“How is that possible!” Bandit was shocked.

The players around the killed Archer could feel their hairs stand on ends. Previously, they could still feel Blue Maple moving around them, invisible, but now…

Blue Maple went invisible right in front of them, but they couldn’t feel Blue Maple at all. Just like…

…he had disappeared right in front of them!

What was even more frightening was that it was raining. How could they not see Blue Maple under the rain, even if he was invisible?! How could he not leave any footprints on the muddy and wet ground?!

That was one of Looming Shadow’s passive skill, Way of the Assassin’s passive effects: Phase Shift.

Phase Shift: Actively go invisible. Renders the user light as a feather, but movement speed is reduced (Cancelled out with Vanishing Shadow’s movement speed bonus). The user enters a semi-illusory state, while non-material attacks will pass right through his body!

That was only one of Way of the Assassin’s effects. If Mystery himself was using this skill, Blue Maple suspected that he could directly turn himself into an illusion to give himself immunity to one attack!

That was the truth. Mystery could grant himself immunity to a single instance of normal physical damage if Mystery himself used it.

Furthermore, that was just the current effect. This would become stronger in the future, just like how Blue Maple’s other skills became stronger. As for Blue Maple’s own class passive, Sword Heart, its effects had already become very strong. However, his right hand had been sealed for so long that he had almost forgotten about this passive ability…

Blue Maple didn’t know if this skill had already been improved as this wasn’t mentioned during his third class advancement…

And now, who would his next target be?


Somebody swallowed some saliva.

Everyone stood rooted in their spots nervously. Some of their hands which were holding weapons were even shaking slightly.

It would appear that not everybody present was a veteran, and some of them were even rookies.

However, this team was considered a decent team. Even though they were starting to get nervous, and some of them even started having cold sweats… there was no exception.

They didn’t panic! They didn’t break formation!

They were even starting to stand back-to-back with each other carefully, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief when everyone had their backs against each other.

They thought to themselves that they were probably a lot safer this way. Their teammates were behind them, and some people even started wondering if Blue Maple had escaped.

However, just in that moment when their minds were slightly relaxed!

Blood spurted from one player’s throat!



There was a slight pause before Blue Maple’s sword cut somewhere else. He didn’t even look back after killing this player, and he used Airborne Somersault to jump away before he charged at another group of people. He just left the other player behind the player who he had just killed standing there.

The other group saw that Blue Maple was closing in on them quickly, but they had no choice to toughen up.

Charge! Charge!

Two shadows charged in Blue Maple’s direction and attempted to intercept him while the remaining Archers started nocking their arrows and prepared to attack. This team fought very well, and it seemed like they had their fair share of fighting and robbing.

However, Blue Maple didn’t say that he had to kill that group of people. He could kill anyone, as long as they were people!

Blue Maple bounced off the ground as he quickly changed his direction and dashed towards the player who was charging as he swung his blade!


That player’s face changed drastically as he quickly switched from his offensive stance to a defensive one out of fear. Blue Maple attack was too terrifying, and he didn’t dare to block his attack head-on. He didn’t have a chance if he tried to dodge away, so he hoped to parry part of Blue Maple’s attack damage.

Blue Maple was just closing in on him when he suddenly disappeared again!

“Invisibility again?! How…”

He was just thinking that Blue Maple had gone invisible again when he felt a cold shiver down his spine, and his pupils contracted! A cold blade pierced through his back and into his heart!


The sword impaled through his chest before Blue Maple gave him a fierce kick and knocked him into the other player who was charging over.


The two players smashed into each other, dealing minor damage, but they didn’t even have time to celebrate when Blue Maple casually dodged three arrows and dashed next to them as he swung his Abyss Sword.

Blue Maple dispatched the original one with one strike as he swung his sword towards the other, then he used his new skill after his third class advancement.

Hidden Wound!

Blue Maple didn’t care about whether this fellow would use a health potion to replenish his hit points so that he wouldn’t be instantly murdered with Hidden Wound as he used Airborne Somersault and pounced at the original group of players that he was preparing to attack!

And the massacre continued!

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