Chapter 142: Another Massacre!

Blue Maple kept his glasses in his back. At the same time, his left hand started to smoke. A fire appeared and he formed his Abyss Sword.

“Couldn’t you just let me pass?”

Blue Maple didn’t immediately take action.

Everyone else tensed up. Dazed Kitty was already blaming herself. It was her fault once again.

I got into trouble again…

I’m too bratty…

I’m too reckless and bratty…it’s me again…

Guilty and regret filled her heart instantly.

She was so confused that she wasn’t aware of what she was doing now, what she was going to face, and what she had to do.

Fear filled her eyes!

She and the rest knew that once Blue Maple made a move…they were doomed!

If they were killed again, they would lag very far behind other players during their third class advancement. The rest wouldn’t fare as badly as Dazed Kitty. They would at most drop one level of XP.

However, Dazed Kitty had to suffer additional emotional trauma!


Seeing this formidable opponent as well as the dead Witty Doctor, Ice Rose was also bugged by discomfort. She was also slightly confused.

“Ocean Waves, he is…” Ice Rose’s voice was trembling as she asked.

“The person who killed us the last time!” Ocean Waves was equally nervous.

Ice Rose’s mouth was wide open and she didn’t know what to say.

“My friend, aren’t you overreacting?” Ocean Waves tried to calm himself down as he said. Both he and Contract Guardian were standing in front of the rest, protecting them from Blue Maple.

They were caught off guard the last time. However, Blue Maple seemed to intentionally give them time now.

“Yes, so what?”

Blue Maple immediately vanished just as he finished speaking!

Ocean Waves and Contract Guardian’s pupils shrank. Blue Maple was targeting those behind both of them!

“Be careful!”

Strengthened Hidden Attack and strengthened Instant Chain Strike!

Blue Maple charged in front of Ocean Waves and Contract Guardian before he instantly flashed behind them. The 50% increase in speed conferred by the Hidden Attack made Blue Maple terrifyingly quick. He did everything in almost a blink of an eye.

He was now in front of Magic Sword Envoy!

He stabbed! Towards the throat!


Magic Sword Envoy’s pupils shrunk tremendously, but his sword was too late to shield the attack. It was too quick!

Blue Maple seemed to pop up right in front of him instantly after he vanished. He even easily broke through the defense of the first two!



Blood splattered. His HP was instantly drained until there was hardly much left!

Before the others could even react, Blue Maple dealt a ferocious spinning kick to Magic Sword Envoy!



Magic Sword Envoy was kicked into the air, knocking the concealed Grey Leaf out from hiding!


Magic Sword Envoy died, while Grey Leaf’s concealment was disrupted. He wasn’t able to conceal himself for some time.

This wasn’t the end yet! After Blue Maple attacked, he entered another concealment phase. This was the result of using his Hidden Attack. His next target was Grey Leaf!

Initially, his concealment couldn’t fool Dazed Kitty. However, she was in a complete mess now. She wasn’t fast enough to warn Grey Leaf.

Grey Leaf was still astonished and lost after he was knocked. He didn’t expect himself to be the next target.

When he realized, Blue Maple’s sharp sword had already pierced his heart!


Grey Leaf was dead!

Blue Maple picked up speed after using his Hidden Attack and quickly instant kill Grey Leaf who was close to him!

Reverse Airborne Somersault.

He was going for Ocean Waves and Contract Guardian now! Dazed Kitty was temporarily stripped of her abilities. Ice Rose was curbed by the Heavenly Fire and posed no threat.


There was an infuriated look in Ocean Waves’ eyes. When he turned back, Blue Maple had already killed two of his teammates! He didn’t even pause right after, choosing to come for the two of them instead. He even shot them a merciless, corpse-like glare.



Distance and Ice Rose intercepted Blue Maple with their magic. To use their magic quickly, they chose to use lower-tier magic – Ice Spike and Fireball.

Blue Maple was immune!

“How?!” Distance and Ice Rose were both astonished.


Ocean Waves’ saber stopped Blue Maple’s sword, but his expression instantly changed!

Blue Maple intentionally allowed him to do so!

Lightning Chain Strike!

They were both targets! Each of them was dealt the Lightning Chain Strike twice!




Contract Guardian managed to hold off the attack using his high protective armor and HP, but Ocean Waves was in a much dire state. Now that Blue Maple’s Lightning Chain Strike was 150% stronger, it was much more difficult to resist it!

“You’re too weak.”

Blue Maple whispered in Ocean Waves’ ears as if he was Ocean Waves’ nightmare once again.


Ocean Waves wanted to utter a sound, but his HP was already so low. Blue Maple had also slashed his throat.

Blue Maple stopped his final attack just before Ocean Waves was struck, so that he could whisper into Ocean Waves’ ears at this critical moment. He wanted to let Ocean Waves know about how weak he was.

Although this wasn’t a game where one would actually die, he still wanted Ocean Waves to remember forever…

Once the opportunity arose again…

Sweeping Sword Slash!


Then, Blue Maple used his Sweeping Sword Slash to finish off Contract Guardian, whose HP was already below half it was previously.

At this moment, Blue Maple decided to unleash his Spatial Fiery Chop into the distance!

Distance was still astonished by Blue Maple’s lethality. He couldn’t react in time and had to roll over for an awkward dodge. He barely missed the sword aura that came in his direction.

However, the fiery sword aura changed direction at this moment!

It was the direction reversal ability of this strengthened Spatial Fiery Chop! How would Blue Maple allow Distant to dodge his attack? He still managed to hit his target!




Instant kill!

Fire magic possessed high fire-resistance. A 50% stronger Spatial Fiery Chop could only deal this amount of damage, but a Wizard was inherently weak. Even if Distant could alleviate some of the damage, he couldn’t avoid the entire attack.

In just a few seconds, Blue Maple had gotten rid of five people!

However, it was also because he didn’t want to kill the remaining two. Otherwise, he would have used his Sword Blade Lotus, which could have easily settled everyone. They wouldn’t have been able to resist such a lethal group target skill.

Fresh blood stained Blue Maple’s sword. Rain washed the blood off his sword.

“You seem even more pathetic than the last time.”

Blue Maple’s cold voice jolted Dazed Kitty from her confusion.

She wanted to retort.

“I already told you. You’ll be harmed by willfulness. You’ll also harm…”

“People around you.”

His words were like a hammer that pounded directly on Dazed Kitty’s heart! Dazed Kitty’s pupils shrunk.

Along with those who had just perished in front of her, Dazed Kitty was dealt such a huge emotional blow!

“It’s not…”

She started to mutter. Ice Rose felt extremely heartbroken as she saw the state that Dazed Kitty was in now.

Just as she wanted to help Dazed Kitty, Blue Maple spoke once again. His cold voice echoed again.

“It’s not? Everything has been inked in fresh blood.”

His heartless narration, emotionless eyes, and the cruel truth invaded Dazed Kitty’s heart, devouring her rationality.

“It’s me…they’ve been killed…it’s blood again…my teammates are dead. I’m also…”

She was stuttering as she spoke.

“Dazed Kitty, don’t listen to him. We won’t blame you for this! It’s only a game. We’ll be fine!”

Ice Rose wanted to jolt Dazed Kitty into her senses, but it didn’t seem to work.


“Game? All of you would long have been dead if this was reality! The reality we live in isn’t so beautiful.”


As he spoke, Blue Maple also slowly lifted his legs. He was slowly approaching Dazed Kitty. An invisible pressure was mounting.

Blue Maple…

He was unleashing his killing intent!

It felt almost real!

Ice Rose was frightened instantly! She felt as if Blue Maple could really kill her. It wasn’t just in the game but also in real life!

It was the same killing intent that scared off the demonized Multicolored Cheetah King. Blue Maple wasn’t very interested in fully unleashing this killing intent of his that he hid close to himself either.

Furthermore, his killing intent only diffused towards her. His real target was Dazed Kitty!


When she struggled to turn her head to look at Dazed Kitty, she discovered that Dazed Kitty’s eyes were completely listless now. She was just stoning when she was!

“Don’t…say anything…”

Dazed Kitty was shaking. She lifted her bow and trembled as she retrieved an arrow. This was an instinctive move under the pressure of Blue Maple’s killing intent.

“Don’t! Bully Kitty!”

Ice Spike!

Ice Rose resisted Blue Maple’s terrifying intent. She waved her staff and unleash an attack.


Heavenly Fire instantly raged! 10% of Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire instantly engulfed him. The brutal blue fire started to burn all around him!

The Ice Spike vanished within the flames…

“You should count your blessings that this is only a game. Otherwise…”


Blue Maple suddenly smirked.

He was mocking her. Along with the terrifying killing intent he revealed and the brutal fire, he became extremely terrifying!

It felt like…

A numb demon that killed without blinking an eye. He was enjoying the joy of killing!!!

“Stop talking!”


The arrow shot out!


It cracked before it even arrived in front of Blue Maple!

“Your resistance is futile.”

Dazed Kitty’s helpless shot was blocked off so easily! Instantly, she was triggered!

“I’m telling you. Stop talking!”


It was another arrow!

She seemed to have gone berserk. She couldn’t control herself!


Struck down!

Blue Maple took another step forward.

“Kitty, don’t! Stop!”


Another arrow! Ice Rose’s screams were futile!


Blue Maple moved forward again.

The arrow was struck down again!





The Heavenly Fire struck down the arrows again and again. There wasn’t any loophole! At the same time, Blue Maple was inching closer and closer to Dazed Kitty. Ice Rose wanted to stop him, but she was helpless. She couldn’t even get close to him.

Ding! Announcement: Warning! Your Heavenly Fire will be drained quickly if you keep using it like this. The strength of the Heavenly will…

Blue Maple ignored the announcement. He didn’t care about it all.

Dazed Kitty was completely out of her mind now!

“Kill you! Kill you!”

She pulled her bow and her Skill shone on her arrow!

Her Skill! Cloudpierce Arrow!

She learned it from an advanced-tier skill tome. It took one second to be unleashed, but the damage was 200%. At the same time, it had a 30% armor-piercing effect!

“Go…and die!!!”


Her arrow was like a streak of white light! It shot close to Blue Maple!

This time, Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire couldn’t stop the arrow anymore. It was drained!

However, the arrow suddenly rose just before it hit Blue Maple!

New Skill after the third class advancement – Absolute Barrier!


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