Chapter 14: Slit to the Throat

Blue Maple didn’t waste any time after hearing the old man’s words. He looked at the forgetful boss and village chief, indicating he was about to leave. He immediately left the restaurant.

As the village chief watched Blue Maple leave, he said to the boss, “Youngsters nowadays are really… do you think that kid… uh, saw something?”

“Possibly, eh? How did that young lady run out just now?”

“Haih, I’m not trying to be naggy towards you, but you should really work on your memory.”

“Haih, I really want to, but it’s just not working.”


When Blue Maple was walking towards the village entrance, he observed that all the players seemed to be very rushed. Evidently, they were rushing to level up. Occasionally, there would be players turning to look at Blue Maple. However, they didn’t probe any further when they saw how cold Blue Maple was.

Blue Maple chose to ignore these players. He was also conversing with the old man via telepathy. He could hear anything that the old man said through telepathy, as long as he wanted to. If he was unwilling, the old man’s words could only be heard through his ears. The old man would only be able to read what Blue Maple wanted to say. There was no way he could capture other stuff.

“Old Man Fang, please tell me the details of the quest.”

“Rascal, why are you so rushed? Weren’t you very nonchalant towards everything? Oh yes, I seemed to overhear something when you went to the washroom earlier. Hehehe, tell me truthfully, what harmful things have you done?”

“I went to the washroom.”

“Don’t get all nonsensical with me. Do you really think I’m deaf?”

“Who knows?”

“You! Okay, rascal! If I knew, I wouldn’t have placed my hearing with you to find out where your next quest is. Because of that, I missed out on what went down.”

“Quest.” Blue Maple was as indifferent as ever.

“…hmph! No rush, I’ll slowly get it out of you. You have a rather good vegetable knife in your bag, right? When you reach the village entrance, stab it in the ground. At the same time, reveal the attributes of your sword too…”

The old man realized that Blue Maple was still very quiet, and seemed not to care about everything. This left him furious. It felt like Blue Maple had no choice but to talk to him. The old man angrily thought to himself, Hmph, stupid rascal. If you piss me off, I’ll show you what I can do to you.

“Err, people will come to steal your vegetable knife. When that happens, you need to do three things: first, kill at least one hundred people who attempt to snatch the knife; second, you must not let any of them attack you successfully; third, you must not let anyone succeed in stealing the knife. In the event that someone manages to do so, you must kill that person.”


After that, Blue Maple turned a deaf ear to the old man. Blue Maple asked, “Just that?” Blue Maple paused for a moment before he asked again, “Continue speaking.” Obviously, Blue Maple knew that the old man wasn’t done. He had already guessed that the old man had intentionally pretended to be deep in thought to make him speak.

These requirements weren’t exactly difficult for Blue Maple. It was like asking him to fight one hundred people who were weaker than him in real life. The point was... there wasn’t any difficulty.

In this game, ordinary attacks could be blocked using weapons as long as the parties involved were roughly as strong as one another. The game restricted attacking speed, but it didn’t restrict blocking speed. Blue Maple knew this. Right now, there wasn’t anyone who could fire long-range attacks. That was why the mentioned requirements weren’t actually difficult for him.

The only difficulty probably arose from variables; someone whose fighting or game-related skills were at least as good as his!

“Hehe, of course I’m not done! Fourth, you can’t touch the knife. Except for the event that your blade has been snatched, you cannot be more than thirty centimeters away from your sword. Even if your knife has been snatched, you cannot be more than three meters away from it. Of course, the person who snatches your knife cannot throw it away. That’s a restriction I’ll place on it!

“Fifth, hehe, I’ll tell the players about all the restrictions that have been set. Furthermore, I’ll tell them that the person who ruins your quest will get your knife and sword. At the same time, I’ll call a few people over to join in the fight. As for how I’m going to do it, hehehe…of course, I’ll restrict the number of people who are allowed to fight for the knife. I won’t overwhelm you with people.”

Blue Maple paused for a moment after hearing the last requirement. He reacted instantly. The old man could bring over players from the regional maps. Evidently, the players that the old man was going to bring over weren’t going to be easy to deal with. The question was… how many of them was he going to bring over? As for overwhelming him, he would certainly need to flee if more than a hundred people came at him!

According to the old man’s arrangement, the players coming to snatch his knife would certainly form teams. Even if he could remain unhurt, it would certainly be difficult for him to avoid touching his knife if that many people were trying to snatch it. While they might not be able to hurt him, it was still possible for them to snatch a knife Blue Maple couldn’t touch. What the players could do was to keep him away from his knife by more than the restricted distance, or could keep the knife three meters away from him, or just avoid being killed within ten seconds.

After all, he was still restricted to one attack every two seconds. Even if he used his Cold Light Slash six times in ten seconds, he still wasn’t confident of dealing with all his enemies. Even though Blue Maple was of a higher level and better equipped, he had no way of calculating the damage he could inflict on his enemies, so things were uncertain.

The knife would most certainly be classified as a dropped item. Otherwise, if a player managed to avoid being killed, but didn’t drop the knife from his backpack, there wouldn’t be a quest left to complete. Perhaps this was a good thing.

These weren’t Blue Maple’s biggest worries. He was most worried about the fact that the old man would call over players who weren’t easy targets. If a few good ones were brought over, Blue Maple would most likely face the issue of trying to preserve his own life. Blue Maple wasn’t so confident that he underestimated everyone else. No matter how strong he was, there was still a limit. For example, he wouldn’t dare to get close to a demonized Barbaric Bull King!

Seeing that Blue Maple was so quiet, the old man wickedly asked, “How? You can’t complete it, can you? If you beg me, I might lower the difficulty. After all, I still want to accept you as a disciple.”

“I know.” Blue Maple broke his silence and proceeded directly to the village entrance.

“Fuck, this fucking rascal,” the old man swore. He knew Blue Maple was responding to his statement of accepting a disciple. Blue Maple ignored his earlier words once again. “I’ll make you go mad. Let me see who the strong ones are. I’ll find a few more.”

“Hmm?... Hehehe…” the old man smiled wickedly. If Blue Maple saw this, he would most likely want to give the old man a good beating again…


Very soon, Blue Maple was at the entrance. Just as he was about to stab his knife into the ground, he heard a voice. Even though he was unwilling to admit it, he knew that this voice was calling him.

“Little Gangster!”

Earlier, Blue Snow had left to submit her quest. Just as she was about to exit the village again, she glanced at her friends list and discovered something astonishing. Blue Maple was already Level 14!

She couldn’t help but stop him, and ask him when she saw him.

Blue Maple didn’t want to waste time right now. The more time he wasted, the more people old man would be able to find and find stronger people to ruin his quest. Blue Maple didn’t doubt that the old man would increase the difficulty of this quest. When he saw Blue Snow, he couldn’t help but furrow his brow. After he glanced at her, he immediately prepared to begin his quest

“If there’s anything, please wait for me to complete this quest first.”

After that, a light flashed in his left hand. A dagger appeared. He proceeded to stab it in the ground. At the same time, the sword in his hand and the dagger both projected an attribute panel. The lights appeared concurrently with his actions. Blue Maple also shone with a blinding beam of light. A quest symbol instantly popped up above his head.

When this happened, all the players instantly looked at Blue Maple, including Blue Snow.

“Is this fellow crazy?” Blue Snow covered her mouth in shock when she saw what Blue Maple had just done.

Ding, ding, ding…

Just at this moment, the system gave off an announcement. The players who witnessed Blue Maple’s actions were given a quest notification each. A light panel with the relevant content popped up in front of each of them. It was exactly what the old man mentioned to him. The only person who didn’t receive a notification was Blue Snow.

As for why, it was probably because the old man wanted to play a trick.

Some of the players were in deep thought, while some had already brandished their weapons. They were about to fight!

Blue Maple was ready to fight back when he saw the players who were ready to attack.

“There’s actually an idiot willing to receive such a quest. Who does he think he is? Come on, let’s all attack him!” One of the players was already charging towards Blue Maple with a sword in his hands. At the same time, many players responded to his call and charged Blue Maple.

Just as Blue Maple was about to kill these players, a figure suddenly came in front of him.

“Hey, what are you doing. No snatching of things.” This person was Blue Snow! Blue Maple was stunned by what had just happened.

“What are we doing? Of course we’re trying to kill him to equip ourselves. Why? Did you not receive the quest? Or is this gigolo your boyfriend?”

“Quest? Eh?...who wants to have this Little Gangster as a boyfriend? Whatever it is, no snatching of things!” Blue Snow retorted.

“Idiot.” Seeing what Blue Snow just did, Blue Maple got a headache as he thought to himself, There’s actually such a person in this world...

“Eh, little girl. If you aren’t his girlfriend, don’t block us. If you continue to be insistent, we’ll still kill you no matter how pretty you are!” the first player to speak retorted.

“This little girl wants to save this idiot. Let’s grant her this wish!” another player wretchedly commented.

“Yes, let’s not waste more time. Let’s just kill both of them!” the other players screamed at the same time.

“You guys” Blue Snow was infuriated. Finally, she turned around and said to Blue Maple, “Why are you standing here? Quickly pick up your item and return to the village. The civil troops will stop them inside the village.”

“Keep it? Enter the village? Can he do that?” The first player to speak charged over!

“Idiot, stand back!” Blue Maple pulled Blue Snow behind him. He received the attack of that player. He barely dodged the attack before stabbing his own sword at that player’s throat. Fresh blood splattered.

-315! Instant Kill!

“How….is this possible…” The player fell to the ground indignantly. Quest progress – 1%!

It was a complete dominance in terms of attributes and level. Blue Maple attacked the man’s weak spot.

This scene completely shocked everyone. The players who were ready to attack all froze in place. They were all completely stunned and didn’t move a single step…

Blue Snow was one of them…

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