Chapter 138: Boring Appraisal

March 19th. Aika City.

“Is the teleportation fee to a main city cheap?”

Blue Maple found it a little weird that the streets were very empty. He didn’t wear his blue coat today, but changed to a white one instead. Perhaps he felt that it was time to change.

There was no need to change clothing in the game. After all, it wasn’t a real world. He wouldn’t feel uncomfortable because he didn’t change clothing.

“Didn’t you choose an empty street?”

Feather’s voice echoed from his personal pet space, although he technically wasn’t Blue Maple’s pet.

“Seems like it.”

Blue Maple gently pushed up his glasses. He wasn’t used to wearing one. After all, they were different from protective goggles that one used in a fight.

He came to Aika City for a special reason – auction house!

Blue Maple received many items in Elven Forest. Some of them were yet to be appraised yet, and he wasn’t good enough to appraise those items on his own.

They were the items that dropped from the Rank 95 Giant Mountain Ape.

After all, Blue Maple couldn’t see any attributes. Even if he used his Heavenly Fire, he couldn’t perform any appraisal. His level was simply not high enough.

“Do you need anything?”

Blue Maple immediately regretted after asking. Old Man Fang had already prepared whatever Feather needed.





Five minutes later at the auction house.

Blue Maple, now dressed in his white coat, appeared at the auction house. This drew a lot of attention.

He had no choice. His fashion made him stand out. His white coat was ordinary and he also paired it with an ordinary black shirt underneath it. His hair and eyes were both deep-blue.

But…they were obscured by the blue glasses that he wore.

Wearing glasses wasn’t the norm.

“Wow, what a strange fellow.”

“That’s right. I wonder if he’s an NPC. A normal player’s hair wouldn’t be like his. There’s no basic information about him either.”

“Aiyo, what a strange handsome boy.”


People were mumbling, but fortunately, any basic information about Blue Maple was hidden. It seemed to have become a passive skill of his.

It’s better if I conceal myself in the future and just appear at the counter. Blue Maple secretly thought to himself. He wasn’t bothered by what people said, but he was just unsettled by the noise he heard.

He walked in a straight line towards the counter. He wasn’t dragging his feet at all. There was a beautiful NPC at the counter, who wasn’t doing anything now.

“Auction. Call Leah out.”

He couldn’t be more direct. This was his goal too. He was just here to auction off his items.

“Alright, Sir. Please wait a moment.”

The NPC bowed slightly as she replied Blue Maple. Then, she walked somewhere else and shouted.

“Sister Leah, someone is looking for you.”

“Who? Who’s here now? Isn’t everyone busy with their guilds?” Leah’s puzzled voice was heard. She had heard about the guild system.

Leah walked out. She was stunned when she saw Blue Maple. After this, she appeared to have gotten an epiphany.

“It’s you, handsome boy. I almost couldn’t recognize you with that hairstyle. You have such an exquisite pair of Goblin Glasses too. I wonder what it’s for.”

She was experienced. She immediately recognized the glasses. However, such glasses didn’t all have the same functions. She couldn’t possibly know the detailed functions of the pair of glasses that Blue Maple was wearing.

“I need an appraiser. Preferably the best you’ve got.”

He was still as cold as ever. It was impossible for him to be polite.

“Hey, handsome boy, why do you have to be so cold? I’m hurt.” Leah shot a flirtatious glance at Blue Maple.

However, Blue Maple acted like he didn’t see it…

“Hmph, go and get Old Man Sayd.” Leah snorted slightly before she instructed the NPC. The NPC also acknowledged her words and went to find the appraiser.

“Let’s go. We should talk inside.”



Both of them enter a luxurious room. It seemed much more luxurious than before. A gorgeous NPC dressed as a waitress poured both of them a drink each before she retreated out of the room.

“I don’t know what you like to drink. You probably won’t tell me either, so I just randomly got you a drink.”


Blue Maple didn’t say anything else…

“Eh, it’s really uncomfortable chatting with you.”

Leah sighed as she said. She didn’t know how to respond to the nonchalant Blue Maple.

“Are everyone at Rank 2 Main Cities?” Blue Maple asked.

“Probably not all, but at least two-thirds of them are away.” Leah was stunned for a moment before she replied.


“If you want to auction off your items, we’ll send the items to a Rank 2 Main City,” She meant that it was best for Blue Maple to auction his items at a Rank 2 Main City. After all, there were more people there. Furthermore, there should be more interested parties there.

“We’ll just do it here.” Blue Maple took a sip of the drink before he replied. It didn’t seem like he was joking.

“Are you sure? You’ll lose a portion of your potential clients.” Leah couldn’t understand as she tried to confirm.

“Normal clients. Doesn’t matter.”


This was Blue Maple’s show of confidence in the items he was auctioning. He was plainly claiming that ordinary clients weren’t even fit to come for the auction.

“Alright then. Since you have such a request, we’ll just do it here.” Leah helplessly replied.

What else could she do?


Blue Maple answered nonchalantly. As he shook his hand, a pile of items fell onto the ground. There were more than a hundred items!

These were the rewards of Blue Maple’s exploits over the past two months. Most of these items were at least Rank 50 and they were highly demanded in the market. They were definitely the best out there!

Blue Maple dumped the ones that were of low-quality. How could they not be the best?

The Rank 50 Gold-tier items had Skills attached to them or they increased one’s attributes. In any case, they were very beneficial to their users!

Leah covered her lips when she saw the pile of items on the floor. She was so astonished that she didn’t even utter a single word.

They were all beaming with gold lights. It was absolutely dazzling and even intoxicating. They were piled like a mountain in front of Leah.

“Let’s wait for the appraiser. I still have a few more items.”

Blue Maple said as he sipped on his drink.

“You, you have more?” Leah was still astonished and had yet to recover from it.

“Hmm, the drink is pretty good.”


Leah asked the waitress to fill up the drink that Blue Maple had just finished. She even instructed the waitress to get a few sealed bottles of the drink, so that she could gift them to Blue Maple after the meeting was over. Blue Maple didn’t appear to reject this gesture.

After a while, the appraiser called Sayd finally arrived.

“Miss Leah, what valuable treasures do you have this time? You asked me over.” Before he even arrived, his voice echoed.

“Hmph, Old Man Sayd. You’re gonna have a good time.” Leah wasn’t shy as she spoke to Sayd. However, she still sounded as respectful as ever. It was rather weird.

“Oh? Let me take a look…”

When he walked into the room, he was immediately shocked by the sheer number of items on the floor. They were all Gold-tier. Some of them didn’t even just seem to be shining gold!

“These, these are…Gold-tier items…about the third class advancement…alright, alright, there seems to be darkgolden items after the third class advancement!” Old Man Sayd opened his mouth wide and stuttered as he said.

Blue Maple didn’t care as he yawned.

“Just get it over and done with. I still have a few other items.” Blue Maple was a little annoyed as he demanded.

Appraisals were part of the process. The main reason was that some people would put fakes in the items that they were auctioning off. It was best that the items could be authenticated and appraised first before they were auctioned off.

“Also, also…” Old Man Sayd was in just the same state as Leah was earlier. There were simply too many items!

An ordinary person only had one or two such items. A small team would at most have a few of them. Bigger teams or guilds would use these items instead of auctioning them off.

After all, they were the most exquisite items at the current stage. Now that they’d all come from the same person, there was only one plausible explanation – he was either from an impressive small team or he himself was an impressive independent!

Blue Maple was an independent!

He was beyond his level too. After all, only Bosses could drop such items. And it wasn’t possible for Blue Maple to kill so many Bosses in such a short time!

How impressive is this young man? How does he have so many of these items? From his tone, it seems like whatever else he’s got is even more impressive. Old Man Syed was astonished as he thought. Leah had the same thought too.

“Alright, just perform the appraisal. Can’t you see that our handsome customer is already annoyed?” Leah pushed Old Man Sayd. After all, Blue Maple wore his emotions on his face. It wouldn’t be right for them to delay the appraisal any further, considering how Blue Maple was a valuable customer.

“Alright! I’ll do it now!”

After he finished speaking, Old Man Sayd’s eyes brightened. He rubbed his hands as he got close to the mountain of items. Appraising these items was an enjoyment too!

“This armor is the best at this stage now…”

“Oh, oh my god! This pike! It’s a necessity…”

“This pair of shoes! A Thief will be infinitely quicker with them! Archers will fare well with them too…”

“Oh, there’s this saber too…”

“Eh? This sword seems a little inferior…”


“So tired…”

Blue Maple was bored out by the appraisal. His eyes were starting to close.

Some of the swords and blades were originally in better condition. However, their attached attributes and Skills were taken away by Blue Maple using his Heavenly Fire. He stripped those attributes and Skills and kept them.

That was why they were inferior…

As for Blue Maple, he had shut his eyes and was about to fall asleep!

At first, Leah thought that Blue Maple was just resting his eyes. However, she realized that he had fallen asleep when she heard his rhythmic breathing!

However, she was only a little astonished as she looked at Blue Maple. That was the end of it. She continued to watch Old Man Sayd as if she didn’t notice what Blue Maple was doing.

Old Man Sayd was still appraising. He didn’t realize what Blue Maple was doing. He was still going on and on about the attributes of the items.

Blue Maple brazenly fell asleep mainly because he had a pair of invisible eyes watching everything. He wasn’t worried. When he was tired, he’d already informed Feather.

Feather could observe everything in the outside world from his space.

The entire appraisal took close to twenty minutes…



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