Chapter 137: Don't Be Too Quiet

“Seriously, why don’t you want to be famous? Girls will be chasing after you if you are. You are pretty handsome. I’m sure there won’t be a lack of them.”

Old Man Fang appeared to be disappointed as if Blue Maple’s actions were something regrettable.

“This is enough.”

Blue Maple shot him a casual reply. Then, he started to look around him, as if he was searching for something. Old Man Fang was already confused by what he just said.

“Where’s Feather?”

He couldn’t find Feather, which led him to ask.

“That little kid? He’ll probably be over soon. Why? Are you that desperate to leave?” Old Man Fang seemed to believe that Blue Maple was eager to quickly leave.


His reply was very direct…

“Forget it, I have nothing else for you over here. I don’t care why you’d want to leave either. But here, take it.” After he finished speaking, Old Man Fang passed a few items to Blue Maple.

The first was an ancient but simple white token. The second was an elegant-looking sword. The last item was the fire pearl from before.

“The first is a Rank One Guild Creation Token Do whatever you want with it. Use it if you want to have your own sect. But I think you’ll just play with it.”

His words were on point…

“The second item is a sealed blade. You can remove the seal whenever you want, and it can last you until Level 120.”


Old Man Fang ignored Blue Maple’s nonchalant reply and continued speaking.

“The fire pearl can be used for two purposes. One, you can use it for teleportation. In other words, you can use it to escape and find me. Although Valefor is dead, there are still others around, such as the Assassin Demon God. You should remain cautious.”

“There’s a streak of Earthly Fire contained within it too. You can sense it when you are free. Forget about absorbing it. You can’t do so temporarily.”

After he finished speaking, Old Man Fang pondered for a moment. Blue Maple also retrieved the blade and dumped it in his backpack. As for the other two items, he had long dumped them in his backpack…

“Alright, that’s all. Where are you planning to go?”

“Let’s wait for Feather first.” Blue Maple didn’t seem to be in a rush now.


After a short while, Blue Maple sensed that Feather was close.

Blue Maple only saw a black figure flying over. If he didn’t know that was Feather, he would have become extremely wary.

Feather was so quick that there was not enough time to react.

He’s quick!

Blue Maple furrowed his brow when he saw the speed at which Feather was flying at. He also turned to Old Man Fang at the same time.


Feather stopped by Blue Maple’s side. Just as he stopped, he generated some airflow but didn’t make a sound.

“Don’t look at me. I only sealed some of his powers, but not his physical attributes. It’s only normal for him to be this quick.”

Old Man Fang tried to explain himself.

Feather also coldly stood beside Blue Maple. He didn’t say a single word. As for his current rank…


Rank 65!

He was also much taller now. He seemed to be almost the same age as Blue Maple – about 17 or 18.

This left Blue Maple puzzled too. Although he hadn’t played the game before, he’d never heard of a pet growing taller than his owner in just a few days. This was even though they had an equal contract.

“We helped to increase Feather’s rank, but we aren’t Spirit Birds. I didn’t dare to aggressively help him. I only chose to give him some reinvigorating medicine and whatnot.”

“If I was some kind of powerful Spirit Bird, it wouldn’t be an issue for me to help him rank up until Rank 90. It’ll only drain some of my pure spiritual powers, but there wouldn’t be any side effects.”

Old Man Fang was referring to the Golden Roc. However, the Golden Roc didn’t do anything, so Old Man Fang wasn’t really in any place to help too much. Blue Maple also understood this.


“We?” Blue Maple was doubtful as he asked.

“It’s your mistress.”

Feather uncharacteristically spoke, which left Blue Maple confused once again. He couldn’t help but turn to Old Man Fang. If Feather bothered to speak, then it had something to do with Old Man Fang.

“Cough cough…it’s your mistress indeed. She’s also a powerful swordsman. Don’t ask too much. You’ll meet her soon enough.” Old Man Fang awkwardly explained.

“When he talked about finding a mating partner for me, he was almost thrashed by her.” Feather tried to remain indifferent, but he couldn’t control himself ultimately. There was something weird in his voice.

Blue Maple detected it and was curious as he looked at both of them.

The two of them also started to exchange glances with each other. Ultimately…

Feather was still a kid…

“The old man is scared of his wife!”

“The kid is shy!”

After they finished shouting, both of them turned their heads.

“Hmph, I’m just too young to find a mating partner.” Feather tried to explain himself, but he was already blushing by now.

“Cheh, I’m not afraid of my wife in terms of everything. There are only a few things that I listen to her.” Old Man Fang didn’t back down as he calmly explained himself too.

Blue Maple sniggered. He roughly guessed what was going on. Then…

He took out a voice recorder that he always carried with him and played a recording.


Old Man Fang noticed his action.

“Hey rascal, what are you doing?” He immediately recognized that something was wrong.

“Oh, it’s something to do with the Goblin Glasses.” Blue Maple wasn’t in a hurry as he kept his voice recorder. There was a threatening look that flashed in his eyes he scanned Old Man Fang.


Old Man Fang had turned green!

“Send us to Aika City.” Blue Maple gestured towards Feather as he looked away from Old Man Fang.

Feather immediately knew what to do. He turned back into a black eagle and perched on the platform to the side of Blue Maple’s left shoulder. He also lifted his head slightly as he arrogantly glanced at Old Man Fang. He didn’t seem like the usual, indifferent Feather, but more like a petty little kid.

Although he didn’t know what Blue Maple was talking about, he was glad that Old Man Fang wasn’t having it good!

Old Man Fang was furious as he pointed at Feather. However, he wasn’t really in a position for an outburst. After all, Blue Maple had a recording of him passionately explaining the functions of the Goblin Glasses!

If she knows…

The thought of it caused him to shudder. He would be in trouble if his wife knew about it.

“Oh yes, send us to an ordinary hotel where there’s an empty room.” Blue Maple increased the difficulty of the teleportation. He was also itching to get one over Old Man Fang.

“Seems like carrying a voice recorder with me all the time is a good idea.”

As he thought until here, Blue Maple felt much better too. It was almost dark now and he wanted to sleep.

On the other hand, Old Man Fang appeared very indignant. He didn’t dare to pull any tricks and just followed Blue Maple’s instructions.

“Rascal, don’t let me find out anything about you!”

Old Man Fang greeted his teeth as he shouted at Blue Maple. Then, he used his fire to initiate a teleportation.


Blue Maple’s words disappeared along with him…

The indignant Old Man Fang was left behind…


Around an hour later…

All the high-class hotel suites and some residences in Rank 2 Main Cities…

Europe, Rank 2 Main City, Mandis, Red Wine Guild.

“Relieve yourselves of whatever quests you have now. Our target is Guild Creation Tokens!” Paris Red Wine was still in a Rank 45 Treant set equipment, but he was already Level 59!

“Listen to your team leaders!”

The senior management of the guild responded fervently!

In the same city. Fire God Guild.

“The Guild Creation Token system has already been announced. Do you know what to do? Dusk, send the locations of powerful Bosses to them. Gather people and quickly gather Guild Creation Tokens!”

The person speaking was a man in a scarlet-red magic robe. He appeared towering and dominant! His hair was red too, which made one question if it was an illusion.

He was the Chairman of the Fire God Guild – Vulcan!


Dusk responded respectfully. He also sent the electronic data in his hands to all the senior management members of the guild who were present.

Europe, Rank 2 Main City, Elivia, Lion Guild

“White Lion, do you have any insights? Guild Creation Tokens won’t drop so easily.”

The person speaking was the Chairman of the Lion Guild – Invincible Lion!

Although he had such an awe-inspiring name, he appeared very amiable. The way he spoke was also very gentle. However, one would suffer greatly if he was fooled by Invincible Lion’s appearance!

“Yes. Either we kill, or we steal.” White Lion smiled as he said.

“That’s a good idea.” Invincible Lion didn’t rush his words as he asked.

The other members in the suite were stunned by the reply.

In the same city, Overlord Alliance.

“Ahaha! Finally the system is announced. I’ve been waiting for so long. Let’s all roll out and get Guild Creation Tokens!!!”

Berserk Overlord was speaking on her own, while her subordinates were all too afraid to voice their opinions.

No one dared to interrupt her…

All the other guilds were having a meeting over the same issue at the same time. However, the guilds in Japan didn’t just talk about this issue…

Japan, Rank 2 Main City, Tsunemoto, Divine Guild.

“What’s with the Common Guild?! They are looking for land now? Don’t they that Guild Creation Tokens are the most important thing now?” Moon Spirit was furious as she screamed. Her face was already all puffed up from her anger.

“Alright, don’t be angry. Let’s not worry about them. Each of you, lead a team to a city and take a look. Kill some Bosses on the way to get some Guild Creation Tokens.”

The person speaking was the Chairman of the Divine Guild – Divine.

He was a suave young man in his early twenties. He wore a charming smile on his face as he addressed the rest of the guild members.

“Alright, I’ll lead a team to Gong Liang City. White Cherry is still there.”

Moon Spirit’s anger dissipated slightly after Deity spoke.

“Alright, you can go to Gong Liang City since your friend’s still there.” Deity smiled as he spoke.

“The rest, tell me where you would like to go, or if you prefer to remain in Tsunemoto.”


China, Rank 2 City, Kunyue…


“Miss, I’ve found out that the first person to assume a class is Sir. At the same time, I’ve created the dilemma in Japan.” The masked man reported to Silent Observer.

If anyone else heard this, he would be astonished. The masked men had found out the player that the system hid and also managed to create a dilemma for the guilds in Japan!

“Is that so? Let’s see if I guessed the remaining correctly. Also…

Silent Observer smiled as she said. She didn’t appear worried at all. It was as if…she had guessed it!

“Don’t let the large guilds in China get too quiet. It won’t be fun for the game.”

Silent Observer grinned as she peered at the bright moon that had just risen outside the window.

She appeared very wise now. There was a noble aura surrounding her now, as if she was the person controlling destiny!



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