Chapter 133: Quest Completed

His attributes weren’t exactly overly dominant now. In terms of attack, he was roughly the same level as a Rank 90 Demon Boss. An attack-oriented Boss would still be much stronger than Blue Maple!

However, the difference was that Blue Maple absorbed Old Man Fang’s fiery strength, one of the strongest and most dominant in the entire game.

It certainly left the demons terrified, even if they were unaware that their blood had been stained with fear of Old Man Fang a thousand years ago.


Blue Maple was puzzled when he looked at one of the demon leaders in front of him. He discovered that he could read his attributes. His level was simply too low earlier, which didn’t allow him to see any attributes.

[Malicious Demon General] (???)

Attack: 7548-???

Defense: 3324-???

Magic Defense: ???


HP: 100%

Skills: ???

Summary: ???

The attributes of the other demon leader were about the same, but he did seem rather similar to Blue Maple in terms of his type. His attack strength was about 9000 while his defensive strength was super low, at about 2000.

Apart from these and the HP percentage, Blue Maple could only see question marks.

As he turned his attention to the other demons, he realized that he was able to read more of their attributes. Of course, he could see everything about the weakest, ordinary demon troopers.

However, they were almost negligible and inexistent to him.

He turned his attention back to the two leaders and coldly said.

“Let me burn the goods or let me kill all of you before burning them. Take your pick, but I have to admit that I hate killing.”

He sounded very indifferent and his killing intent wasn’t obvious. It did feel like he was speaking the truth. However, the demons didn’t believe that he hated killing.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you believe me.” Blue Maple’s expression was abnormally cold.


The two leaders looked at each other, unsure of what Blue Maple meant. Then, they secretly communicated with each other.

“This kid is strong. I don’t think we can win him. His spatial control appears to be rather terrifying too. I don’t think we’ll be able to flee.”

“That’s true. If this kid is being truthful, which I think is likely considering that not many demons died under his hands, then…”

“But I don’t know if it’s the same person, although he does fit the description with his blue hair, eyes, coat, and fire.”

“Let’s…negotiate. At most, we’ll just fight him. Anyway, we’ll not be spared if the goods are burned and we return.”

“Hmm, okay.”


Soon, the two leaders finished their discussion. Blue Maple wasn’t in a rush either. The pearl still contained a lot of strength. He had just set fire to another group of transport vehicles in the morning, and the pearl had already absorbed more than a day’s worth of strength.

It’s great if these two fellows choose not to fight. If they want to, I’ll just kill them. If they don’t want to, I’ll just set fire to the goods. They can’t stop me either way.

Blue Maple thought to himself. He had no intention of making things messy if there was a choice. The best outcome would be to scare the demons off. Even if they weren’t scared off, he didn’t need to kill them either. He wasn’t a bloodthirsty person. He was more interested in finding the easiest way out…

After all, the transport parties were growing in numbers every time. They were also getting more and more alert. He had to plan every attack, which left him both tired and frustrated.

To perfectly settle this would be to do nothing extra. That would be relaxed and easy…

It wasn’t to kill every demon. He wasn’t that hardworking…

Killing wasn’t his natural tendency, even if this was a design of the game…

“Human, I can let you burn the goods. But how can I be sure that you’ll let us off?” One of the leaders asked Blue Maple.

“Did I kill many of your kind?”

Blue Maple countered the question with a question of his own. At the same time, he thought to himself.

It seems like the hatred in this game seems to be unilaterally directed at the demons. Demons didn’t exactly hate humans, or at least they weren’t hell-bent on killing humans. But…

Perhaps humans are just too afraid of dying. It’s just natural.

The two leaders’ eyes brightened when they heard Blue Maple’s response.

There was a way!

Avoiding death was always better.

“Really? But we are the enemy. We won’t let you burn the goods easily, even if you hurt us!”

One of the demons shouted. At the same time, he appeared indecisive.

Blue Maple chuckled when he saw this.

A smile flashed across his face and he appeared a little playful as he stared at the two leaders.

“Interesting. Are you afraid that you’ll be treated as a deserter if you return without any injuries?”

Blue Maple wasn’t afraid to say what he thought. The playful smile on his face disappeared, but he still found it rather interesting.

Both leaders’ eyes brightened once again when they saw Blue Maple’s expression and heard his response. They replied.

“Human, don’t accuse us. We are going to take you down!”

The two leaders acted as if they were infuriated. They jumped towards Blue Maple and tried to slash him!

Spatial Fiery Chop!

Blue Maple knocked them back to where they were with two bouts of Spatial Fiery Chop. His Spatial Fiery Chop didn’t need to cooldown due to the sufficient fiery strength that was used to unleash it.



Two huge damages were dealt to the two leaders. Blue Maple couldn’t believe what he saw!

Okay, that’s not too surprising. The difference in levels has been made up for by the old man’s strength. The damages are exactly what they should be. Blue Maple squinted his eyes and thought about why the damages were so high.

However, he wasn’t interested in killing them still. It was troublesome and he was lazy to do so, because…

The HP percentages of the leaders didn’t change at all!

This kid is brilliant. He managed to deal such heavy damage with such a casual attack. If we continue, we’ll be in deep trouble. We have to get ourselves out of this. Then, he looked at the other leader. The other leader nodded his head before shouting at Blue Maple.

“Human, don’t think you can scare us just like that. You aren’t strong enough!”

He was hinting at Blue Maple to be more vicious so that they had the excuse to escape!

Blue Maple knew what he was trying to do, and was more interested as he glanced at them. He felt that it was fun to coordinate with them in this manner.

“Before I grant you your wishes, tell me your names.” Blue Maple smiled as he demanded.

The two leaders were stunned for a moment as they looked at Blue Maple. They turned to each other before replying Blue Maple.



Blue Maple began to work on his ‘vicious’ move after hearing their replies.

“Interesting fellows. Hope you guys survive this.”


Blue Maple softly said. Before they could even react, a giant bouts of Spatial Fiery Chops formed beside Blue Maple.

Each one of them was three meters long and crescent-shaped. They were congregating around Blue Maple. At the same time, the fiery strength of the pearl was slowly draining. The fiery sword aura of the Spatial Fiery Chops was slowly spreading across half the sky. There were…

Three hundred of them!

The fiery sword aura engulfed all the demons. It was much stronger than it was earlier when he unleashed the two bouts of Spatial Fiery Chop!

“Oh my…”

The two leaders were completely scared out of their wits!

The demons behind had already started to flee.


“Quick, run!”

“He’s too strong! We can’t win him!”


At this moment, Blue Maple revealed a deep smile on his face. Then…

He wielded his sword and pointed at the two leaders!

The Spatial Fiery Chops bolted towards them!

“Hold it!”

Sarkos shouted with all his might.


Special Skill of a Rank 90 Demon General, Savage!

His attributes rose by 50%, which lasted for sixty seconds. Then, he would enter an enfeebled state for three hundred seconds, where his attributes would fall by 50%.

“Boom boom boom!!!”


“Ah ah ah!!!”

The ordinary and elite demons couldn’t block the Spatial Fiery Chops. Those who couldn’t escape were doomed. The Spatial Fiery Chops could traverse through space. They were simply too quick.

Even if a demon fled far away, exposing his back would subject him to even greater damage if he was struck!

The magnificent blue sword aura ignited and blew apart as it engulfed the transport party. The two leaders were at the center of it all!

It felt as if one was watching fireworks. But what came with these fireworks were tragic screams and cries.

“Boom boom boom!!!”


It was only after a while that the attacks ceased.

Only burned transport vehicles and a pool of demon corpses remained…



Sarkos coughed as he struggled to stand up.


He spat out black blood.

“Cough cough…Garillo, are you okay?”

Sarkos was holding onto his chest as he wiped blood off his lips. He staggered to Garillo’s side.

“Cough cough cough…”

“I won’t die…hoo…”

Garillo struggled to turn his body around. With Sarkos’ help, he finally sat up.

Garillo’s attack strength was high, but his defensive strength was weak. He was hurt more than Sarkos and only 17% of his HP remained.

Sarkos wasn’t much better either. Only 26% of his HP remained.

“Where’s that human?” Garillo stood up and looked around. Apart from corpses and razed transport vehicles, no one else was around.

“Gu lu…”

Sarkos swallowed his saliva and looked around.

“We should go…” He was uncertain as he said.

“Cough cough!”


Garillo coughed out blood once again.

“Let’s just go…cough…this is terrifying…”

Garillo just went through a complete nightmare!

If Blue Maple didn’t control a portion of his Spatial Fiery Chops towards the transport vehicles and other demons, both Garillo and Sarkos would be dead by now!

“Terrifying. He’s more like the demon compared to us!”

Sarkos had the same thought too.

“Let’s go. We’ll talk after we recover…cough…” Garillo muttered.

“Hmm, let’s go…”


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