Chapter 130: Burned

After completing a series of actions, Blue Maple directly used the active effect of the Vanishing Shadow to disappear from the vision of all the demons. He vanished instantly…


“Fuck! We were ambushed by a human!” One of the leaders furiously screamed.

He was still staring at the burning transport vehicle and was extremely short-fused now.

“What are you still staring at? Put out the fire! Do you want it to burn to ashes?!” He was even more infuriated when the demons didn’t attempt to put out the fire.

“Si…sir…the fire can’t be put out…” One demon trooper trembled and stuttered as he said.

“Can’t be put out? Scram, let me do it!” As he said, this leader walked forward towards the burning transport vehicle.

He muttered a few words under his breath and a huge patch of frost was formed from nothing. Then, this patch of frost crashed on the burning transport vehicle!

It wasn’t magic, but physical-type frost similar to what the Snow Wolf King was able to form.

“Plop plop plop…”

However, the result left the leader stunned. The frost didn’t have any effect on the fire. It felt as if the frost was useless at all!

He was even more aghast that the intensity of the fire increased. The flames were getting stronger and stronger.

“Shit! Back off!”

Another leader was the first to react. He warned all the demons around the vehicle to quickly get away, but it was still too late.


“Ah ah ah!!!”

Terrifying blue fire instantly engulfed the demons that were near to the vehicle. They were turned to ashes! The stronger demons and the first leader suffered from varying degrees of burns.

This wasn’t the end yet. The blue fire raged further and further and was like a wild beast that leaped into the air. There was even a ball of fire that chased after the transport vehicle in front!



Another two troopers were instantly killed. The transport vehicle in front started to burn too!

All of the demons were stunned at this moment…

“Idiot, why are you stoning? Quick, run! Get away from the vehicle! Also, get the transport vehicles in front as far as possible! Quick!”

The first leader from earlier reacted the quickest. He also rushed forward to save the burned and seriously wounded demons.

“Those in front, protect the vehicle. There might be more than one enemy!”

He had underestimated Blue Maple after seeing his weak level and believed there was more than one enemy. He also believed that the enemies were using sneak attacks and underhanded tactics.

Blue Maple heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the frantic demons.

The fire can’t be extinguished. It’ll even become stronger after some time. If they try to put it out, it’ll only cause the fire to erupt and unleash shockwaves, but…I think it’ll only happen once.

The two leading demons are Bosses. Every transport vehicle is guarded by an Elite demon. The remaining troopers are just ordinary demons.

Blue Maple quickly analyzed in his head. At the same time, he was monitoring their movements. He was prepared to raze the entire transport party to the ground!

Without the Boss at the first vehicle, the chaos experienced by the fourth and fifth vehicles has rattled the third vehicle. The prime target is the first vehicle, but…never mind, I’ll go with the first vehicle!

Blue Maple numbered the targets and began coming up with a plan.

I don’t have to wait for the cooldown of the active effect of the Vanishing Shadow to be over. I’ll attack now!

Blue Maple leaped forward when this thought flashed in his head!

The demons weren’t protected at all. Blue Maple was in stealth mode, so the demons couldn’t guard against him!

He was getting close to his target!

He changed his weapon!

Abyss Sword!

He slashed an astonished demon trooper. This trooper was right beside the first transport vehicle.

The trooper’s throat was slashed!



Blue Maple was so quick that the trooper was silenced before he could even finish screaming. After this, he forcefully knocked this trooper away.


The other troopers around were already heavily alert. Seeing that their compatriot had been attacked, they quickly wielded their swords and attempted to slash Blue Maple.

However, Blue Maple was simply too agile and dodged all the attacks. At the same time, he leaped above the vehicle and stabbed his sword into the vehicle!


Heavenly Fire instantly burned. Blue Maple used a small amount of his Heavenly Fire to ignite the vehicle. At the same time, the fire started to burn on its own.

From the earlier sneak attack, he managed to deduce one thing – his Heavenly Fire should be able to completely burn down a transport vehicle. However, he was too weak, so his fire could be extinguished. The only way to stop that from happening was by using that pearl from earlier.

“Bastard! Stop him!” The unhurt leader furiously shouted. Now that the first transport vehicle was on fire, the demons were getting more and more triggered.

Stop me…is that so…

After he heard the order, Blue Maple suddenly recalled something.

No one…can stop me!

A sharp gaze suddenly appeared in Blue Maple’s eyes. His aura grew more and more overwhelming!

Sweeping Sword Slash!


Black blood splattered. Blue Maple used his Sweeping Sword Slash against a demon who was still holding onto his weapon!


It wasn’t over yet!

He slashed the neck of the demon and followed it up with a spinning kick.

“Wa ah!”


Then, he swiftly fought another demon. He didn’t block any attacks with his sword. He used his agility and reflexes to avoid any incoming attacks.


He slashed yet another demon’s throat. Black blood splattered.


A demon unleashed a sonic attack. Blue Maple used his Airborne Somersault to avoid the AoE attack. But he wasn’t pleased with this.

The two leaders were closing in on him!

One of them even jumped from afar and was ready to slash Blue MApel!

Blue Maple only managed to cooldown his Airborne Somersault to use it once, and he had just used it a few moments ago. He was in mid-air now and experiencing a minor crisis!

However, he didn’t panic. On the contrary, he calmly muttered a sentence towards the leader that was leaping towards him.


Just as the two leaders were getting closer, Blue Maple turned into a looming shadow and performed a strange directional change before charging towards the leaping leader!

Disturbing Pierce!


Blue Maple pierced through his body and came behind him!

There was another leader behind. However, Blue Maple didn’t panic. It felt that he had everything under control.

He charged towards the other leader and slashed him!

“Bastard, die!”

This leader roared furiously and slashed towards Blue Maple with his long sword!

Blue Maple coldly watched the sword. Then, he took a step to his side. The sword was now parallel to his body as he swiftly dodged it. He moved his sword along the blade of the demon’s sword until it reached the hilt of the sword!



An annoying, piercing sound echoed. Then, the leader’s sword was flung away by Blue Maple!

Even if Blue Maple’s powers were beneath that of this leader, he knew that knocking his sword away was possible with the right technique!

After flinging the sword away, Blue Maple’s body brushed across him. He jumped atop the second vehicle and pressed his right hand against the vehicle. Another gust of fire appeared and ignited the vehicle!

At the same time, Blue Maple left something in the fire…

After this, he jumped off the vehicle and rushed towards the third vehicle!

All the demons were drawn over by Blue Maple. Many of the weaker troopers thought that Blue Maple would have been killed in the earlier confrontation with their two leaders, so they didn’t keep close to him.

The second leader was stunned for a moment when he couldn’t stop Blue Maple, giving Blue Maple the room and time to make his charge towards the third vehicle.

“Bom, bom…”

The first leader who tried to leap and slash Blue Maple earlier only landed at this moment.

“Bastard! Kill him!”

As he landed, he roared. However, he was helpless too. There was no way he could immediately get close to Blue Maple. The troopers were simply too weak to kill or stop Blue Maple.

The second leader was yet to recover from his shock. His sword had been flung away by Blue Maple, who was much weaker than he was!

These two leaders were both Rank 90 Bosses who had been through their fourth class advancements!

Spatial Fiery Chop!

Blue Maple unleashed a bout of Spatial Fiery Chop into the air. The gloomy sky was illuminated by this bout of Spatial Fiery Chop!

The demons were stunned by this action!


The second leader whose sword was flung away was uncertain. He didn’t know what Blue Maple was trying to do.

Just as the demons were confused, Blue Maple jumped up atop the third transport vehicle and ignited his Heavenly Fire!

Finally, he vanished in front of all the astonished demons…


The five transport vehicles were all on fire!

It was at this moment that the demons realized that they had been fooled.

“Fuck! We’ve been fooled by this human!” The first leader was infuriated. He started to slash the ground in frustration.


Stones were knocked off the ground. A small, elongated depression was formed from the slashing.

“Weak? Hmph! He can’t be a simple human. Let’s extinguish the fire first.” The second leader gloomily commented and instructed.

He was in a bad mood now!

“Have you lost your mind? You should know that this fire cannot be extinguished. Didn’t you try it earlier?” The first leader sarcastically jibed.

He was very displeased with the second demon for allowing Blue Maple to successfully light up the second and third transport vehicles.

“Hmph, can’t you see that this fire is different? Although the color is the same, it should be extinguishable.” The second leader returned the sarcasm. At the same time, he formed frost.

He unloaded frost onto the second transport vehicle.

“Plop plop plop…”

The fire started to extinguish.

Suddenly, the first leader’s eyes brightened. It was a good thing that the fire could be extinguished. At least not all was lost.

However, he soon realized something was amiss…

Although the fire was getting smaller, it was showing signs of becoming more and more violent.

“Shit! Idiot, stop!”

But it was too late!


A stronger blue fire instantly raged!


The troopers that were close to the vehicle were instantly killed. The second leader was hurt once again!

But this wasn’t the end yet!

This stronger blue fire appeared to be guided by Blue Maple’s Heavenly Fire. It separated into two different fires and jumped towards the first and third vehicles!

“Quickly get away!”

It was still too late again!



Suddenly, the three vehicles were completely engulfed and were burning rapidly…

“Bastard! I’m going to kill you!” The second leader roared. However, he spat out a pool of black blood just as he screamed.

As all the demons were infuriated by proceedings, they didn’t realize that the fire on the second transport vehicle had flickered slightly.

Blue Maple was secretly retrieving the blue pearl that he placed above the second transport vehicle…

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