Chapter 124: Terror Fortress Destroyed!

“Why?! Why do you have the Old Gangster’s imprisonment spell scroll?! The aura…the aura is…it’s that ultimate imprisonment spell!” Valefor was at a loss as he screamed.

He was afraid this time. He was one of the Demon Gods who attacked Old Man Fang. But he was only an assassin. He only attacked when the time was right, which was why he was able to react first and escape when he saw that Old Man Fang was about to unleash his spell back then.

Even so, he was still considered weaker than other Demon Gods. He almost died and went into a coma for several hundred years due to his serious injuries!

That happened almost a thousand years ago.

“Hahaha! That’s right! It’s a pity that this is only a sealed anti-imprisonment spell scroll. Otherwise, do you really think you would have been able to invade our territories then?” The Golden Roc sarcastically jibed.

“However, using it to attack and destroy this fortress will be worth it.”

The Golden Roc sounded a little relieved right now. He didn’t appear to be as maniacal as he was before.

His life energy was weakening exponentially…

“Crazy! You are crazy! You are using such a strategic scroll to destroy a fortress that can be rebuilt in ten years!”

Valefor started to become mad.

“Hahaha! Crazy?!”

“Don’t you know? Many life forms have descended in the mainland. Most of them are humans. I can tell you that the Sword Hermit’s disciple is one of them too.”

The Golden Roc was very condescending.

“It won’t just be the Sword Hermit. The Ten Sages of the human race and other sages of other races will pick their disciples from this pool!”

“Oh yes, it’s natural that you or the other demons are unaware. This is the mainland. The system has rewarded us and the Gods! But I’m sure you’ll know about it soon. It’s just a matter of time.”

The Golden Roc was excited as he said.

“These life forms all have a common point. They develop extremely quickly. They will soon rule over the Demons! Losing the Terror Fortress will only be the start of your downfall!”

“You are the most stealthy out of the Twelve Demon Gods. But it’s a pity you are going to die here today. Without someone as strong as you, they can better focus on becoming stronger!”

The Golden Roc was composed as he said.

This was his plan. The Terror Fortress was at the center of it. He was using it to send a message to the Demons.

Although he had to hide in the Elven Forest due to his injury, he wasn’t idling for the past hundred years. He used his weak but divine senses to monitor the Twelve Great Fortresses.

Just over two months ago, the Golden Roc knew that players were being added to the system. The Demons also realized that soon after. It was only recently that he confirmed their presence.

It was also why the Terror Demon God was summoned back to the Demons’ base camp to discuss this matter.

He also deployed half the troops at the Terror fortress to the fortresses at the frontline, in preparation for war. This left Valefor alone to guard the Terror Fortress.

The Golden Roc sensed an opportunity. He was also prepared to pay a visit to Old Man Fang and enlist his help to look after ‘Black Eagle’.

He still decided to sacrifice his life to destroy the Terror Fortress.

He was waiting for the time when the first second class advancement player appeared and the pet system was activated.

However, Blue Maple’s sudden appearance only slightly brought this time forward.

“How did this happen…don’t tell me the Terror Demon God was summoned back for a meeting?”

“The spirits planned all these?”

Valefor was confused now and he started to panic.

“That’s right! But I have to correct something. I was the one who planned all these. It’s my revenge plan!”

The Golden Roc’s killing intent was at its peak as he responded.

“Oh yes, it’s all because a hundred years wasn’t many years ago. The hatred is still very strong and I still have a deep impression of what happened.”

He was very sarcastic, but he concealed his killing intent behind his sarcasm.

“Bastard! Goddamn bird! I’ll fight you!”

Valefor had gone completely mad by now. His life was also slowly dwindling.


An absolute aura spread from the Terror Fortress. It was terrifyingly strong!

It was stifling and weaker beings would most certainly be eviscerated by the pressure of this aura!

However, the Golden Roc was unfazed. On the contrary, he started laughing.

“Hahaha, I’ve been talking too much gibberish with you. The scroll has been activated. I’ve got to admit that the small realm designed by the Old Gangster to secretly initiate the scroll is rather useful.”

The Golden Roc didn’t fret when he saw Valefor going crazy. He had already successfully initiated the scroll!


An aura that was even more overwhelming that the Terror Descent suddenly appeared where the Golden Roc was. Before this, no energy undulations were felt at all!

Perhaps there were. However, Valefor was distracted by the Golden Roc. He wouldn’t have noticed them.

Amid void space now.

“What the hell, have they started? I’m not there yet! Eh? That’s…” Old Man Fang was rushing over. He was also sensing the situation at the Terror Fortress.

He wasn’t going to reach in time. However, it should still be fine for him to ward off some enemies.

As for Old Man Wen.

A giant figure covered in thick, demonic aura was frantically rushing towards the fortress, but…

“Despair, this path isn’t clear.”

Old Man Wen’s voice echoed, stopping the figure.

“It’s you, Looming Shadow. Are you here to stop me?”

That figure was observing his front with his pair of blood-red eyes while speaking in a calm voice.

It was the Despair Demon God that was rushing over from the Despair Fortress.

At this moment, Old Man Wen’s figure slowly surfaced. He appeared right in front of the Despair Demon God, with his hands behind his back.

“Let’s see if you can pass me.”

Old Man Wen calmly said.

The Despair Demon God didn’t say a single word.

As for Old Man Fang…

He formed a chessboard using his Heavenly Fire and even brewed some tea for himself. He began sipping on it leisurely. On his opposite was a single-winged demon whose body resembled that of a human. This demon was standing.

“Idle, you are so lazy normally. Why do you have to poke your nose in Terror’s matters? Sipping some tea and playing some chess would be great, wouldn’t it?” Old Man Fang looked at the demon and tried to make it sound like he was right.

This demon had a nose ring, red pupils, and black hair. The rest of his features were similar to humans. He was one of the Twelve Demon Gods like the Terror Demon God, known as the Idle Demon God – Belial.

His face was very gloomy as he stared straight back at Old Man Fang. Old Man Fang was exactly the person all the Demon Gods didn’t want to meet at this instance.

“What if I’m not interested in playing chess?”

As Belial responded, he also started to curse at Old Man Fang in his heart.

Fuck off with you and your chess! Why do I always have to run into this Old Gangster? Belial was cursing in his heart.

“Aiya, why are you still thinking of going over. The game has already started. Are you going to see the fortress in ruins?” Old Man Fang shamelessly tried to dissuade Belial. He didn’t even forget to sip on his tea.

“I don’t play chess!”

Belial’s expression was unbelievably gloomy by now.

“Oh? Let me teach you then!” Old Man Fang’s gaze flashed as he excitedly said.

Belial had already turned pale, but he didn’t dare to do anything rash.

“I’m not trying to nag at you. But you are already so lazy. Why do you have to run everywhere? Okay, I’m going to explicitly tell you. Either you play chess with me…”

“Or you can give it a go and see if you can hurt me.”

Old Man Fang calmly suggested.

Belial pondered for a moment…

“How do we play?”

Old Man Fang’s eyes brightened. He lifted his hand to offer Belial a cup of tea and invited him to take a seat.



Terror Fortress.

At this moment, both parties’ spells were already fully charged. They were prepared to unleash everything. Once any strange movements by one party were spotted, the other party will wreak havoc immediately!

However, Valefor’s Terror Descent was much weaker than the Golden Roc’s spell.

Valefor was also more infuriated when he realized that the Golden Roc had been spouting gibberish the entire day.

“You were stalling for time!!”

Valefor’s furious screams echoed. His anxiety had turned to rage.

“Hahaha! You are stupid! You’d already initiated your Terror Descent, but you were still in the mood to chat with me. Perhaps I was too interesting and you wanted to listen to me? Hahaha!”

The Golden Roc mocked. His mockery triggered Valefor.

“I’ll listen to your fucking ancestors! Die!”

Valefor was using all his strength to unleash the Terror Descent.

“Hahaha, who’s afraid of who? Bring it on!”

The Golden Roc laughed and also controlled his spell.


Above the fortress, a giant thousand-meter long demonic figure suddenly rose. Terror engulfed the entire battlefield. A brutal force was sweeping towards the Golden Roc.



The Golden Roc retaliated. Blue fire appeared out of nowhere and engulfed the entire sky like the Glorious Spirit Fire earlier!

At the same time, countless sword figures also appeared. They weaved and clanged with one another, generating deafening echoes in the air.

Compared to the Terror Descent, it felt much stronger!

“Hahaha! Do you sense it? This fire and sword intent are here to put you into further despair!” The Golden Roc started to laugh maniacally once again.

“Tear them apart!”


This strong fire-sword energy storm responded to the Golden Roc’s command and started to pressure the demonic figure!

The demonic figure put up strong resistance, but the blue fire was burning the demonic aura coming from the figure. It was burning the terror that it brought upon the battlefield.

The swords targeted the figure itself, leaving countless hideous wounds on the figure.

The figure started to dissipate. It was dying.


Valefor started at the blue fire and swords in despair. He recalled the immense terror that he experienced so many years ago.

The terror and fear of being surrounded by this frightening blue fire and relentless swords!

He wasn’t going to survive this time.

At the same time, there were still demons alive…

The stronger ones, like the three demons earlier, had already lost their lives to the wave of spells…

The fortress would cease to exist from now on…


The Terror Descent vanished. The remaining fire and sword intent were about to destroy the fortress.

The cries of demons were heard, and the sounds of structures being torn apart echoed.

Valefor’s life was teetering on the edge of collapse. Very soon, he was also gone…

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