Chapter 122: Feast of Spells

As the Golden Roc continued to laugh maniacally, the cyclone was approaching the fortress. The arrows, cannon shells, and magic that were being used on the cyclone were all completely exterminated the moment they touched the cyclone!


The cyclone quickly reached the fortress wall. The terrifying might of it threatened to eviscerate anything in its way. It resembled a sharp sword, shaped as a windstorm that mangled everything!

Just as the cyclone was about to touch the fortress wall, something strange happened!

A transparent and black protective barrier engulfed the thick fortress wall instantly. The attack was temporarily halted.

This was the protective barrier of the Terror Fortress – Demon God Shield!

“Cling cling cling…”

Sounds of the cyclone cutting the shield kept on ringing and completely drowned out any other noise that was heard on this battlefield.

“Demons, listen to my order! Use whatever power you have to strengthen the shield. We must not let it cave in!” Valefor shouted with all his voice. His only hope was that the shield could resist the invasion and the large-scale imprisonment spell.

Fuck, the Terror Demon God isn’t around. We can’t direct the strength of the shield. The efficiency is too low. We need more! Valefor anxiously thought to himself as he watched the shield lighting up intermittently.

The shield was constructed under the lead of the Terror Demon God. In his absence, the full potential of the shield wasn’t fully unleashed. They could only passively defend. Additionally, any power that was injected into the shield wasn’t fully utilized. This meant that a lot of it was wasted.

Any half-demon legion would still be manageable. Why does it have to be this crazy bird?! Valefor was lamenting to himself, but there was nothing he could do to drag them out of this sticky situation.

In the face of a real powerhouse, a quantitative advantage might just be useless. Without an equally strong contender holding the fort, this fortress was merely just a towering piece of structure.

Valefor was a terrifyingly strong Demon God, but he was better operating in stealth mode. Direct fights weren’t his specialty.

“Hoo hoo hoo!!!”

“Cling cling cling…”

The cyclone remained as unforgiving as ever. The shield was still holding up as all the demons continued to supply power to it. However, the black lights that emanated from the shield were starting to dim.

Although the cyclone did exhibit signs of weakening, it still held the advantage and continued to threaten to tear the shield into pieces!

The Golden Roc was doing just fine inside the cyclone. He was just biding his time to deliver the critical blow!

To maintain the integrity of his spell, he naturally couldn’t resort to any powerful skills. However, how could he not have other powerful antics up his sleeves?

For example, now.

The Golden Roc opened its beak out wide. Ancient and simple scrolls appeared and finally surfaced in front of him.

There were fifty to sixty of them!

That’s…undulations from imprisonment spell scrolls! Bastard! That fucking old bird!

Valefor instantly sensed the undulations that came from the scrolls the moment the Golden Roc summoned his imprisonment spell scrolls.

There were only ordinary, low-level imprisonment spells that were sealed within these scrolls. They couldn’t compare to the Golden Roc’s Frenzy Cyclone even though there were tens of them.

However, one must not underestimate a low-level spell. Any of these spells could be the ‘last straw’ to topple the shield!

The remaining spells were naturally in place to kill even more demons once the shield was destroyed!

“Cling cling cling…”

The Demon God Shield was getting dimmer and dimmer. It was on the brink of collapse!

“Bastard! Sarayako! California! Carogie! Come here! Quick!” Valefor gritted his teeth and made a decision when he saw that the shield was on the verge of collapse.

Very soon, three demons of different forms appeared in front of Valefor. They were all shrunken to the size of a human being.

“Sir, what instructions do you have for us?”

The three demons kneeled down and respectfully asked.

“The three of you should have sensed it too. That bird should have used up all his scrolls. Once the shield is down, he’ll use his scrolls on us.”

“I must prepare the Terror Descent now. Otherwise, the fortress will be turned to scraps by that goddamn bird before he dies!”

“As for the three of you, retrieve whatever spell scrolls that you have and instruct your subordinates to use it all on him! Counter him! Deplete him as much as you can!”

Valefor appeared very serious as he gave his instructions. He retrieved several scrolls, which were also low-level.

“Yes! We’ll carry out this quest until we die. We must protect the fortress even at the expense of our lives!”

The three demons agreed in unison! They pounded their chests with their right fists to show their determination!

“Alright! May the three of you be protected by the Demon God Emperor!”

Valefor answered in a serious tone. At the same time, he maintained his half-mule, half-lion state as he slightly bowed towards them. Then, he quickly turned around and flew deep into the fortress.

The three demons’ expression didn’t change as Valefor disappeared. Then, they looked at one another and smiled.

“Carogie, seems like we’ll die here today.” One of the demons chuckled as he said. There wasn’t any fear in his voice.

“Hehehe, what’s up? Are you afraid? Then give all your scrolls to me. I’ll turn that bird into a roast chicken!” Carogie sinisterly laughed.

“Alright, it’s just death. What’s wrong? My only regret is that I’m not dying for the Demon God Emperor.” There was a strong hint of regret in that first demon’s voice.

“Let’s be ready. The shield is about to be destroyed.” The final demon interrupted. He sounded anxious.

“Hmm, let’s go.”


After the three demons finished their conversation, they split up and were ready to pass their scrolls to their subordinates. They weren’t able to use all the scrolls on their own. They weren’t as strong as the Golden Roc too. They couldn’t handle the immense power from so many scrolls.

Blue Maple and the ‘Black Eagle’ were quietly watching everything unfold. Although they couldn’t hear anything, they were roughly aware of what was going to happen.

The three demons were ready to sacrifice their lives!

There was only one conclusion. The weaker side was going to be crushed!

Very soon, the three demons had gathered their subordinates. The Frenzy Cyclone was also less menacing than it was before.

When they gathered their subordinates, the shield was about to cave in!


A crisp sound was heard. It felt as if it was the call of death that struck the hearts of all the demons!


The Golden Roc unleashed his scrolls as he focused his gaze!

The scrolls started to combust. A huge spear appeared in mid-air!

Then, it shot straight towards the crack in the shield!

Single imprisonment spell scrolls – Piercing Death Spear!


“Ka ka ka!!!”


Cracks extended along the shield. Then, an explosion followed and formed a huge hole in the middle of the shield!

“Hoo hoo hoo!!!”

The cyclone crushed the shield instantly. After this, it started to engulf the demons!

At this moment, the Golden Roc appeared once again!

“Ah ah ah!!!”

Suddenly, the demons at the top of the wall let out tragic cries. The cyclone tore their bodies apart. They seemed so weak and significant in the face of this cyclone!

“Hahaha!!! This is not satisfying yet! When you demons invaded our territories many years ago, you didn’t just kill our people. It’s only the beginning now!” The Golden Roc chuckled in excitement as he watched the screaming demons. There was also a bloodthirsty look in his eyes.

His eyes were bloodshot!

“Come! Have a feast of my scrolls now!”

“Imprisonment spell scrolls! Go! Unleash!!!”


A strong aura engulfed the entire fortress.

It was the combined aura of tens of imprisonment spell scrolls. It didn’t seem to be any weaker compared to the cyclone!

“Demon legion, listen to me! Unleash the scrolls you have in your hands! Unleash whatever you’ve got!” The demon who spoke first earlier shouted with whatever strength he had.

The demons that received the scrolls all did the same thing at this moment. They unleash the spells!

“Imprisonment spell scrolls! Open!”

Many different voices screamed at the same time.


A powerful aura started to spread!

“Hahaha! Are you going to stop me with these rubbish spells? I told you, I’m going to let all of you know what true terror is!” The Golden Roc furiously shouted as he fluttered his wings. He wasn’t bothered by the hideous wound on his wings.

After this, he spat out another fresh-red scroll. The fiery strength of this scroll could be sensed just by looking at it.

Even behind the black hole, Blue Maple could feel the terrifying fiery strength that came from the scroll!

“I’m going to die today! I’ll let you experience real fear today!”

That’s…the phoenixes’…imprisonment spell scrolls! The three demons were horrified as they thought to themselves. They instantly recalled something. It was the imprisonment spell once used by the phoenixes. This spell was sealed and left behind by the phoenixes!

“Holy King! Please unleash your powerful, all-conquering fire! Burn all the evil in this world to a crisp! Holy Phoenix King! Fire of Annihilation – Glorious Demonic Fire!”

It was a high-level imprisonment spell scroll left behind by the phoenixes!


“Cough cough cough!”

Before the spell was fully unleashed, the Golden Roc was already on the brink of collapse. He spat out a pool of blood.

“Glorious Demonic Fire! Un…leash!!!”


Instantly, a frightening aura started to rise around the Golden Roc!

The aura that came from the demons’ spells felt significantly weaker at this moment. Whereas Valefor still wasn’t prepared yet.

The fortress had to resist this attack on its own!

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