Chapter 121: Frenzy Cyclone

“Haih, I’m afraid we can’t protect the Terror Fortress today.” Valefor sighed. He knew that there wasn’t any escape route.

The true protector of the Terror Fortress, the Terror Demon God, who was also the first-ranked Demon God, wasn’t guarding the fortress today. In fact, Valefor was powerful enough to guard the fortress. However, half of the elite squad guarding the fortress was deployed away along with the Terror Demon God, severely weakening the lineup at the fortress.

What made it worse was that the invader was the Golden Roc, the strongest half-demon!

Valefor couldn’t possibly overcome the Golden Roc. Although this fortress could serve to diminish the attack of the Golden Roc, but…

The Golden Roc wasn’t an idiot. He came here prepared!

“Although I don’t know what tricks you have up your sleeves, I know that you must be prepared, seeing that you’ve daringly come to the fortress and are aware that the Terror Demon God is not around. To preserve the integrity of this fortress, I can only sacrifice my life!” Valefor started to unleash pitch-black fire from his body. He was combusting himself.

He didn’t dare to do it earlier as a means of accumulating his power as he was afraid that the Golden Roc wouldn’t stay true to his promise. After all, letting some of the demons go affected his pride and it was the most he could bring himself to do.

“Before we clash, I want to thank you. Although it’s got to do with your haughtiness, I still want to thank you for letting some of my subordinates escape with other demons.” As he spoke until here, Valefor bowed slightly towards the Golden Roc.

A strange look flashed across Blue Maple’s eyes as he watched this scene from afar, but it went unnoticed by the ‘Black Eagle’ at the side…

“Hmph! Cut the crap. I shall eviscerate this fortress today!”


The Golden Rock King let out a long cry and turned into a giant, golden meteor as he charged out!

“You wish!”


Valefor roared at the Golden Roc!


A huge collision ensued and a blinding ball of light instantly blew apart. A deafening boom rang as Blue Maple and the ‘Black Eagle’ watched everything unfold. They didn’t even bother to shield their eyes from the blinding lights!


Valefor was eventually unable to overcome the Golden Roc and was knocked straight towards the towering wall of the fortress. Rocks scattered everywhere instantly!



Valefor spat out blood. The strange thing was that it wasn’t dark as one would imagine. It was red as what normal blood would look like.

“Demons, take my order! Retaliate! Destroy them!”

Just as Valefor gave his order, many different demons appeared from the towering wall. They were holding onto bows and arrows. The tip of those arrows was covered with a mysterious glow of light. These arrows lined up along the walls and the archers were ready to fire on command.

Further behind the archers were wizards wearing black bamboo hats and veils. They were reciting incantations and an invisible yet oppressive force began to fill the air!



Arrows were fired towards the Golden Roc!

“Kuang kuang kuang…”

At the same time, a hole popped out on the gigantic wall. A giant cannon head was revealed through that hole!


The Golden Roc snorted as he watched the arrows flying towards him. He fluttered his wings and performed a sudden spin in the air. Instantly, a cyclone raged!

“Hoo hoo hoo!!!”

The cyclone surrounded him and stopped any arrow from striking him.


A deafening cry resonated from within the cyclone. It contained a terrifying strength that was directed towards the bunch of wizards!

“Ah ah ah!!!”

“Bom bom bom…”

Tragic screams echoed. The wizards all blew apart and instantly died!

“Idiots! Stop using airborne magic on him. It’s useless! Use demonic magic on him instead! He still hasn’t recovered from the injuries that the Terror Demon God inflicted on him!

“Archers, continue to attack and deplete his energy!”

“Fire the Demon Crystal Cannon! And initiate the Demon God Cannon! Use the Terror Explosive Bombs too!!!”

Valefor held in the injury that the Golden Roc inflicted on him. At the same time, he commanded the demons to relentlessly attack the Golden Roc.

“Also, activate the Demon God Shield, charge the Ultimate Spell…Terror Descent!!!”

Valefor gritted his teeth and muttered his instructions word for word.

“Hahaha! With the absence of Terror Demon God, how are you able to unleash the full strength of the Terror Descent?”

The Golden Roc’s maniacal laughter sounded from the cyclone.

“Take my spell first -- Frenzy Cyclone!”

The Golden Roc protected itself within the cyclone. At the same time, he charged a very powerful spell!

“Fire the Demon Crystal Cannons! Don’t conserve anything! Even if we can’t stop him, we have to deplete his strength!”

Valefor shouted with all his might. He was also tolerating the pain that came from his injury. He entered stealth mode. He was the only one who could break the spell now.

But…it could be in vain.

“Valefor, stop dreaming. You can’t stop me. Just focus on your Ultimate Spell! Hahaha!!!”

The Golden Roc continued to laugh maniacally. His cyclone was getting stronger and stronger. It was several hundred meters in length now. The fortress’ wall was thousands of meters long, which made the cyclone seem rather insignificant still.

However, it was still charging.

Strange noises started coming from the cyclone. This caused Valefor to become more and more tensed up.

The Golden Roc had already begun reciting incantations!


The Demon Crystal Cannons were already firing incessantly towards the heart of the cyclone. The giant shells adopted different shapes as they were fired. As they blew apart around the circumference of the cyclone, they formed terrifying energy storms.

“Boom boom boom!!!”

Lightning, frost, fire…

A series of shells exploded outside the cyclone. They started to deplete the strength of the cyclone.

The explosion sounds were unceasing. Suddenly, the entire scene became extremely chaotic. The smell of gunpowder was rather overwhelming. The energy storms that were formed appeared extremely dazzling as they surrounded the cyclone.

Even though the demons were still attacking, they still didn’t make much progress. The cyclone was still expanding. It was more than a thousand meters long now!

Valefor couldn’t take it any further. He knew that the spell would finally take form once the cyclone was fully expanded!

This was the Golden Rock King. Apart from Valefor’s Ultimate Spell, the strongest spell belonged to the Golden Roc!


A black figure surfaced behind the Golden Roc at the center of the cyclone!

It was a monster that was the size of a human being. It was a shrunken Valefor!

It was a mystery how he managed to squeeze past through the cyclone. The Golden Roc didn’t seem to be aware of his presence. He was still busy reciting his incantations.

“This isn’t right. Why doesn’t this fellow have any precautions? Is there something wrong?” Valefor was wary when he realized how defenseless the Golden Roc was.

“Forget it, I have no time. Even if there’s a trap, I’ll just have to succumb to it. If his spell is fully unleashed, the Demon God Shield is doomed without the Terror Demon God.” Valefor was ready to thicken his skin.

“Anti-Imprisonment Spell – Bloodthirst Demon Prod!”

Valefor instantly unleashed an Anti-Imprisonment Spell that could be quickly initiated behind the Golden Roc. A giant dagger was formed in space, completely engulfed by demonic gas. There was a strong killing intent that came from it as it stabbed towards the back of the Golden Roc’s neck!

He also followed along behind the dagger and was controlling it. This was to make sure that the Golden Roc couldn’t easily dodge the attack even after realizing it.

As Valefor controlled the dagger, it was close to the back of the Golden Roc’s neck. It was about to reach it!

At this critical moment, Valefor sensed that the spatial undulations around appeared to be amiss.

“Shit! It’s the spatial door! How is this possible?!”

A thought flashed across Valefor’s mind at this moment. After this, he discovered that the dagger suddenly disappeared as ripples formed behind the Golden Roc!

Then, his body also got sucked into the black hole that the ripples subsequently formed. He couldn’t help it at all!

“Bastard! Fuck!”

Valefor indignantly screamed. He struggled for a while before he was sucked into the spatial door!

At the same time, a huge dagger appeared out of thin air at the side of the cyclone. It struck towards a concealed bunker outside of the fortress.


Before tragic screams were even heard, the demons inside the bunker were exterminated by an energy storm that ensued from the explosion!

Valefor’s figure also appeared in mid-air at this moment.

“Bastard, didn’t this goddamn bird use a spatial door to appear outside the fortress? How is he able to use it again?”

Valefor shouted at the cyclone. He was filled with both disbelief and indignance.

However, a thought flashed across his mind when he saw his surroundings.

I should be able to escape now. This fellow is preparing his spell. He’s sealed the space around him. I don’t think he’ll be able to stop me if I attempt to flee. If I use the tunnel that Barrias and the rest left in, I should be able to successfully escape.

“But…the fortress will be completely destroyed. Even if I bring news back about this Roc King and the Old Gangster’s disciple, I’ll probably still be killed. Furthermore…there are so many of us who are still stuck here…Valefor started to hesitate.

“Bastard, let’s die together! I shall send the message through my will before I die. Now, protecting my people and the fortress is the most important thing!” Valefor gritted his teeth and shouted. After this, he immediately flew towards the Terror Fortress.

Arrows and cannon shells were flying in front of the fortress now. Explosions were heard everywhere and they didn’t sound like they were going to cease anytime soon.

The energy storms were tearing space apart. Even if the Golden Roc wanted to teleport Valefor into the center of it all, he couldn’t do so. Space had completely been messed up by the energy storms.

Just as Valefor flew on top of the fortress wall, the cyclone had surpassed the length of the fortress. The spell had taken its full form!

At the same time, the Golden Roc’s voice echoed from the cyclone.

“Hahaha, Valefor! You half-mule, half-lion freak, how dare you try to disrupt my spell? Dream on!”

“Terror Fortress? Hahaha! Today, I’ll let you know what’s real terror!”

“Frenzy Cyclone! Tear him apart!”

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