Chapter 119: Qualifications? The Birth of a New King!

The Golden Roc started chanting a spell that Blue Maple couldn’t understand. The spell formed strange golden characters that began circling around the Golden Roc.

A string of noisy sounds rang out next to his ears, while the only thing he could do was watch and listen quietly by one side.


Fortunately, I didn’t choose to become a Wizard… Blue Maple thought to himself gladly. He would probably have been annoyed to death with all the spells that he had to chant to use his

Blue Maple was still thinking about strange things in his head when the strange golden characters circling around the Golden Roc broke their orbit and separated into two streams that floated respectively towards Blue Maple and the enormous egg in front of him.

There were conspicuously more glyphs and characters that were flying towards the giant egg. There were some characters mixed within which were different from the rest, and these differentiated characters seemed to be working on removing the seal upon the giant egg.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

A gentle wave of energy started appearing around Blue Maple and the enormous egg as those strange golden characters spiralled around them and levitated them into the air. There seemed to be some gravitational pull between those strange characters.

Blue Maple appeared exceptionally calm amid these strange happenings around him, and the Golden Roc couldn’t help but feel impressed with Blue Maple’s casual demeanour.

My king, I have found a formidable companion for you. Please forgive me for being unable to protect you as you grow, and I can only choose this path to ensure that you will be protected as you grow. This person is disciple to the strongest human alive, and with his personality, his disciple shouldn’t be too bad. Furthermore, I have tested him personally. The Golden Roc sounded like he was asking for forgiveness as he transmitted his consciousness and thoughts along with those characters that removed the seal upon the egg.

The seal over the egg seemed to loosen, and the egg started trembling like it had sensed something.

Blue Maple also appeared like he had discovered something. Even though he didn’t know that the Golden Roc was transmitting its thoughts to the egg, he could feel the Golden Roc’s radiating emotions: liberation!

Indeed, the Golden Roc started speaking to Blue Maple!

“Kid, our king is now under your care. Heh, heh. I can only give you my blessings. Perhaps, this is what they call destiny.” The Golden Roc uttered light-heartedly to Blue Maple after completing his spell.

“I hope that the two of you can get along well in the future, and I hope that neither of you will treat the other like tools. It will be perfect if the two of you can become true companions. However… judging by your personalities, the two of you don’t seem like you’ll become friends…” The Golden Roc continued amusedly and chuckled to himself as he seemed to recall something.

The enormous egg started trembling more vigorously in this moment. The seal was beginning to recede, like it had felt what the Golden Roc was about to do.

The Golden Roc could see the giant egg’s reaction, and he immediately turned to look at the egg warmly as he spoke with a gentle voice.

“Child, I was a Spirit who’s about to die in the first place. There’s nothing about me that’s worth remembering.” The Golden Roc’s voice was filled with warmth and benevolence, which was starkly different from his sharpness from before.

“Even if I survive, my rank will decline due to my injury, and I will never again be able to improve in this life. I am a proud roc, and I will definitely not allow that to happen!” The Golden Roc’s voice turned sharp again.

“Therefore, please allow me to take this battered body and unleash its final flames!”

The Golden Roc’s aura began rising steeply as immense pressure swept over this entire cave!

The gigantic boundary above them started to tremble violently as it loosened while large and small stones rained down. The entire cave started to tremble vigorously at the same time.

The large egg began to tremble even more intensely than before, like something was about to break out of its shell!

A powerful feeling of sadness immediately permeated through the cave. It was a feeling of grief and despondence…

The Golden Roc had accompanied this egg for many years, and he was like family to the being inside the egg. The Golden Roc was about to leave, and the egg’s grief could no longer be contained as its sadness erupted!

“Do not be sad, child. This isn’t an emotion that you’re supposed to have. You are being that will ultimately travel proudly and freely between heaven and earth, and you are the symbol of absolute strength and freedom. How can you possess any sadness?” The Golden Roc’s sharp aura remained, but it had no effect on the egg. The only aura that could affect the egg was one of kinship and warmth.

However, the egg continued to tremble vigorously, like it couldn’t accept the fact that the Golden Roc was about to leave.

“Crack, crack, crack…”

The boundary above the cave shook as cracks webbed out across its surface as they crackled.

Ding! Announcement: Your mysterious companion is overwhelmed with grief, so he cannot complete the equal contract with you. Please console him.

A system notification rang out in Blue Maple’s ear.

How irritating… Blue Maple thought to himself annoyedly. He hated things like this.

However, Blue Maple still started speaking.

“Hey. You’re their king, right?” Blue Maple’s voice sounded cold as it spoke.

The large egg quivered as it tried to respond. Blue Maple could also sense the egg’s response. Even though the egg’s response was blurry and murky, but its response was apparent to Blue Maple.

Blue Maple just stared plainly at the egg, and his subsequent words were spoken with harshness and coldness.

“If you’re a king, then you are not worthy of grief!”

Words that spoke to the soul were like hammers that smashed into the egg’s heart!

Blue Maple’s sentence immediately shocked the egg, while the Golden Roc stared at Blue Maple with an astounded look in his eyes!

The egg was so shocked that it was no longer trembling, like it was frozen.

This kid… The Golden Roc was as surprised as he could possibly be. He didn’t think that Blue Maple, who was so cold and emotionless that he seemed like he didn’t care about anything in the world, would say something like this.

“That’s not all. You’re weak, and you’re young… you still are unworthy of your grief!” Blue Maple continued unhurriedly, and he paused momentarily before his last few words before he added emphasis in his tone.

Blue Maple’s words pierced straight into the large egg’s heart!


The egg started making faint noises, but they weren’t very audible.

“I’m young… and I’m weak… I… am not worthy… of my grief…” A thread of weak consciousness flowed out from the egg, and both Blue Maple and the Golden Roc could sense

“The grief that you are feeling is one that belongs to a powerful being who has emotions that he cannot express deep within his heart. These are emotions that will never appear on the surface.” Blue Maple’s tone was still calm and controlled like before, and his voice was still cold and emotionless as it had always been.

“Therefore, you will only be worthy of your grief if you grow to become a truly formidable being and become their true king.”

“To become a truly formidable individual and a true king, then you have to complete what you wish to accomplish most deep within your heart!”

Blue Maple continued unhurriedly. His voice gradually became higher as his aura started rising around him. Both the large egg and the Golden Roc beside it were affected by Blue Maple’s words.

“What… I want… to do… is take revenge… and kill… those damned Demons!”

A thread of willpower that was sporadic, yet radiated with determination, and carried intense and resolute hatred emanated from the large egg along with a wave of powerful consciousness!

“If you wish to become stronger more quickly, then you have to complete this contract with me. You have to sign this irritating contract.” Blue Maple sounded as casual as ever, and he even had a tinge of impatience in his voice.

However, the egg, and not even the Golden Roc felt a single inch of displeasure, even though Blue Maple’s tone was full of contempt.

“Sign the contract. I want… to be strong!!!” A formidable consciousness radiated from the egg!

“Crack, crack, crack…”


The seal over the egg’s shell shattered as specks of sparkling light seeped out from the cracks.

The egg’s outer layer shone brightly in all directions as a powerful and an insurmountable aura erupted from within!

This consciousness was one of absolute strength, one that was destined to roam the heavens and the earth, and one that looked down upon all living creatures like they were ants beneath its feet!

Arrogance, sharpness, unyielding pride, contempt…

All kinds of auras erupted from the egg and swept through the heavens!

The boundary on the cave ceiling was had almost completely shattered as increasing numbers of rocks and debris fell!

“Hahaha! At long last! The moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived! Hahaha! Can all of you see this?! This is our king! This is our king’s will! This is his formidable will that reigns supreme over all living beings!”

The Golden Roc suddenly started laughing hysterically, and his excitement and happiness were all contained within his laughter!

Ding! Announcement: Your mysterious companion has successfully completed the equal contract. From now on, he will be your companion throughout the entire game!

Companion, eh… Blue Maple thought to himself.

A stream of consciousness travelled into Blue Maple’s mind in this moment. More accurately put, this was a voice transmission.

That was a childish voice, and it was equally cold. It was a voice that carried determination and resolution.



Blue Maple answered casually.

The other side paused and seemed to hesitate for a few moments before it continued.

“Thank you.”

The voice was calm, but it wasn’t hard to hear the gratitude contained within!


Blue Maple answered blandly, which was a stark contrast to his previous passionate outburst of profound philosophy.

The other side fell silent, and Blue Maple could feel that the stream of consciousness had travelled to the Golden Roc.

The Golden Roc had just finished laughing, and the excitement and elation in his emotions had yet to recede. He seemed to sense the egg’s consciousness as it turned to stare warmly at the egg.

“Child, you are now truly born into this world. There is nothing left for me in this world, so please allow me to do some last things for you.” The Golden Roc’s eyes were filled with warmth and benevolence as he stared at the egg, and he didn’t forget to turn back to Blue Maple to address him.

“Thank you.” The Golden Roc lowered his proud head as he expressed its sincere gratitude to Blue Maple.

“I just want to complete this contract as quickly as possible.” Blue Maple’s response was cold, like all he cared about was himself.

“Hahaha! I wonder if anyone has ever called you out for duplicity?” The Golden Roc was momentarily stunned when he saw Blue Maple’s mannerism, before he laughed heartily as he spoke to Blue Maple.

“Tch.” Blue Maple responded coldly, and he wasn’t bothered by the roc’s words.

“Alright, it is time for me to complete my final task.” The Golden Roc’s eye suddenly turned sharp as he stared at the boundary above them, which was about to crumble completely at any moment.

“Aren’t you looking for my king? Then let me show you! Our king, who reigns supreme above all others, show them your will, the strongest one there is between heaven and earth!” The Golden Roc exclaimed proudly.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

The egg’s shell started cracking along with the boundary above them!

“Unleash yourself however you wish to, amid my final fire and flames!”

The Golden Roc’s body started burning vigorously as golden flames enveloped his body. A terrifying aura permeated the air and pierced right through the sky!

In this moment, the only thing that could be heard was a thunderous screech that shook the heavens and the earth, one that echoed through the skies!


The Golden Roc’s screeching howl was brighter than even an eagle’s caw!

Supremacy and contempt over all living beings! An unyielding force that was comparable to Heaven and Earth!


The shell cracked open just as the boundary collapsed! The rocks and boulders above the cave all cracked open as giant stones flew into the sky and crashed down into the forest beneath!

A dark shadow surged out from the egg!

The Golden Roc hollered excitedly!

“I am offering the most brilliant fireworks to celebrate the birth of our new king!”

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