Chapter 117: Golden Roc

The blue glow toned down and gradually disappeared. The dazzling blue from earlier also became much simpler, even ordinary to the eye. The blue slowly turned into grey, making it almost indistinguishable from other pieces of rocks.

“Ka ka ka…”

A crack surfaced on the piece of rock and started to extend. Very soon, cracks were all over this piece of rock.

“Ka ka ka…”

The cracks became denser and denser. Finally…


The layer of grey blew apart and revealed the contents inside of the rock!

Instantly, another piece of rock appeared in front of Blue Maple. It was much more magnificent, but it had an irregular shape. It was the size of a fist and there were jagged edges all around the rock. However, its asymmetrical appearance couldn’t conceal its beauty.

The rock was a mixture of gleaming red and blue. The elegance of blue complemented the radiance of red, and this perfect mixture was demonstrated on this piece of rock. While it was out-of-the-ordinary, it wasn’t discombobulating. Rather, its beauty was exotic.

Ding! Announcement: You’ve discovered the Ice-Fire Gem. It’s of the highest quality too. The Ice-Fire Gem doesn’t require any specific environment to be cultivated. It forms naturally by combining the strengths of ice and fire, and it can form anywhere. The speed at which it forms depends on the environment rather than time.

As the Ice-Fire Gem cultivates in a special way and doesn’t require any specific environment, it’s extremely rare. At the same time, it can develop different levels of intelligence depending on its tier and quality.

Higher-quality gems can disguise themselves. At the same time, they possess the create icy and fiery illusions and change their surroundings. They can also sense if anyone near them possesses any control of ice and fire and test whether that person is fit enough to wield their powers.

Just as the summary was given, the surroundings changed from the previous barren plot of land to a gloomy and humid wasteland. It was an environment that didn’t breed any life.

Is this an illusion? Interesting…the barren land represented fire, while this wasteland represents ice. It’s a strange way of expression though. Blue Maple wondered to himself. However, there wasn’t any change to his indifferent expression.

At this moment, a tender but gender-ambiguous voice rang in Blue Maple’s ears.

My friend, I can sense the powerful fire in your body, as well as a small amount of icy power. As a spiritual entity that combines ice and fire of heaven and earth, I’ll need a partner like yourself. I can develop a greater rapport between the power of ice and fire in your body and make them stronger. You are also the best partner that I can choose from.

Blue Maple coldly stared at the piece of rock. He didn’t say a single word. He could also sense that the voice came from the rock.

“I’m sure you’ve witnessed what I can do. You can do the same as me once you own me.”

The illusions were intentionally performed to sway Blue Maple. However, Blue Maple only saw it as unknown dangers.

The rock’s ability was indeed very tempting. Blue Maple also reckoned that it was a tempting ability to possess. He believed that the rock could be an intermediary to fuse both ice and fire in his body.

“I also tested you in the meantime. I believe someone who isn’t willing to take unnecessary risks and cave into temptations would be a great owner.”

The beauty that the rock demonstrated earlier was a test. If Blue Maple directly went up to take the rock, it might have been a completely different story now.

“If that’s the case, are you willing to be my owner?”

After the rock finished speaking, it didn’t add anything else. It just silently waited for Blue Maple to make up his mind. It didn’t appear to be anxious either. It gave the impression that Blue Maple was only one of the choices it could pick.

“It’s pretty good.”

Blue Maple casually said. He also sensed that the rock started to glow more brightly as he spoke.

“But I’m going to reject you.”

Blue Maple’s reply was a little cold.


The tender voice asked in astonishment.

“The heat from fire doesn’t represent utter destruction. The chill from ice doesn’t represent decay.” Blue Maple thought very carefully before speaking.


“My second answer: I’m not someone who believes everything. If I can get something as good as this without giving up something, it would be good fortune that I can’t accept.” Blue Maple sounded strangely cold.

“What do you mean?”

The rock couldn’t understand what Blue Maple meant.

“Stop wasting time. Come out.”

Blue Maple coldly said, but he didn’t direct it at the rock.

It was…something else!

At this moment, a sonorous voice echoed. The surroundings began to change once again. Blue Maple also sensed the undulations in the air and concluded that there was a teleportation happening.

“Hahaha! No wonder that Old Gangster chose you to be his disciple. You’ve answered me before I even asked the question!”

After this voice finished speaking, the surrounding environment had completely changed. It was now a massive cave. The difference between this cave and that of Old Man Wen was that the sides were all walls. It seemed that the cave stretched more than a few hundred meters in terms of width.

There was a hundred-meter long cave entrance at the top of this cave, but not much sunlight shone in as one would expect. There was a transparent shell-like layer that covered the cave entrance. It absorbed sunlight and prevented the glaring sunlight from shining through.

It felt like blocking the sunlight was secondary. Its primary purpose was more to isolate the airflow so that any outsiders couldn’t sense the presence of this cave.

There was a giant, ferocious bird in front of Blue Maple! A giant bird that was seriously wounded! It was sprawled on the ground. Given its size, one would wonder how it even entered the cave.

This bird was completely covered in golden feathers. There was a large, hideous wound on its wings. Pitch-dark, demonic gas hovered around its wound, but it seemed to be controlled so that it wouldn’t diffuse.

This bird also appeared to be completely out of spirits. A lot of its feathers had also fallen off from its body. There were black bloodstains around it too.

Even so, its gaze was still fierce and sharp as it stared at Blue Maple. It felt like it could easily tear Blue Maple apart!

“Kid, you are good. You are so strong even with your weak level. If I was on the same level as you, I wouldn’t be your match.” This golden bird was proudful but didn’t skim on the praises it lavished on Blue Maple.

“Do you think I’m arrogant? Yes! I am. But it’s only because I’m fit enough to be! Kid, do you know who I am?”

“Do I need to know?” Blue Maple asked in a similar arrogant manner. This was his response!

Arrogance. Yes, it was a response with the same arrogance!

“Hahaha! Yes! That’s what I want to see! This is it! Hahaha!!!”

The golden bird’s maniacal laughter resonated in the cave. As it echoed, many broken rocks fell off the walls of the cave. The ground also started to undulate, as if a minor earthquake had ensued.

“Listen to me, kid! I am the Golden Roc. My kind is the strongest among all spirits! At the same time, I’m the strongest of my kind!”

This Golden Roc’s gaze was menacing! That gaze felt like a windstorm that could tear apart space! And Blue Maple was standing right in the middle of that windstorm!

“Hoo hoo hoo!!!”

The Golden Roc started to fan its injured wings as it struggled to stand up! As it opened its wings, it seemed to have covered everything in this cave! It completely blocked off any light that shone into the cave. Instantly, Blue Maple felt as if he had descended into darkness.

Its unbridled haughtiness was stifling. It felt as if no one could challenge its will!

As the Golden Roc fanned its wings, the strong winds that blew cause Blue Maple to stagger! He struggled to remain where he was, but he remained very persistent as he attempted to stay rooted to where he was. At the same, he shot a death glare at the Golden Roc, even as his body was wavering!

“Kid, I have to admit that you are strong. You are one of the best among your peers. You might even be…the best!” The Golden Roc didn’t even lower its head to look at Blue Maple. When it looked at Blue Maple, it only rolled its eyes down.

“I don’t want to test you any further. Since I’m going to die, I don’t have to care about whatever system there is. I’m just going to do what I wish!”

“No one can challenge the will of Rocs either!!!”

The Golden Roc arrogantly exclaimed! Its tone of voice was relentless and its words were not to be doubted!

Blue Maple was slightly moved as the Golden Roc spoke until here!

No one can challenge your will, is that it? Not bad…Blue Maple thought to himself. He was tempted all of a sudden.

“Your strength has surpassed my expectations. I arranged the Rank 75 Multicolored Cheetah King for you, hoping that it will cause problems for you. I didn’t expect…”

The Golden Roc paused for a moment as it spoke until this point.

“Tsk, your killing intent has even left me in awe! I wonder where you got that from. You forced the Demon Multicolored Cheetah King back to its original state just with your killing intent! You are even able to make it submit to you even when it was still in its demonized state.”

The Multicolored Cheetah King was sent by this Golden Roc!

“Although I don’t know what happened to you and am not interested in why you carry such a deep sense of melancholy with you, I only know that you are sufficiently strong!”

It got a little agitated as it reached this point. The intensity of its tone of voice had increased.

“I was pleased with your reaction with regards to the rock. However, the real trap was the second situation. I didn’t expect you to see through my plan. You even managed to guess that I exist! I still wanted to ask you if you would be unable to resist the temptation of an ordinary ice-fire world, but you replied before I even managed to pose the question. This meant that you guessed what I was going to ask!”

The Golden Roc didn’t hide its admiration and how impressed it was.

“Whether it’s your ability, intelligence, or temperament, they are unquestionable. You are the best! You fit my requirements the best!”

The Golden Roc was indeed testing Blue Maple.

“I’m aware of your doubts. I’m going to put it out right now. I want you to sign an equal contract with our King! And we quickly grow together!”

It was only at this moment that the Golden Roc lowered its head for the first time. It was staring straight at Blue Maple. But this time, the high-handed look in its eye contained a tinge of imploration.

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