Chapter 115: Killing Intent


Blue Maple quickly passed a small forest and continued to advance towards the roar. He didn’t even consider whether he would be in danger. The only thing that he wanted to do now was to vent!

Right now, Blue Maple’s awful feelings were displayed on his face. That abnormally cold and terrifying look in his eyes revealed his strong killing intent. Although his expression was usually very cold, he still had a graceful demeanor. However, he was completely different now.

His killing intent almost seemed as if it had physically manifested itself. If there was someone in front of Blue Maple right now, he would discover that Blue Maple’s killing intent was enough to make him suffocate!

It wasn’t the kind of killing intent that simply came from an assassin!

He could hold it in the past, but he couldn’t right now.

This was because no one was looking at him now…


Blue Maple finally came to where the roar originated from. The trees had been completely extirpated and there were only broken branches and torn leaves left behind.

In that patch of space, there was an unusually huge wild monster that resembled a cheetah. It appeared to be in excruciating pain and there was also pitch-dark demonic gas coming from its body.

It was trembling and it was clawing against the ground as it screamed in pain. Very soon, a large depression had been formed in the ground as it dug up mud with its claw. Its eyes were blood-red and it was struggling with its last remaining streak of rationality.

It was putting up its final struggle.

Blue Maple came in front of the cheetah. The cheetah shot him a pleading look.

In its blood-red eyes, one could clearly see that it was begging Blue Maple. It was its final wish before it went berserk.

However, it was in vain. Its last streak of rationality was soon gone.

Instantly, the look in its eyes turned violent and it was so blood-red that it was completely terrifying. Its expression had also turned abnormally ferocious. There was only one thing on its mind as it glared at Blue Maple --- to tear him apart!


A deafening roar reverberated across the entire forest.

Seeing that the cheetah was intent on killing him, Blue Maple immediately summoned his Heavenly Fire with his left hand. A dazzling sword immediately formed!

“Since you’re in pain, I shall…release you from it!”

Blue Maple said with an unusually cold tone. He didn’t attempt to hide his own killing intent!


Suddenly, glaring blue lights shot out from his eyes. His Heavenly Fire quickly flowed out from his body and started to spread as far as Blue Maple could possibly control!

Three seconds!

In just a matter of three seconds, terrifying flames completely engulfed the broken branches and leaves as well as the trees that were still intact!

The temperature rose frighteningly. The fire seemed to be unleashed without any misgivings. A horrifying scene was on display right now!

That cheetah staggered a few steps back in fear.

The sword in Blue Maple’s hand was his new sword. It was a Rank 55 Darkgolden Sword – Abyss Sword!

[Abyss Sword] (Rank 55 Darkgolden)


Attack: 1265-1517


Strength: +106

Special effects: Causes 5% damage and ignores the presence of any protective armor.

Accessory skill: Abyss

Abyss: Generates a small abyss of spiritual energy using the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. It causes immense damage to the enemy and has a cooldown period of 300 seconds.

But it didn’t what sword it was. Right now, Blue Maple only wanted to kill that demonized cheetah that he was staring at through his Heavenly Fire.


Blue Maple slowly approached forward. His Heavenly Fire opened a path and made way for him. The demonized cheetah could clearly see Blue Maple now!

At the same time, Blue Maple also saw the attributes of this huge cheetah.

[Multicolored Cheetah King] (???)

Attack: 2348-???

Defense: 1024-???

Magic Defense: ???


Skills: Rupturing Bomb, ???

Summary: It is a powerful felid and possesses a special sonic skill --- Rupturing Bomb! This Multicolored Cheetah King has already been demonized. It is about Rank 70. Please exercise caution.

Blue Maple wasn’t able to tell what the upper limits of its attack and defense were. He was also unable to get a clear number of how strong its magic defense was.

Blue Maple was unable to see what its maximum HP was. He could only see the percentage of it that remained.

In terms of skills, some monsters had special skills while others didn’t.

“Ah oo…”

When the Demon Cheetah King saw Blue Maple coming closer and closer, it let out a scream that was filled with fear and warning. As it bared its teeth, it appeared extremely ferocious.

It was a Rank 70 Demon Boss, but it was afraid of a Level 56 Blue Maple!

Yes, it was afraid. Its body was trembling uncontrollably. The only thing that was keeping it from fleeing was the fact that it was a Rank 70 Demon Boss, and it had to preserve its own dignity.

It wasn’t afraid of Blue Maple’s attributes or his Heavenly Fire, but his…

Almost physically present killing intent!!!

The terrifying intent that came from Blue Maple made it seem as if he had just risen from the abyss of death!

No! It was more like he killed his way out instead!

Even though he had the same appearance and his fire didn’t change, Blue Maple gave off a very different feeling right now. He almost seemed like a different person.

Before, he was a cold and isolated person. But he still seemed very graceful.

But now, he was like a devil that rose from hell!

He was the Blue Fire Devil!

“Are you afraid?” Blue Maple asked the Multicolored Cheetah King with his cold voice. He was slowly approaching it too.

“Ah oo…”

The Cheetah King took two further steps back in fear.

“Why are you still standing here?”

Blue Maple sounded extremely heartless!


It retreated in fear once again and was trembling even more uncontrollably now.

“For your laughable pride, or your immature personality?”

His merciless gaze was fixated on the Cheetah King. It was a look that left one absolutely petrified!

“Oo…ah oo…”

The Cheetah King was already scared stiff. It was such a huge felid, but it was squirming and shaking in fear right now…

Right now, it certainly didn’t act like a terrifying Boss…

The Heavenly Fire was scorching everything around it. Blue Maple tightly held onto his sword as he slowly inched closer to the trembling ‘cat’ with his suffocating, killing intent.

Ding! Announcement: The demonized Multicolored Cheetah King has suffered from a terrifying shock, causing its attributes to fall by 10%...

Ding! Announcement: The demonized Multicolored Cheetah King has been overly shocked, causing its attributes to fall by 20%...

Ding! Announcement: The demonized Multicolored Cheetah King…

Announcements after announcements rang in Blue Maple’s ear. They kept on ringing…

Blue Maple didn’t appear to care or show any compassion. It was as if he didn’t have any…emotions…

It was like he was a merciless…killing machine…

“Ding! Announcement: The demonized Multicolored Cheetah King has chosen to submit. It has agreed to become your pet and you can do anything you want with it!


Blue Maple muttered to himself, but he still sounded as terrifying as ever.

“Hehe…I don’t need you to submit to me!”

The Heavenly Fire raged even more ferociously as Blue Maple shouted. It even surrounded the Cheetah King, along with its frightening temperature and Blue Maple’s killing intent!

“Ah oo…ah oo…”

The demonized Cheetah King was frightened. That killing intent was almost capable of decimating it. It was clearly from one person, but yet it was terrifying!

It trembled as it proned on the ground. It adopted a posture as if it was pleading for mercy. The black gas that came from its body slowly dissipated at the same time!

Its blood-red eyes also slowly reverted to its original form.

“Ah oo…”

Just as Blue Maple walked in front of it, it had already proned on the ground and behaved like an obedient feline.

Ding! Announcement: The Cheetah King is no longer demonized as it has been overly frightened. It has reverted to its original state and is willing to submit to you. Are you convinced?

Right now, the Cheetah King was completely begging for mercy. It didn’t possess the dominant stature that belonged to a Boss. It was all because of…Blue Maple’s…terrifying killing intent…


However, Blue Maple stood rooted to the ground.

He didn’t move for some time…


“Go.” Blue Maple finally spoke.

As he looked at the Cheetah King in this state, it was as if he had instantly lost all his energy. He spoke weakly.


He couldn’t bring himself to make a move…

His killing intent…was like a deflated balloon right now as it quickly vanished…


The Cheetah King mustered its courage and slightly moved forward. It rubbed its head against Blue Maple and acted all obedient. It was just like a cute little cat right now.

“Just go. I don’t need a pet.”

Blue Maple used his hand to caress the Cheetah King as he spoke.

“Ah oo…”

After hearing Blue Maple’s words, the Cheetah King rubbed against him once again. After this, it retreated two steps. Then, it gazed deeply at Blue Maple for a moment before swiftly taking off. The Heavenly Fire also made way for it.

Blue Maple then slowly retracted the Heavenly Fire into his body…

As the Heavenly Fire was retracted, it felt as if the world had slowed down. Blue Maple stood where he was and didn’t’ move at all.

Just like this, he stoned in position. He completely didn’t know what he was doing just now.

He was lost, helpless, and in a daze…

After he completely absorbed his Heavenly Fire and all that was left were charred branches, leaves aand an empty patch of space…the morning breeze swept everything away…

Blue Maple cut a lonesome figure. He was sorrowful and melancholic…


Suddenly, Blue Maple weakly kneeled on the ground!

For some unknown reason, a melancholic aura started to fill the entire place…



Suddenly, Blue Maple let out a tragic roar!

Blue Maple roared and his voice echoed on and on in this forest…


As the echoes slowly faded away, Blue Maple also slowly lowered his head…

“How many people…”

He mumbled to himself. He was helplessly sad. It was a heartbreaking scene.

“How many people sparked that killing intent…”

He started to appear a little lost.

“I can’t remember…”

He continued to talk to himself. This was tragic.

He slowly lifted his head and peered into the sky. The look in his eyes was hollow…

“I don’t want to recall either…

Blue Maple staggered as he slowly stood up. The way he was peering in the sky made it seemed as if he was trying to stop something from flowing down…

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