Chapter 114: It Should Be Like This

Just like this, Blue Maple laid on the rock for half an hour…

In the meantime, he heard all kinds of noises – things being toppled over, Blue Snow’s frantic screams, etc. His quiet morning had been ruined just like that…

“Little Gangster, are you asleep?” Blue Snow carefully asked Blue Maple, who had shut his eyes and seemed as if he was sleeping.

“How can I possibly fall asleep? It’s so noisy over at your side.” Blue Maple slowly opened his eyes and said to Blue Snow.

“Oh…I just knocked a few things over.” Blue Snow tried to argue with an embarrassed look on her face. She couldn’t even recall how many items she knocked over. Whatever it was, she spent a large portion of time trying to clean up the mess that she made.

Right now, she had already done some simple washing-up. She had also changed from her pajamas to a long, light-blue dress. She also used the system’s makeup function to put on some simple makeup. Anyway, she wasn’t the kind of girl that needed any makeup, which was why the process didn’t take too long.

However, she still wasted half an hour. No one knew what she was doing in the meantime. After all, she must have spent most of her time cleaning up after her own mess.

“You knocked over your water basin twice, mirror once, comb twice…you even kicked your clothes rack once. There should be many other items that you’ve knocked over that I’ve not taken notice of too.” Blue Maple exposed her.

After he finished speaking, he stared at Blue Snow and seemed to be telling her: You call these a few things?

“I…this…that…” Blue Snow was speechless and her face had turned entirely red.

“It’s, it’s all because of you! If not for you, I wouldn’t be so panicky…” Blue Snow agitatedly argued. However, her voice gradually softened. After this, she buried her head and her face turned unprecedently red.

“Are you an idiot? You brought up that issue out of nowhere.” Blue Maple’s voice was extremely clear. He sounded almost speechless from what she said.

“That…Little Gangster, did you…did you…see…” Blue Snow was stuttering and mumbling. She buried her head so deep that her ears seemed as if they had been grilled from how red they were.

She was also so soft that Blue Maple couldn’t even hear her clearly.

“What did you say? Speak louder.” Blue Maple couldn’t help but ask.

Blue Snow didn’t respond. Her head was still buried and her body was still trembling.

“I said! Little Gangster, did you…see…my chest…ugh…” Blue Snow suddenly raised her head and tightly shut her eyes as she screamed.

It was as if she had just mustered her courage. However, she was still stuttering. She hadn’t even finished her words.

Blue Maple was indifferent as he watched Blue Snow trembling.

“I did.”

He remained indifferent. It didn’t sound like he had any other intention. He replied to her very directly.


Blue Snow opened her eyes and they were filled with both astonishment and disbelief!

“That…Little Gangster, did you really…see, see it?!” Blue Snow was stuttering and was shocked as she asked.

“It already happened. Will you believe me if I said no? Since that’s the case, why should I lie to you?” Blue Maple explained himself, although he did still sound very indifferent.

“Little Gangster, you are a Big Gangster! Idiot! I hate you!” Blue Snow shouted in embarrassment. There were tears in her eyes now.

“Don’t you know how to lie? Even if I know, I want you to lie so I wouldn’t feel as bad! Big Gangster! Idiot!” Blue Snow was on the verge of bawling. Her eyes were so red that it was heartbreaking.

“Alright alright, I didn’t see anything.” Blue Maple couldn’t help but sit up and said to Blue Snow.

“Mm…really?” Blue Snow sniffled a little and didn’t cry in the end.

“No.” An unimaginable response was given once again.

Blue Maple’s honesty was crippling…

“Ah?! Why are you like this again?”

“Didn’t I lie? You know about it.”

“No! You need to do it until the end!”

“But you still know it’s a lie…”

Seeing that Blue Snow was on the verge of crying again, Blue Maple couldn’t say anything anymore.

“Seriously, I get it. I’ll lie to you.” Blue Snow covered his forehead helplessly.


Blue Snow was sniffling as she responded.

“I didn’t see anything snowy-white just now. Will that do?”

“Eh?! What snowy-white?” Blue Snow was dazed for a moment. She didn’t know what Blue Maple meant.

“Ah! Little Gangster, you are a Big Gangster. You mean that you still saw something!”

Blue Snow’s reaction was a little slow…

“Didn’t I say no?”

“No, you can’t say it like this either!”

“How should I say it?”

“Say that you didn’t see my…”

“Wouldn’t that be the same…”

“Ah! It’s all your fault!”

“I’m just doing what you said, right?”

“I don’t care. I don’t care!”



In any case, someone’s morning had been completely ruined…

It was because someone was too honest to lie about something very simple, although he had never been very honest with her all this while…

“Little Gangster, where are you?” Blue Snow finally calmed down. However, her eyes were still red and she seemed very pitiful.

“I don’t know either.” Blue Maple answered honestly.

“How? You can just ask any NPC where you are, right?” Blue Snow was confused as she asked. Her face was filled with bewilderment.

“Are you an idiot? Don’t you see what it’s like around here?” Blue Maple continued to lie on the rock and his gestured to his surroundings.

It looked like he was in complete wilderness. He even showed his entire surroundings to Blue Snow and took the time to rest for a moment.

“Little Gangster…don't tell me…you’ve been in the wilderness all this while and have not returned to the city?” Blue Snow looked at his surroundings as she uncertainly asked.


Blue Maple shut his eyes and gave her a casual reply.

“Do you mean you’ve lived like this for more than a month?” Blue Snow’s eyes were filled with disbelief.


Blue Maple still shut his eyes.

“But, aren’t you too lonely like this?” Blue Snow worriedly asked. There was a look of reluctance in her eyes.

“Doesn’t matter. I’ve always been like this.” Blue Snow’s reply was very casual. It was as if he was used to such loneliness and that nothing was wrong.

“How, like this…” Blue Snow shuddered as she softly said.

It seemed like she was about to cry again.


Blue Maple opened his eyes in puzzlement. He didn’t know what was going on with Blue Snow. Suddenly, his tone changed.

He’s been like this, alone…no family, no friends, not even someone to talk to…Blue Snow was heartbroken as she thought to herself.

“Then, Little Gangster, you aren’t a killer, right? What about your comrades, or people who are like you?” Blue Snow’s voice was trembling.

“No comrades, or any such people you’re thinking of.” Although Blue Maple was confused by how emotional Blue Snow was, he still continued to reply to her.

“Nothing…” Blue Snow mumbled.

“Hey, idiot, what’s with you?” Blue Maple was even more doubtful when he saw Blue Snow acting like this.

Blue Snow was in an utter mess right now. She started mumbling to herself…

“Nothing, he has nothing. Isn’t he just a…loner in this world?”

“How can a person…live like this…isn’t it painful?”

“How? How is he able to just say it out like this? How can he be so nonchalant? How is he talking about this as if it was some normal thing?”


“Because, I’ve always been like this!”

Blue Maple interrupted Blue Snow!

It was a rare outburst of emotions. It was just like how he was against the Samurai Warlord!




Blue Snow wanted to say something, but Blue Maple hanged up. He hanged up once again…

“But…who’s supposed to be like this? No one’s supposed to be like this…” Blue Snow muttered as she watched Blue Maple vanish from her screen.

“Again…he’s hanged up on me…it’s always like this…”

Blue Snow squirmed and hugged her legs with her arms. She buried her head in her knees…

She seemed hurt…

“Di, di, di…”

Suddenly, Blue Snow’s ringtone sounded!

“Little Gangster!”

She was surprised and quickly picked up the call.

However, it wasn’t Blue Maple on the other side…

“Hey! Snow, is this not the right time? Shall I hang up?” Silent Observer was slightly astonished as she asked.

“Ah, it’s you, Silent. Nothing, nothing’s up. Hehe…” Blue Snow quickly changed her expression and forced a smile.

“Oh? Is that so? Why do I feel like it’s the wrong time?” Silent Observer maintained a doubtful expression on her face, but the look in her eyes suggested that she believed she called at the right time. However, Blue Snow didn’t noticed.

How could Blue Snow trick her with her lie?

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this. I’ve got something fun to tell you about.” Silent Observer acted very mysteriously.

“Ah! What’s fun?” Blue Snow was immediately curious and the topic was quickly changed.



Deep into the mountains…

Blue Maple appeared very frustrated. He was no longer as indifferent as before…

“Are you trying to say that I shouldn’t be like this?” Blue Maple had already sat up as he muttered to himself.

He also seemed a little out of sorts. It was difficult to imagine him like that.

“But, you shouldn’t be the one who thinks so.”


Blue Maple muttered to himself. Just as he was talking to himself, a roar jolted him back to his senses.

His cold look!


Instantly, a huge roar reverberated. The birds were all scared off!


Blue Maple revealed a terrifying expression on his face!


He bared his teeth and let out an annoyed sound.

After this, he turned to where the roar came from.


He charged over!

The roar came at the wrong time!

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