Chapter 113: I Saw It...

One month later…

A bright and sunny morning.

Blue Maple still hadn’t returned to the original city. He continued to wander around. The house that he bought was already covered in dust now…

Blue Maple hadn’t returned to the city after Mystery’s class advancement. He didn’t even enter the villages. He avoided all of them…

When he was thirsty, he plucked some wild fruits and drank water from a creek…when he was hungry, he would grill some wild monsters with his Heavenly Fire…when he was tired, he would burn a hole in trees or rest in caves. Sometimes, he even just found a place to lie down…

He was like a loner who was completely isolated from this world.

Fortunately, Blue Maple had his backpack with him and he had a habit of carrying a few necessities with him wherever he went. Otherwise, he would almost certainly seem like a caveman.

In the meantime, he even entered a Rank 100 Monster Region unintentionally. He was even attacked by a Rank 95 ordinary Boss. He had no choice but to unseal himself and fight that Boss with whatever firepower he had! Finally, he drained his Heavenly Fire and emerged victorious in a bloody fight.

If not for the fact that Old Man Wen had fused his upgraded equipment back into his body, he wouldn’t have been able to sustain an attack by that Boss. He would have been killed instantly.

He even came across a patch of Dwarf Ruins and lost several Gold-tier equipment as a result. He used space to store some vats of fine wine that belonged to Dwarves. They were vintage.

He obtained several special items and valuable treasures. Amongst them, there was a plant known as the Icefire Yin Yang Flower. It was what Blue Maple had been searching for – an item to fuse ice and fire. However, it was a pity that its rank was too low. One stalk of it wasn’t sufficient.

Blue Maple didn’t know his current level. He also didn’t know the rank of the wild monster that he killed. In any case, he couldn’t see any information about monsters that were above Rank 60. He only knew about the ranking of the Boss after he killed it. The game announced it – it was a Rank 95 Giant Mountain Ape.


His level increased and increased. Blue Maple didn’t know what he was doing either. For some reason, he didn’t want any interaction with anyone or proceed anywhere where there were other humans.

It seemed like he was doing everything to vent his emotions…

In an unknown city and silent library, a graceful lady was quietly sipping on her coffee and reading an unknown book.

“Miss, please forgive me. I’ve not gotten any information about that man who you are trying to track.” A masked man bowed towards this lady and softly said to her.

“No worries. It’s only normal. However, I still wished that you did find something out.” She was still looking at her book. Her line of vision didn’t shift at all as she replied to the masked man.

“Do you want me to continue searching for him?” The masked man didn’t raise his head. He remained in his bowing position as he asked.

“Go and train. Just ask your people to keep a lookout for him. You should also know that I’ve instructed all of you to search for him in real life before. If he wants to remain hidden, no one will be able to find him.” Silent Observer’s expression changed as she spoke until this point.

“Yes!” The masked man answered very steadily.

“However, Miss, there’s another matter.” The masked man suddenly thought of something.

“Oh? What is it? Is it something to do with the Lin Clan?” Silent Observer’s expression changed and she immediately guessed what the masked man was about to say.

“Yes, Miss. It has something to do with the Second Young Master of the Lin Clan. It seems to be something to do with the Newbie Village, even though things have passed for such a long time.” The masked man wasn’t astonished that Silent Observer managed to guess what he wanted to tell her. However, he still reported to her in detail.

“Is that so?” Silent Observer suddenly stopped reading her book. A smirk also flashed across her face.

“Okay, tell him this. Everything is fine as long as he doesn’t touch Snow.” Silent Observer thought of something fun as a cheeky glint appeared in her eyes.

“But Second Young Master Lin wants to make a move on that guy. Is that a good idea? If that guy knows…” The masked man couldn’t understand why Silent Observer was intentionally seeking trouble. As for Second Young Master Lin being a potential victim of her ploy, he didn’t care at all.

“Don’t you find this interesting? We’ve just begun the five years in this game. How can we survive without any fun?” Silent Observer cheekily laughed as she said. She wasn’t afraid of any consequences.

“Yes! I shall make way then, Miss.” The masked man also quickly disappeared from the library after he finished speaking. He left Silent Observer alone.

After the masked man left, Silent Observer quietly raised her cup and started sipping on her coffee.

“If nothing goes wrong, you are going to continue hiding, aren’t you? Until this game ends…” Silent Observer looked out of the window. No sunlight was shining through the window because of the clouds.


Silent Observer got up and walked to the window with her cup in her hand. She looked at the patch of clouds that was blocking the sun.

“Accidents can happen anytime, right? Snow…follow your thoughts…” As the clouds disperse, sunlight finally shone through the window…

Sunlight shone on her beautiful face. Instantly, her intelligent and elegant aura was fully revealed!


Azeriya City, in a hostel to the south of the city…

“Seriously…Little Gangster has been missing for more than a month. Has he gone to find another girl? Hmm, that’s possible. That Little Gangster!” Blue Snow laid on her bed and started playing with her hair. She had been repeating something along the lines of this for the past month.

Blue Snow lazed in bed for the entire morning.

“Should I send him a message? Hmm…” Blue Snow buried her head under her pillow as she muttered to herself.

“Hmph, I’m not going to message that idiot. He only knows how to hang up on me!”

“But…” Blue Snow started to hesitate once more. She looked at the blade by the side of her bed. It was the blade that had been cultivated by Blue Maple.

Although she had long switched to a better blade, she still kept that blade. She even bought a sword holder that wasn’t the best-fitting and left it by the side of her bed.

“This is…frustrating frustrating frustrating!” Blue Snow started rolling in bed as she hugged her pillow. She was extremely cute in her pajamas.

She only stopped after some time.

As she stared at the blade, she eventually pulled out her friends’ list.

“Hmm…I’m only flipping through it.” She muttered to herself. She was trying to find an excuse for herself.

The first name she saw was Silent Observer.

“Seems like I haven’t spoken to Silent in two days. Hehe, I shall talk to her later. Let’s see if there’s anything fun first.” Blue Snow and Silent Observer shared a close relationship. However, they hadn’t spoken in the past two days for some unknown reason.

As Blue Maple’s name was above Silent Observer in her friends’ list, she could see both their names together.

Right now, she had shifted her attention to Blue Maple’s name.

Over the past two days, she always had a weird look in her eyes whenever she wanted to speak to Silent Observer. She would neglect Silent Observer’s name and look at someone else’s name. She wanted to click on Blue Maple’s name, but she couldn’t get herself to do it.

However, she clicked it this time!

“I, I’m not missing him. I’m just, just bored…hmm, I don’t want to get out of bed and have nothing to do. That’s all.”

In an unknown forest, sunlight shone diagonally into the forest on this quiet morning…

Blue Maple was quietly lying on a rock by a creek. The shadow of a huge tree beside covered his face, which was why the blinding sunlight didn’t cause any problem for him.

Birds were also chirping all around him and there was also the sound of water flowing in the creek…

“Di, di, di…”

A sound that didn’t pair with nature suddenly rang in Blue Maple’s ears.

Blue Maple slightly furrowed his brow when he heard this strange yet familiar sound.

“Is it that idiot?” Blue Maple immediately had this thought.

However, he couldn’t help but reach out to where he was supposed to pick up the call. But he hesitated and didn’t pick it up.

“Di, di, di…”

It continued to ring. Blue Snow was anxious as she waited for Blue Maple to pick up her call.

“Seriously…forget it. Let me pick it up.”

Blue Maple eventually picked up the call.

“What’s the matter?”

Blue Maple directly asked. When his voice reached Blue Snow’s ears and she saw his handsome face, Blue Snow heaved a sigh of relief.

However, tension, discomfort and a lost look surfaced on Blue Snow’s face instantly.

“That, this…oh yes, how have you been?” Blue Snow turned red as she laid in bed. She didn’t know what to say and just randomly spouted a few words as her opening line.

“Uh, I’m fine. But are you sure you want to chat with me in this state?” Blue Maple sounded indifferent. For some reason, he wasn’t as cold as before.

“Eh? In this state?”

Blue Snow was dazed for a moment. She didn’t know what Blue Maple meant. However, she still took a look at herself.

But she discovered…

She was in her pajamas and her hair wasn’t combed. When she called Blue Maple and was rolling around, one of her buttons had come off.

She was naked under her pajamas! Blue Maple had a clear look at her beautiful, snowy skin. He also saw something which he shouldn’t be looking at.

Little Gangster has…seen…Blue Snow’s mind went blank for a moment. She looked both dazed and lost at the same time…


However, Blue Snow immediately reacted. After this, she immediately covered her chest. She was still confused as to what to do.

“That…I…I’m…going to change! This…Little Gangster, don’t hang up! Also, you…you didn’t see anything!” Blue Snow didn’t know what she was doing anymore. She probably didn’t know about the tears that had formed in her eyes.

“Alright, I got it. Go change.” Blue Maple was speechless. He also didn’t know what she wanted.

“I’m going now. Don’t hang up this time!” Blue Snow covered her chest as she instructed Blue Maple.

“Alright.” Blue Maple helplessly replied to her.

“I’m going now.” Blue Snow jumped off her bed and dashed off.

After this, Blue Maple heard these sounds…

“Ah! Wa!”

“Ping ping…pang pang…bang!”

“Ahhh! Rag! Where’s the rag?”




A series of screams and knocks were heard. At least one of the sounds was that of a basin being toppled over…

“This idiot…” Blue Maple couldn’t help but sigh as he covered his forehead and shut his eyes. He felt as if a quiet morning was getting away from him…

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