Chapter 112: Goodbye


Mystery’s reply was as concise as ever. She was just like Blue Maple when he interacted with Old Man Fang. However, this old man wasn’t as naggy as Old Man Fang.

“Alright, we shall begin then.” The old man didn’t drag his feet over the matter.

“Alright, kid, you can watch from one side if you want to. Don’t worry, her clothes won’t be burned just like it happened with you when you fused your Heavenly Fire. If you don’t want to watch, you can walk away. I won’t stop you.” The old man pointed to a small opening on one side. The opening probably led to the outside of this cave.

Blue Maple didn’t say anything. He only approached the opening. He wanted to go out and catch a breather. The old man wasn’t moved by Blue Maple’s choice either. He must have guessed what Blue Maple was going to do.

“Rascal, my name is Wen Ling. Don’t forget my name the next time you see me.” Old Man Wen said something to Blue Maple, who was already walking away. He then turned his attention to Mystery and stopped caring about Blue Maple.

“Doesn’t sound like a name that suits you.” Blue Maple muttered as he heard the old man’s words. He also didn’t care if Old Man Wen heard him.

Rascal, your own name doesn’t suit you too…The old man thought to himself as he heard Blue Maple’s words.


The cave was very short. It was only two meters high. There wasn’t any light in the cave. It was pitch-dark. However, Blue Maple didn’t brighten his surroundings using his Heavenly Fire either. He walked in the dark and quickly found the exit…

A ray of light finally shot out from his eyes…

“Oo oo oo…”

The sounds of wind brushing against the cave opening could be heard.

Seems like it’s going to be chilly. Blue Maple thought to himself as he heard the raging winds. He immediately retrieved his coat.

The moment he took it out of his backpack, he immediately sniffed the fragrance that Mystery had left on it earlier.

Blue Maple paused for a moment before he put on his coat and pretended that nothing was going on.

When he exited the cave, he realized that it wasn’t as bright as he thought it would be. The weather was also not as bad as he envisioned it to be. It was just gloomy as strong winds blew.

It was abnormally gloomy. The system revealed the time to be just past noon. Even if it was a gloomy day, it should have been a little bright. But…

The clouds that gathered together hinted at an imminent thunderstorm. However, there weren’t any other signs of an impending thunderstorm. It was just an abnormally gloomy day.

He lives in such a strange place. Blue Maple couldn’t help but wondered as he looked at the weather.

They were at the top of a mountain. Blue Maple didn’t know the exact altitude, but he knew that they were rather high up given that the winds were raging so strongly.

In the same direction as the cave opening, there was a hill that was tens of meters high. It was covered in rocks, and Blue Maple couldn’t tell if it was hollow inside. He guessed that it was mostly hollow. It was only in the game where one could find such a strange hill.

In front of Blue Maple, there was a flat rocky path. There wasn’t a single grain of rock on this path, but it was covered in flowers. There were also a few big volcanic rocks that stood out amongst the flowers.

This was why Blue Maple found this to be very weird.

Perhaps this is just the design of the game. Maybe it’s just for someone to cultivate over here. Blue Maple reasoned out in this manner. After all, it didn’t seem like a place for someone to live in. Old Man Wen also didn’t appear to be some kind of weirdo.

Blue Maple took a few steps forward. He wanted to see if there was a cliff. From his perspective, he could only see the path and gloomy sky.

I wonder how long they’ll take. I hope it’s not too long. Blue Maple thought to himself. His own fusion took around 10 minutes. However, the pain did make it seem much longer…

As he thought until here, Blue Maple suddenly paused where he was.

Seems like I met Mystery for the first time when I fused my Heavenly Fire. Blue Maple strangely thought to himself. He felt a little unnatural at this moment too.

It was time for Mystery’s fusion now.


Nonsense. It’s just a coincidence. Blue Maple mocked himself for thinking of something so strange.

He continued to advance. He came to the edge of the path and there was indeed a cliff. But he couldn’t see the bottom of it. However, it could be because visibility was rather poor.

I shall wait here. Blue Maple decided as he looked at a huge rock that stood out at one side.

After 20 minutes…

Blue Maple laid on the rock and opened his eyes. After this, he gently stretched his body and slowly got up.

Although he didn’t hear any footsteps, he could sense that Mystery was coming over. She also intentionally let him sensed that she was walking over.

“Just give it to me.” Blue Maple said with his back facing Mystery before he even turned around.

“You really know everything.” Mystery’s cold voice resonated. She finally walked up to him and stood side-by-side with him.

“Since he spoke in that way earlier, it’s clear he won’t come out and find me.” Blue Maple answered. He was referring to Old Man Wen.

At the same time, he slightly turned his head and looked at Mystery.

She didn’t exhibit any signs that indicated she had just suffered excruciating pain. When Blue Maple completed his advancement and saw Mystery, he also acted very normally.

Mystery looked back at him before taking something out from her backpack. Something shone in her hands. It was a clear and half-transparent black crystal.

It’s really simple. Blue Maple couldn’t help but think to himself after he saw the crystal.

If Old Man Fang was here, he would have given him a pile of skill tomes instead.

Mystery extended her hands and passed the crystal to Blue Maple. She didn’t say anything to him. Blue Maple also silently received the crystal over. He held it in his hands and started looking at it.

It felt cold in his head. He didn’t expect this at all…

[Catalogue Crystal]: Special time given to Player Blue Maple by Looming Shadow Wen Ling. It contains all the skills before a Looming Shadow’s third class advancement, as well as its specialized passive skill. After the third class advancement and all the skills have been mastered, you can crush this crystal and inherit a few spatial divine items.

Old Man Wen also left behind some words.

“Kid, there’s a small town at the foot of the mountain where you can use a teleportation formation. You can teleport yourself somewhere else, or you can also venture deeper into the mountains. In any case, the monsters nearby won’t do anything with you as long as you have this crystal. Finally, I’m grateful that you’ve helped me find my successor.”


Are you embarrassed to thank me in person? Blue Maple thought of something interesting. It turned out that Old Man Wen was a rather shy person.

Blue Maple kept the crystal and didn’t turn his head to look at Mystery. He walked to the edge of the cliff. It felt as if the strong winds could actually blow him off the cliff.

“Where are you going?” Blue Maple asked Mystery with his back facing her.

“Go back.” Mystery’s voice echoed.

“Really?” Blue Maple’s tone didn’t change as he replied to her. He also looked towards the bottom of the cliff and sensed the wind direction.

Will I use up at least 50% of the strength of my Heavenly Fire if I teleport myself down? This mountain is really high. I shall fly down then. Blue Maple mused. He was trying to sense the amount of strength of his Heavenly Fire that would be drained if he teleported himself down. He wasn’t planning on going to the aforementioned small town.

But if I teleport close to some powerful monster, it won’t be fun given the little amount of Heavenly Fire I have left. Blue Maple tried to pick a method and firmed up his decision to fly down instead.

“It’s time to part ways then.” After he finished speaking, Blue Maple slowly turned around and faced Mystery.

The wind blew up his fringe and completely revealed his left eye. Whereas Mystery wore a doubtful expression on her face as she stared at his left eye. She didn’t say anything.

“Can you tell?” Blue Maple indifferently asked. Clearly, he knew that she noticed something.

“You’re indeed a strange fellow.” Mystery’s tone was as usual, but she wasn’t as cold as when they first met.

“Perhaps.” Blue Maple didn’t debate either.


Blue Maple jumped off the cliff. His sudden movement didn’t shock Mystery. She probably guessed what he was going to do.

He finally stopped on top of a platform that he formed through his Airborne Somersault. He continued to look at Mystery. When he passed the path filled with puppets earlier, he actually used such a method. He waited for every cooldown of his Airborne Somersault. To be honest, his attempt was very smooth.

This was why Old Man Wen claimed that he only knew how to skive. However, it wasn’t really his quest. This was why he wasn’t actually punished for skiving.


A pair of flaming wings slowly extended from his back. The reason why he jumped off the cliff was because he wanted to have a greater sense of how to control his wings in mid-air given the wind conditions.

If he didn’t do so and just jumped off with his wings, it could have been suicide. His platform allowed him to drift in mid-air.

In just a few seconds, Blue Maple managed to adjust his wings and was prepared to take flight.

He focused his attention back on Mystery again.


Blue Maple uttered his final word to Mystery before he bounced off from his platform. He extended his wings and disappeared into the foggy sky.

He didn’t even wait for Mystery to say anything. But she wouldn’t have said anything though…

Seeing that Blue Maple had vanished into the sky, Mystery also disappeared from this windy mountaintop. Compared to Blue Maple, her teleportation was much quieter than Blue Maple.


“Those two have separated just like this. This is worrying for our Brother Classes.” Old Man Wen muttered to himself as he stood in his cave. He had been watching both Blue Maple and Mystery.

“But they aren’t Brother Classes just as of now. Feels more like Couple Classes. Seriously, why did she have to be a little doll? Although I can’t pick on her ability, it’s making our Brother Classes seem more like Couple Classes.”

“Forget it, this is the end of this matter. There’s nothing much else to say either. If those fellows dare to say anything about this, hehe…I’ll ask those two to teach their successors a good lesson!” Old Man Wen laughed sinisterly.

At the same time, he also brought up the attributes panel and looked at Blue Maple and Mystery’s attributes. The numbers were indeed horrifying…

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