Chapter 111: Brother Classes

Mystery soon changed out of her clothes. She didn’t make any sound just as one expected. It was silent using the system for a quick change of attire.


Mystery tore the protective shield apart and walked out of it. She also regained her cold exterior.


Blue Maple retracted his Heavenly Fire and it surrounded his body before it was absorbed back into it. After absorbing his Heavenly Fire, Blue Maple also slowly turned around and looked at the newly-dressed Mystery.

Not only did she change out of her underwear, she also changed out of her broken armor. She was now dressed in a tight-fitting, short-sleeved shirt and shorts.

The shirt was so tight that it almost felt as if it was bursting out of its seams. Blue Maple even suspected that it could burst open! Her shirt tightly hugged her waistline, accentuating her slim figure. Her long, milky legs also sent one’s blood flowing. Those who weren’t ‘resilient’ enough might even experience a nosebleed!

Blue Maple was also slightly moved when he saw this scene.

“Are you surprised?”


Mystery asked Blue Maple as she passed his coat to him.

“I’m more astonished than surprised.”

Blue Maple also became as indifferent as before. He calmly received his coat, but he didn’t rush to wear it. Instead, he temporarily kept it in his backpack.

Mystery’s fragrance was still left on the coat. Although Blue Maple was usually very unbothered, he still felt rather embarrassed to put on his coat now.

“Are you astonished?”

Mystery slowly inched closer to Blue Maple as she spoke. She was less than 20 centimeters away from him now. Her fragrance immediately swept Blue Maple’s nose.

However, Blue Maple remained as indifferent as ever. He didn’t behave strangely.

“Don’t you believe that we should be relaxed?”

Mystery’s voice was intoxicating. As she spoke to Blue Maple, she slightly leaned her body forward. Her posture was very suggestive and the distance between them also hinted at some kind of non-platonic interaction.

“Are you sure there’s no more danger?”

Blue Maple placed his hands on his belly as he asked. He remained indifferent to everything that Mystery was throwing at him.

“Oh? Aren’t you here?”

Right now, Mystery was much less cold compared to before. She sounded as if she was trying to tempt him and she did seem very irresistible.

“You really don’t want to be eaten, don’t you?”

Blue Maple smacked his forehead helplessly and raised a white flag.

“Do I?” Mystery placed her hands behind her back and took a step back. There was a slight cheekiness about her right now even though she still appeared cold.

“Let’s go.” Blue Maple didn’t want this to carry on any further. There was nothing in it for him either.

Both of them faced the stone door and was ready to open it.

Mystery was acting like this to hint something to Blue Maple. She was just fooling around and teasing him. However, if Blue Maple did something untoward, then she would immediately stop.

Given her looks and tempting figure, a guy like Blue Maple would surely be affected somehow.

Mystery was also unconvinced because Blue Maple won her once by exploiting his skills advantage. However, she didn’t have an opportunity to get one back at him.

Although she did have a go at him through the three Flaming Ghosts earlier, Blue Maple knew that the context was different. Moreover, the old man had to play a part in that too.

Both of them separated from each other and proceeded to opposite sides of the stone door. They stopped at a semi-circular piece of rock that stood out. This rock was the key to opening the door. However, both rocks had to be pressed at the same time.

How did they know? They exhibited great chemistry together throughout the entire test. Now that there switches in front of the stone door, they would be idiots if they didn’t know that they were the key to getting out of the cave.

Both of them stared at each other before pressing the switches.


The door slowly opened as the two sides of the stone doors rubbed against each other.



“Stop looking. This is not where I live. I live further in.” The old man’s voice rang in their ears. However, it wasn’t just his voice this time. He was present too.

Both Blue Maple and Mystery walked past the stone door.

The place they entered seemed like a cave that had been casually renovated to become a home. It was shabby. Blue Maple and Mystery scanned their surroundings with strange looks on their faces. This was what sparked the old man’s words.

The old man was dressed in an ordinary linen clothing, which was similar to Old Man Fang’s fashion style. However, this old man gave off a much more sinister vibe. There was a sharp look about his face. One would feel as if he was like a blade, or rather, a sharp dagger!

The three of them seemed rather similar right now. They didn’t have any equipment on their bodies.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush either. I’ll transfer both of you your skills.” The old man sharply said. He never dragged his feet when it came to completing tasks.

“Both of you?” Mystery doubtfully asked. She didn’t know what the old man meant.

“Yes, both of you. Even this rascal has guessed it. Have you not? It’s not surprising though. You only passively accepted the quest, but you don’t know where it came from.” The old man was confused for a moment, but he soon had a realization. He also knew that Mystery met Blue Maple halfway.

Blue Maple had roughly guessed when he was blackmailing the old man earlier. This was why he knew.

Sword Hermit and Looming Shadow were Brother Classes!

The original mentors were twins, or perhaps they were just brothers who had spent a long time with each other and developed great chemistry. They invented these two classes. The good thing about these two classes was that they could use each other’s skills. The only issue was that it wouldn’t be as effective. When both classes were together, they might even be able to use each other’s skills without any restrictions and there wouldn’t be any difference in the strength of those skills.

However, this usually only occurred for those in the same class. If they were of different classes and this still worked most of the time, then those classes were Couple Classes!

But Sword Hermit and Looming Shadow were indeed Brother Classes. This was also why the old man wanted a male disciple. First, a guy would be more suited for the class. Next, it was better for both parties to be guys since they were Brother Classes.

As for how Blue Maple figured this out, it was because he would flip through the summary of hidden classes whenever he was bored.

“So, what I mean is that my class and this rascal’s class are Brother Classes. You could also say that this rascal’s master and I are brothers. Do you get it?” The old man sounded a little more serious as he explained, and even emphasized the part about brothers at the end.

“No.” Mystery still appeared cold and lost after the old man finished speaking.

“Uh…don’t tell me you don’t know about these?” The old man awkwardly asked.

“Mmm.” Mystery’s reply was also very straightforward.

Just as the old man was about to explain it to Mystery, a screen suddenly popped up and Blue Maple retrieved information about sibling classes under the summary of hidden classes for Mystery.

He flicked his fingers before the screen jumped right in front of Mystery. Everything was presented for Mystery to read.

Mystery didn’t say anything either. She silently read the information that was displayed on the screen.

She finished reading very quickly.

“Must I be with him all the time?” Mystery coldly asked after she finished reading.

“Uh, not really.” The old man awkwardly replied. He didn’t expect that to be her first question.

Blue Maple also shot her a confused look. He also didn’t know why her first question was as such.

“It depends on your class. My class is a Rank SSS class. Even without this rascal’s class, my class is still very powerful. So it doesn’t matter if you are with him.” The old man gave an honest answer.

“However, it’s best that both of you are together. That’s to maximize the advantage of your classes.” The old man paused for a moment before mentioning this.

“Does this mean that I have to learn his skills too?” Mystery continued asking. From the looks of it, it seemed like she still hadn’t gotten over the fact that Blue Maple won her using his skills.

“Of course, but not now. You can’t learn some of his skills now. You need to learn a few other things first.” The old man was naturally talking about the need for her to learn skills that can coordinate with the Heavenly Fire.

“Also, rascal, you need to learn a few things too. But I’m not going to help you. You have the Heavenly Fire. I’ll give it to you straight and you’ll need to figure out by yourself.” The old man suddenly thought of something before turning his head and saying to Blue Maple.

“Orh.” Blue Maple replied without much care.

Blue Maple wasn’t very interested in equipment or items in the game, unless they were really fun to toy with.

“I’ve sealed it in this dagger. Use your Heavenly Fire to fuse it.” The old man passed a dagger to Blue Maple after he finished speaking. It was the dagger that Blue Maple gave Mystery earlier.

However, the dagger disappeared after the initiation. It turned out that the old man had been safekeeping it.

Blue Maple appeared a little reluctant as he received the dagger.

“Why, is there a problem?” The old man could clearly tell Blue Maple’s reluctance.

“Can I change it? Or can you give this to her and give me a new one?” Blue Maple revealed exactly what he was thinking.

“Why? This dagger originally belonged to you.” The old man couldn’t grasp what Blue Maple meant.

“I’ve given it away.” Blue Maple sounded determined as he responded.


The old man didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Rascal…” The old man immediately retracted the dagger and threw it at Mystery.

“Hold it first. I’ll make a new one for this rascal later.” He said to Mystery at the same time.

Mystery indifferently caught the dagger and shot a strange look at Blue Maple.

“Alright, I’ll help you first. In the meantime, you’ll feel excruciating pain, but your body won’t be harmed. However, the pain will be there throughout. I’m sure this rascal knows all about it. Although it’s different pain sensations we’re talking about over here, the intensity should be rather similar.” The old man was slightly warning Mystery. However, he didn’t exhort her just like what Old Man Fang did.

He believed that there was no reason she should be afraid of a little pain since she chose to be a Thief!

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