Chapter 109: Final Test

Although Mystery was still doubtful, she relaxed her hands. However, she was still tightly gripping onto her daggers. She remained alert at all times.

“It’s good that you don’t trust others easily. However, you don’t have to be so tense. I won’t lie to you. Don’t you see how relaxed that rascal is right now?” The old man’s voice echoed in the air. When he mentioned Blue Maple, the displeasure in his voice was very obvious.

Mystery glanced at Blue Maple and remained standing where she was. She didn’t do anything else. However, it was clear that she had relaxed her grip on her daggers.

Blue Maple was acting very idle now. Seeing that Mystery was about to attack the dying Flaming Ghost, he knew that he no longer had to play any further part in the quest.

The test had been completed. What was left to do was purely killing the two Flaming Ghosts. At least that wouldn’t pose any problem for Mystery.

This was why he was so relaxed as he began sipping on his drink. He also acted as if what had just happened had nothing to do with him.

In fact, Mystery was supposed to aid Blue Maple in dodging the Flaming Ghost’s attack earlier.

However, the old man and Mystery became allies all of a sudden. They wanted to see how Blue Maple was able to avoid that attack without using any skills.

“Rascal, you must remain here even though what’s going to happen next has nothing to do with you. Anyway, you appear as if you have nothing to do.” The old man changed the topic and said to Blue Maple.


There was indeed nothing else for him.

“Give me your equipment. I’ll upgrade them. Also, this is for you.” After the old man finished speaking, undulations appeared in space. It was as if something was about to pop out.

Suddenly, a white circular item popped out in front of Blue Maple. The temperature fell drastically and chilly air quickly engulfed both Mystery and Blue Maple. It felt as if a thin layer of frost had formed around their bodies. However, they didn’t move at all. They didn’t shiver or tried to hug each other to warm themselves out.

“These two are really similar…” The old man muttered to himself as he watched what ensued.

It was a strange fruit. It was entirely snow-white and was slightly bigger than a fist. Chilly energy flowed from the fruit, causing even the puddles of water on the ground to freeze.

“Rascal, this is what the old gangster asked me to find for you. I didn’t plan on giving you it so easily. However, it seems like giving you this now is fine. I think you are quite a glutton anyway. I won’t stop you from eating it now. Anyway, I’m here. Nothing will happen to you.” The old man’s words were vague. It wasn’t possible to guess what would happen if Blue Maple ate the fruit now.

Blue Maple also took a look at the attributes of the fruit.

[Frosty Snow Crystal Fruit] (Ten-thousand year): It can be used to increase one’s cold-type attributes. The increase depends on the age of the fruit.

Blue Maple wanted to gobble the fruit up initially, but he changed his mind after seeing its attributes.

The summary was too short.

The old man must have had removed a portion of it. If Old Man Fang had some privileges, then this old man had to have his own privileges. He could have removed some important information from the summary.

“How should I eat it?” Blue Maple asked.

“Kid, why don’t you dare eat it? Are you afraid that I’ll harm you? Don’t worry, it won’t kill you.” The old man teased Blue Maple after realizing that he didn’t dare to eat the fruit.

Blue Maple didn’t say anything. He only quietly stood where he was.

“You can really hold yourself up well. Alright, I’ll seal it for you. You can take it after you find something that fuses ice and fire.” The old man immediately sealed the fruit after he finished speaking.

The chilly energy from the fruit seemed to have been cut off. After this, there was a thin layer of lining around the fruit.

Spatial power!

This phrase appeared out of nowhere in Blue Maple’s head. It must have been the feedback given by the Heavenly Fire.

Very soon, the fruit turned abnormally white. No more chilly energy came from it. It was easily sealed just like that.

“Alright, let’s talk about you now, little doll.” The old man ignored Blue Maple after he sealed the fruit. Blue Maple could do anything he wanted with the fruit. He could even eat it now.

The result would be that the Nine Heavens Mysterious Ice would be boosted to a certain level, unless it was controlled by the old man. After this, it would clash with the Heavenly Fire. Eventually, Blue Maple wouldn’t be able to use his Heavenly Fire anymore. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to control the Nine Heavens Mysterious Ice either.

“You’ve passed your quest too. Your ability is immense, and you possess the skills required of a Thief. But to be honest, I’m a Rank SSS mentor. I won’t let you pass so easily.”

Indeed, not many players could kill a Samurai Warlord, much less a Flaming Ghost. Moreover, Blue Maple was even here to make the task more difficult.

Overall speaking, it was just like when Blue Maple killed the demonized Tovilis. One team member was of higher level while the other was of lower level.

There were four Elite Bosses in this quest, and they even coordinated well with one another. It was a pity that they faced Mystery. Even if she was an ordinary Thief, her fighting skills were practically flawless.

Her attack was strong and her defense was sturdy.

Blue Maple could have done exactly the same when he fought the demonized Tovilis, even if his seals weren’t removed. However, he didn’t want to do so. He wasn’t willing to put in so much effort. Also…

He didn’t want to use his terrifying fighting techniques in front of Blue Snow…

The old man decided to stop testing her and changed it to a prank on Blue Maple.

“Later, I’ll send both of you to a place. Just go through that place. Also, you can ignore that rascal.” The ‘rascal’ that the old man referred to was holding onto the Frosty Snow Crystal Fruit right now and curiously looking at it.

“I won’t give you any rewards now, since you haven’t fully completed what’s required of you. Also, I’ll give you something similar to that rascal’s Heavenly Fire, but now’s not the time.”

Blue Maple didn’t react at all even after the old man spoke until this point. He didn’t care that the old man exposed his privacy like this.

How does this rascal guess everything? If not for the fact that he’s too lazy, I would really want him to be my disciple. The old man wondered to himself. However, his desire wasn’t very strong only because of Blue Maple’s lazy personality.

Mystery was even more indifferent. She was basically just waiting for her next instructions.

“Alright, I’m going to send both of you over.” The old man stopped speaking further and was ready to get serious.

Suddenly, everything in front of Blue Maple and Mystery turned blurry. After this, the scene in front of them became like a hologram.

It was no longer a dark and eerie cave, but…

A bright, warm and dry cave…

If not for the fact that there were no longer those big volcanic rocks, Blue Maple and Mystery would have suspected that the old man had just switched on the lights.

“Alright, this is the upper layer of the cave that both of you were just in. As you can tell, this is the hillside of a large mountain. The cave is actually spiral-shaped. This is the highest level.” The old man’s voice quickly sounded after he teleported both of them here.

“Right now, both of you must pass through the empty patch in front of you and push open the stone door to find me.” The old man stopped speaking after he finished his sentence.

What remained were only Blue Maple and Mystery in this spacious cave…

“Ss ss ss…”

Blue Maple made an inappropriate sound as he finished his drink…

Mystery glared at Blue Maple with her clear eyes. It was as if she was warning him.

However, someone just ignored her…

It was a patch of spacious, rocky path in front of them. The end of it was a tall and simple-looking stone door.

At this moment, Blue Maple combusted the empty cup in his hand. However, he didn’t it as a means of disposal. Instead…

He teleported it to the empty path in front of them.

The Heavenly Fire on his hand disappeared. A blue spark flashed before disappearing in front of him. After this, an empty cup appeared in mid-air.

“Shoop shoop shoop!”

A robotic puppet-like thing appeared and slashed the cup into four parts using a sharp knife. After this, the puppet concealed itself…

After this…


Then, another puppet suddenly appeared and smashed the four parts. After doing so, it quickly vanished too…

The cup was made of ceramic…but it was powder now…

However, the ground was still looking fine. It appeared to be pretty sturdy.


An astonished voice echoed after seeing this scene. It was from Blue Maple. However, Mystery discovered Blue Maple had disappeared.

At this moment, she turned around and realized that he had retreated many steps for some unknown reason!

“Good luck.”

Blue Maple said to Mystery when he saw her looking at him…

Mystery: “……”

Forget it. I don’t have to bother about this weird fellow. Mystery thought to herself and tested waters by walking forward. After all, the old man said that she could ignore him.

Blue Maple didn’t do anything as he watched Mystery walked forward prudently. He didn’t have any intention of helping her either.

Right now, Blue Maple could teleport some non-living items. However, he was clearly trying to teleport the cup further earlier, but discovered that he failed because something was stopping him.

The space has been blocked. Forget it, teleportation isn’t a solution. Blue Maple regretfully thought to himself.

He wanted to try teleporting over and see if there were any dangers involved. However, he only managed to discover the dangers without being able to successfully teleport the cup over.

This is annoying. Another test. Isn’t this just another test of agility and reflexes? Weren’t they tested in the previous fights? Annoying system. Blue Maple was frustrated as he thought to himself. He couldn’t continue idling. He started to complain about the system.

The old man must have mentioned that this was a quest because he wanted to save his face. However, it was clearly the work of the system. Only the system would be so lame…

It seemed like…Old Man Fang was rather lame too…

“I shall go over and wait. It’s almost lunchtime anyway.” Blue Maple started to think about all sorts of things. He waited for Mystery.

She was left alone as she cautiously tried to cross the path where hidden puppets were waiting for her…

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